the everything sub (1m subscriber special)

2021.ápr. 5.
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thank you guys so much for everything, you all changed my life whether you know it or not

  • Milad after closing time: "Reality can be whatever I want"

    BeeseChurmgerBeeseChurmger7 napja
    • He has so much power

      EL gourdoEL gourdo2 napja
    • Id eat that sandwich

      Andrew CAndrew C2 napja
    • @ĶēvïņBB Přøďùçțìõñš how can i give you hate comments you make the best content, king

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    • Lol

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    • Pineapple

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  • I want to know if the parents ever found out what happens after closing.

    SBGSBG17 perccel
  • I wonder what the reaction would be on the subway employees if I asked for a everything sub

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  • Sup

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  • hi?

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  • “Anything you want” 👀😬😂

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  • Anything you want

    Jedidiah AdeloyeJedidiah AdeloyeÓrája
  • Anything

    Ryder UnangstRyder UnangstÓrája
  • pop me a chocky milk in that sub

    AF DuttAF DuttÓrája
  • That sandwich is built like Gru

  • Am I still eligible for the give away?

    FusiOn_ asatbFusiOn_ asatbÓrája
  • Hi

    Greyson JohnsonGreyson JohnsonÓrája
  • I contributed

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  • I hope I win

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  • What if everything sub becomes a actual food for subway.

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  • i love sub way

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  • This is a cooooooooooment

    Jacques PivergerJacques Piverger3 órája
  • You give away the money yet? I have been binge watching you. You are a real kind soul that the world needs more of.

    Ashley ErvinAshley Ervin3 órája
  • yummy

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  • Hi

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  • :3

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  • 1 like = 1 less stomach pump for my guy

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  • Why not

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  • Congratulations bro

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  • Nom

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  • Dammnnnnn boiii u doing good

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  • U forgot the tuna

    epic norris is the bestepic norris is the best3 órája
  • Pick me!!

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  • I love ur vids :D

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  • A million subs, for a million subs. The sandwich artist makes his subs. He takes the meat out from the tubs in generous proportion; so lovingly he bakes the dough. The customers can only smile and admire the sandwich artist's style, for they know in time they will receive a free cookie - there's no need to thieve. No payment does the artist take, his parents all the money make. But that's no problem, for you see the sandwich artist works with glee. So many sandwiches have passed over that counter, lightning fast. From simple veggie to everything sub, We join his humble HUworld club. And so, we watch as he does climb, the subscriber ranks, in no time. Making content that everyone loves Milad, the legend in the gloves

    Jadine van den HeeverJadine van den Heever4 órája
  • My grandma has a very scary fridge

    Riley SollerudRiley Sollerud4 órája
  • dat sub do be lookin *THICC*

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  • Hey was up 100 buckeros sounds good to me

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  • Yeet

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  • Somebody call Shaggy

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  • What do I want? Hmmmm, another one.

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  • Oh wait you did

    Joshua WilliamsJoshua Williams4 órája
  • Milad you forgot tuna

    Joshua WilliamsJoshua Williams4 órája
  • My dad came to subway thinking free viggies means you can just ask for a bag of veggies.people suld really non American'ise everything

    Hamza35Hamza355 órája
  • Milad really has me sitting here watching all his videos back to back. Short and simple

    Adam LindenAdam Linden5 órája
  • homie

    Paul MacdonaldPaul Macdonald5 órája
  • I want money

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  • Man, gratulations!

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  • I loved watching this video, thanks for the great content! :)

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  • Soup

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  • Your awesome

    keep on gaming 183 !!!keep on gaming 183 !!!6 órája
  • Jesus doughnut

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  • Milad: remember to eat fresh Also Milad:

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  • yo i don't need the money but like fork it over subway boiiiii

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  • poggers

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  • Live ur vids man

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  • I got a subway sub ad

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  • I♡U

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  • This sandwich could feed like 4 people. Thanks Milad!😀

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  • hey milad

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  • Milad is lit

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  • please chose me

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  • hey

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  • I wanna try that sandwich so much but that price tag would scare me

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  • Milad after he takes 2 bites out of that sub Stomach: 💀

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  • What's good

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  • Hello

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  • Wish one day i can get a sub made by you

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  • wait, moneyyy????

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  • Nice

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  • Hi Milad, i love to cook food.

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  • what would it cost to order?

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  • Me like subway

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  • that sandwich is hot

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  • Love your videos :) have a nice day everyone :))))))))

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  • I’m so glad I found this account!

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  • Love you!

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  • Cool

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  • Jake paul hit 5 mil in 5 months 0:37

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  • eat fresh! *eating my leftovers*

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  • Eat fresh

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  • Congrats on 1m milad

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  • I love your vids

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  • Uhh k

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  • Ok I commented:)

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  • 2:53 bro, Milad just pulled out a *MURDER* weapon to cut that sandwich

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  • me me hungy for subway

    Mason HarrisMason Harris7 órája
  • I'm pretty sure milad made subway more popular

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  • Ok "comment whatever" you want for blah blah

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  • That's a great sub

    Pudds :DPudds :D8 órája
  • That sub though

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  • It looks delicious

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  • Random

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  • hey can u add chips hu??

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  • Yay

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  • .

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  • Ur awesome

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  • I like that a normal guy went viral in no time just beacuse he made sandwiches Keep up the good work🥰🥰

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  • I love those Subway vids and Chipotle is the best sauce

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  • Why you are so nice?

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  • Hey man, great content😀

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  • I want a 100 $ steam card

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  • You make delicious sandwiches!

    Show time with MZShow time with MZ8 órája
  • I like and been subbed

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