The Legendary Power Of Tommy Morrison

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BLTV takes a closer look at the career of Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison.

  • HIV fuked him up

    Alpha WolverineAlpha Wolverine4 perccel
  • Professional editing...

    Matthew PhillipsMatthew PhillipsÓrája
  • I tell you if you was watching boxing in the 90s and the early 2000s boxing was amazing must see TV now it’s trash

    Shawn The GreatShawn The Great2 órája
  • Such a humble guy in the interviews, that’s a change compared to today

    Marty McKayMarty McKay3 órája
  • To bad they didn't show the ray mercer knockout. If you haven't seen it. Tommy got killed KO by mercer and its one of the most vicious knockouts you'll ever see.

    OreoOreo3 órája
  • Nice tribute video...good job

    MRBJT51MRBJT513 órája
  • Pero no olviden que Rocky Balboa lo venció en una pelea callejera 😁...

    Beto HGBeto HG4 órája
  • Joe Hipp looks like Seth McFarland

    Nick BNick B5 órája
  • Tommy шёл за Тайсоном по пятам,жаль что их бой так и не состоялся! Покойся с миром "Герцог" Моррисон!

    Berserk99999999Berserk999999995 órája
  • Back when you could juice your face off and dodge the doc

    Mr. MikeMr. Mike6 órája
  • All of those men are still waking up and feeling Tommy's punches.

    Michael J.Michael J.6 órája
  • now u cant say WHITE .... coke ...

    Alex BustaAlex Busta7 órája
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  • Miss him, he's was cool

    J79 C2136J79 C21367 órája
  • bf1 music ?

    Hitesh SoodHitesh Sood7 órája
  • 👑👑👑

    Kemal BagcivanKemal Bagcivan8 órája
  • What do you guys think of thr report of a highly respected doctor saying Tommy never had HIV ☹️

    Suleman WaseemSuleman Waseem9 órája
  • Tommy Morrison was a heck of a fighter and one tough Cat! Met em all head on! I watched him fight on tv in the 90's a bunch. RIP Tommy. Hey, if you actually read the comments I had a friend of mine who has sadly passed away who I would feel honored if you did a story on. Brian "Bam Bam" Scott out of Kansas City, Missouri. A flawed character like Tommy to be sure, but he fought some tough fights against a couple big name fighters in his day. Just an idea if you are looking for something to do a story on.

    Austin KnowltonAustin Knowlton9 órája
  • What happened to Tommy the gun?

    Brad ArsenaultBrad Arsenault9 órája
  • Foreman was built like a tank!

    wrath231wrath2319 órája
  • It always gets how white people use videos with white people with hip-hop beats... This guy listened to rock and country it's more realistic to play that type of music.

    Dr PhotDr Phot10 órája
  • 1:28 are they even the same weight class? The black guy looks quite a bit smaller.

    Rudolf WickondRudolf Wickond10 órája
  • Great and humble boxerman

    ilyas mahmodilyas mahmod10 órája
  • Good upload. I can watch this over and over, I still laugh and go oooooo man that's gotta sting! lol

    Gemini ManGemini Man11 órája
  • Amazing video good work

    sir tonysir tony11 órája
  • What a monster... But it's weird how much he looked like William Shatner as he got older, and even Robert Downey Jr. when he had that beard.

    Firstname LastnameFirstname Lastname12 órája
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  • 2:47 was that a tooth that came out?

    Sean WickhamSean Wickham13 órája
  • Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly

    bart kartbart kart13 órája
  • Tracklist available please?

  • He was a killer in Rocky 5

    Cole HicksCole Hicks13 órája
  • An extremely good guy. It is very rare to see someone in boxing not talking trash before or after any games! He was a phenomenon, FOR SURE!

    TerabitTerabit15 órája
  • They fed him all those fish to pump up the hype.

    Freedom Isn'tFreeFreedom Isn'tFree15 órája
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    Eunicemi RusheubEunicemi Rusheub16 órája
  • The original Johnny cage

    Joseph RivasJoseph Rivas16 órája
  • He fought nothing but punching bags....none real fighters.

    Raymundo NoriegaRaymundo Noriega17 órája
  • Tommy Morrison was a good fighter too bad he never got the chance to fight Mike Tyson. Tyson would’ve killed him

    Joey FestaJoey Festa18 órája
  • Back to watch thos again 3rd or 4th time now such a shame really was.

    Howard The DuckHoward The Duck18 órája
  • Thommy morrisson =mike tison in the white

    Tedj Eddine AmraouiTedj Eddine Amraoui18 órája
  • 6:20 background music??? Please tell us

    pain killerpain killer18 órája
  • slugger

    Walters Gasoline MuseumWalters Gasoline Museum19 órája
  • Sad what he did to himself.

    D BoucherD Boucher20 órája
  • these guys were all more fit and faster and clearly better than nowadays heavyweights

    André HofAndré Hof20 órája
  • What's with the Battlefield 1 background music? lol

    Alt07Alt0722 órája
  • Rest in peace

    Robert AldridgeRobert Aldridge22 órája
  • What a beautiful punch

    Robert AldridgeRobert Aldridge22 órája
  • YOOOO he got his jaw broken !!! and his hand !!! wtf and he knocked him down and out !!!

    Kevin CorreaKevin Correa22 órája
  • Morrison didn’t get enough credit.

    Grace JoyGrace Joy23 órája
  • A true humble champion...

    Let God Be True And Every Man A LiarLet God Be True And Every Man A LiarNapja
  • Tommy reminds me of SRV, huge respect after this video.Rocky 5 kinda gives him a bad rep

    A DoubleuA DoubleuNapja
  • 11:08 "You can't fight with your mouth open..." Tommy: "Sorry, I didn't hear you."

    Monroe MullinixMonroe MullinixNapja
  • Was he knocked out by Rocky in a street fight?

    Michael RedlineMichael RedlineNapja
  • You sure just gained a subscriber

    maile Fifitamaile FifitaNapja
  • I met Tommy and his entourage in a bar in Rolla Missouri in the mid 90s. Straight up nice guy. RIP Duke.

    Aaron LinkAaron LinkNapja
  • Looks like Kurt angle

    JeT PlaneJeT PlaneNapja
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  • Enis looked like a 168 / 175 its insane

  • wow...

  • That was GREAT! Thanks for taking the time and money to revitalize those awesome fights!! RIP TOMMY!

    Jeff DevriesJeff DevriesNapja
  • Like Mike, like Mike, if I could be like Mike!

    J. WalksJ. WalksNapja
  • People say Ali vs Tyson. Naw, Morrison vs Tyson please.

  • Mike tyson and Tommy Morrison are my favorite boxers, oh yeah also rocky balboa lol

    lord sparklelord sparkleNapja
  • overrated, fought a bunch of farmers. rip though

    Rocky KhanRocky KhanNapja
  • Tommy was a beast

    Brian BondBrian BondNapja
  • I just randomly stumbled upon this video and it's great. A wonderful tribute to his career.

    Dallas SmithDallas SmithNapja
  • 100% part of the breeding program

  • the scariest thing about T. Morrisson wasn't his left hook, was that he fought bein HIV+

    Miko AmLtMiko AmLtNapja
  • He loved to party too much. RIP Tommy!!

    Travis LendakTravis LendakNapja
  • RIP Duke

    Travis LendakTravis LendakNapja
  • 12:30 Two left hooks landed simultaneously.

    Age of ReasonAge of ReasonNapja
  • Great video

    fishing with filitsafishing with filitsaNapja
  • Thanks for the video. I loved watching Tommy fight. I saw every one. When he faced my hero, George Foreman, I was on pins and needles. Too bad his life was ruined by a false AIDS diagnosis. Tommy was a class act.

    Tom HeronTom HeronNapja
  • Once u took time to upgrade from personal collection thumbs up

    CrappieNater FishingCrappieNater FishingNapja
  • Tommy was a very humble dude . Rest easy Duke

    Top FadeTop FadeNapja
  • He was better than i thought.

    S McBrideS McBrideNapja
  • battlefield 1942 theme song for the championship fight haha I love it!

    Grapey TVGrapey TVNapja
  • Its a shame Tommy got sick.

    Justin LikewiseJustin LikewiseNapja
  • Fucking go white Boy ! Lol.

    Douglas AprileDouglas AprileNapja
  • Si dai la maggior parte degli avversari dove li hanno presi che non sanno nemmeno boxare?

    Giancarlo BalordiGiancarlo BalordiNapja
  • 3:07 David Jako looks like the guy who works in a office can't stand his job with his boss yelling at him so he joined a fight club and instead he signed up for pro boxing.

    sam shepardsam shepardNapja
  • 💪video

    Arcade KaosArcade KaosNapja
  • Also, awsome job on the vid!! Thk so much

    Lappy DogLappy DogNapja
  • WOW never really followed boxing but holy hell what a kid!!! Such a shame for the loss of such a champ!

    Lappy DogLappy DogNapja
  • Im still confused about why they halt his boxing career? The false claims about his hiv.

    Notyou AgainNotyou AgainNapja
  • Tommy "The Machine" Gunnnnnn!

    Ty ReitmanTy ReitmanNapja
  • Отличный был боксер!!! Пусть земля ему будет пухом, и светлым местом, со святым покоем. Амин...

    Сергей ХрусталёвСергей ХрусталёвNapja
  • Wooow era muy bueno. Tenía golpes muy fuertes 💪ese volado y oppercut muy letales. QDEP RIP

  • So much potential, such a sad end.

    Robert Van EveryRobert Van EveryNapja
  • Жаль что Томми так и не встретился с Тайсоном на ринге. Оба были на пике в одно время.

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    Byron ReyesByron ReyesNapja
  • Fool turned on Rocky and stabbed him in the back

    Anthony WilliamsAnthony WilliamsNapja
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  • puro pepechuge ang mga nakalaban

    manolito mulatmanolito mulatNapja
  • The white mike tyson!

    frank pizzofrank pizzoNapja
  • The reason Tommy isn't to this day discussed as one of the greatest to have ever done it is because of himself. He is THE textbook example of a person getting in their own way. It's sad honestly. His natural gifts in the ring were mind blowing. Also he was a genuinely good dude who NEVER spat on anyone he beat.

    Chip ChippahsonChip ChippahsonNapja
  • 13:02 Tommy chose to wait for his opponent to guard up before striking; that's sportsmanship

  • "Women weaken legs" (from Rocky).

    Roger DodgerRoger DodgerNapja
  • I love how he's so respectful.

    UnknownUnknown2 napja
  • Great production! Well done.

    mstepskimstepski2 napja
  • Too bad he never fought Tyson or David Tua. Would have been a good matchup.

    ChurchBoiChurchBoi2 napja