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Today's video is on the suspected italian serial killer danilo restivo. After the tragic solved murder of heather barnett from bournemouth, police were led on a huge trail all the way back to italy, connecting with the biggest unsolved disappearance/missing person case in italian history - Elisa Claps (comparable to the madeleine mccann case in the uk)
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  • Go to or use code eleanor to get a 2-year plan with a huge discount plus 1 additional month for free.

    Eleanor NealeEleanor NealeHónapja
    • @Eleanor Neale This is the second video I have watched thank you for the time and effort you put into them you are very pretty God bless you

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    • @Oussama • uh

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    • Youre not consistent withthe titles im done

      gogodancegogodance20 napja
    • I love you but it's Ni-key lol You're the best 😊❤

      Kay Ka NutKay Ka Nut25 napja
    • eh why is your generation styled like our generation and demography and culture and how we grew up this is getting fucking creepy

      Hjibakkki HjibakkkiHjibakkki Hjibakkki25 napja
  • im so proud of you, you lost weight😁💕

    Leena AlotaibiLeena Alotaibi2 órája
  • I literally love your voice ugh

    lolaa lollolaa lol2 órája
  • “my mums just been murdered” officer: “is that her in the background?” 💀💀

    JessRyePlayzJessRyePlayz2 órája
  • I actually live in capstone road Bournemouth where he lived and also killed heather Barnett. Have you seen the man with no alibi on here possibly another murder he did

    barry wilsonbarry wilson2 órája
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    Dan 6148Dan 61483 órája
  • The kid tells the dispatcher that his mom has been killed and she asks him if it's his mom she can hear in the background.... The fuck lady?!

    Frigg FluffFrigg Fluff3 órája
  • I feel like the clues were to try and trick them I’m not sure

    KatesArtKatesArt4 órája
  • So she left the church, the one that was locked (her brother said when he tried to go there), and went home. She was visibly upset and Restivo comfort her and than had their meeting all in the span of 20 minutes... in a church that was locked... and were she said the group of guys harassed her? And he didn’t walk her home to make sure she wasn’t harassed by these guys she passed by earlier when she and her friend walked to the locked church? I thought that she was suppose to meet the guy to talk about how to woo her friend that she walked with to met Restivo? How on earth did these police dept not see the gapping holes in that story? Nothing makes sense in this story.

    Cozen WelsbacherCozen Welsbacher18 órája
  • The bleach may have compromised the DNA but they could use Luminol to determine if there was blood on the shoes. And with that murder, there would have been a lot. Bleach would not erase the fact that blood was on it.

    Cozen WelsbacherCozen Welsbacher18 órája
  • I felt kinda lucky when she said there looking for men cause big feet like i could kill some one

    Natalee GravesNatalee Graves18 órája
  • sis's eyeliner is perfection

  • *Sweeney Todd has entered the chat*

    Annie HartAnnie HartNapja
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    • how do u Deleted?

      Rianne Kamphuis BuntRianne Kamphuis BuntNapja
  • when did this happen ?

    nelly sootnelly sootNapja
  • There should be a way for communities to raise money for missing person funds. If a teen turns back up, good. But why take the chance? If it's a about money, communities should have the option to have funds in place to search for low priority kids.

    Stephanie WeberStephanie WeberNapja
  • it's weird that they didn't ask the friend if they actually harassed by a group of men as Restivo said. because if she wasn’t harassed that’s such a big red flag

    yara al omairyara al omairNapja
  • right can i just say something Terry said "my mum has just been murdered. This is not a joke." key words here MUM and MURDERED the operator "Is that her crying in the background?" This kid has just seen his mum dead in the bathroom and so did his little sister and the operator asked if it was his mum crying in the background like come on lady use your ears and commonsense the kid said his mum was murdered and its not a joke to her like really. Also props to Terry for some how staying calm in that situation.

    Abbie MorrisonAbbie MorrisonNapja
  • blackheart dove

  • Elisa had an amazing brother.

    nivedita d'limanivedita d'lima2 napja
  • Okay but that story with Restivo and Eliza, perfect example of being that ‘nice guy’ that guys always say girls hate. Eliza was just being nice and polite and kind, then her life was taken from her by a monster. Fucking sick.

    Azzy CAzzy C2 napja
  • What a psycho he is something ELSE

    SyubiasedSyubiased2 napja
  • That emergency operator annoyed the mess out of me. “My mum’s just been murdered” “Is that your mum I hear crying in the background” 🙄

    natalielawyerchicknatalielawyerchick2 napja
  • I love watching these, I was cuddled with my dog on my bed under the mounds of blankets with a cup of tea. These are amazing, keep up the good work! (This is also the 3rd time I've watched this just because you make these so interesting).

    I Like ForksI Like Forks2 napja
  • Bruh i thought you were loey when i clicked the video

    itsnaomitjuhitsnaomitjuh3 napja
  • i don't get why people have a desire to kill

    A&A GamingA&A Gaming3 napja
  • Mark Wesson!

    Yazmin PerezYazmin Perez3 napja
  • these videos are awesome and your smile is very lovely

    MacadamiaCocoonMacadamiaCocoon3 napja
  • See this is kinda related but all these cases that u cover are the reason woman don’t trust men

    Bunny SerisBunny Seris4 napja
  • How is that his murder mum screaming when he just told you she is murder

    Sabrina JohnsonSabrina Johnson4 napja
  • How the hell did the kids not see blood all over the floor when originally looking for their mom😭😭

    vienna wynockervienna wynocker4 napja
  • If the house was messed up why did the son just go to his room like nothing was wrong that part makes 0 sense they should've known something was wrong when they walked in the house

    Dimples AustinDimples Austin4 napja
  • If it is him (which I firmly think it is) the fucking audacity of conforting the children of the woman you just murdered what the fuck

    CC5 napja
  • "My mum has just been murdered, this is not a joke" ..... "Is that your mom in the background?" why do people

    John RodriguezJohn Rodriguez5 napja
  • the police are literally no help

    gta bbygta bby5 napja

    Boston RidenourBoston Ridenour5 napja
  • the real crime is how you pronounce nike jk love u

    love, maelove, mae5 napja
  • Omgg this happened 5 months after i was born

    Yacob EinauanYacob Einauan5 napja
  • why did she change the title

    Caleb McCartyCaleb McCarty5 napja
  • "my mom's been murdered" "Is that her in the background" Oh yeah, it is

    Nalani RajapakshaNalani Rajapaksha5 napja
  • okay, but the two in one stories ❣️

    Jackson SeungJackson Seung5 napja
  • Lmao how do you bring another set of clothes but forget to take your own towel with you. xD

    Victoria Nguyen.Victoria Nguyen.5 napja
  • I'm actually disgusted that people like this exist. People can actually be awful...

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  • So, deep into the video but with the disappearance of Elisa, the church was locked and the person with the key was out of town. Why did anyone believe anything about being in the church? That’s highly suspicious. Did they break and enter? Did they have another key? How? The police really don’t do shit, huh?

    PigfartsAndRedvinesPigfartsAndRedvines5 napja
  • Aside from human trafficking this is one of my biggest fears... that my babies will find me murdered. Ik it's morbid af but my daughter wakes me up every morning so she is the one most likely to find me...

    Phoenix RaynePhoenix Rayne5 napja
  • I just found your chanel and i think its a pretty cool chanel :) also this is pretty intresting cause im into true crime and all that stuff... the poor boy ToT

  • "My mum's been murdered" "Is that her crying in the background?" What kinda fucking question is that- Ah yes that is my *dead* mother crying in the background

    S t r a w b e r r iS t r a w b e r r i6 napja
  • That police officer is smart asking to go to the toilet, I recon he was looking to see if he owned that green towel found in heathers house

    izyizy6 napja
  • You're amazing and I admire you a lot......I'm watching from Sierra Leone I hope you'll one day cover the case of "little Kadija" that was killed.

    Rickah BuannieRickah Buannie6 napja
  • the girl version of mr. ballen

    UwU_kiripima_UwUUwU_kiripima_UwU6 napja
  • “My mum’s been murdered” -“is that your mum I hear in the background?” 🤦‍♀️. Why not ask “who’s in the background?” What a horrible question to ask after he just said she was murdered and then ask if that’s her in the background. Wow.

    Fluffy -FluffyFluffy -Fluffy7 napja
  • "women with size 9-10 feet are rare" Me sitting here with 9 1/2-10 size feet like...welp ok then XD

    ameria aliceameria alice7 napja
  • “My mums just been murdered” “Is that your mum screaming in the background” Does this operator know what murdered means? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Maddy GMaddy G7 napja
  • Not me thinking of Sweeny Todd

    boke hinata bokeboke hinata boke8 napja
  • This is another case of why I say when adults notice that kids are struggling with social relationships in school they need to step in and help. We need to have classes or awareness sessions or something because bullying turns SOME people..into monsters. And actually I know that group awareness sessions HAVE helped reduce bullying in schools where they have been tried but why we don't that NATIONALLY when we find out what works? That's the question I'm asking. By the way 16 to 21 IS a major age gap, particularly in regards to relationships. Because 16-year-old brains are very different than 21-year-old brains. 16 year olds are more likely to engage in risky activity for example. That's science.

    Suzanne NicholsSuzanne Nichols8 napja
  • But her friend does have an idea as she got “harassed” on her way there

    Dillon WrightDillon Wright8 napja
  • I couldn't imagine finding my mother like that

    McKenzi MillerMcKenzi Miller8 napja
  • Wow that call is so chilling

    Suzanne BSuzanne B8 napja
  • 'My mum has been murdered this is not a joke' 'Is that your mum in the background?'- i'm sorry what?

    steph jacksonsteph jackson9 napja
  • "Another solved true crime case" 5 seconds later "suspected serial killer" 10 seconds later "unsolved"

    luke cheungluke cheung9 napja
  • The title glitched with a different video (The title was switched with an asmr video) and the glitched title was called: "ASMR Relaxing Hair shampoo and hair wash, HAIR SALON." 😀✋

    -影山飛雄 --影山飛雄 -9 napja
    • I-

      Lamiyah smithLamiyah smith8 napja
  • I've had some haircuts that made me want to kill myself.

    Diane GreeneDiane Greene9 napja

    kk9 napja
  • Pleeeease Restivo is NOT a common name why is it my father’s 🤧🤧🤧

    mm hrmm hr9 napja
  • omg thats so sad

    ちゃん小さな花ちゃん小さな花9 napja
  • i do clean white shoes with bleach when i cant take the dirt otherwise...

    synestiasynestia9 napja
  • Hi just here to share a short story since you talked about size nine and ten feet are rare in women: When I was 9 I had already grown my feet completely to a 9.5-10 and I went shoe shopping to find out what size I needed. Basically we went to belks and the lady who ran the shoes called me “bigfoot” and that’s when I realized it wasn’t common 😂

    Maxwell GrimsleyMaxwell Grimsley9 napja
  • Any one else notice that he said she felt uncomfortable because some guys like sexually harassed her but her friend could prove otherwise right?

    Angel ChuksAngel Chuks9 napja
  • 27:53

    Ashley ParzxlAshley Parzxl10 napja
  • I feel really bad for Elisa's friend:( Thinking she's just helping a friend out and her ending up disappearing. I can't imagine the guilt and afterwards being charged by the police

    SifififififfifieSifififififfifie10 napja
  • Yo shout out to Elisa's brother for being so proactive Edit: Italian police are really incompetent

    A. MA. M10 napja
  • I watched this on anna oops but this one is better xx

    Cassie grahamCassie graham10 napja
  • Sweeney todd

    Emily HannahEmily Hannah10 napja
  • Her:People mostly get murdered from people they know Me:Horrified

    weird personweird person10 napja
  • Imagine a murderer watching this to learn what not to do

    I luv you melons RobloxI luv you melons Roblox10 napja
  • I've never heard this story! Thank you for covering it. I love your hair and accent. Keep up the great work 🤘

    bloody cupcakebloody cupcake11 napja
  • My heart goes out to her babies that is beyond terrifying they had to find her

    Shayla MullinsShayla Mullins11 napja
  • Dear lord, so young and seeing heather like that....

    LazyBunnyLynLazyBunnyLyn11 napja
  • Hajajjawhgah its 6 am I'm so paranoid

    Squids are GreatSquids are Great11 napja
  • "my mum has been murdered, this is not a joke" "is that her crying in the background?" miss girl, the mom is dead

    cqitlincqitlin11 napja
  • So the people who lived around the church knew that it was closed but he kept saying they met at the church and he was praying🤦‍♀️

    cory torrescory torres11 napja
  • My question is if the murder happened all over the house and because it was bloody you’d assume there would be blood everywhere, why is it reported that the daughter searched the whole house before finally going to the bathroom? Wouldn’t she have seen all of the blood and everything knocked over?

    Qynne StantonQynne Stanton11 napja
    • @froggie that’s a great point too, I did some research and the sunset should have started approx 15 before they got home so it wasn’t completely dark yet. It’s just a really odd detail I don’t think the kids did anything maybe lost in communication

      Qynne StantonQynne Stanton8 napja
    • im pretty sure he cleaned up the excess blood with that green cloth? i’m not sure but you make a great point

      froggiefroggie8 napja
  • Are you wearing a Michigan sweatshirt?? I am a U of M alum 💛

    Becca WattersBecca Watters11 napja
  • Wow I bleach my white shoes once a month. This is normal for white shoes.

    PiaPia11 napja
  • His voice sounds mature for a 14 year old boy

    Sophia LopezSophia Lopez12 napja
  • The baby crying,the people on the phone,the train runnin thru the tracks all this noise makes my anger more than what its actually is I feel my anger bubbling over that thin line of calm I still carry at lest of what's left looking around I notice how off guard these people truly are how unself aware they are how trustful of the strangers around them,not knowing the things they do or the things they have done,They should be afraid of people like those people like me. . . the news is on in he small tv in the train I can't hear it but I still watch with patients a particular story catches my eye ''body found in lake outside of hamburg'' fear runs cold down my back my eye twitches as I see the girl . . . her name ever bit of information they give it makes me feel more and more guilty making her feel . . .real making me feel. . .annoyed. . .sad. . . 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Yep, I typed all this.

    Alexis HinkellAlexis Hinkell12 napja
  • I’m not gonna lie I do actually sometimes clean my white shoes with bleach so when she said it was weird I was like welp

    mackenzie marshallmackenzie marshall12 napja
  • E

    unsatisfied err0runsatisfied err0r12 napja
  • Why am I watching this in the bathroom...

    Puff puff YamsPuff puff Yams12 napja
  • I remember this case being on Crimewatch when it first happened!! I was traumatised by hearing about it on tv. Can’t even imagine how it affected her children

    Antonia ellistonAntonia elliston12 napja
  • No offence, but I think the Priest might have done something with Alisa, as he to left for a few days .

    Panoptic SeekerPanoptic Seeker12 napja
  • This killer was experienced. Prob dressed like a phone company ,ect. Costume. The guy has a lot of time to scope out her home.

    Panoptic SeekerPanoptic Seeker12 napja
  • Bronagh Munro here - I am a BBC reporter who made a series on this killer - i've just done an update due out on the 5th may 2021 - I'd love to chat to you about the new evidence .........

    Bronagh MunroBronagh Munro12 napja
  • When is part two coming

    Kaltuma Siyat HILLOWKaltuma Siyat HILLOW12 napja
  • i finished my entire art project during this with out even realizing- HOLY-

    Hîmãrî ÀsuiHîmãrî Àsui12 napja
  • It really pisses me off when the police brush off missing teenagers claiming they’re probably with friends or they ran away You’d think they’d fucking learn by now, but, then again. It is the police. This is one of the many reasons why so many people don’t like/trust them

    Hannah SmithHannah Smith12 napja
  • a lot of people are complaining about how the dispatcher asked if it was his mom in the background, so I just wanted to say, a lot of times when a kid sees their parents or anyone being brutally attacked or hurt, they will panic and over-exaggerate without meaning to, simply because they are so stressed. I think the dispatcher was trying to figure out if the kid was exaggerating without meaning to. a lot of people don't actually understand how much a human being can actually take before they die, and so it's very common in 911 calls that someone will say someone is dead, even if they aren’t, simply out of pure panic.

    {Aspen}{Aspen}12 napja
  • imagine how many cases would be solved if police actually did their job....

    TatianaTatiana12 napja
  • What scares me is if a person watches her videos and gets notes on how to do a murder and get away with it. Hopefully that won’t happen hopefully other people think abt this logic.

    niicelemonniicelemon12 napja
  • Lmao me who has size 9 feet big feet 👁👄👁

    madie garciamadie garcia12 napja