The new Hitman game is just pure nonsense

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  • 8:46 more like a true businesspan

    Punished DogoPunished DogoHónapja
    • Panished dogo

      NoNo12 napja
    • cease

      Game TravelerJrGame TravelerJr28 napja
    • F

      Rudi van VuurenRudi van Vuuren29 napja
    • Look up POV you play orochi

    • @Foiso r/wooosh!!!!!!

      Pranita RajivPranita RajivHónapja
  • I am addicted to his videos

    TheHollisticTheHollistic18 órája
  • Who can listen to this shit lol

    Jonny YJonny Y23 órája
  • "WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE?!" I'm dying XD

    Malcolm MuhammadMalcolm MuhammadNapja
  • I swear to god there was a segment before he started playing where he said “This is the new Hitman game.”, followed by a screencap of Ubisoft back on their bullsHItt and he said “And this is the new trend in games! I hate it.” Or am I hallucinating?

    TDE 44TDE 44Napja
  • For anyone who didn’t understand what he said at the club “this is one of the coolest hitman settings good job game can anyone hear me”

  • More! Give me MORE!

    Maba 20Maba 203 napja
  • Zanny should play this game in VR

    Jack’s AnimationsJack’s Animations3 napja
    • Me also just realizing that it’s a ps vr exclusive

      Jack’s AnimationsJack’s Animations3 napja
  • Play roblox in the Jojo game

    Poof oof CloudPoof oof Cloud3 napja
  • No witnesses! Hey, what are you doing? Are you WITNESSING?

    Subutay NoyanSubutay Noyan3 napja
  • that Gordon Ramsey piece tho

    genocidalpotatoesgenocidalpotatoes5 napja
  • 3:24 everything will be blocked by the glorious shnoz of Scot Sterling!

    Case PayneCase Payne5 napja
  • Why did you skip the best mission?

    Mr ChickennMr Chickenn6 napja
  • Seriously love the Italian music kicking in when all hell breaks loose haha

    patriot459patriot4596 napja
  • Zanny The Pan Man

    Charles The Great Plan!Charles The Great Plan!6 napja
  • Say hello to my little friend more like say hello to my little frying pan

    Dylan LoweDylan Lowe6 napja
  • ( •_•)>⌐■-■ Pandemic seems to be more deadly than predicted (⌐■_■)

    KoTuKoTu6 napja
  • The fucking bass is fucking RAW!!! You surprised me to how shit you are Where's the lamb SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Skin side down!!!! What are you?! An idiot sandwich, IDIOT SANDWICH WHAT?!

  • You are too funny 😂

    BiGdE nawab FunBiGdE nawab Fun7 napja
  • i'm still waiting for my special meal

    YMB_Dark2YMB_Dark27 napja
  • hitman got two strong balls so he cant fear anything >

  • The man channeling his inner Rapunzel with those savvy frying pan headshots.

    RedwolfvirusRedwolfvirus9 napja

    Lactose TuckerLactose Tucker9 napja
  • this video might be your masterpiece

    RatafakTehPlachtaRatafakTehPlachta9 napja
  • *RTGame would like to know your location*

    Logan MLogan M11 napja
  • I didn’t watch this video for a while because I couldn’t sit through another play through of that murder mystery and… well you saw.

    RitroRitro12 napja
  • 2:22 You just forget to say the most important message. "ALLways Stay HyDrated, that's it you dirty boi drink it, drink it allup. Oh he drink it all up

    StüKkStüKk14 napja
  • He has muffin to say. 🤣

    Byron MacGreggorByron MacGreggor15 napja
  • @6:48 smoking kills freaking hilarious

    Israel Agyeman-PrempehIsrael Agyeman-Prempeh15 napja
  • You don't need to isolate your targets. Nobody would question Ramsay if he beat a customer to death in a restaurant with fruit and pans.

    Jason OgdenJason Ogden15 napja
  • I loved the Scott sterling reference lol

    Log GawkerLog Gawker15 napja
  • even the hitman is affected by the PANdemic.

    Vikram BhatVikram Bhat16 napja
  • Funny man funny man.

    Arnab PolleyArnab Polley16 napja
  • "let this be a lesson" (Propane tank explodes) "Smoking kills"

    ZapsticksZapsticks16 napja
  • Where is the LAMB SAUCE!!!????

    Arnod PlaysArnod Plays16 napja
  • I've never enjoyed Kitchen Nightmares so much

    Quincey BrownQuincey Brown17 napja
  • Hitman is actually Tobey Maguire?

    archives 1610archives 161017 napja
  • Oh

    Mhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpGMhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpG18 napja
  • Black Pan-ther, noice!

    Dmytro BogdanDmytro Bogdan18 napja
  • I think hit man 2 was the best because it was really hard.... or I was just a kid

    gnostic Xgnostic X18 napja
  • 6:25 had me laughing in homeroom LMAO

    Cooper HarlineCooper Harline18 napja
  • What’s the name of the evening swan theme

    Brando RamirezBrando Ramirez18 napja
  • 2:16 killed Me of laughter

    C SC S18 napja

    Ara araaAra araa18 napja
  • 6:34 return of the evening swan

    LoewensternLoewenstern19 napja
  • 7:45 is my favorite

    Alex BackorAlex Backor19 napja
  • Play Destiny 2

    Matt VMatt V19 napja
  • Quite a bit of deadpan humor in this one

    Yeet DabbinsYeet Dabbins19 napja
  • When zanny was impersonating Gordon ramsay and said u fucking donkey crack me up

    Raidas VlasovasRaidas Vlasovas19 napja
  • Plz do a face reveal!😞

    B0tb01B0tb0120 napja
  • If only it was that easy....

    a year and a halfa year and a half20 napja
  • Elite chef ops

    VivekVivek20 napja
  • Chicken, banana, hammer🤣🤣🤣🤣

    KM NAFIMKM NAFIM20 napja
  • Nailed the Ramsay impression 😂😭

    Mike GMike G20 napja
  • Funny video LOL stubbed LOL

    soul mansoul man20 napja
  • zanys videos are so rewatchable its insane, ive watched this 4 times just to hear, "THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE"

    Alpha BeastAlpha Beast20 napja
  • Scott Sterling. nice reference

    FlynnTheRedheadFlynnTheRedhead20 napja
  • 2:46 💀💀💀 “Where’s the lamb sauceee”

    IrveezyIrveezy20 napja
  • berghain!!!! now we can get in with hitman....

    RidingwithSamRidingwithSam20 napja
  • I’m here for the puns 😂😂😂

    James PazJames Paz20 napja
  • I just love the thumbnail 😂

    Saiyed ZohairSaiyed Zohair21 napja
  • Well never thought i will find a videogamedounkey wannbe

    Oldy BoyOldy Boy21 napja
  • The beer commercial that played halfway through the video was so goddamn heartwarming

    FulmzFulmz21 napja
  • Ending was like 😯Wtf😂😂😂

    the blankthe blank21 napja
  • i personally like all three of the newer ones, they are the same but different maps and different environments, they do really well making each place feel like something new

    KeezyKeezy21 napja
  • So I see, they went the Yakuza route

    ZeroZero21 napja
  • I'm going to use the skillet as my main weapon from now on.

    MascletaMascleta21 napja
  • I heard is food is to die for

    NonameNoname21 napja
  • 0:14 thats racism towards bald people, get ready to get cancelled

    Sou_DesuSou_Desu21 napja
  • Hitman more like hit a man with a frying pan

    adithya Ramadithya Ram21 napja

    AlpeggyAlpeggy21 napja
  • "Well, my gun has a silencer, so it's still *stealth* "

    Sonali DuttSonali Dutt22 napja
  • Where is the lamb sauce?. Frying pan 🍳 to the back of the head

    ScottScott23 napja
  • Ah yes.....a Studio C reference

    Ian LaFaveIan LaFave23 napja
  • 1:16 Lazy people at Target be like

    Josh15Josh1523 napja
  • "I can poison the fast food!" "Kinda redundant, but ok" *GOOD JOKE*

    That New PodcastThat New Podcast24 napja
  • Next gen game is dissapointing. Hope GTA 6 doesnt

    Tour QuadrillionTour Quadrillion24 napja
  • 0:13 not to mention this guy has a literal barcode on the back of his bald head he should be easily identified by everyone

    Bespin GuardBespin Guard24 napja
    • Wonder what happens when you scan it

      Ray LymanRay LymanNapja
  • 2:01 best line and it was said with the best tone and accent 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    DocterreDocterre24 napja
  • Thumbnail: Agent bully 47

    inna mi spiritinna mi spirit24 napja
  • Zanny is becoming pansexual

    Henrik SolstadHenrik Solstad24 napja
  • What is that muffin made of? Cement? Limestone?

    Dinesh SadhwaniDinesh Sadhwani24 napja
  • "He's everywhere" LOL

    Christopher MichaelChristopher Michael24 napja
  • reject agentness, return to shef

    Tomáš KáralTomáš Káral24 napja
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    Brenda StarBrenda Star24 napja
  • The 2nd mission looked like hellsing

    croxinix toxiccroxinix toxic25 napja
  • 2021, the year of bad comedy.

    Thomas FrancisThomas Francis25 napja
  • Zanny party

    MikeysRoomMikeysRoom25 napja
  • He really had muffin to say lol. I sub right after that

    Ron SRon S25 napja
  • CURSE YOU HUworld! they didn't notify me when this was uploaded.

    GooseGoose25 napja
  • I like the puns

    Garrison NixGarrison Nix25 napja
  • Better than cyberbugs

    Bayu ErtantoBayu Ertanto25 napja
  • Hitman himself is non-sensical since the first game. Bald headed barcode revealed face.

    Tom ShepardTom Shepard26 napja
  • disgusting!

    Bo JackBo Jack26 napja
  • Hitman has to let this formula go.

    Random MTBRandom MTB26 napja
  • 2:45 just a infinity war reference . Thor says "BRING ME THANOS" with a axe(stormbreaker). Zanny says "WHERE IS LAMBSAUCE" with a pan.

    Pranav KumarPranav Kumar26 napja
  • Holy shit 881k you come a long way my brother

    RockyRaccoon909RockyRaccoon90926 napja
  • i always sandbox the hitman games i always have fun

    Car'a'CarnCar'a'Carn26 napja
  • I’m something of a chef myself

    patriot459patriot45926 napja
  • The night club reminded me of John wick 1

    NotClickbait_NotClickbait_26 napja