The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Pitch Meeting

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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!
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After the release of WandaVision, Disney is continuing their onslaught of streaming series taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being released on Disney Plus with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier definitely raises some questions. Like what exactly is going on with the Flag Smashers are why are their plans so vague? What did John Walker expect to accomplish with that non-vibranium shield? Why would Disney cast the same actress from Solo: A Star Wars Story for pretty much the exact same role? Was that Power Broker thing meant to be a big twist? Are we supposed to think that Karli is NOT evil? Why isn’t the top of Sam’s head protected at all?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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  • Flag smashers = Antifa, pretty obviously

    John VickersJohn Vickers55 perccel
  • 2020-21 marvel's shows look boring AF.

    Pete LeBlaireauPete LeBlaireauÓrája
  • 2:15 you missed a button on your shirt

    PhotosounderPhotosounder3 órája
  • I just realized that forcibly painting the flag smashers in a sympathetic light is propaganda supporting Antifa

    The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant StrangerThe Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger5 órája
  • "but i'm CAPtivated" i see what u did there.

    nesendanesenda5 órája
  • Do an invincible pitch meeting

    joexjoex10 órája
  • Wow. Who ever knew pitch meetings can be this entertaining.

    Hernan LadoresHernan Ladores11 órája
  • Another Disney trainwreck

    buryitdeepburyitdeep14 órája
  • OG Captain America's ricochet-ing shield: Per the first story (origin), the super soldier serum advance Rogers' brain as well as his musculature, et al. His superhuman mental capacity, in the midst of combat, instantly calculates the exact force and angle at which he needs to hurl the shield so that it strikes what he needs it to and then return. Yes: Simon and Kirby made him *that* awesome of a superhuman!

    Dennis AndersonDennis Anderson14 órája
  • no but really how were the flag smashers going to kill billions of people again? A plot thinner than the paper the script was written on.

    nrsrymjnrsrymj16 órája
  • "And while they're there their gonna meet Sharon Carter." *"sHeS fRoM tHe MoViEs!"*

    Evelyn and Jocelyn's Caterpillar CornerEvelyn and Jocelyn's Caterpillar Corner17 órája
  • Please do a pitch meeting for HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) please. It would be legen... wait for it... dary! Legendary!

    The QLC ExperienceThe QLC Experience17 órája
  • When the senator asks Sam does he actually know anything about the logistics or how complexity of the situation and Sam acts like not actually knowing is a positive. "Yeah, just do things better. I don't have any actual solutions but do it better."

    A Time For WolvesA Time For Wolves18 órája
  • 🌞...super soldier serum-say that 10x fast...okay🤗

    Cordelya HaynesCordelya Haynes19 órája
  • 🎶 Who's been messing up everything? I guess it was Sharon all along 😕 🎶

    Aye ForgotAye Forgot19 órája
  • Anybody else feel like the MCU has taken a massive step back into cruise control and political nonsense that no one cares about since endgame?

    Spytfyre13Spytfyre1320 órája
  • So true! You nailed every gripe I had with this show.

    A Fine And Pleasant MiseryA Fine And Pleasant Misery20 órája
  • These Marvel web show writers are some of the shittiest.

    AlphaCentauri24AlphaCentauri2421 órája
  • „I‘m captivated“ I see what you did there

    Cornetto MScCornetto MSc23 órája
  • “Except the top of his head where his brain is!” 💀

    Sean PetersSean PetersNapja
  • *How does the shield work?* *It works however I need it to in whatever action bit I'm writing* Pretty sure that's how we've all assumed its been working this whole time.

    Henry OrtizHenry OrtizNapja
  • "So Ryan, is it difficult carrying the entire Screen Rant channel" "Actually it's super easy, barely an inconvenience."

    miriam nurumiriam nuruNapja
  • What about the virus plot?

  • This feels like an insurrection in The Office

  • captivated? I see what you did there

    Sean CloughSean CloughNapja
  • Nice Episode - Maybe do Ice Age next time?

    Philip BellaichePhilip BellaicheNapja
  • It honestly sounds more like The Dumpster and the Raging Fire.

  • It’s hard to emphasize just how on point these pitch meeting recaps can be. For some films, literally the best I’ve come across for an accurate critique & recap that’s objectively true & entertaining

  • Why is it that the line about getting off his back is not as funny as all the other lines?

    Iain McClatchieIain McClatchieNapja
  • Why are so many Americans hurt on this show showing something about racism? It's so hard for you people to accept your real face.

    Let's LearnLet's LearnNapja
  • Please do a pitch meeting on invisible

    Deku 123Deku 123Napja
  • "The Wizard" or "Flight of the Navigator" Seems barely an inconvenience

    Drunken HobbitDrunken HobbitNapja
  • do a pitch meeting about prince of Egypt

    Prince William Uchenna Ifeanyi OkpalaezechaPrince William Uchenna Ifeanyi OkpalaezechaNapja
  • So these flag breaker whatever people are basically Antifa/BLM. We are supposed to sympathize while they make it incredibly difficult to do so. 'kay. (I really hate politics in what should be entertainment. Unless it is political cartoons. Political cartoons are tight.)

    Vegan ConservativeVegan ConservativeNapja
  • Marvel is so garbage now.

  • "He kills him by bashing his face in with the shield!" Oh, my god.

    Mona TeasleyMona TeasleyNapja
  • Love these! Can we get individual pitch meetings on season 1 and 2 of "The Boys".... I can hear it now: "I'm going to need for you to get all the way off my back about that" "super easy, barely an inconvenience"

    Ryan SheltonRyan SheltonNapja
  • people still watching woke series

    big benbig benNapja
  • "Do better senator" Okay no one survives end them all Wait no

    Xion PlagueXion PlagueNapja
  • Do the Highlanders

    mokeishmokeish2 napja
  • bad batch next pls

    CookiecatusCookiecatus2 napja
  • 6:29 Oh boooo. The reason he asked them to stop calling them terrorists is because they are DISMISSIVELY calling them terrorists so they don't have to look *at all* at what their very good motives are (even though their actions for those motives are incredibly bad and terroristic). Yes, they're terrorists, if you look at the dictionary defintion. No, the government can't keep calling them that because they're only doing that to dismiss their motives. "Terrorist" nowadays colloquially means "terrorists with zero good motives or zero motives at all who hate us because we're *fReE*" EDIT: 6:48 And it's RIDICULOUS that you make it seem like Sam didn't give them a direct logistical action to do--include people who are going to be affected by those Senators' decisions IN THE DISCUSSIONS on whether to do them. Bad take, dude.

    BPNaveBPNave2 napja

    Morgan McLenaghanMorgan McLenaghan2 napja
  • Better Call Saul

    Cbiz 210Cbiz 2102 napja
  • Family Guy

    Cbiz 210Cbiz 2102 napja
  • The Mandalorian

    Cbiz 210Cbiz 2102 napja
  • Pls do avatar the last airbender the series 🙏

    Raphael Grandeur AniRaphael Grandeur Ani2 napja
  • I love the show but this is pretty funny

    Meeth ChanchawatMeeth Chanchawat2 napja
  • I’ve been hearing about the “other” Wyatt Russell since his dad got the name from doing research for a western movie. If you haven’t seen THAT movie, then you’ve literally lost at life.

    Wyatt RussellWyatt Russell2 napja
  • I mean she didn’t kill a LOT of people in the bombing, she killed 3, and she said the threat to Sam’s family was empty. On top of that she’s a heavily traumatized very young girl who took an experimental serum with unknown side effects...

    Mr. Stuff DoerMr. Stuff Doer2 napja
  • So on point!

    Johnny SkinwalkerJohnny Skinwalker2 napja
  • If karli was a man would sam still try to talk her down

    linneaus msiskalinneaus msiska2 napja
  • Seen on the writer's desk, "Deus ex Machina is the only latin I know"

    Dark ZakDark Zak2 napja
  • We all know it’s not The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, it’s “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier And The Baron And Also Sharon”

    TheEnderSoldierTheEnderSoldier2 napja
  • So a black super soldier who passed on helping Sam and Bucky is protect innocent live is suppose to earn sympathy points. A U.S. soldier turned Captain America is fired for doing his job. And the Flag Smashers (basically Marvel's Antifa) are held as misunderstood despite countless acts of terrorism and its all the government's fault. Am I gonna find myself rooting for whoever the next Thanos level villain is?

    Bioweapon NBioweapon N2 napja
  • will you guys ever do the riddick movies ?

    squiddysquiddy2 napja
  • John Walker was still a topclass character. People hating him is just blind hate or a monkey see monkey do situation

    KR6 ProductionsKR6 Productions2 napja
    • Definitely better than Carly.

      Let's LearnLet's LearnNapja
  • I was so tired of the villain. I was so damn happy when she was shot

    Thomas RouttThomas Routt2 napja
  • The writing on this show is somehow an unintended allegory of everything that is going wrong in society these days, it is absurdly telling.

    GoukesGoukes2 napja
  • This show was EXTREMELY GOOD

  • This show sounds terrible.

    Jason UerkvitzJason Uerkvitz2 napja
  • If you think about it, if Vibranium can store energy, and release it, the shield could use that to make itself bouncy

    HexCodeFFHexCodeFF2 napja
  • That Pitch Meeting is Tight!

    John GarrettJohn Garrett2 napja
  • I didn’t even think about that it still said the “Winter Soldier”. It definitely would’ve hit even more home had they changed his name too.

    RhandiRhandi2 napja
  • lol

    Adelaide KieneAdelaide Kiene2 napja
  • Sam's new outfit is 'comic book accurate' but in the next Captain America movie, I'd honestly prefer a dark, carbon fibre themed new outfit with a 'automatic head cover' which comes on when he needs it to.

    Lalit ChandnaniLalit Chandnani3 napja
  • Can you make a pitch meeting for Harry Potter and the chamber of the secret

    Hiral VegdaHiral Vegda3 napja
  • Why does this guy remind me of Daniel Thrasher?

    † Masterhp †† Masterhp †3 napja
  • And here I was thinking I was the only one who didn't sympathise with karli...she is just a kid cant be the excuse.. she was wrong N i was also annoyed that Bucky's confession didn't get proper screen time...

    Puja PrasadPuja Prasad3 napja
  • That "super easy, barely an inconvenience" gets me every time LMFAO

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos LugoInstructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo3 napja
  • "What is that for?, is going to look great on the trailer" LMFAO

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos LugoInstructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo3 napja
  • its super easy...barely an inconvenience

    Eric NyamaahEric Nyamaah3 napja
  • next Pirates of of the Caribbean movie, plss

    Alexis McCutchonAlexis McCutchon3 napja
  • Alright! 3 of 3 Disney+ shows summed up for me! Mandelorean, Wanda Vision, and now Falcon! And I didn't have to pay a dime for Disney+. Nor sit through 4-5 minutes of Sam berating Senators to "Do better". Thanks guys!

    Lord AlzornLord Alzorn3 napja
  • I think I posted a comment here that was intended for "Honest Trailers". Please disregard it (because I know you'll read it amongst the thousands of other comments). ; )

    JohnJohn3 napja
  • not changing the name to 'Captain America and white wolf' was just harsh to bucky haha

    John BarrJohn Barr3 napja
    • Sorry bucky you're still a paranazi assassin

      Alexandre CauchonAlexandre Cauchon2 napja
  • this was so accurate hahah

    John BarrJohn Barr3 napja
  • How did this series ever get green lighted?

    Doc TarDoc Tar3 napja
    • I imagine because someone told Disney to "do better" and thought this series was a good response.

      Dizzy DoomDizzy Doom3 napja
  • I use pitch meetings to keep up with the MCU while I boycott Disney. Thanks Ryan! You make it so I can make fun of Marvel and not give them money!

    Nathan HarmonNathan Harmon3 napja
  • The “do better” thing killed me 🤣

    Zach TornowZach Tornow3 napja
  • Sounds like marvel keeps getting worse.

    beatsprodbycmbeatsprodbycm3 napja
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier was crap. Horrible execution of a a mediocre plot line.

    Nick CulverNick Culver3 napja
  • I’m so glad you included the issue of not changing winter solider to white wolf.

    kregan Regankregan Regan3 napja
  • You forgot to mention Sam carried a dead Karli instead of getting Sharon medical help, but sure, priorities...

    bruno catarinobruno catarino3 napja
  • I wanted John Walker to fold every flag smashers face in so bad. Also the

    powderhounds77powderhounds773 napja
  • Do a EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Pitch meeting! ✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️✂️🙌

    Jaclyn CJaclyn C3 napja
  • Great Pitch Meeting

    Abraham McNallyAbraham McNally3 napja
  • Why would Wakanda make a Captain America suit? Shouldn't Stark industries or Shield have done that?

    dorian Rdorian R3 napja
  • So Sam doesn't have any powers or super serum. He just wears Stark tech. But he didn't invent said tech.

    dorian Rdorian R3 napja
  • I couldn't really get invested in the characters too much, not sure if I liked their personalities.. I could root more for Karli in the beginning... I liked Bucky's arc but it wasn't resolved well... Sam seemed a little too wooden... Isaiah was interesting but he no longer has a story arc in present day. Sharon seemed too much like some Bond evil-woman archetype. I actually found Zemo to be the most interesting character.

    dorian Rdorian R3 napja
  • pretty much said what I was thinking. There's ways to do nuance and moral ambiguity, but this wasn't it. It was as if Karli was seeming too sympathetic at first, so they flipped a switch to make her evil, rather than a gradual progression. So she seemed like 2 different personalities. Same with Walker. Plus, Walker kills a terrorist and is court martialed with the Captain America label taken away. Sam is holding Karli's dead body, the leader of the terrorists, and Sam gets a hero's reception. Walker was following orders. Whereas Sam went rogue and vigilante...

    dorian Rdorian R3 napja
  • Will you make a pitch video for Valerian!?Most confusing, absurd movie ever.

    Phoebe Sheldon YoungPhoebe Sheldon Young3 napja
  • 3:47 Apparently that fire only killed 4 and injured like 7 but how? Weren't there like at least 10 people on the bottom floor that we could see that should have died

    TurtatoTurtato3 napja
  • Do a pitch meeting for the Saw movies!

    Scott MillerScott Miller3 napja
  • They told me to feel sympathy to Karli but I couldn't understand why there wasn't a scene on why she's like the way she is because telling me gave no sympathy for her

    TurtatoTurtato3 napja
  • So many things make sense It's so dense that way

    Derb ThenDerb Then3 napja
  • Yet another reason we *love* Ryan/Wade.

    Thomas BeckerThomas Becker3 napja
  • Where's the Big Trouble in Little China pitch meeting?

    IncabIncab3 napja
  • CAP-tivated... get it?

    Stewart BowersStewart Bowers3 napja
  • 3:00 I see that he is getting a little New Rockstars thing

    NitroNitro3 napja