the classic NEW YORK CHICKEN PARM on a "wedge"

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How to make the greatest chicken parm wedge, hero, or sub (whatever you call it) you’ve ever made in your life
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  • Take all that bs down to 9th St Philly 🙄

    Randy MathewsRandy Mathews4 napja
  • Outstanding! I love it. Just one thing, I found that after breading the cutlets, I put them on a wire rack to let the breading firm up instead of a plate. That way they don't get "soggy" spots. Just a thought.

    Steve DawsonSteve Dawson5 napja
  • Steve, no seeds. We are Italian. But I love what you're doing. I have a whole thing with seeds and tomatoes.

    Lois SuttonLois Sutton9 napja
  • When you cut the cheese, are you using bread knife ?

    Jean LJean L10 napja
  • My god 🤤😍 100% making this soon

    Fergs KitchenFergs Kitchen10 napja
  • Wedges, hell yeah bro

    TheStallion234TheStallion23410 napja
  • And that, right there, is a sandwich made by a professional. And he proves it the whole time by the things he says and the reasons he gives for doing things.

    Dillon DasherDillon Dasher22 napja
  • I'm trying not to salivate all over my keyboard.

    Bob SkibaBob Skiba23 napja
  • Wedge, sure. GRINDER? Where is that name from? Inquiring minds need to know

    Kristina OlsonKristina Olson24 napja
  • Following your instructions and making two wedges now,great eating and thanks for the class!!

    PaulPaul26 napja
  • So glad I found this channel lol pls keep this A plus shit up! New Yorkers talk so funny to me lolol

    C ScarC Scar28 napja
  • As a fellow Westchester fella, THANK YOU for educating about the proper term for this sandwich, a wedge!! Great video as always!

    Evan FelicettiEvan Felicetti29 napja
  • 11.13 thar she blows

  • Dear lord I'm hungry now

  • great video! i was looking for the link to your amazon store to take a look at your knives.... can you post it? thanks!

    Syd BarrettSyd BarrettHónapja
  • here in putnam county it is a wedge--- growing up in staten island it was a hero or sub

    Mark OlsenMark OlsenHónapja
  • Boo! Where is your signature signature signature opening intro segment? With the snappy video summary montage, the quirky, urban, sophisticated soundtrack? It doesn't start like an artsy stun grenade anymore, you just fall into a vanilla progression. Man. No vibe. No mojo. I don't want to look for another Steve, I already have one. Come on man! Snap out of it! (On a side note, I've made your red wine braised short ribs, like 8 times for my family in the last 15 months- my favorite think to make ever. Recipe great. Music great. Video editing, I just watch it for nostalgia now, got the recipe memorized...)

    Perotin of HackensackPerotin of HackensackHónapja
  • I love your show! Have you ever tried using a hand made Japanese chef knife? You should they are amazing really sharp, razor sharp and the hold there edge really well. Every blessing in Christ

    Stephen ChannonStephen ChannonHónapja
  • Tremendous chicken Parm sub.

    Nicholas DiSciscioNicholas DiSciscioHónapja
  • Westchester county girl here! I love my chicken parm wedges!

    The Daily CrafterThe Daily CrafterHónapja
  • I would leave out the flour - not needed and it would be thinner w/o - or at least salt it.

  • Last time i made a chicken parm sub, I melted cheese on the bottom half of the sub roll then buttered and garliced the top half.

  • Man, how have I missed out on this channel for so long? Great stuff

    Adam GoetzAdam GoetzHónapja
  • Yum ... I am excited to try.

  • 2:53 And just for those who maybe don't know, the single most important safety step you can take is sharpening your knives. Have real, proper, seriously sharp knives at all times. A dull kitchen knife is a serious injury waiting to happen.

  • Dude, I clicked on this because you called it a wedge! I’m from Westchester NY (Irvington); where you from? I love this video, that’s how to make and eat a chicken parm wedge!

  • Looks like a $15 sandwich on a food truck.

    Ricky PyleRicky PyleHónapja
  • Great video, good tips! Thank you. keep 'em coming! Thank you

    David BrownDavid BrownHónapja
  • Good looking chicken parm *grinder* there steve! Lol love it.

    Alex ChismAlex ChismHónapja
  • Looks delicious!!!! I love your videos ❤

    Michele PerezMichele PerezHónapja
  • My man making a grindr to put in his mouth. Lol just dont make a not another coming out of the closet youtube video my guy.

    Jack FrostJack FrostHónapja
  • When im frying a couple batches of cutlets should I worry about the breading the falls off in the oil? I always get sketched out by the bread crumbs burning while im still frying

  • 11:12

    Nikhil RameshNikhil RameshHónapja
  • DUDE!!!😎

    Rick BachmanRick BachmanHónapja
  • he even gives advice on how eat the damn thing! what a guy!!! 👍

    The Original ChefboyoboyThe Original ChefboyoboyHónapja
    • He’s right on target, you have to bite the parts that start to stick out to keep the cutlets inside and maintain the sandwich!

  • 11:13 belle raie comme on dit

  • I just ate dinner, but watching this made me hungry again.

    Corey ColeCorey ColeHónapja
  • We got to see some ass crack at 11:13

    Apple JucieApple JucieHónapja
  • Need the link to the knives mate x

  • I've been watching my man for a couple years now it seems and made few dishes. I don't even know my mans name or if he's even said it haha. I don't need to know keep killing it my boy! Day one fan salute!

  • great video again - but I can't find the link to your Amazon store - maybe because I'm in the UK?

    David HillDavid HillHónapja
  • Any chance of doing a Bruschetta video? Many many thanks!

  • I’m from westchester and my gf (from Hoboken) always gives me shit for saying a “wedge.” Where’s your fav cutlet in the county btw? 👀

    Lukas BLukas BHónapja
  • You are the best

  • Maybe he can start a fast food chain called Sandwich King.

    Once upon a timeOnce upon a timeHónapja
  • The only time you would want to pound chicken cutlets thin is when you put them in a sandwich. I would have pounded them out a little more, but this is an awesome recipe. Thanks, Stephen.

  • What a wonderful looking Parmesan

    bryce Morrillbryce MorrillHónapja
  • Nice video Stephen. Thin cut breaded chicken cutlets are a mainstay of Italian American cuisine. My wife spends a little more time to cut out the sinew and fat and any blood vessels. Makes a difference. She plates it along with a nice salad. I'm going to make one of these parm hoagies with the leftovers. Always have some Sunday gravy in the fridge to use for the sauce. BTW, your prime rib video is excellent. Best method to cook prime rib ever.

    C BC BHónapja
  • I'm buying that freaking hoodie. Or making my own.

    Dan BDan BHónapja
  • Dude you fucking blew up. I remember when you had like 33k. Bravo!

  • YUMM!!!

  • That looks delicious.

    Bakerdeb BikerdebBakerdeb BikerdebHónapja
  • one of my favorite sandwiches I'm totally going to make this thank you

    Shaun DuffyShaun DuffyHónapja
  • Looks like the eighth wonder of the world

    Jake HeinrichJake HeinrichHónapja
  • Instructions unclear. Chicken cutlet wedged in crack.

  • i'm on a diet and watching this is literally killing me

  • Sounds like you set up your next video with the cheesesteak comment. I'd be interested in seeing yours!

    Paul MillerPaul MillerHónapja
  • Never heard of Wedge buy okay; I get you

    Matthew GerdesMatthew GerdesHónapja
  • Gorgeous chicken parm, bro!

    I'm Hangry Y'allI'm Hangry Y'allHónapja
  • A key attribute to a good sandwich for me isn’t just the taste, but it’s the experience of eating it, if the sandwich goes everywhere with fillings falling out, covering me or my plate in food i hate it, nice to see someone else mention the “eatability” of a sandwich too. The softener between a good sandwich and a great sandwich

  • I’m making this tomorrow but I’m using some homemade focaccia and I’m adding some minced Calabrian chilies.

    Bubble TeaBubble TeaHónapja
  • Eggplant Parmigiano can be done the same peel and use small new oriental eggplants yummy munster cheese yummy

    Dawn CampbellDawn CampbellHónapja
  • Perfecto!

    Leo SmithLeo SmithHónapja
  • Wedge is a new one on me. In the Boston area it's a sub or grinder, maybe a hoagie, but that's rare

  • Most underrated cook on HUworld.

    • Agree.

      Nicholas DiSciscioNicholas DiSciscioHónapja
  • Wow! There are no words. That looks amazing!

  • It`s a sub!!! LoL. Great video as always. Stay safe

    amyloidse fibroseamyloidse fibroseHónapja
  • hey stephen, cool video as always! i was wondering whether the broiler method for mozarella would work for the aubergine cutlets you had in another episode, maybe you or somebody here can tell :)

    ja jaja jaHónapja
  • I wanna eat this rn

    Isaac CatãoIsaac CatãoHónapja
  • Looks delicious 😋

    Raul Lo10Raul Lo10Hónapja
  • Can you feed meeee?

    Maria AlexanderMaria AlexanderHónapja
  • Wait where's your Amazon list? Can't find it in the description maybe imma dummy

    Andre IpsenAndre IpsenHónapja
  • Just a suggestion for how to reuse the scraps of the dredging station as we do in italy (or my house at least) : mix it all up and make a fried frittata!

    lisa palearilisa paleariHónapja
  • 🤤

  • "I am sure I will hear about it in the comments." lol IT'S A GODDAMN HOAGIE, YOU F-ING GNATS FAN! No, but for real, how do you think the Giants will do this year? Judge seems to be putting some backbone in your team, but I am not sold on Daniel Jones.

    Ron KRon KHónapja
  • Great chef and teacher👏👏🙏

    Sean LatimerSean LatimerHónapja
  • Just awesome!!!!

    Sandra GroweSandra GroweHónapja
  • Call it whatever you like, so long as it tastes great... I'm there for it!😋😋😋🤤🤤🤤👍

    jjoyous jayjjoyous jayHónapja
  • Is there any carnivore who DOESN'T like a chicken cutlet???

  • Need gluten-free substitutes/options

    Larry MillerLarry MillerHónapja
  • Nice 🤣🤣🤣💯🔥

    Fighting WordsFighting WordsHónapja
  • Love this recipe. And while I’ve not heard the term ‘wedge’ before in this context, I really enjoy learning regional language differences, especially when it comes to describing delicious things to eat.

    Ian JudgeIan JudgeHónapja
  • I’d pay $20 for this sandwich right now

    Wind JunkieWind JunkieHónapja
  • Man oh man. That cross section was beyond amazing. Great video

    goutam bholagoutam bholaHónapja
    • Yeah, that was beautiful!

  • Love your videos bro! This looks amazing. You've changed my cooking and for that am truly grateful.

    Andrew WrightAndrew WrightHónapja
  • Unreal! I usually bash my chicken down but now imma have to pop to the shops and get those knives to start slicing!

    Ollywobble CooksOllywobble CooksHónapja
  • It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (But I Like It) ...Greetings from Italy!

  • So funny when I moved to Westchester from Long Island I was asked if I wanted a sandwich on a roll or a wedge and I was like?!?! You call a hero a wedge here lol!!!

  • Is it me or are his videos very that poor editing?

    Anthony PiccoloAnthony PiccoloHónapja
  • Good job, buddy. I decided to do a how to cook chicken cutlets tutorial live a few weeks back, and it was a fun one! That sub roll you have looks good. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to find seeded sub rolls just a couple of hours up the Thruway!

    Jerry PapandreaJerry PapandreaHónapja
  • Awesome 👍

  • Want one....NOW!

  • Are the links to the knives somewhere? I remember there used to be a link the Amazon store in the link tree but i don't see it.

  • I'm hungry now.

    Another OverTaxed TaxPayerAnother OverTaxed TaxPayerHónapja
  • I would eat 4 of these right now

    Tyler KeesTyler KeesHónapja
  • we call them panini's

    Mike DiCieroMike DiCieroHónapja
  • That sandwich is a work of art.

    Chatty CathyChatty CathyHónapja
  • You should do a wild garlic pesto

    el bel bHónapja
  • Why do I get mad Jonny Depp vibes?

  • It's a hero - Real New Yorker