The Pretty Reckless - 25 (Official Music Video)

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The Pretty Reckless - 25 (Official Music Video)
From the upcoming album 'Death By Rock And Roll' | Available February 12, 2021:
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Director: Jon J
Producer: Omar Reynoso
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Year one
Was lots of fun
But nothing lasts forever in my dreams

And two
I followed you
Because you knew the way or so it seemed

And three
I still believed
That we would be becoming destiny

And four
I wanted more
But you were moving on to better things

At twenty-five
And still alive
Much longer than expected for a man
At twenty-five
All hope has died
And the glass of my intentions turns to sand
And shatters in my hand

Five to six
A lie, a kiss
The secrets that were served we’d never say
Skip to eight
We called to fate
To live, to let us die another day
And nine
I saw the signs
Reflected in the barrel of a gun
We’re here again
Those who loved me burned up in the sun

At twenty-five
And still alive
Much longer than expected for a man
At twenty-five
All hope has died
And the glass of my intentions turns to sand
And shatters in my hand

From eleven, twelve I held the future in my grasp
And all through my teens I screamed I may not live much past
Twenty-one two three four
Twenty-one two three four
Twenty-one two three four
One two three four

At twenty-five
And still alive
Much longer than expected for a man
At twenty-five
All hope has died
And the glass of my intentions
The glass of my intentions
The glass of my intentions
Turns to sand
And shatters in my hand
#ThePrettyReckless #25 #DeathByRockAndRoll

  • lol... 25 wait 'til 65 lol

    Knot HardlyKnot HardlyÓrája
  • Tools and TPR are the only two rock N Roll band that are worth listening to

    Bikash PoudelBikash PoudelÓrája
  • Ummm any coincidence that No Time to Die will be the 25th Bond Film?

    SunbroSunbro3 órája
  • Is it okay to imagine the master rock would happen if Taylor and Miley sing together? Maybe.....

    Luiza Lima GrilliLuiza Lima Grilli4 órája
  • Not to sound too old school, but this song is crying for a ferocious lead guitar break.

    koufax8koufax84 órája
  • Cindy lou WHO?! 😨

    ventor11225ventor112255 órája
  • for those of you who haven't noticed. This is Taylor Momsen, she plays Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and is also from Gossip Girl

    Tori GoldenTori Golden5 órája
  • Maravilhosa

    J.CristinaJ.Cristina5 órája
  • I the only one that noticed the chuncky boots she's wearing in the red dress. Guess the elegance only goes so far. 🤣

    Christopher WieseChristopher Wiese6 órája
  • When her voice drops to hit those low notes...chills.

    Brett SchoenlebenBrett Schoenleben6 órája
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    Erik BlancErik Blanc7 órája
  • It has a very retro meets angst vibe and I'm digging it 😂

    1madmonkeyisme1madmonkeyisme7 órája
  • *Theme for a new Bond film for sure 😎💪🏻👍🏻*

    СкифЪСкифЪ7 órája
  • To much of Taylor not at all of other band members. Wow. She likes to watch herself so much.

    Martina FranjkovicMartina Franjkovic7 órája
  • 007 style! OOH RAH!

    Dustin WolfeDustin Wolfe8 órája
  • waiting for 30 ))

    I AM FEBOI AM FEBO8 órája
  • Very bond-esque, I like

    Evan Madgin MusicEvan Madgin Music9 órája
  • Taylor still killing it!

    Renee LeaRenee Lea10 órája
  • Simplemente hermoso, buenísimo me gusto

    gonzalo alberto molina severingonzalo alberto molina severin10 órája
  • You stunner you ❤️🙂

    Andy HAndy H11 órája
  • As me being human right now this was my life mixed with past life

    Vickie StracenerVickie Stracener11 órája
  • This belongs in a southern vampire tv show or movie. Or a witchy movie. I love her movements and expressions. You can tell that she really grew up. You can sense that she’s still a hard-ass but this was so elegantly made. She was so beautiful in her gold dress.

    KrissyKrissy12 órája
  • Omg cyndi who what are you doing

    Music MMusic M14 órája
  • OMG could she look any better? wow

    Brian DaneBrian Dane14 órája
  • True talent in all forms wow I loved them all from “Make me wanna die”

    BLAINE.BLAINE.16 órája
  • It's amazing how it changes from the huge, bombastic soul rock song to a Paul McCartney style piano balled then back. SUCH a great song!

    elliot Stannardelliot Stannard16 órája
  • 🔥🖤💙✨

    D UzubodoD Uzubodo17 órája
  • I really like it, didn't even wait

    Shest ayaShest aya18 órája
  • AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #VargPack #WAVSIII#VargPack #WAVSIII21 órája
  • Still dramatic after hearing it at least two hundred times! Absolutely magnificently elegant.

    Dougie SlatsDougie Slats21 órája
  • gonna play this on my 25th birthday

    Trinity WhitfieldTrinity Whitfield22 órája
  • Fantastic!

    Verissa SimosaVerissa Simosa23 órája
  • Sounds too much like Adele's "Skyfall."

    Владислав ДементьевВладислав Дементьев23 órája
  • You look so beautiful Taylor! btw I see the messages.

    Giovanna RoseGiovanna RoseNapja
  • For the peeps who are saying everytime "omg I thought I was the only one who ..." Welcome to planet Earth where OF COURSE *(with idk how many humans we are)* you're not the only one who were thinking about that and that, etc😂

    Macha LollipopMacha LollipopNapja
  • It's like Bond + Silent Hill lol

    Cedee MagnusCedee MagnusNapja
  • The most beautiful and accurate depiction of my life presented by Death incarnate. 🌹 🌼

    Perfectly PeachyPerfectly PeachyNapja

    Réka MurgulyRéka MurgulyNapja
  • Love this the more I listen to it... Love her voice!

    Paul SchlichtingPaul SchlichtingNapja
  • New Skyfall

    Adriana Velandia ReyesAdriana Velandia ReyesNapja
  • GREATEST!!!!!!!!

    Tatyana FedorushunaTatyana FedorushunaNapja
  • my favorite singer♥♥♥ her outfits and looks are admirable ♥

    Настин ЧерешняНастин ЧерешняNapja
  • this gives me lady gaga vibes

    mary Kmary KNapja
  • her voice is amazing, l was waiting for a new song and this is it.

    Abdulkadir KabulAbdulkadir KabulNapja
  • I love how this song is an experience, so full of surprises

  • How is this not a James Bond theme.

  • Silent hill. I'm calling it. Somebody had a blast playing Silent Hill, possibly The Room. That underlying guitar theme had me suspicious but the end confirmed it. The outro is straight out of Room of an Engel. Awesome.

  • I think the song is about all her exes.

  • So much suspense I love this so much, seems like a literal movie trailer but I love her voice it's so beautiful- jesus this song is sick-! _✨👄✨_ *my eyes and ears have been blessed lol* also go sub to tay- I mean jeffree lol how dare u not sub to 'eR!

  • I'm glad to see Taylor in different view! It fits her so much

    Andrew PrudnikovAndrew PrudnikovNapja
  • this could be in Twilight

    Eliryn dilVraskhEliryn dilVraskhNapja
  • The way the dress moves at 1:23 is hypnotic 😩

    Clay PClay PNapja

    Timothy SlavinTimothy SlavinNapja
  • This is hardcore James Bond title sequence theme song. She even mentions “Die Another Day” in the lyrics. The blonde lead singer of Pretty Reckless is kinda Jewish.

    The Accidental DruggistThe Accidental DruggistNapja
  • No more panda eyes? She looks stunning with less eye makeup. Great song.

    Kathy WoodsumKathy WoodsumNapja
  • this shit makes me cry every damn time. thank you for making such an amazing song. love love love you and so glad you exist.

    Danita OrtegaDanita OrtegaNapja
  • Wow ! What a voice ❤️ Jenny Humphrey who??

    Jennifer B.Jennifer B.Napja
  • 1.6K people were correct....

  • Какой же голосина!

    Яблочный ПирогЯблочный ПирогNapja
  • Did they sample the melody for Nick Drake's "Chime of a City Clock" for the verses?

    elliot Stannardelliot StannardNapja
  • She resembles this emoji 💃

    Luna GuinevereLuna GuinevereNapja
  • Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Gossip girl reference as well, damn

    BAC Satyam KavyenBAC Satyam KavyenNapja
  • So actually Taylor is singing a Saint Motel's song for a Bond movie theme a parfume adv In a Lady Gaga alike sequel to "Just tonight" I'm in love

    BAC Satyam KavyenBAC Satyam KavyenNapja
  • 00_ Vodka martini with olive but no ice... Alan Z. De Long

    Ynès-Marie de Aestra Yansane de Moryah-LavenirYnès-Marie de Aestra Yansane de Moryah-LavenirNapja
  • absolument génialissime!

    Fred MediaFred MediaNapja
  • Opening intro sounds like heart shaped box by nirvana.i can't wait for this album!its gonna be amazing.rp

    Robert parksRobert parksNapja
  • Why does this sound like a Bond theme?!

    Mandy-Rose MorganMandy-Rose MorganNapja
    • The background music sometimes has the James bond theme in it, you can hear it. Like someone said in the comments, it might be a "rejected" submitted track for the 25th James Bond movie. Sounds awesome though ! :)

      Caroline CCaroline C13 órája
  • Great😘

    Frieder BaumannFrieder BaumannNapja
  • Bond all the way....!!!!

    D FunksterD FunksterNapja
  • HELP! How can one person be so f***ing beautiful and talented?! I do'nt get it. You're my idol!

    Cicely BlackCicely BlackNapja
  • The best Bond theme that never was. This is pretty awesome.

  • :O wow.

    Jess TolleyJess TolleyNapja
  • I have already made a comment on this but i do have to agree with alot of people on the fact that this sould be in the next bond movie if there is one... Or for the ad for one it would be good with guns and car chases

    Mitch LewisMitch Lewis2 napja
  • Those who loved me burned up in the Sun 🤩

    Sanchit JadhavSanchit Jadhav2 napja
  • FML, I'm old.

    Jani SIrJani SIr2 napja
  • Great song....TPR should definitely do the next Bond theme.

    Bud AshlockBud Ashlock2 napja
  • Ooooooooo super lega adorei a assinatura 444 01 12345678910 1111 tututu pretty are de meninas

    Alcides Castro DiasAlcides Castro Dias2 napja
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    Relaxing Music for AmbientRelaxing Music for Ambient2 napja
    • @Callum Anderton

      Relaxing Music for AmbientRelaxing Music for Ambient23 órája
    • Where do I find your channel

      Callum AndertonCallum Anderton23 órája
  • That neck have a kilometer at least

    Eilah TanEilah Tan2 napja
  • Am I the only one who thought this was a new song by in this moment? Her voice sounds like Maria brinks ....

    Bryan EscalanteBryan Escalante2 napja
  • Hey yo josie..... Jamey Vaughan..

    Jamey VaughanJamey Vaughan2 napja
  • Outstanding. Amazing song and video.

    Murdering CrowsMurdering Crows2 napja
  • james bond ;)

    rebel69 masterrebel69 master2 napja
  • Can’t hear it without thinking abt Silent Hill 2’s Promise (Reprise) by Akira Yamaoka

    Insignia LastInsignia Last2 napja
  • Perfect fucking music! WHO IS 25 YEARS OLD THERE? HAHA 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Jucieleh MárquezJucieleh Márquez2 napja
  • My god this song is perfect

    YrOwnConvictionYrOwnConviction2 napja
  • the album comes out on my birthday i can't wait so excited, best 18th present!!!

    CaptainZir0CaptainZir02 napja
  • sounds like a bond movie song

    Alan ForsterAlan Forster2 napja
  • Me actually waiting for some new Dior perfume called”25” to show up at the end XD

    InZomniak -InZomniak -2 napja
  • как качественное вино... с годами становится только лучше

    Алексей МихайловАлексей Михайлов2 napja
  • Two things: This sounds like a 007 music theme. And maybe Im crazy but to me she's looking like Maria Blink here.

    Bella M. MoonBella M. Moon2 napja
    • Yea I see it

      Silent KonamiSilent Konami2 napja
  • wat stom

    Evi van der ReestEvi van der Reest2 napja
  • Jenny Humphrey glowed up

    Jordan GravesJordan Graves2 napja
  • You should do a bond theme!

    thomas wescottthomas wescott2 napja
  • "Im 25 and still alive , much longer than expected" Me being few months away from 25 like: 4realz 😂

    Diana C.Diana C.2 napja
  • I’m 25 😶

    breakingben 95breakingben 952 napja
  • I can’t unsee her as Cindy Lou from the grinch.

    Virginia KingsfordVirginia Kingsford2 napja
  • Одна из моих самых любимых групп! Как хорошо, что скоро выходит их новый альбом!

    Товарищ МаузерТоварищ Маузер2 napja
  • woah

    Miguel Angel Yrauzquin AyalaMiguel Angel Yrauzquin Ayala2 napja
  • Que voz..que ojazos mas lindos tiene

    Arthax40Arthax402 napja