The Fall of 76

2019.máj. 4.
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"Can't place camp" clip:

  • Won't lie, I'm probably still gonna preorder Starfield.

    Internet HistorianInternet HistorianÉvvel
    • Same

      MyLifeIsAFrickingMess sMyLifeIsAFrickingMess s6 napja
    • @Daniel Dunn it wouldn’t be as good because the game company actually started to fix the problem

      Mr TortoiseMr Tortoise20 napja
    • @Konameme ///

      Lil ChumpLil ChumpHónapja
    • Do one on cyberpunk 2077!! 😂🤣

      Daniel DunnDaniel Dunn2 hónapja
    • Asd

      jonerjoner2 hónapja
  • How is it even possible that they even got away with this?

    Nico ModeneseNico Modenese42 perccel
  • 6:23 best moment of the whole video

    Goth and AnnoyedGoth and Annoyed2 órája
  • I got an ad during an ad. Wecome to youtube 2021.

    bolastubebolastube2 órája
  • brian is a real one

    BlazeBlaze4 órája
  • Интернет помнит всех наёберов )

    Cbl4 911Cbl4 9115 órája
  • This reminds me of a Pyrocynical video lol.

    GrooveyGroovey5 órája
  • players: there are bugs that make the game literally unplayable producer: ok some prick: players can glitch themselves money producer: ALL HANDS ON DECK PATCH THIS PATCH THIIIIIIIS

    HECKproductionsHECKproductions7 órája
  • I honestly like that Outro it’s funny and realistic at the same time

    Generic Commenter 1038Generic Commenter 10389 órája
  • He forgot to mention the battle royale

    leonardo lavadoleonardo lavado15 órája
    • The video was from 2 years ago. Battle Royal mode doesnt exist yet.

      ElliElli6 órája
  • You need to do the fall of Cyberpunk!!

    ziqxziqx16 órája
  • The P5 theme for the Dev room bandit section was so perfect.

    Colin O'BriantColin O'Briant16 órája
  • I’m ready now

    Ginger CatGinger Cat18 órája
  • this is why I stopped with Bethesda's bullshit since the release.

    Terraria fan213Terraria fan21320 órája
  • I'm still hoping for a part 2 called "the rise of 76"

    GvG tvGvG tv20 órája
  • i appreciate this channel but i do not have the attention span for it

    Walter LippmannWalter Lippmann21 órája
  • (1:47) Goodbye World,Goodbye Necks,Goodbye Body,Goodbye Head’s Bugs B u g s B U G S B U G S E V E R Y W H E R E

    NeonSkull 164NeonSkull 16423 órája
  • fyre festival of games

    my name is jeeeyfmy name is jeeeyfNapja
  • Hey, you plan on doing the Frontier?

    John StarkJohn StarkNapja
  • Why the fuck didn’t they put proper npc’s and a storyline? Such a dumb, inexplicable decision 😂 this could have been amazing

  • Waiting for the Cyberpunk video

    • He's waiting for it too finish because shit keeps happening

      John StarkJohn StarkNapja
  • why ill never buy another bethesda game lol

  • Does anyone know the music at 22:06? I couldn't find it in the description.

  • Good thing I had my fill of fallout with fallout 4 and wasn't hungry for anything more.

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    Garshawn PantherGarshawn PantherNapja
  • And people thought the ME3 ending was bad? KEKW.

    Neal X GamingNeal X GamingNapja
  • cyberpunk 2077 pulled out a FO76

  • *IT JUST...... wait for it..... WORKS!*

  • Hey, it's fun now at least

    Liam MaloneLiam MaloneNapja
  • Stop buying unfinished games goddam its not hard. No pre orders. Make these people do the work they shpuld be doing before a launch

    nick Bnick BNapja
  • we could just sue for stealing memes, exept memes fall under fair use, it costs money to to and its to much effort

  • this video right here has done more damage to Bethesda's™ legacy than can properly be stated by a dumb like me.

    Hubert CrossHubert CrossNapja
  • Fallout: Fyre Festival

    Zach HoffmanZach HoffmanNapja
  • I hear an ‘ummm’ in the background 3/4 of the way through the video in the music

    Emil GalantEmil GalantNapja
  • When's the Cyberjunk 2077 vid releasing

    Joshua ThomasJoshua ThomasNapja
  • I want to mention that I came here by the video "Immortal Joe - You Look Amazing" And I now feel the need to say "No, YOU look amazing!"

  • E

    potatocat 953potatocat 953Napja
  • 3:49 - Whoa, rude, Fallout 1,2,T,NV are not Bethesda's games

    Anton KovalenkoAnton KovalenkoNapja
  • I was downloading it when the NPC update came out. Literally took me a week and a half to download the whole thing and play it. I think it’s an ok game at the moment, but not as good as it can be.

    Steven VeenkerSteven VeenkerNapja
  • when he plays that music at 0:50 all i can think about is the mobile game called Galimulator that uses the same ones xd

  • I'm waiting for a Cyberpunk 2077 Video xD

  • What is the song at 00:00

    Matt LuiMatt LuiNapja
  • Didnt Bethesda make Rome and Empire TW?

    Kyle WKyle W2 napja
  • The vault-tech helmet had mold and made people sick.

    Trash FireTrash Fire2 napja
  • I guess you could say that it is gonna fall out

    astolfo stanastolfo stan2 napja
  • You can't hide your persona 5 music from me

    Abrahm HatcherAbrahm Hatcher2 napja
  • Never before in my life has the word "clusterfuck" made more sense. I knew about the memes on bethesda's buggy games but I didn't know the extent of it, holy shit...

    GotchaGotcha2 napja
  • haha by the thyme it releases, it'll have to be considered an indie game because they'll STILL be using Gamebryo.

    TonyBManTonyBMan2 napja
  • elder scrolls 6 will be made with the fallout 76 engine, they aren't planning to do anything about it :333

    Jamish McquoJamish Mcquo2 napja
  • When a video criticizing your game gets more views than your game has ever had players.

    MichaelMichael2 napja
  • Now Bethesda is Microsoft's problem now

    Jail cat JonesJail cat Jones2 napja
  • 0 faith in Elder scrolls 6

    wtfisjuicewtfisjuice2 napja
  • When will we be getting a Cyberpunk video?

    Descendant of KraffDescendant of Kraff2 napja
  • 900 hours... I have a feeling this wasn't even that far off from release

    wtfisjuicewtfisjuice2 napja
  • didnt even bother with this crap.... didnt even really bother with 4 accept my friend gave me a copy... i deleted it after about 15 hours lol... but damn this is funny lol. what isnt funny is the 40 fucking commercials for 26 mins ....

    jaba pabajaba paba2 napja
  • 2:08 why do the worst games launches have issues with tee poses lol Fallout 76, Cyberpunk77 hmmm games developers defo need to avoid calling there next latest and greatest with the suffix 78

    Alaskan MalamuteAlaskan Malamute2 napja
    • It's usually because T-poses tend to be the default pose when making character models during development and more often than not, the animations on these buggy launches don't register.

      Hylian Fell DragonHylian Fell Dragon2 napja
  • Cyberpunk Cyberpunk!

    Alaskan MalamuteAlaskan Malamute2 napja
  • This video is a masterpiece

    Glip KlopsyiopGlip Klopsyiop2 napja
  • You know a channel is good when you even enjoy the sponsor spots

    AboutTimeFFSAboutTimeFFS2 napja
  • I got fallout 76 as a bundle for my blue yeti microphone. It even just appeared in my steam library once (along with fallout 1, 2, and tactics and no I checked my purchase history I'm absolutely 100% sure I did not buy them) and I still refuse to install it. This game is a sin to every religion on earth, even athiesm

    VolkerVolker2 napja
  • Eh, definitely not as bad as it was on on day 1 but it's nowhere near the level of comebackery No Mans Sky pulled.

    Cole JoyceCole Joyce2 napja
  • I’m only level 12 and I have already put 10+ hours in this game. Saying it’s boring is an understatement

    Professional BanditProfessional Bandit2 napja
    • @Arya Sun nice

      Professional BanditProfessional BanditNapja
    • @Professional Bandit I'm Wastelander player, I'm level 411 playing for one year now

      Arya SunArya SunNapja
    • @Arya Sun don’t remember

      Professional BanditProfessional BanditNapja
    • Pre-Wastelander update or Wastelander player?

      Arya SunArya SunNapja
  • Can't wait for him to cover cyberpunk 2077 launch. Should be quite spiceh

    Nar_ iNar_ i2 napja
  • Please do a CYBER PUNK video please!!! you can title the video "cyber punked" lol thumbs up this comment if you want internet historian to make that video.

    Joey St-DenisJoey St-Denis2 napja
  • we need part 2

    OCD GamerOCD Gamer2 napja
  • 7th time watching today

    OCD GamerOCD Gamer2 napja
  • Unpopular opinion: Now it is a decent game

    Jakub RomańskiJakub Romański2 napja
    • @CHB Ryan haha T-65 Power Armor goes brrrr

      Arya SunArya SunNapja
    • Hardly. What, because they added shitty badly voiced NPC's and broke their own lore?

      CHB RyanCHB RyanNapja
  • Hype, release, disappoint. Repeat ad nauseum. The Gaming industry has a predictable pattern. You would think people would learn to keep their expectations low.

    Cilly HoneyCilly Honey2 napja
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    lili kleinlili klein2 napja
  • The Toilette paper joke in the advertisement aged pretty well

    Tobias NeumannTobias Neumann2 napja
  • Anyone noticed it said "Nuka dark rum is an alcoholic version of nuka dark rum"? They couldn't even some simple text right.

    Alejandro AguirreAlejandro Aguirre2 napja
  • All falls started with a hype...

    Not GerardoNot Gerardo2 napja
  • i love you internet historian

    Molly LongMolly Long2 napja
  • 16x the detail? how would that even work?

    First LastFirst Last3 napja
    • maths

      Is_TOLEKIs_TOLEK2 napja
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    hellman favereuahellman favereua3 napja
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    Renae MaliaRenae Malia3 napja
  • 5:09 More please? ;w;

    Colonthree EnterprisesColonthree Enterprises3 napja
  • Cyberpunk 2077 please

    Astra 060Astra 0603 napja
  • I like how this train wreck was launched on my birthday. Take that, Germans.

    MW2366MW23663 napja
  • Good god, Bethesda is a joke.

    JakeJake3 napja
  • Best holotape in Fallout 3 !

    Alonso SalazarAlonso Salazar3 napja
  • I threw mine in the bin

  • So forgive me for not knowing shit about game dev on anything but Gameboy Color but... Is there a reason they couldn't remove the dev room from the public build of the game? Or at least remove the items from it? Like they'd still have it in their own builds but remove it before compiling? That would mean that even if people accessed the room or wouldn't do anything for them. I'm guessing it's not possible or they would have done it but if someone can confirm that'd be cool

    sakkeru96 (formerly spacelady eilidhan)sakkeru96 (formerly spacelady eilidhan)3 napja
  • my friend got 76 in 2021 and it was $4

    Ellis 123Ellis 1233 napja
  • 7 ads on a 20 minute video? Yeah, I'll just watch something else.

    Daniel Clark-hughesDaniel Clark-hughes3 napja
  • 22:00 My ex after she saw my dick

    George PerryGeorge Perry3 napja
  • we have a store called "cartridge's galore" they sell the game for 1$ but the employees are so chill that sometimes they say "just take it we really dont want them"

    Devo2421Devo24213 napja
    • @Ilerand you can look up "carriages galore" you can also sell games for far more than gamestop. i had a book with 3 xbox 360 games. gears of war, skate 2 and call of duty black ops 1 and they gave me 80$ for it in cash. then the employee was like "if you want i can buy that book from you too" 20$ they take merch, games, wires, consoles i dont know how their buisness still stands but its amazing

    • Where i wanna go there

    • Damn dude. You’re lucky.

      Lake of CrystalclanLake of Crystalclan2 napja
  • 5:09 Mmm-mmm.

    PHILMKD1995PHILMKD19953 napja
  • I'd rather play No Man's Sky than this junk.

    PHILMKD1995PHILMKD19953 napja
  • Oh my, he stocked toilet paper way before thavarus strikes

    JosuaJosua3 napja
  • I got the game, played it for about 20 minutes until the first glitch appeared which was the fact i couldn’t see the in screen HUD (the compass, my heath, weapon and durability, etc. I then decided to turn it off and never play it again.

    Austin NitsuaAustin Nitsua3 napja
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    Chegg AccountChegg Account3 napja
  • This is almost to hard to believe. Can't imagine I have friends who play '76. Good thing Microsoft bought Bethesda, we might actually get some decency out of it now.

    NickNick3 napja
  • Betesda are acting like a company that doesen't know what media and PR is

    SundriSundri3 napja
  • holy shit 24 million views.

    XenotineXenotine3 napja
  • Originally I was gonna stop buying Bethesda games because they weren't what I wanted anymore. But now they're Microsoft and Microsoft has been doing some good stuff... I'm so confused XD

    Hayden TravisHayden Travis3 napja
    • Not too fast there, Bethesda is getting sued over creation club, and the transaction can't go through until it's done lol, which is a shame

      Liam MaloneLiam MaloneNapja
  • my fiancee got me the fallout cookbook. the World of Warcraft cookbook is 10X better.

    Scooter De'ScooterScooter De'Scooter3 napja
  • I can't wait for the cyberpunk 77 video

    I hedgehogI hedgehog3 napja
  • more of these longer videos plz

    shadow42990shadow429903 napja
  • 8:06 literal fucking legend larcenists.

    Judas IscariotJudas Iscariot3 napja