The History of the World's Highest Jump

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  • First I'd like to thank Keeps for sponsoring this video. I've also included a list of references/links in the description if you'd like to learn more about this topic. I must admit that there will certainly be record-holders I have missed. I tried my best, but information before 1950 is quite spotty and hard to find. There could easily be documentation of other record-holders tucked away in an obscure newspaper or book, and maybe in time we will find them. For now, this is the only comprehensive list of the world's highest jump. Prior to making this video I could not find one that covered before Joe Kittinger. Hope you guys enjoy! Edit: I apologize to my metric viewers for using imperial units, but two-thirds of my audience is from the US, and I felt that including the conversions for so many numbers would make everything a visual mess. For this one you'll have to bare with me and divide by 3.

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    • I love this hommage to Summoning Salt 😁 So many references

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    • @Terence based!

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    • What!? Only using 1835 British Standard acre-feet per Fahrenheit-ounce units? Shall not bother watching then. 🤣

    • I like the super Mario oddesy music lol

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  • 14:54 holy shit is that payne's prairie???

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  • Leave it to one of us Americans to decide, on a whim and without formal training, to break a free fall record. God bless America.

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  • yo, emm, at 20:07 that's not Yuri Gagarin, that's Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space

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  • LOVE THE EPIC PROG MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO! MR Lemon is clearly a rad dude

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  • MY FAVORITE VIDEO ON HUworld BY FAR!!!!!!! you turned a topic i would not be interested in into an unforgettable story

  • I watched this whole video despite it being totally anxiety inducing

  • Joe is a bad ass. 92 years strong.

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  • Little bit about the US Army and their original paratrooper programs. The US Forest Service had experimented with using parachute equipped hotshots prior the the Army's interest. The Smokejumper program, or at least what it would later become the smokejumpers, trained the first paratrooopers and instructors.

  • this video wouldve been so much better with meters ;)

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  • I like the intro to South Side Of The Sky transitioning to Roundabout. That's a nice touch. :)

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  • You forgot William Rankin, who survived a fall through a cumulonimbus thunderstorm cloud from 14,300 m

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  • What in the world is a feet?

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  • EmpLemon: talking about parachutes Me: *jamming to Maple Leaf Rag*

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  • I mean if you know there's a safety mechanism then you'd be willing too jump from incredibly heights tho still takes a certain type of human.

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  • Pls use Meters too

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  • Imagine being the biggest superpower in the world and measuring things with your feet.

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  • For me, I’ve made about a 15 foot jump.

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    • Super mario odyssey steam gardens

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  • 18:55 that's a person not a stuka. it would not sound like that

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    • @Stacy McCabe good point

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    • @The Decaffect people say WAP is music so I think this is to

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    • @Stacy McCabe no offence intended but is English your first language? music is something that is played on instruments like a guitar or someone singing. I think you mean "sound"

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    • @The Decaffect you know that that’s part of the music not a live music recording of him falling

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    • @Stacy McCabe the stuka (ju-87) is the only plane that makes that sound when it dives because the Germans put sirens on it to scare the enemy before it bombs them

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  • it's an interesting video by per sé but it's a shitty rip-off of Summoning Salt style. Be original, use your own style for fuck's sake!

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  • Anyone know the name of the song at 19:30?

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    • Check the description for the pastebin which contains the list

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  • Garbage video because of stupid metric system. Normal people doesn't use FEETS

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    • Division by 3 to find the metric height

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    • @megapro17 why is it dumb I think metric is more confusing because there's so much stuff like deca deci mili kilo there's so much

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    • @Staringcorgi6 but it does, because of dumb system he's using

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    • Most of his viewers are American and he doesn't want the video to be cluttered like a complex equation

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  • great video, i wish data wasn't presented in foot fetish measurements though

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    • But working for the one of the biggest companys will get you far though

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  • This was literally documentary movie. Enjoyed watching it as a historian I’ve learned so much . Thank you 🙌🏻

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  • 1:03 unless your the pilot

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    • I mean google is a giant company so they can get a lot of funding from them

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  • I once fell off a playground. Twas quite fun. Until I hit the ground that is...

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  • I jumped off my parents' roof a couple times as a kid. Somewhere between 9 and 10 feet. I kneed myself in the chin and chipped a tooth on my final jump.

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  • "Space Jumping: The Quest to Beat Joe Kittinger"

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  • Interesting topic and while I liked the video, you should try to find your own style (and music) instead of copying others, i.e. Summoning Salt.

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  • Great video, but it was Alcock and Brown who made the first non-stop transatlantic flight, with a climactic crash landing in a bog in Ireland to finish their journey! Pretty wild story imo

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  • And this is the history of the video that gets recommended by HUworld every other week Unironically thank you HUworld for making us relive this moment

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  • but Felix Baum gartner's did the highest jump from space..

  • The 18th century, sorry but isn't 1783 - THE SEVENTH CENTURY?!!!

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    • It is one ahead. Sir. Like we are in 2021. We are in the 21 Century.

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    • Huh?

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  • I probably missed it, so please forgive me, but what is it that allows the individual to travel so fast, past terminal velocity, at the higher altitudes? Is it the lack of gravity? Then, when they get closer to earth, they get back down to the 124mph mark, or whatever it is? I always thought out in space, with less gravity, you "floated" more than gained speed. i know this may sound ignorant, but, I have absolutely no education in this field.

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  • Neil Armstrong jumped on the moon, Is that the new record?

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  • Convert to metric system it's way better.

    • @sl9hter if that bothers you divide the imperial results by 3 so you can find the metric results for meters

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    • @Staringcorgi6 yeah but the metric system is way superior that the imperial system.

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    • But most of his viewers are American and emp doesn't want to clutter the video

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