The Impostor

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Tom acting kinda sus.
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Starring Reis Daniel (
And Brutus the Robot (
Written and Directed by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (@TomSka)
Co-Written by Eddie 'Eddache' Bowley (@Eddache)
Cinematography by Max Brill (
Camera Assistance by Jan Vaceanu-Staicov (
Produced by Steve Whiteley (
Costume and Transportation by Sophie Thorneycroft (
Set Design and Engineering by Nik Fielding (@Cyberstein Robots)
Edited by Elliot Gough (
Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley (
Visual Effects by Dave Brain (@Guksack)
Colour Grading by Ciaran O’Brien (
Additional Animation by Ben Smallman (@Wonchop)
Vocals by Marc Silk (
Animatronics by Connor Hogg
Special thanks to Mark Foggett, Charlie Belle, and Matt Ley
CONTENT WARNINGS: Comedy violence, mild gore, strobing lights, and statements about my appearence that're written as jokes but obviously come from a dark, insecure place.
Secondary Channel (@DarkSquidge)
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  • What’s a human?

    CQ StudiosCQ StudiosÓrája
  • When the imposter is sus!!!!!!!!!

    Zero ppZero pp2 órája
  • I'm a robot

    detective spooder dogedetective spooder doge4 órája
  • ur susssss

    Lucid DrexamLucid Drexam5 órája
  • The real question is: did the aliens fall for the alien disguise?

    pretty coolpretty cool5 órája
  • I'm a robot

    BruhsusBruhsus7 órája
  • sus

    IncursioneIncursione13 órája
  • Your a sneaky little impostor arent you? Arent you? But your among us! I can feel it i can feel it in my bones so why dont you show yourself

    GM RLGM RL14 órája
    • When the imposter is sus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Zero ppZero pp2 órája
  • Tom: “can we kill him?” Guy: “so I took that personally”

    CluelessDragoonCluelessDragoon14 órája
  • "that is true humans do not have robot arms so he must be a robot" people with mechanical prosthetics: Bitch what am I? a roach!

    shadeshade19 órája
  • plot twist tom was a robot Alien

    MissGuided Bag.MissGuided Bag.19 órája
  • Cyberpunk 2077 be like

    Jakob1_104 GamingJakob1_104 Gaming22 órája
  • No I'm not Are two D2 close friend. Robot friend

    bobhasdiarea officialbobhasdiarea official23 órája
  • I knew he was sus

    Darth BarthDarth BarthNapja
  • This is the cheap version of age of ultron

    Ari RobbinsAri RobbinsNapja
  • how did the first killer robot costume work but here it works the lore is ruined

    Andrei Ioan PopaAndrei Ioan PopaNapja
  • Ahhh that final "beep boop.." was wonderful like "whatever you gotta do man"

  • XD i love this so much i cant stop laughing

    Ryan YoungRyan YoungNapja
  • Tom acting sus ngl

  • Where's the robot? Evreyone:in the HOLE

    Jacob LagatJacob LagatNapja
  • The one joke that will never stop being funny to me is the “feels like yesterday. It was yesterday” joke. It just never gets old

  • This guy is a psychopath

    Galactic EggZGalactic EggZNapja
  • It Will be sad if tom gone

    logan _tenglogan _tengNapja
  • I cant find any among us jokes except in the description what-

  • wtf the end

    james whiteheadjames whiteheadNapja
  • This is The opposite of captcha

  • This was made on my birthday

  • I'm a robot Robot:ok

    Jordan LiekhusJordan LiekhusNapja
  • SNIFFF yup that's among us

    undertale au personundertale au personNapja
  • no lie i broke my tooth while watching this....

    ELZ-MadeyaELZ-Madeya2 napja
  • Make more crash zoom

    tommyboomer11tommyboomer112 napja
  • "Using my robot arms" is a reference to TomSka's "Robot Wars" video

    David McCarthyDavid McCarthy2 napja
    • Yeah, I spotted that after going back and watching all his content

      Blue horn200Blue horn200Napja
  • this is beautiful

    cameron simisoncameron simison2 napja
  • Can you make baby whith a gun 3

    ben collumben collum2 napja
  • who else thought that this was going to be an among us skit?

    The Mysterious PotatoThe Mysterious Potato2 napja
  • Im a robot The robot: understandable, have a nice day

    fluffy boifluffy boi2 napja
  • Thanks tom!

    Simon MikkelsenSimon Mikkelsen2 napja
  • Comedy+Action

    The Original Master cheifThe Original Master cheif2 napja
  • Hahaha pfff

    The Original Master cheifThe Original Master cheif2 napja
  • Just saying is this even based on among us

    The Original Master cheifThe Original Master cheif2 napja
    • No he just called it that for the veiws

      Charlie ForsterCharlie Forster8 órája
  • Hasn’t Among us gotten So popular

    The Original Master cheifThe Original Master cheif2 napja
  • New gender ?

    Eagle_ArtEagle_Art2 napja
  • *skateboards*

    Hony DukesHony Dukes2 napja
  • It’s muffing time

    Ja’dius WallaceJa’dius Wallace2 napja
  • Is it just me or is Tom kinda sus lol

    Jasmine SmithJasmine Smith3 napja
  • Red kinda sus... 🙊🙊

    Gabrielle NatividadGabrielle Natividad3 napja
  • Robot: if you solve this capacha ur a human Human: swings around arms Robot: hm... acceptable

    Neko PlayerNeko Player3 napja
  • when the imposter is sus

    TheHyperPigTheHyperPig3 napja
  • Funny

    Mr GamerMr Gamer3 napja
  • Ok legit the caged guy was being an idiot. If the robots are so stupid to let you out if you say you're a robot, then drop your pride for two seconds.

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement3 napja
  • In a world where are you human tests become are you robot tests.

    The Jammy DodgersThe Jammy Dodgers3 napja
  • if robots are dumb and they invented lasers that can kill a human before humans does that mean humans are dumber then robots?!

  • Computer:are you a robot Me: why do ya think I'm a robot

    Qüéěñ_ŇűğģëťQüéěñ_Ňűğģëť3 napja
  • play your bass

    Logan DavisLogan Davis3 napja
  • This is my 69th comment on this channel

    TizzyRoseTizzyRose3 napja
  • Is that the butlins robot costume

    phoenix draco gliderphoenix draco glider4 napja
  • Plot twist: that wasn't Tom and that was an actual robot

    Korekiyo ShingujiKorekiyo Shinguji4 napja
  • So much références to your old sketch robot wars

    tumatuchantumatuchan4 napja
  • I love this skit

    teenage engineeringteenage engineering4 napja
  • The big robot dude: he seems kinda sus The “robot”: Beep Boop The big robot dude: That checks out

    GregThePogGregThePog4 napja
  • I never knew Tom was a robot, an alien, a cartoon, and a horse. That’s so cool

    Mr. LMr. L4 napja
  • All humans die! Tom:

    Steven MessinaSteven Messina4 napja
  • 2:14 this is the funniest thing ever

    ThunderboneluisThunderboneluis4 napja
  • Is this a sequel to robot wars?

    gilberto ghezzigilberto ghezzi4 napja
  • Why didn't they just throw the cheese for the alien invasion.

    Shade Of WarShade Of War4 napja
    • @Shade Of War indeed

    • @Qsern that's how he got into the alien costume so fast and didn't realize the robot invasion was the day before because for him it's been much longer.

      Shade Of WarShade Of WarNapja
    • @Shade Of War plot twist tom had a time machine

    • @Qsern wait if there was a last time how are they not already dead? Or did they steal alien technology and go back in time to before the aliens showed up so about 100 million bc.

      Shade Of WarShade Of WarNapja
    • nice asdf movie reference

      River Wase-RaymondRiver Wase-RaymondNapja
  • Among irl

    Jack CurryJack Curry4 napja
    • Exactly proved point

      Jack CurryJack Curry4 napja
    • Alien shape shifters

      LinksxaLinksxa4 napja
    • I know that basically among us aliens pretend to be crewmates

      Jack CurryJack Curry4 napja
    • Imposter means ur being someone but ur not actually them

      LinksxaLinksxa4 napja
  • Robot : Are you a robot? Tom : Yes Robot : understandable have a nice day

    Umme QulsumUmme Qulsum4 napja
  • Tom wants guy dead so he snitched and said where earth is so funny lol

    warick2009warick20094 napja
  • Prisoner: "Nobody likes you" Me: 1:45

    Mr RainbrowMr Rainbrow5 napja
  • I need to know how to pretend to be a virus!

    YasinThe FreeYasinThe Free5 napja
  • Idk bout you but Tom sus

    OCOC5 napja
  • Fun Fact: i have birthday on the same day as Tom!

    GucciAxiGucciAxi5 napja
  • 1:10 - 1:22 something similar... I can feel it.

    Panda ChaoZPanda ChaoZ5 napja
  • Needs a Jester

    carealoo744carealoo7445 napja
  • 1:22 people who have robot arms:

    Just Me ContentJust Me Content5 napja
  • Sus

    Max WorldoMax Worldo5 napja
  • The robot looks like a bad ultron adaptation

    Obis Van AinobisObis Van Ainobis5 napja
  • POV: you're playing minecraft on creative.

    BlueBlue5 napja
  • this is the first video ive seen thats sponsered by surfshark... thats the vpn i use, its great

    shyrain67shyrain675 napja
  • when the imposter is sus

    Adi DKAdi DK5 napja
  • perfect

    astek lenartowiczastek lenartowicz5 napja

    Incendiary CrocsIncendiary Crocs5 napja
  • Who else feels like this video is sus

    ukyo16ukyo165 napja
  • This is like a bad doctor who episode

    Bash and crash 309Bash and crash 3095 napja
    • Tom is the 14th Doctor.

      ManiakManiak2 napja
  • Its just like the among us game

    the imposterthe imposter5 napja
  • I literally thought it was an among us video XD cuz the title said "The Imposter" xd also whos a fan of a game about space and one shapeshifter creature trying to murder all the innocent humans in space suits

    Mystery SuperheroMystery Superhero5 napja
  • Mor plz

    BilloreillyzBilloreillyz5 napja
  • is this a reference to the confession 3

    KennytheglitcherKennytheglitcher5 napja
  • .

    jackson Gjackson G5 napja
  • This could still make sense with Tom replaced by Skateboards Cow.

    Vashie TruVashie Tru5 napja
  • How did you get the robot????!!

    WedWed5 napja
  • 2:26 wtf was that

    dogsareawesome 9197dogsareawesome 91975 napja
  • 1:01

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya5 napja
  • Asdfmovie14 is coming in 2021

    D.O.B.D And FriendsD.O.B.D And Friends6 napja
  • More crash zoom plz I want all

    Emily KarlsonEmily Karlson6 napja
  • "Hello yes I am an alien, death to all humans or whatever" "BRO!" "beep boop?"

    Arthur MacKayArthur MacKay6 napja
  • Among Us be like

    builderwrigbuilderwrig6 napja
  • To be fair to Tom he wasn't actually betraying humanity, he was just trying to not be killed, but Reis tried to actively prove Tom as a human and get him killed then acts surprised when Tom says to kill him, really Reis had it coming

    hijjfhijjf6 napja
    • Idk, sounds like being a collaborationist or a Quisling tho

      iamthinking2202 _iamthinking2202 _12 órája
    • To be fair, he held be the location of the human base until that very moment. He didnt want humans to die.

      MediadosMediados4 napja
  • I just got rickroled bye a popcorn commercial...

    Bonnie The BunnyBonnie The Bunny6 napja
  • When you have 20 charisma in fallout :

    fluff boifluff boi6 napja