The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen

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The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen
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  • Great video.

    Chris McNallyChris McNally16 perccel
  • Fantastic !!!!!,Lots of Greets from Germany .🙋‍♂️

    Tobias St.Tobias St.45 perccel
  • Brilliant and original!

    C.G LivingstoneC.G LivingstoneÓrája
  • Wow bro🙌🙌

    Rahul DuttaRahul DuttaÓrája
  • Definetly will return to this channel. 🤩

    Lauris KarlušasLauris KarlušasÓrája
  • Amazing skills! Well done!

    LeeRoy JenkinsLeeRoy JenkinsÓrája
  • Shop safety, not high priority here.

    Wm. DavisWm. DavisÓrája
  • Amei a mesa de madeira reciclada in #obrazilquenóistêm

    General TokinhaGeneral Tokinha2 órája
  • Very creative imagination! Well done! 👏👏👍👍

    Gail StaplesGail Staples2 órája
  • wow

    Sankalp SharmaSankalp Sharma2 órája
  • Absolutely amazing, gifted and skilled young man. I couldn't stop watching !

    Jim BearJim Bear2 órája
  • ชอบการเข้าลิ่มที่สมบูรณ์แบบในงานไม้ครับ

    สันติ บุญยรัตน์สันติ บุญยรัตน์2 órája
  • 8:57 next time level it on the leveled ground and not on the table.

    1.123 41.123 42 órája
  • Хороший такой дачный стол вышел. Молодец.

    КонстантинКонстантин2 órája
  • i want to send him a sharp chisel. dogs make a video better

    sahn deeahgosahn deeahgo2 órája
  • very cool

    Jack GilbertJack Gilbert2 órája
  • Top... parabéns

  • Ok lo dico io: è bruttissimo

    IlRi TardoIlRi Tardo3 órája
  • Nice

    ch4 Thailandch4 Thailand3 órája
  • Very cool bud

    Reel ManReel Man3 órája
  • Tremendous!

    Merquiades SánchezMerquiades Sánchez3 órája
  • Just wow

    Ehsanul HaqueEhsanul Haque3 órája
  • What for muzzle? Don't be sheеp.

    Бабс БаберлейБабс Баберлей3 órája
  • Молодец , забил на все. Уже большой такие вещи делать .)))

    master samahmaster samah3 órája
  • красота

    плохой хорошийплохой хороший4 órája
  • Very nice work. But your dogs are being tortured with fleas biting them....

    Chris AChris A4 órája
  • I’m like hmmm maybe a square top for me

    Hell On wheelsHell On wheels4 órája
  • 4:34 bottom left corner spider came to inspect progress

    AshAsh4 órája
  • Again. Such an amazing idea. Very talented Young man .

    Irene WilsonIrene Wilson4 órája
  • Nice job, good use of talent in this video of using nature materials. Disapoinment at the end to see the plastic garden.

    HansHans4 órája
  • Beautiful, but why a mask on? I think you need a type for working with chemicals stuff

    Abraham EijgenraamAbraham Eijgenraam4 órája
  • لْـۆ مشتريلك وحده مو احسلك م̷ـــِْن هل تمضرط 😂😂💔

    هيروهيرو4 órája
  • Wow amazing

    Faisal AwanFaisal Awan5 órája
  • Nice table, BUT seriously if you need a mask the dogs do not need to be inhaling the chemicals or dust 😀 Your killing your dogs. PLEASE LIVE YOUR DOGS AND PROTECT THEM FROM THE CHEMICALS AND DUST OR REHOME THEM!

    Joli GarconJoli Garcon5 órája
  • 18:49 a dog would make a label.

    Ряха ИгоряхаРяха Игоряха5 órája
  • Teknisi mahal, yang gak punya alat gmn bro

    NgulikNgulik5 órája
  • Cringed most of the way through the video. A dab of super glue and and some pin nails?! Yikes....

    TonyTony5 órája
  • After this hardwork you shuold drink coke...with ur girlfriend😂😂😂😂😂

    Nizam KhanNizam Khan5 órája
  • Can you please react to “The lady of heaven trailer?”❤️😊

    Man of a good WillMan of a good Will5 órája
  • How can this table be sure of anything?

    Seeker RildSeeker Rild5 órája
  • My toyota

    Quang LeQuang Le5 órája
  • 알 수 없는 알고리즘 ㅠ

    _깡촌대표_깡촌대표6 órája
  • Get yourself a better dust mask. wearing that surgical mask is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike

    Jay GilroyJay Gilroy6 órája
  • Nothing good 😩

    Игорь ФилИгорь Фил6 órája
  • *6:37** Maybe not have the dogs out there while you're sanding.*

    NashvillainNashvillain6 órája
  • 캡틴 아메리카 방패 같은...

    h2 Jh2 J6 órája

    emine ozpilavcisiskoemine ozpilavcisisko6 órája
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    • And the United States, Washington State here!

      Jim BearJim Bear2 órája
  • Hello friend.watching and waiting.friendship done.👌👍️✍️🔔🇳🇵welcome

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  • Видео есть большое стремление, желание и упорство. А мозги и умение правильно изготовить придет.

    Сергей ПетровичСергей Петрович7 órája
  • Голь на выдумку хитра. Приезжай в Россию,нам такие мастера нужны. У нас дачников пално. А так КЛАССНО!!!💐🤝👍👏🇷🇺❤️🌞😘🤗✌️

    Олеся ВитютневаОлеся Витютнева7 órája
  • Power tools and a ton of chemicals, not my kind of wood working

    BaronOfBeefBaronOfBeef8 órája
  • Ногам неудобно, эстетика нулевая. Чушь собачья ! Вот так придурки бьются всю жизнь зря !

    Сергей МайоровСергей Майоров8 órája
  • I really like your content, hope to see more soon! 🙏💚💛

    Toc Toc TraxToc Toc Trax8 órája
  • Sanatkar insan bravo

    Mustafa SaygıederMustafa Saygıeder9 órája
  • Tôi cá là chủ kênh là người việt

    Nguyen Hoa Nguyen HoaNguyen Hoa Nguyen Hoa9 órája
  • The legs were a tippy mistake. He should have centered the tripod in the beginning.

    M BM B9 órája
  • Great project but I would have recessed the pedestal and mounts into the bottom side of the tabletop......

    MichaelMichael9 órája
  • Great idea for the cross supports. I would have skipped the chisel and kept sawing.

    M BM B10 órája
  • Nice one 👍👍👍

    Ron VerburgRon Verburg10 órája
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  • Magnifique !!!! Quel talent ! Bravo !!!!!!

    Brigitte PengamBrigitte Pengam10 órája
  • His job is so relax look at his dog I need all these instruments for my woodwork

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  • 👍🏻

    Mr Glock22Mr Glock2211 órája
  • Impressive

    The SargeThe Sarge11 órája
  • Nice work with scrap materials. But EYE PROTECTION, PLEASE!!! Especially when the electric plane and the sprayer!!!!

    David NeufeldDavid Neufeld12 órája
  • That's so cool

    Joshua ArnettJoshua Arnett12 órája
  • It would be good if its a living plant

    raman kumarraman kumar13 órája
  • Стол страшный получился, если бы человек жил на необитаемом острове то тогда нормально, а в городе проще купить новый и красивый!

    Гоша НикГоша Ник13 órája
  • Good

    wk channelwk channel13 órája
  • Awe no don't cut top in circle 😱🤦🏼‍♀️🙄 it was so neat at the shape it was! Still pretty amazing but I'd have left the first shape! lol 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Tammie CowanTammie Cowan13 órája
  • Where on earth did you get a mini chainsaw?

    J_SquatchJ_Squatch14 órája
  • Lacks one leg

    The TravelingRafThe TravelingRaf15 órája
  • Outstanding Skill Level

    T MT M15 órája
  • He does not seem to afford to buy a finished table, but can afford to buy a lot of expensive electric tools ...I don't get it, and by the way this is not the most perfect wood recycling idea ever way near. Given the end result then you start to wonder if he even knows how to use a bubble level.

    MrMrs DMrMrs D15 órája
  • Now that's a good use for a MASK.

    Jerry StibralJerry Stibral15 órája
  • .

    James HoffJames Hoff16 órája
  • 💯🎉🥳🤸👏✨🏆

    MaluMalu16 órája
  • good job

    bob pancakebob pancake16 órája
  • Personally I’d have left the corners on the table. It was a far better shape in my opinion.

    Dawn MasonDawn Mason16 órája
  • ؟ هلا القيادات 1 القيادات العلياء القيادات العلياء القيادات العلياء

    ابو سالم الصبيانيابو سالم الصبياني16 órája
  • Pretty neat but we have actually seen it. He’s just too young but the 70s are calling & want it back.

    Brad CarrBrad Carr16 órája
  • על הפנים💩

    Green MikeGreen Mike17 órája
  • It’s a table you’re welcome

    huitron23huitron2317 órája
  • Super!

    William MarciaWilliam Marcia18 órája
  • Beautiful. Amazing. You got talent, kid!

    Roger FeltonRoger Felton18 órája
  • So cool

  • Very enjoyable video; great show of skill and ingenuity. But the geometric Ikea top does not go with the simple rustic bottom. It's an aesthetic frankenstein. Two halves of two distinct tables.

    ThePaulfullTruthThePaulfullTruth18 órája
  • Excelente que buen trabajo, claro aquí en Argentina hay muchas herramientas que no existen ni se las conoce Me encantaría en poder tener alguna por ejemplo el serrucho a batería lo la ingletadora que se desplaza hacía adelante que genios Los felicito soy de balsa las perlas rio Negro argentina dónde el dólar está volando muy alto

    juan carlos peñajuan carlos peña18 órája
  • Valla harikasın👍👏👏👏👏👏

  • This guy is awesome

    Janice BrancoJanice Branco19 órája
  • Excelente!!!

    Mariano BalbuenaMariano Balbuena19 órája
  • Se veía mejor en polígono!

    Música Electrónica, desde Iztapalapa para el MundoMúsica Electrónica, desde Iztapalapa para el Mundo20 órája
  • Didn't round off the outer ends of the cross pieces ?

    wepipewepipe20 órája
  • Nice job

    Gathering No MossGathering No Moss20 órája
  • So COOL!

    Gypsy The WunderdawgGypsy The Wunderdawg21 órája
  • Good idea, very poor construction. when he cut the corners off to make the table round, he cut off the only solid fixings on the whole table top, it's only glue holding everything else together. It'll fall apart it 6 months unfortunately.

    Sean O TuamaSean O Tuama21 órája
  • Us normal people out here do this kind of thing all day everyday. The difference is we don’t monetize it. We don’t need a pat on the back every other day. There are those that do and those that film it.

    Donald DuckoDonald Ducko21 órája
  • Con ese despliegue de medios cualquiera lo hace.

    jose bermudez leonjose bermudez leon21 órája