The Evolution of King Kong (Animated)

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King Kong is the king of the apes, but just how has he evolved in the last near-century on film and TV? From the 1933 classic to 2021's Godzilla Vs. Kong, let's go through King Kong's design evolution and story...animated!
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Watching the movies and TV series, and then rewatching them again and again...and then again!
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Script, Design, and Animation:
Aaron Lecours
Stanton Nichols
Music Used:
Opening Stinger:
Enuff Para Mi - Jingle Punks
"Happy" - MaslukAudio
End Slate:
Disco Cat - Komiku
Sounds Used With Credit (From Freesounds):
monster 2 - sea fury
camera-snap1 - thecheeseman
quick-smash-003 - joelaudio__quick-smash-003
scared-crowd - unchaz
rustling - thescarlettwitch89
electric shaver loop - thelukasbanana
guns explosions album heavy object impact - ogsoundfx
godzilla - louie1204
bubbles-03 - avaruusnuija
helicopter - popcorn
jetengine loop 2 - smidoid
jet whoosh - benboncan
electric zap - benjaminharveydesign
gravel stomp-3 - test sound
monster roar 10 - mitchanary
evil laugh-4 - nanakisan
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Hey! Thanks for reading to the end of the description! Hope the wait was worth it for the OG monkey! Excited to keep bringing you more evolutions and other animations in 2021 :)

  • ►This Kong animation bows to no one! But you can check out more animations here still: ►►Not sure exactly what animation will be next, but stay tuned for more videos! -Aaron

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