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2021.ápr. 7.
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Join host Tom Clarkson as he shares the stories of the world championship winning Mercedes 'Brackley Boys' - Ron Meadows, Andrew Shovlin, Simon Cole and James Vowles and the collective highs and lows that bond them together like brothers throughout their joint time in Formula 1.
Topics in this episode:
0:00 - Welcome to Beyond The Grid with ‘The Brackley Boys’
3:53 - The ‘identity crisis’ at Brackley before Mercedes
7:17 - The humble origins of Brackley’s F1 team
10:22 - Aiming for wins with British American Racing
14:18 - How data has transformed the team
18:15 - ‘Naughty boys’: BAR’s race ban
23:40 - ‘An incredible race’: victory with Jenson Button
25:58 - Honda pulling out
29:58 - Creating Brawn’s ‘monster’
34:05 - Championship bets at 2009 winter testing
36:00 - Champagne and redundancies
39:45 - Brawn on the brink: clinging on in 2009
48:12 - ‘Are we worthy?’: racing with Mercedes and Schumacher
53:06 - ‘My biggest regret: striving for Schumacher’s 92nd win
55:56 - A new era
1:00:28 - Dominating the 2014 season
1:01:43 - ‘We had two drivers that wanted to win at all costs’
1:05:12 - How Nico Rosberg evolved to beat Lewis Hamilton
1:07:09 - ‘You can’t find any weakness in Lewis’
1:09:26 - ‘Lewis, it’s James…’
1:14:21 - The bond that holds The Brackley Boys together
1:24:30 - Tom reads your stories of meeting our previous guest, Kamui Kobayashi
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  • You should consider doing these interviews with Video... it would so much better... don’t take me wrong love the podcast but recognizing who is who on this interview would be great... Tom you are doing a superb job, not only for the current fans but imagine these interviews playing back in 20, 30 years... what a legacy... Congrats...

    Jose SousaJose Sousa4 órája
  • SCHUMACHER!!!! Miss him dearly around the F1 paddock.

    DaniMacYoDaniMacYo5 órája
  • Love the show, but this must be the best episode up to now! What an insight into the team. Great to hear how the team grew over the years.

    Laurent WemelLaurent Wemel8 órája
  • I love that half of this is devoted to pre-Mercedes days, which is about half of the time that Brackley has been around. Pretty well balanced, sometimes these old stories get lost in the more recent stuff

    Fernando ManzanaresFernando Manzanares19 órája
  • Best one yet!

  • This is absolutely brilliant

    Novelty RobotNovelty Robot2 napja
  • Brilliant work Tom Clarkson! That was a fantastic insight into the history of the Brackley Team, the things that make a team sucessful, and the passion that goes into getting to the top in F1, and then stayng there. I'm much more a fan of your interviews with Team Principals, Designers and Engineers, than drivers, and this was the best yet! Can you look at lining up interviews with some of the other leadership teams that have been together for a while in the other teams, their tales will be epic too.

    JakobusVdLJakobusVdL2 napja
  • Michael Schumacher = King of F1

    Damjan StevanovicDamjan Stevanovic3 napja
  • Great podcast I do disagree with these guys in why they are sounding kind of passive-aggressive when they discuss Nico leaving, he left cause he did everything he wanted to, it's not running from a fight if you won why not leave on top with everything then leaving when you are lower down and not focus on really important things like family.

    PlushyDragoon14PlushyDragoon143 napja
  • So interesting and such a candid interview. I can't help think it's perhaps a shame that generally people aren't aware of t great values MS has as individual.

    David-Ian DawsonDavid-Ian Dawson3 napja
    • It's interesting what people think. Especially the "experts" on the internet often deny that Michael Schumacher was able to build a team. But it's funny that almost everyone who has ever worked with him claims exactly the opposite...

      Benn87Benn8710 órája
  • no mas f1

    Dario Luis HernandezDario Luis Hernandez3 napja
  • mono marca mercedes hamilton

    Dario Luis HernandezDario Luis Hernandez3 napja
  • Lewis gave y'all 7 constructor's championships and the 8th is loading. But yeah keep on kissing schumacher's buttocks. "We are winning because of schumacher" are you for real ? Undermining everything lewis achieved for this team. Laughable. My respect for the 'brackley boys' just went out the window. That's why LH said somewhere "trust no one ".

    Wolverine hemsWolverine hems3 napja
  • Who else saw “dream team” and took a second to realise it was f1

    Mini BonzoMini Bonzo4 napja
  • Missing James Allison

    RYGRYG4 napja
  • Amazing to hear about the team’s love for Michael, commentators always say it but brilliant to hear just how much he meant to Merc senior leadership

    MrBlopshottedMrBlopshotted4 napja
    • Loving this!!! Much of Mercedes’ success has coincided with that of mercurial driver Lewis Hamilton. In terms of race wins, he is by far the most successful member to have donned the Silver Arrows overalls. It is, therefore, surprising that when asked about their favourite driver, the engineering staff at the team did not take the name of the 36-year-old. The Brackley Brothers - Andrew Shovlin, James Vowles, Ron Meadows, and Simon Cole - were present on F1’s podcast called Beyond the Grid. They have had a long haul at the team, having been present since it was BAR, then Honda, then Brawn GP, and finally, Mercedes. For them, German legend Michael Schumacher is the best driver they have worked with. “Michael Schumacher, but mainly because I was in the awe of him before he arrived and when he left the team, I was even more in the awe of him just because of how he behaved and treated all the team members,” said Ron Meadows. “Is Lewis listening? Does he listen to your podcast?” Simon Cole asked with a little chuckle. “I would say Michael Schumacher, not just because it’s sort of the common theme, but because he was genuinely impressive when we worked with him.” Chief strategist Vowles had a similar opinion. He spoke about how Schumacher completely changed his initial perception of him. “I would go with Michael because I had a perception that was entirely wrong of him before he joined,” he said. “I thought he was arrogant, I thought he was cold because that’s the impression you got. It took me just minutes before I realized that’s not true. “And his greatness really shone in that period where we were with him and we learned a lot from him.” It is tough to leave out Jenson Button as far as engineer Shovlin is concerned. They duo formed an impressive partnership that saw Button win the world championship in 2009. For Shovlin, it was tough to look beyond Button. “I can’t leave Jenson out, can I? I saw, as an engineer, I was learning on-the-job very much with him and just a lot of happy memories and funny moments.”

      Damjan StevanovicDamjan Stevanovic3 napja
  • Best podcast! Truly enjoy listening to the way progress over the years! Bono would be great to hear from. Excellent job!

    Joseph CiepluchJoseph Ciepluch4 napja
  • So that 'get in there' is quite ancient

    Jinansh Mehta 1000Jinansh Mehta 10005 napja
  • best episode so far. never liked mercedes but this is amazing. cant deny that the guys are the best in the biz

    WollcottHDWollcottHD5 napja
  • Finally we get to hear from the "Valteri its James" guy

    tapiwa mtambisitapiwa mtambisi5 napja
  • Lewis is a great driver no doubt about that. But he has also been in the most dominate car with very little competition since 2014. Outside of Nico its been pretty much racing himself. When Nico has the second most wins since 2014 yet retired over 4 years ago... You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realize that the car is the reason... Where as the four bracelet boys were and remain in awe of Michael Schumacher. Michael could win in any car in any situation and in any condition. He could enter a struggling team as he did with Benetton and Ferrari and win them multiple titles. Michael at 42 years old entered a completely different F1 and still held his own. He moulded the team to work harder and prepared them for what was too come. Lewis as Ross Brawn stated entered Mercedes when they were primed for success. Lewis did not need to build a team, the team was built. All he had to do was show up and drive fast... Once again Lewis is a great driver but Schumacher was and will always be another level. And the 4 Brakley boys agree. Cheers!

    Mo - GMo - G5 napja
    • Why didn't Michael win in the Merc, oh he was saving the wins for Lewis...

      Julian MadubukoJulian Madubuko4 napja
    • @Jay kugee It seems MS managed to escape from facing Kimi because Kimi was racing for top team (Maca), he absolutely on MS radar. However, Nico isn't in top team, so no worry to teammate with him, but this time MS made a big mistake. It seems also Merc took a wrong wing man to partner with him.

      MadjayaxMadjayax4 napja
    • R u talking about the same MS who run from the sport when he was told by Ferrari he is going to race Kimi without his usual #1 driver treatment.

      Jay kugeeJay kugee4 napja
    • If Rosberg need 1000 laps to catch Hamilton to equal a Hamilton doing 2 laps already up to pace, How many laps MS need to catch? You need to know Merc choose a wrong wing man for MS. Period. If Merc stayed with Ruben regarding Brawn GP or choose Heidfield instead Rosberg, he would beat them easily.

      MadjayaxMadjayax4 napja

    Whatever billyWhatever billy5 napja
  • I really want someone to make a movie about that 08/09 winter in Brackley, there's so much ups and downs in the whole story, it's incredible!

    nothkenothke5 napja
  • "Mercedes F1" is, like most teams in F1, a British team.

    finton mainzfinton mainz5 napja
    • and your point is........??

      JakobusVdLJakobusVdL2 napja
  • Get them, this are the guys that made mercedes op, go catch them

    PonfiPonfi6 napja
  • "Brackley bois"

    NKNK6 napja
  • 0:58 So the phrase "Get in there" has been a part of Brackley since the BAR days

    David PriceDavid Price6 napja
  • They are all look-a-likes right to left; ted, toto, a younger hobo Otmar Szafnauer, and Christian Horner 🤣🤣

    Luke DickinsonLuke Dickinson6 napja
    • Hotstar

      Abhinand PatilAbhinand Patil5 órája
  • great interview such a pity it did not remain Brawn !

    Derek WatsonDerek Watson6 napja
  • LOL they all prefer Michael to Lewis.

    -NN--NN-6 napja
  • “Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💖

    Laura MárquezLaura Márquez6 napja
  • best one yet!

    Hayden FarlowHayden Farlow6 napja
  • Permavirgin over level 9000 Galore! Go team!

    Terrence KlaverweideTerrence Klaverweide6 napja
  • Would love video for these podcasts. Seeing the reactions.

    Chelsea_boy123Chelsea_boy1236 napja
  • They are dominant now but they surpassed their limits to be so. Ferrari take notes please

    Carlos Dos SantosCarlos Dos Santos6 napja
  • Best episode yet. Made me, as a fan, fall in love with F1 all over again.

    SkrotOchCoSkrotOchCo6 napja
  • maybe this is easy for me to say because much of my f1 fandom has involved merc dominance. however, i know enough about f1 to know that the show, much of the show, takes place off track. merc deserves their success. there is no way you stay that dominant and it not be a beautiful thing to watch. they've had to fight.....increasingly over the years with other teams. its not easy staying on top.

    Micro SoftMicro Soft6 napja
  • We want bono podcast

    ecem dakecem dak6 napja
  • James its Patrick hold position please.

    Patryk WiecheckiPatryk Wiechecki6 napja
  • Hearing stories about the Brawn GP 2009 season - it will never get old. In 50 years when I'm 80, I will still enjoy hearing that story. Every detail is better than the most finely written script.

    RealReal6 napja
  • can we get video on these @formula1? it'd be great

    gabb05gabb056 napja
  • Amazing cast. I have so much respect for every single Mercedes' team member. Increbible stories!

    BOTECO F1BOTECO F16 napja
  • there are no subtitles for this video, not even automatic ones. someday, the f1 account will understand how important this is. but not today. pain

    Полина ОПолина О6 napja
    • I think there is a chrome plugin / google addon that automatically create subtitles for any kind of audio on the internet

      dzndzn2 napja
  • The greatest season of all time 09 the brawn era thank you guys for such an awesome year without you and Ross that year would of been so so so different.

    peter allridgepeter allridge7 napja
  • Brackley Four Horseman of the Mercedes

    Idris CorvusIdris Corvus7 napja
  • Brackley Boys, we like that.

    Koji TakataKoji Takata7 napja
  • Taking a quick look, but the 2009 Bahrain GP was definitely not a night race, so I don't know what they're talking about.

    avadaavada7 napja
  • My favorite so far

    Cody ButlerCody Butler7 napja
  • Wonderful episode. Really enjoyed this one.

    Ninad ChodankarNinad Chodankar7 napja
  • Just add some video with it even it is just them talking.

    Deepak YadavDeepak Yadav7 napja
  • The team should still run with a British license.

    philipp ruestphilipp ruest7 napja
  • Dream Team = made a ilegal car for years , paid MAFIA and stay ok!

    M SM S7 napja
  • I loved every moment of this podcast, super, all 4 are legends.

    delzad ghiaradelzad ghiara7 napja
  • WOW More Mercedes. Just what I wanted to hear! For the last 8 years we haven't heard enough. lol

    Bustinn LoadsBustinn Loads7 napja
    • How many Mercedes personnel (besides Lewis, Valtteri & Toto) have been on the show?

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock6 napja
    • And yet here you are. Lol indeed.

      Amal kumar MaitraAmal kumar Maitra7 napja
  • The Brackley Boys . . . That’s new. You have an incredible talent for getting fantastic interviews. The Fantastic Four is the best interview yet. Getting these four together for a single interview - Great stuff!

    Alex VanburenAlex Vanburen7 napja
    • In my school zoomcall All messup here we get 4 talking with civil manner

      UNIA LTDUNIA LTD6 napja
  • Bar was a start up team built from the ground up .... really ???

    vanhool100vanhool1007 napja
  • Best BTG podcast ever. Super revealing not one of them said Hamilton was their favorite driver to work with despite their 7 years with him.

    Scott MeredithScott Meredith7 napja
    • And that's your main take away from this interview?

      JakobusVdLJakobusVdL2 napja
    • @Scott Meredith What exactly is revealing about that? They didn't say nico, bottas, ant Davidson or rubens.

      BahamuttiamatBahamuttiamat6 napja
    • @Black Girls Rock I’m living rent free in your head? Well that’s flattering, but find a new hobby 🍻

      Scott MeredithScott Meredith7 napja
    • Living rent free...🤣🤣🤣

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock7 napja
  • Just an idea - would be great if you could identify who is talking by circling their photo in the video (or any other way).

    Vladimir StefanovVladimir Stefanov7 napja
    • Lol can't you tell 😂😂👍🏿

      John BbbbJohn Bbbb3 napja
  • Why this is not allowed to watch in Europe?

    Omid HeidariOmid Heidari7 napja
  • 2009 monaco was also the race they fitted a wheel deflector on the front wheels the wrong way

  • It not hard to work out why Nico left he was a coward

    Tenesha AndersonTenesha Anderson7 napja
    • Truth!💯💯

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock6 napja
  • Wow, F1 is really putting out some amazing content! All of this and not behind a paywall! Love it!

    Nigel MarumahokoNigel Marumahoko7 napja
  • Someone needs to go and find that plumber 😂. He seems like a TOP lad

    Didier PeroniDidier Peroni7 napja
  • Oh...something new! Great! GreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaT! =)

    Ivan LipkovIvan Lipkov7 napja
  • so intersting to hear these guys just chatting between themselves amazing listen

    jord hiljord hil7 napja
  • Back F2 Livestream in You Tube

    João FonsecaJoão Fonseca7 napja
  • 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Funk BR 10 Inscreva-seFunk BR 10 Inscreva-se7 napja
  • Well done but had enough of you guys winning. Time for other teams to take over. didn't bother to watch most of the races last season as it was a real borefest.

    girandolegirandole7 napja
  • Amazing

    Cody ButlerCody Butler7 napja
  • Stealing the nickname 'Brackley Boys' for future use

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One TeamMercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team7 napja
    • A German team with both engine and chassis F1 factories in England and ran almost entirely by Englishmen with an English star driver. 🇬🇧🇬🇬

      KieferClarkF1KieferClarkF15 napja
    • Lads from London, Brackley Boys,

      Markos LMarkos L5 napja
    • you mean Brackley Boys TM

      Abdool AzisAbdool Azis6 napja
    • Hey, they were there before you guys! 🤣🤣

      RealReal6 napja
    • The best admins on the grid

      Didier PeroniDidier Peroni7 napja
  • Keep this coming! Love the people behind the car are getting the recognition they deserve

    Ben AndersonBen Anderson7 napja
  • Never knew that these guys were the ones behind those rough BAR years. Newfound respect for their dominance and hard work

    Matt LudlamMatt Ludlam7 napja
  • Best in the business

    Matt BMatt B7 napja
  • Ed Sheeran in Mercedes...

    Vanderlei SilvaVanderlei Silva7 napja
  • 02:31 "The bond between them!" Haha! It's twofold. 😄 👋

    Gábor MiklayGábor Miklay7 napja
  • the Dream Team did a bad Job.

    Alen GreenAlen Green7 napja
  • Was enjoying this interview before realising that this interview emitted alot of what Sir Lewis brought to the team I found it very disrespectful now that can be the questions you asked or edited, you spoke on everyone else on what they bought to the team and nothing really on what Sir Lewis bought and the differences he changed from when Michael was there and the things he's said he's changed on the car

    Jazz ZsmJazz Zsm7 napja
    • So, the guys who've lead the Team have a view different from your preconception, but its not your preconception that needs changing??

      JakobusVdLJakobusVdL2 napja
    • Someone asked Pete windsor about what the four Merc guys said about liking Michael over Sir Lewis and he was perplexed and asked did they really did say that and he would know, results speak for themselves and they have a driver with a Knighthood leading there team all who think Sir Lewis doesn't gave the respect where it counts only have to look at the car livery being black that should say it all, besides I think it looks much better, more meaner In black anyway.

      Jazz ZsmJazz Zsm5 napja
    • @Jazz Zsm Well this interview says something else

      Scar SamScar Sam6 napja
    • No where in this interview did they say they didn't like working with Sir Lewis or that they preferred Michael over Lewis, remember it's Sir Lewis that has put them into the history books and made them all well known. I would have liked if they had spent some more time talking about what Sir Lewis has brought to the team because in other Interviews when they are asked they they tell you about the changes he made ie the smaller steering wheel, which Nico also adopted the brake Bias moved from a lever to the wheel which was Michael's preference and Nico had used before Sir Lewis changed it and also adopted it . As well as brake lining changes & suspension preferred setup to the way he liked it.And don't forget that Merc's disrespected him by changing all his mechanics that he had got working his way and swapped them with Nicos and that was the year Nico won and Sir Lewis lost by unreliability. It's the interviewer who asked the questions and edited it, nowhere did they say they preferred working with Michael, what they did say was that it was a pleasure working with a legend and they would have liked him to have experienced some wins with them, get your facts right.

      Jazz ZsmJazz Zsm6 napja
    • @Scott Meredith You're right they enjoyed working with a washed up schumacher that couldn't match a determined Nico. TBH, Michael was known as a people person within ferrari. Worth noting in 2010 michael was the finished article, unlike Lewis in 2013. Interesting, Ron was quick to highlight Lewis being the complete package. No weaknesses, the same cannot be said of schumacher....

      BahamuttiamatBahamuttiamat6 napja
  • So weird to me how all these podcasts on here don't have video. If they had video they'd do so much better on YT. I also dislike just listening to a podcast.

    Lastname FirstnameLastname Firstname7 napja
    • @Lastname Firstname podcasts dont have video by definition

      Alexandra31TAlexandra31T6 napja
    • @Scott Meredith No. Where did I say I was mad? Your assumption is flawed.

      Lastname FirstnameLastname Firstname7 napja
    • So you're mad a podcast is a podcast because you don't like podcasts. Lol wow

      Scott MeredithScott Meredith7 napja
  • Tyrell -> BAR -> Honda -> Brawn GP -> Mercedes

    Yellow TCheetahYellow TCheetah7 napja
  • Mercedes and Michael Schumacher if Michael stays, he would get more championship and Hamilton will stay in the GP2 Engine McLaren Honda hahahaha

    Yellow TCheetahYellow TCheetah7 napja
    • Mclaren Mercedes in 2013 and 14. Would have stayed Mclaren Mercedes if they were winning races, a feat not achieved in 9 years since Lewis Hamilton left.

      Julian MadubukoJulian Madubuko4 napja
    • @niuean3000 If you look at the results between 2011-2012 when all things were equal and both MS and NR finished without car related issues. MS won the battle and out finished NR 15 to 11. Plus MS had 3 times the car related issue NR. NR has has stated and considers MS the best of all time!

      Mo - GMo - G5 napja
    • @niuean3000 Well said!💯

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock6 napja
    • @niuean3000 👍

      The KitOwlThe KitOwl7 napja
    • Rosberg was beating MS constantly in qualifying and races, so MS would not have won any more championships, next time just be upfront with it and say your jealous and hate LH 🤣

      niuean3000niuean30007 napja
  • The Brackley Street Boys 🎤 Quit Playing Games 🎹

    DeWeberisDeWeberis7 napja
    • In other words, quit playing games with our cars

      Tshepiso MokholoTshepiso Mokholo5 napja
    • quit playing gamess with myyyy Mercedes-AMG F1 M10 EQ Power+, 1.6 L (98 cu in), 90° - V6 turbocharged engine

      Numair AzmanNumair Azman6 napja
  • There's no one who says Max Verstappen more than Tom Clarkson, and it grates every single time when he says VerSHtappen!! He doesn't even have a lisp, there's no excuse for it.

    Un ThennerUn Thenner7 napja
  • Boyband with middle age crisis

    NickNick7 napja
    • If the crisis is money and success then, yeah

      RottieShep CALIBRERottieShep CALIBRE7 napja
  • Er the past dream team ,you mean

    Daniel AtlasDaniel Atlas7 napja
  • Pure F1 History! Thanks for sharing!

    rui catalaorui catalao7 napja
  • How many top people at each team are excluded from the coming salary caps? Will they draw straws, flip a coin or do rock/ paper/ scissors to decide matters? ;^)

    Sir Knucklehead - Nathan -Sir Knucklehead - Nathan -7 napja
  • all time # 1 ranked team in F1 history

    sphere 528sphere 5287 napja
    • @Gnar No, you are false.

      Damjan StevanovicDamjan Stevanovic3 napja
    • Very True.

      Pradyumna GowdaPradyumna Gowda7 napja
    • False

      GnarGnar7 napja
  • Can't wait to take the dog for a walk out tonight and listen to this!

    Davies OludareDavies Oludare7 napja
  • Wait... that’s Simon Cole in the picture? I can’t recognise him 😂

    stupidmgstupidmg7 napja
  • F1 maFIA Mercs Benz, beyond the HAMboring time zzzzz.

    Mishael TrivenniosMishael Trivennios7 napja
  • Hello, folks, it's James

    Кирилл АфанасьевКирилл Афанасьев7 napja
  • Is this the James who's famous for the radio message to Valtteri?

    Mike RaycoMike Rayco7 napja
    • @Black Girls Rock my mistake,sry

      vaishnav surajvaishnav suraj6 napja
    • @William Stephens thanks for the correction

      vaishnav surajvaishnav suraj6 napja
    • @vaishnav suraj That’s not correct. This James is the correct James from the radio. James Allison doesn’t talk to any of the drivers and he’s not on the pit wall.

      Black Girls RockBlack Girls Rock7 napja
    • @vaishnav suraj No, it's not. James Allison is the technical director. James Vowels is the "Valtteri, It's James" guy.

      William StephensWilliam Stephens7 napja
    • no that is James Allison

      vaishnav surajvaishnav suraj7 napja
  • Non video

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  • With People like that, a team menager like Mr Toto, and a driver like Sir Lewis Hamilton, almost everything must go well,or better, very well,I think| Stay all safe!

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