The New Mercedes S Class 2021 Test Drive

2021.jan. 6.
14 687 930 Megtekintés

Here it is, the all new Mercedes S Class S500 L with the AMG Sport Package! Welcome to Alaatin61! Follow/Share/Like For More
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In this video you can see a visual review of the obsidian black metallic Mercedes S Class. Furthermore you can hear the sound and you can see the interior, MBUX and exterior of this Mercedes. This car is fitted with 20 inch multi spoke AMG styling rims.
Car: 2021 Mercedes S Class
Price: €190.061,-
Mercedes S500 L 4 Matic
3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine inline
435 Hp
520 Nm
9 Speed Automatic
250 km/h limited
1945 kg

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    • @Edon Veliu . до йххх000ь1ш1лоэьо о люяшь.@

      Акылай БайгазиеваАкылай Байгазиева10 órája
    • Mercedes did everything for inside car,, fantastic too good But do something logo Anyone can damage /stolen this logo After that,, million dollars car is look like a naked..........

      You TubeYou Tube18 napja
    • 😍

      Madam JimMadam Jim19 napja
    • I wonder how hard I will work to get myself a machine like this

      Justin WestwoodJustin Westwood21 napja
    • The features are incredible 🤩🤯.

      L ZL Z27 napja
  • Noob car

    Alfons De unrechtAlfons De unrecht2 órája
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    Aegir Hyka élèveAegir Hyka élève4 órája
  • really cool

    Aegir Hyka élèveAegir Hyka élève4 órája
  • that was incredible wow

    Tamuna xatiaTamuna xatia6 órája
  • Like car

    Ali AhmedAli Ahmed7 órája
  • Amazing car

    Ali AhmedAli Ahmed7 órája
  • That super jubilee is shining brother! 41mm Datejust?

    James SinclairJames Sinclair7 órája
  • I like the rat ambient color

    kakka626kakka6267 órája
  • .

    Petru Razvan PopPetru Razvan Pop8 órája
  • Fentastic drive experience..

    Munna KadrakaMunna Kadraka9 órája
  • Is it just me .. or did the car sound increasingly annoyed as he called it ?

    BrianBrian10 órája
  • 61 trabzon ?

    ismail yılmazismail yılmaz12 órája
  • МЕРСЕДЕС - лучшее авто!!!! Есть мерседес - а есть другие автомобили! Мэрс - это эталон в автомобилестроении!!!

    Вла дикВла дик18 órája
  • S class = elegance but this s class is like a car designed by a 16 years old gamer

    Zali ZaliZali Zali18 órája
  • Chic...very nice

    Isabel RossiIsabel RossiNapja
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  • Hey Mercedes I want you

    Nanak NanakovNanak NanakovNapja
  • Tamam cok guzel ama bir cogu da onemsiz detay teknolojiler

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  • I dream ,and i hoppe to get one ,one day yes mersidese ?! It,s ok mesides ?! Hhhh

  • 🤙🤙🤙

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  • No one : Dude at 3am : Hey Mercedes!!

    C2 SoulC2 SoulNapja
  • طريق شابة بزاف الله يبارك 😍

    Hakim SLIMANIHakim SLIMANINapja
  • Three s class interior lights would be enough to light up a city

    Saad arfanul HSaad arfanul HNapja
  • The auto is fantastic, the driver is such an idiot

    Oscar De La HoyaOscar De La HoyaNapja
  • The only thing I can think of when I see cars like this is how much of a pain in the ass they are going to be to fix WHEN any of that tech fails.

    • Yeah. And its worse in my country because the professionals who can fix it are rare to find. And if they are available they will charge high amounts

      Smangaliso M.KSmangaliso M.KNapja
  • ❌🐸❌🐸❌💔🐸💔

  • Hi Mercedes Hi Mercedes, throw this man outside of the car and put me in

    Sye RizSye RizNapja
  • Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one.... but I would infinitely prefer analog speedometer, tach and mileage counters. After all... there is already that massive screen to the right with all the technical data and often duplication of that which is on the screen in front of the steering wheel. But otherwise... about as close to perfection as possible!!

  • Me:hey Mercedes? Mercedes:how may I help? Me: you are gorgeous and beautiful Iove you 💖 What could be the response???

    Patrick NyimbiliPatrick Nyimbili2 napja
  • carnival ride in the back

    Mr.KiloWattMr.KiloWatt2 napja
  • - hey mercedes - how may I help you? - can you come to place at night and join me?

    Arif IsmayilovArif Ismayilov2 napja
  • Where are you in country Iam pakistani bro

    NC GamesNC Games2 napja
  • Nave espacial

    Eduardo GuttierresEduardo Guttierres2 napja
  • Hey mercedes i need you..❤️

    Pramuditha JayasinghePramuditha Jayasinghe2 napja
  • Araba dünyanın en güzel araba sı seçilmiş be

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  • How much is it cost?

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  • 🤤😍

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    Bilen AdamBilen Adam2 napja
  • Driver : hi Mercedes Car : ok cut the crap , enough asking

    Thinkdiag DiagnosticThinkdiag Diagnostic2 napja
  • Hey Mercedes what do you think about Climatechange ? Mercedes: you are fckin guilty driving me. Hey Mercedes .... Mercedes: Shut the fck up and watch the streets children ahead crossing. Hey Mercedes ... Mercedes: Stop playing around here and get out of the car, right now !

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  • 0:02 you should write that music title .. gosh a moment of silence for those who haven't yet find it (me included of course )

    Anees's Motivational StuffAnees's Motivational Stuff2 napja
    • @Robert Kozlowski Thank u so much 😍 .. you're a life saver ✌️

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    • Ed Dias - Lejos De Aquí

      Robert KozlowskiRobert KozlowskiNapja
  • The exterior is a lit down the interior is amazing

    Maxine WatersMaxine Waters3 napja
  • Hey Mercedes, bring me butter chicken

    Kevin LiKevin Li3 napja
  • Nice

    SandoreloSandorelo3 napja
  • Me who booked this car looking at the comments 😅

    Ayesha DhallAyesha Dhall3 napja
  • How much price for this car,,,,plz

    Nasim KabirNasim Kabir3 napja
  • The software looks like 2000 s

    david lodavid lo3 napja
  • Mmmh correcting the steering wheel hope no one gets to comfortable 🛸

    Johnathan PaigeJohnathan Paige3 napja
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  • Hey mercedes, give me $ 1000.

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  • Name of the album

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  • Hey Mercedes, quer vir pra minha casa não?

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  • Wow😍

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    • ياسمين تقول wow

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  • I dont like these thing at all, fucking displays, no buttons, cams, all these thing, automatic transmission, nowadays cars simply don't have a soul...

    EGA_SRBEGA_SRB4 napja
  • But can it run Crysis?

    AYKUTAYKUT4 napja
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  • Hey Mercedes: change the color to green Ms Mercedes: sorry I just have red and blue

    Salar ShareefSalar Shareef5 napja
  • Guy: Hey Mercedes............ Mercedes AI: what......

    KishanKishan5 napja
    • new mercedes woman robot voice is so breaker...

      Jonh VVick †Jonh VVick †3 napja
  • beautiful

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  • i lover this car

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  • WOW...

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  • So, I'm between this one and Citroën Berlingo.

    Ahmet TanriverdiAhmet Tanriverdi6 napja
    • Are you mad🤣🤣

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  • I love this car

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    Анапия ИгибаеваАнапия Игибаева6 napja
  • Now that's a luxury car! You can ever see directions right in front of your bumper!

    Chris TsirigotisChris Tsirigotis6 napja
  • Bunun skorusu hanı

    System SystemSystem System6 napja
  • The strong and overdone ambient color rather reminds me of one of these driving strip clubs :D

    KKKK6 napja
  • As much as I love this vehicle, I still wish they made the rear lights differently to separate the flagship from the rest.

    FrancisFrancis6 napja
  • I want a Mercedes I look at the price *I’ll buy a used Pontiac*

    Happy MacHappy Mac6 napja
  • My Skoda is about as quiet too, but everything else this car has it lacks. Great drive.

    Your Driving TravelerYour Driving Traveler7 napja
  • Feels like the inside of a spaceship

    Rohan VolrathRohan Volrath7 napja
  • overspeeding

    Quota NtameleQuota Ntamele7 napja
  • This looks gorgeous!

    kismetk18kismetk187 napja
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      الأسد سيمبا / The lion Simbaالأسد سيمبا / The lion SimbaNapja
  • Ha ha ha , 9035 BMW Fahrer.

    Adam BernauAdam Bernau7 napja
  • Greetings to the German man

    M DM D7 napja
  • i called the dealer hoping to grab one.. nothing til the end of the summer maybe even fall. blah.

    Ford FordFord Ford7 napja
  • I'll buy this car in 20 years or more when it's less expensive,cant wait....

    Rashad Bou KarroumRashad Bou Karroum7 napja
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    Brad ChicBrad Chic7 napja
  • Birde yeni mercedes c serisini çekermisin lütfen

    Mustafa KaymazMustafa Kaymaz7 napja
  • i did same to my 94 corsa me: hey corsa, how are you today? my 94 corsa: fck off !! :D

    Cihan KurucuCihan Kurucu7 napja
  • hmmm... all the money for a bunch of ipads

    RohitRohit7 napja
  • hey Mercedes, where can I get money for such a car?

    GR 77GR 777 napja
  • 👍👏👏👏

    Шукуруллa АбдуллаевШукуруллa Абдуллаев7 napja
  • Nooooo nooooo 4 zylinder 🤢🤮

    P PP P7 napja
  • Mercedes take my money right now please. This is everything I want and need in a car

    devan singhdevan singh7 napja
  • Xem mà ko dám chê vì ko có tiền 🤣🤣😛

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