The Falcon And The Winter Soldier - It's The Best Show Ever Made

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Truly, Falcon and the Winter Soldier stunned me with its fantastic writing, great performacnes and social commentary that never felt forced or heavy handed. Join me as I explore this wonder of modern TV.

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  • fantastic four and all the phase 4 shit is going to be god awful progressive shit shoved down our throats until we all accept it or are outcasted, it's already happened I've been disowned from my family already for having different opinions, people have fucking lost there mind and Bill Gates was right this is an Invisible War going on right now.

    AndrewAndrew20 perccel
  • gingers have no souls that's the point, this is classic disney brainwashing

    AndrewAndrew25 perccel
  • Lucky you didn't call the GOTG "Plucky". They don't know what that shit means. -Starlord 😂

    DekotA RakestrawDekotA Rakestraw47 perccel
  • i liked Sams Picard speech. Because Picards sure as hell didnt have one of that caliber.

  • I appreciate your voice/thoughts in the film critique world. You've been right for a long time to point out Disney's (and others) determination to substitute logical world building and other plot devices with half-baked woke political pandering. I do wonder, however, if our collective cynicism towards it is, to quote Netflix's Jaskier, like "putting salve on a tumor." We know these things keep getting made because people keep watching. That's the thing about tumors.. they aren't concerned with anything other than growing. Like I know it's all very tired and audiences deserve a more sincere depiction of beloved characters. This is how we got The Boys, after all. I just think it's time we stop expecting anything better to come from the same place(s) that keep watering it all down. Eventually it's got to be better to transition away from dunking on it (which you manage to do very adeptly and entertainingly) to focusing on other things. Ik I'm practically shouting into the void here. To anyone who does read this word vomit, though, consider it my open plea for us to put down this punching bag & stop watching this stuff, even if only for the sake of bettering our mental health.. Otherwise, sorry if this sounded super cringey & soapboxy. Thanks for the awesome HUworld channel you're running here.

    Adam JamesAdam James2 órája
    • We watch critical drinker so we don't have to watch it our selves that's why he's called a critique it's literally his job he's like the royal taster who makes sure the kings food is unpoisoned. Secondly if we don't point out the turd with sprinkles on it that everyone calls a cupcake then people will keep thinking it's good. Don't be one of those cringy make only "positive" videos people they tend to make the worst quality content because they always ignore the garbage cause they want to be "positive".

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
  • Hilarious... I saw the trailer and cringed in a major way. Had planned to avoid the movie itself, but now, I just have to watch it. You terrible terrible man.

    heights joshheights josh3 órája
  • Best show? That's a pretty massive stretch there...

    DJNsomniacDJNsomniac3 órája
  • men I've matched this show only because I thought you had a good opinion of it (due to the title of this video)... hahaha

    Robin AlgayresRobin Algayres3 órája
    • Same here. We should sue him for damages. I mean, I thought if it's good I won't watch his video telling all the story.

      MankindfailsMankindfails3 órája
  • It’s unfortunate how all of this makes sense 2 the average person because “It’s a superhero movie, and this is wut superheroes do!” It really is sad how marvel will not improve as long as the fanboys come running back 2 them. And the events of the movies and tv shows also apply 2 the comics. Because of this, I’m honestly very scared 4 Moon Knight, since I hear he’s a really good and interesting character in the comics. Now that Marvel Studios got their hands on him, I don’t think his future will b very bright

    MrSoiSauceMrSoiSauce4 órája
  • How much super sarcasm serum did you take?

    Chris BrownChris Brown4 órája
  • Wtf it was garbage

  • It is amazing to me when people are so wrapped up in their own way of thinking that they see only what they want to see. But I guess that if being "anti-SJW" is your bread and butter,you would see this show as going "woke". But apparently people who rebuild their lives for 5 last years after everything went to shit,and were rounded up to be sent where ever they came from are just people who got free shit and wont return it.Except that isn't how thing really work. If you are declared dead,and return after five years,you don't really just get to take your shit back. Now,imagine if that is the half of population of the world,it is a clusterfuck one way or another.Funny how things are complex when they align with your way of thinking,but easy when they do not. Sorry to say, but I'm so disappointed by this review.

    DušanDušan4 órája
    • @Mankindfails most people only see what they want to see and ignore inconvenient details like the commenter above. Secondly yes they are literally telling them to get out of people's homes the senator mentioned it. But also yea it's a poorly constructed parallel to the border issue.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
    • Your first sentence could be applied to your way of thinking too. That said. People in the show aren't asked to give back the home of some guy. They are asked to go back to their original country. So it's about open borders, refugees, immigrants' rights. Their slogan is one world one people. It's textbook woke propaganda. It seems to be you that is incapable of seeing reality even when you hit your face on it.

      MankindfailsMankindfails3 órája
  • yeah totally woke garbage

    James GJames G5 órája
  • Sounds woke as fuck. Pass

    IMaxIMax5 órája
  • The show was entertaining but could've been so much better

    CodyTheDoggoCodyTheDoggo6 órája
  • Yoooooo you should all watch my falcon winter soldier rant

    Mr. CinematicMr. Cinematic6 órája
  • 😆🤣😂

    Burgh Fan1980Burgh Fan19806 órája
  • I couldn’t tell if he was criticizing or saying it was good 😂😂😂

    BEAUTIFUL MusicBEAUTIFUL Music6 órája
  • Dear Drinker, Would you give your opinion/review on Cinemax's series "Warrior", that it is now going on it's third season ? Really enjoy your reviews and I'm looking forward for your take on it... Thanks and take care... Leo From Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

    LF2050LF20507 órája
  • 3 ways to make something good: 1. Make something that’s not the Star Wars sequel trilogy 2. Follow step 1 3. Follow step 2

    Dinodude01Dinodude018 órája
  • Lol. Given the sarcastic 10 minute review, I can safely skip watching this one

    Cody SCody S9 órája
  • Watch carefully what he does, he’s reframed the events of the show to fit his original opinions. He didn’t try to learn anything from the show, he perceived the show differently to justify his preconceived notions. He’s purposefully exaggerated certain details, but left out other details. An example would be him saying more than once that the flag smashers are evil and kill civilians, but not providing an example of this. While neglecting to mention that the US Agent murdered the Flag-smasher, who had surrendered, while he was on the ground and defenceless. Be careful when watching videos like these, underlying bias isn’t always easy to spot.

    Blake McCarthyBlake McCarthy11 órája
    • @Make Black Panther Great Again! first of all, on the ground begging for your life isn’t surrendering? Second, we both said civilians, not innocents. There is a difference. But even then I’ve been given 0 examples, and if you bring up Lamar I would like to remind you that his death was an accident. Third, John murdered the flag smasher on purpose, even though he total didn’t need to. Even if it was in context, it doesn’t make it better. Forth, all of this is relevant, because it conflicts with what he says in his video and calls his opinions into question.

      Blake McCarthyBlake McCarthy3 perccel
    • Nope the flag smashers did kill innocent people and the reason he didn't mention john killing the flag smasher is because the flag smasher isn't innocent and had it coming he also didn't actually surrender he said "it wasn't me" in reference to Lemar getting killed by Kari and he is also the guy who was holding john for Karli to stab which was what led up to Lemars death in the first place john should have killed them all but he lost his cool and did it infront of civilians in a distasteful way which made him look bad on video since most people wouldn't understand context. The reason he didn't mention it is because it wasn't relevant.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
  • It's shit best show ever made don't think so need few seasons first it's woke as fuck it's shight 3/10

    Xxx JokerXxx Joker12 órája
  • They cut Winter Soldier's hair? Fucking Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

    Money Over EverythingMoney Over Everything13 órája
  • Lol

    Stefanie IslasStefanie Islas13 órája
  • Mmmmm idk about that

    FNAF TubeProductionsFNAF TubeProductions13 órája
  • I don't know how much they paid tim pool to shill for this bs.

    Navid SoleimaniNavid Soleimani18 órája
  • I hate this show.....i can't put to words how much i despise this show

    Navid SoleimaniNavid Soleimani18 órája
  • Oh my gosh I'm so happy I didn't watch this.

    The_Backwoods_NerferThe_Backwoods_Nerfer19 órája
  • I’m honestly shocked that this show didn’t get cancelled for John Walker somewhat easily beating Karli in that fight in episode 6.

    Magix JohnsonMagix Johnson19 órája
  • Cool cool cool. So you didn't like it.

    DDDD19 órája
  • Its kind of crazy how this guy has a problem with Wakanda being like the US, not following international law and doing whatever they want to without asking permission. -_- Or that somehow its bad when Walker shows up to arrest Zemo but when the Dora Milaje do it its ok... That is not what the show is trying to portray. Its showing you the hypocrisy of the US they see it as natural they are the world police and as soon as someone else shows up they talk about jurisdiction. These aren't hard themes to follow......

    NullslayerNullslayer19 órája
    • @Nullslayer theme exist but dont go from hell to heaven trying to paint this power contrived theme as some ground braking stuff because "it's just like real life"

      Ad IoAd IoÓrája
    • @Ad Io lol ok. It's a story. All stories have themes. If you don't understand that, read a book

    • Wtf are you talking? Themes oohh soo deep and intricate. If you like enjoy propaganda just say soo. This isn't art it's all predicated and full of political biases it's propaganda to the tea.

      Ad IoAd Io2 órája
  • Tony Stark was the bigger hero than Captain America. So... ... what's with all the love for Captain America over Tony Stark? Nothing is even said or referenced to Tony.

    The Samdroid OnlineThe Samdroid Online21 órája
  • Nah

    PohTrainPohTrain21 órája
  • I thought Karli and the flag smashers were fighting on the behalf of the 50% who disappeared and returned as refugees, displaced by the 50% who were left behind.

    Tone BoneTone Bone23 órája
    • Other way around unfortunately, she's technically an imperialist.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
  • Imagine if this were actual film analysis and not just a laundry list of empty right-wing talking points. Do better -1

    c widdc widd23 órája
    • So this show is what you left wing liberals worship as high art? Lmfaoo. His criticism where on point. That shit show wasn't art, its a shallow contrived propaganda. Nothing more nothing less. Dint add to what the characters already had so this was just an unnecessary shallow contrived political views the movie.

      Ad IoAd Io2 órája
  • What???? Its totally failed!! Are you joking???

    • Yep it was hot garbage.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
  • I got a falcon and winter soldier ad watching this.

    Aleximus LopezAleximus LopezNapja
  • love those gingers

    505 Booker 2049384505 Booker 2049384Napja
  • You don't believe the relief i felt after i got baited by the title.

    Angsty Goblin EntertainmentAngsty Goblin EntertainmentNapja
  • Snowflakes everywhere 😂😂😂

    Jk GreenJk GreenNapja
    • @Make Black Panther Great Again! Stop projecting yourself and go back to 4chan.

      SkySiresSkySires50 perccel
    • @SkySires stop projecting go back to twitter.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
    • Sorry that the MCU doesn’t cater to you extreme conservative right-wingers. Go back to your Q-Anon forums.

      SkySiresSkySires17 órája
  • Just say you hate back people

    drew everydaydrew everydayNapja
    • Lmao if that's your high art then you have no say in what's good or not

      Ad IoAd Io2 órája
  • Correction: 2:45 Apprehend International “Activists” ... there all better... Go Away Now... 🤣👍

    E CE CNapja
  • For a moment there, I was very worried the world had changed dramatically while I was blacked out.

  • Sam is famous in the first ten minutes of the show but then apparently he is confused with a gangster? They wouldn't know who one of the avengers were? So many things wrong.

    Robert LewisRobert LewisNapja
    • Anthony Mackie played the Gangster in the picture. The resemblance was specifically WHY Zemo asked him to impersonate him.

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
  • You know damn well that shield would go 20 feet and hit the ground. How the hell are they tossing it like a bullet? "That thing doesn't obey the laws of physics" -Spiderman

    Robert LewisRobert LewisNapja
  • 02:02 Liberty in Death!

    Ender WarlordEnder WarlordNapja
  • This guy must be drunk.

  • Brilliant

  • Flag Smasher Carly wasn't she also kicking off stealing stuff in the solo movie you remember Helen's about trying boss in the five syndicates so maybe she plays the same character in both Star Wars and and the mcu give it a couple of weeks and will have Stormtroopers on the Loki series

    Andrew SandersonAndrew SandersonNapja
  • What did Deadpool say who's the pats with the pigeon wings I preferred his old suit I'm not someone said the Wings reminded them of Isis I kindly reminded them the angel wings

    Andrew SandersonAndrew SandersonNapja
  • Soooo if I want to be an “Amazing Virtue Signaling Hero Terrorist,” then I need to be: 1. Not White 2. Soon to be gay 3. Hate freedom 4. Hate and murder everyone white even hero’s that have solidified my freedom in the freest country in the free world. 5. Be black 6. Hate all politicians even the good ones 7. Trust and follow any and all terrorist just because Marvel tells me too. 8. Drink the koolaid because Well, Marvel 9. Trust everything flawed stated in a substandard show that should have been cancelled by anyone with the brain of a rabid raccoon. 10. FUCK OFF MARVEL! We don’t need your one year late to the party virtue pandering bullshit!!

    The GECKThe GECKNapja
  • uhh yeah Nah its probably the worst

    Harvey CurtisHarvey CurtisNapja
  • "bad ginger woman actress using a stunt double andt shit"... at this point the left and the right should really marry and make overly sensitive cry baby children who interpret shit into everything even though it has very little to do with it ...

  • I hated the false narratives: 1. John Walker is a MURDERER. He literally killed an unarmed person, who had completely lost all will to fight. And no, losing your best friend to someone from the same "faction" doesn't give you a license to kill. This is how the law works for policemen, and I would like to believe that actual SUPERHEROES are held to a higher standard.Whether the terrorist (but, as Falcon/Cap America establishes at the end, they're NOT terrorists) was guilty of murder (being an accomplice to Carly, though none except Carly knew of the exploding building) should've been up for court. Never mind he politically murdered a non-American on non-American soil, being a representative of America. And ethically, as Captain America that is unacceptable, on top of the execution being public (and probably underage witnesses as well). IF Walker gets to be a hero later (he MIGHT earn it, won't say it's impossible), then ZEMO also deserves a chance. Zemo has quite obviously proven himself trustworthy. Btw, shouldn't Zemo be returned to Germany? Also, after all his co-operation, Zemo's lifetime prison sentence in Germany just changes to lifetime prison in Wakanda? 2. MOST infuriatingly: Bucky being held responsible for his killings as Winter Soldier. Seriously? This is SO WRONG in so many tv shows or movies...Bucky was NOT in control of his actions as Winter Soldier. And, unlike drug abusers, cannot be held responsible for being in that state, he was tortured and turned into Winter Soldier. Bucky having to "repent" is mob justice bs... Never mind the ethical wrongness, this is reflected in real life law! A person who is not in control of his actions cannot be liable for his actions, barring that that person intentionally or negligently put him/herself in that state (for drug abusers). 3. Falcon is black...duh. Christ, I won't even say anything more. At least this series managed to stay on the cringy borderline of racial justice and wokeness IMO...but the scenes sure as hell didn't raise my opinion of the series. In the end, I did enjoy the show to some degree, but I won't be holding my breath for season 2.

    Julian AnthonyJulian AnthonyNapja
  • On point as usual. Thank you Drinker. Keep them coming.

    mark marcummark marcumNapja
    • 8:31 "Its totally ok to burn civilians and U.S service men as long as you want free stuff" Thats not the point, they're LITERALLY the bad guys of the show. Hes the critical drinker and not the critical thinker for a reason my guy

      LEGO C-3POLEGO C-3PO5 órája
    • On point for the Altright, maybe. He got a lot of stuff wrong.

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
  • What a shitshow.

    MR TMR TNapja
  • Personally I could watch about 15 minutes of each episode

    Jack MurdockJack MurdockNapja
  • Not so subtle with the pagan hamsa symbol with a globe on it, are they...

    Goolag TubeGoolag TubeNapja
  • When i saw GSP i knew i was Rick Ashely

    Aidan O'MalleyAidan O'MalleyNapja
  • I guess I’ll just do better

    Joshua HernandezJoshua HernandezNapja
  • It was woke garbage...

    Bla BlaahbBla BlaahbNapja
  • Sam Wilson victim shaming hostages that were almost murdered is the best part of this show. It made me feel some kind of way.

    Alex HaydenAlex HaydenNapja
    • @Schlock Jocks You'll have to be more specific because it's possible that there was some reference to that, but I do not remember that being said. Either way, the Flagsmashers and the GRC are both non-American entities. The show and both of those factions are global.

      Alex HaydenAlex Hayden22 órája
    • @Alex Hayden Before the show started. The Flag Smashers were people the US brought in to keep their economy going and then threw away like garbage when they were done with them.

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
    • @Schlock Jocks When?

      Alex HaydenAlex HaydenNapja
    • But he was right, they provoked the Flag Smashers in the first place.

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
  • I really liked the main characters until they got the chance to be main characters.

    Alex HaydenAlex HaydenNapja
  • It was Agony all along!

    Alex HaydenAlex HaydenNapja
  • Bucky: Sorry, I was texting and all I heard was "Black guy in the stars and stripes." I'm pretty sure that's all that most people, including the writers, heard. It's weird how meta and bizarrely aware this show is of how un-selfaware this show is at times.

    Alex HaydenAlex HaydenNapja
    • @Make Black Panther Great Again! I can anyone with Altrighter views an Altrighter.

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksÓrája
    • @Schlock Jocks do you call everyone with standards altright or is this just an exception go back to twitter you solopsistic child. Sams speech was embarrassing and I was rooting for him to be Cap.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
    • So you're a snowflake who couldn't see past the "A black guy is Captain America" thing. You know, Sam's speech was very fitting considering how many Altrighter Snowflakes it brought out.

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
  • How far we've fallen... as a country, as a society, and as a cinematic universe.

    Alex HaydenAlex HaydenNapja
  • 10mins 33secs of sarcasm.

    Untested WatersUntested WatersNapja
  • 0:25 A "ginger" girl.

    Castle AetherCastle AetherNapja
  • 6 episodes was pathetic. The final episode was rushed an didn't make any sense at all not to mention shoving political tripe in our faces

    • @Schlock Jocks This is 100% true. The FIRST issue of Captain America comics has him punching Hitler on the Jaw, you know, the world's biggest bigot?

      LEGO C-3POLEGO C-3PO5 órája
    • Marvel has always told political stories, especially Cap.

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
  • Fuck Disney... I'm sick of them ruining my childhood

    Nick NNick NNapja
  • Thank you so much for that review, Drinker. I have been going mad wondering why I was the only one of my friends/family who wasn't raving about how great the show was. I assumed I must have missed something or that there was something wrong with me but I'm relieved to see I wasn't alone.

    • @Schlock Jocks atleast they're not alone

      Ff GangFf GangNapja
    • S'Okay, the Altrighters will always have one another.

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
  • 4:58 wait. Drinker... you do know that like 50% of characters in the mcu are juiced up on a different version of the serum, yeah? Bruce Banner was attempting to create the serum, which made hulk Bucky has a nazi version of the serum. Black Widow's dad had soviet version of the serum (which explains a lot about her) I'm like 85% sure that the Black Panther shit is just a natual version of the serum. The flagsmashers having the serum was the only believable part of their story.

    Yeshua McFlyYeshua McFly2 napja
  • Make more videos you magnificent brilliant bastard.

    Sloan VanderpoolSloan Vanderpool2 napja
  • Bad Videography,to preach good sir

    Jack HoundJack Hound2 napja
  • click vid in confusion , remember drinkiner is a sarcastic overlord , calmly smiles

    lucas westerlucas wester2 napja
  • “Peacefully blowing up buildings” 🤣🤣🤣

    Victoria Green GriffinVictoria Green Griffin2 napja
    • @LEGO C-3PO it's called sarcasm in reference to Sam constantly simping for Karli who is a horrible person.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
    • Their literally the bad guys of the show. Sympathetic villains doesnt equal good guys or good deeds. Remember hes the critical drinker, NOT the critical thinker

      LEGO C-3POLEGO C-3PO5 órája
  • Falcon and Winter Soldier as reviewed by Fox News

    Anakin SoloAnakin Solo2 napja
    • He's not rightwing he just has standards.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
  • Sounds like I made a big mistake deciding not to watch the best show ever made.

    Mike's Book ReviewsMike's Book Reviews2 napja
  • “Check my privilege and do better” words to live by 🤣🤣

    patrick mckinneypatrick mckinney2 napja
  • For once I disagree with you. I really liked this show, my only problem with it is the way they dealt with the power broker. I love how people love John walker but not point out how the govt uses "patriots" as tools and throw them out when they are filmed for the actions they trained him to do. Its pretty realistic..side note: you like black widow, who is basically a Russian Dora molaje

    JSVJSV2 napja
    • She doesn't throw spears at people unprovoked. I agree the government would throw john out though.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
  • Have you seen Shadow and Bone yet? It is on Netflix and, although it seems to have their obligatory alphabet moments, it is still a most interesting and enjoyable first season. Would love to see you review it @The Critical Drinker

    Fuzzy WafflesFuzzy Waffles2 napja
  • Sarcasm is strong with this one, glass to you dear Drinker, glass to you XD

    ElturrilElturril2 napja
  • "People see what they want to see and what people want to see never has anything to do with the truth"

    GamerDxLogGamerDxLog2 napja
  • Do you intentionally talk like that?

    Clever AnonymClever Anonym2 napja
  • This is a fucking masterpiece

    dirtymarmitedirtymarmite2 napja
  • I don’t know how your expectations were subverted by all these amazing plot twists and social justice commentaries on the modern world, they happen in every single Superhero TV show (except Daredevil and Punisher). Come on Drinker.

    Dr FabulousDr Fabulous2 napja
    • U dumb or something

      sɐzǝǝſsɐzǝǝſ2 napja
  • Here is a nother point, and I know its a very hot topic to touch: Hollywood movies cast more and more black people for main roles. In the USA, this might be fine, but keep in mind movies have to earn sympathy in other markets: In Europe, only the UK and France have a significant coloured population, and there it is a burning social issue. The rest of our large peninsula, well we got flooded in 2014, but still, a black hero is rather... not relatable. And Russia? Whole of Asia? They are totally racist, as well as the Arabian world, where the word for "Negro" is the same as "slave". Simply spoken, outside of the USA, NOONE wans to see a black James Bond, except a super small woke bluble of social students and journalists.

    Internet KuratorInternet Kurator2 napja
  • Man, how I love this channel I didn't know how to explain why I didn't like this shit, now I just need to send them this link to my friends

    Artur CostaArtur Costa2 napja
  • I love how Wakanda is now basically a symbol of Black Supremacy, which is perfect. A fake symbol for a faulty notion. How long have they had Africa, yet done nothing with it? Unless you count human rights violations and piracy as something done. The Ethiopians have done alright, though.

    Jay schmidtJay schmidt2 napja
    • @Jay schmidt ignore that idiot unfortunately in America if you have standards your altright I'm not a conservative but they call me altright for not liking the last jedi you'll get used to it. I'm sorry for my countries tribalistic jargon you don't deserve this bro.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
    • @Schlock Jocks are you equating a race to a religion? Please, stay withing the same ballpark. Also you linked a list of ANCIENT civilizations in an attempt to prove me wrong, but my entire argument was that Africa hasn't had a proper civilization in thousands of years, so all you did was prove me correct, not wrong. For the sake of treating your argument seriously, the christians changing their Idol into their own likeness is nowhere near the same as a race of people putting all of their pride onto a comic book. Even if it was, "Two wrongs don't make a right."

      Jay schmidtJay schmidt15 órája
    • @Jay schmidt

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
    • @Jay schmidt "but at least we don't huddle around fictional concepts to bolster our self-image." You mean like how Christians made Jesus into a white guy?

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
    • If you're done being racist, I would like to know why you think it is intolerant to point out that Africa hasn't built up one of it's own nations in at least 4000 years? Is 4000 years not long enough to get your crap together?

      Jay schmidtJay schmidtNapja
  • Drinker, I almost lost respect for you. It took me a minute or two before I smelled the sarcastic bs you were spouting. Once I did however, I was able to enjoy another insightful review from one of my favorite youtubers. Good on ya!

    NeekodamanNeekodaman2 napja
  • Am I the only person who sees the irony that the newest version of Captain frickin' America is almost entirely equipped with technology that is sourced from a foreign country? Talk about art mimicking life....

    John ReynoldsJohn Reynolds2 napja
    • Yep.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
    • @Schlock Jocks But "Vibranium" isn't "technology", it's just a metal. Howard Stark made the first shield, so by any definition that shield was "American tech".

      John ReynoldsJohn ReynoldsNapja
    • He always was though, the first Shield was made from Vibranium.

      Schlock JocksSchlock JocksNapja
  • This is brilliant

  • The new Captain America will get called "racist" by the cowards terrorists, I mean "activists" in real life even though is a TV SHOW.

  • I’m not excited for any new Marvel projects.

    Rob VelRob Vel2 napja
    • Spiderman 3 might be good but other then that don't get your hopes up.

      Make Black Panther Great Again!Make Black Panther Great Again!Órája
    • Not even GotG, Thor, Spiderman 3 or Doctor Strange? They're still the originals. Anything after though, I agree.

      YoutuberYoutuber2 napja
  • Once again, something that had great potential, fails miserably.

    Chris BakerChris Baker2 napja
  • Now I want you to be more sarcastic. I really can't tell in this vid.

    Moga DeetMoga Deet2 napja
  • Bring back Thanos and let him kill all these people. Edit: That odd colored ginger is hideous.

    King ChadKing Chad2 napja
  • It's so funny that they called John Walker "white supremacist" , "nazi" etc. Yeah nothing screams white supremacist than having a black best friend over who's death he lost it and killed the terrorist. What a great white supremacist!!!

    ATN TKRATN TKR2 napja