The Disturbing Movie Iceberg Explained (GRAPHIC CONTENT)

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Intro: 00:00
Beginning: 2:51
Tier 2 Grindhouse: 3:21
Tier 3 Exploitation: 10:33
Tier 4 Extremism: 21:32
Tier 5 Weird Grossness: 39:01
Tier 6 Shockumentary: 49:19
Tier 7 Kith: 1:01:48
Tier 8 :/ 1:07:39
Shout outs and Shirt info: 1:17:50

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  • Hey everyone! I am blown away with how well this is doing and I can’t thank you all enough. I wanted to pin this comment to clear up some things I’ve seen mentioned in the comments a lot: “Kith” is kiss pronounced with a lisp and I use it to talk about *those* movies I pronounced Hostel wrong Salo is not a true story, it’s a fiction adaptation in a true setting much like apocalypse now Rest In Peace Junko

    • @nobody I mean idk know that abt tht movie but the other 7-8 or very real deaths and what is cheese pizza?

      Nick DeMarinoNick DeMarino4 órája
    • @Chronon yea what is that about he doesn’t talk abt it

      Nick DeMarinoNick DeMarino5 órája
    • @Nick Berl me lol shits is scary 😭😭😭

      Nick DeMarinoNick DeMarino5 órája
    • @Droney Montana wym u “happy”

      Nick DeMarinoNick DeMarino5 órája
    • @Nick DeMarino absolutely no one died lol. You can even see them in scenes filmed for a "making of"short. There's actually quite a lot of wrong information in this video, especially about the bottom level (protip: nothing is illegal, there's no cheese pizza and it's easily found on the clear net)

      nobodynobody5 órája
  • "Borgata Colombia" OMFG hahahahahahahaha "bogotá? no sir Borgata!!" Bogotá the capital of Colombia LMFAO

    UroborosJayThinkUroborosJayThink39 perccel
  • can someone explain in a not too bad way what coprophasia is? if it’s too inappropriate feel free to delete my comment :)

    madijoellemadijoelle50 perccel
  • i’m surprised funkytown g*re didn’t end up on this iceberg

  • I can take a staged movies including the gory one What I can't take is the shockumentary and other death involving documentary It's scary not because its gory and's scary because it was REAL I remember as a kid watching something called 'Baghdad snipers' and that film wasn't even contain so much blood and gore...You're watching someone head completely smoked by a snipers and it keep continuing...headshot by headshot

  • Glad Tetsuo was in here! For anyone reading Shinya Tsukamoto’s other work is insane, watch Tokyo Fist and Bullet Ballet!

  • And then comes teletobies

    James_ BlondJames_ Blond3 órája
  • What does he mean by cheese pizza

    Anthony AlvaradoAnthony Alvarado3 órája
    • By "Cheese Pizza" He means 'Child Porn'

      The Average AmericanThe Average American32 perccel
  • After watching banned from television, I could not sleep for 2 days. I can usually detach myself from reality to watch these films but like the scene where the guy gets shotgun blapped in the eye I felt ashamed of humanity. World’s crazy

    Jonathan ReyesJonathan Reyes4 órája
  • hell is other people jp sartre

    NickNick4 órája
  • I usually eat when I watch youtube vids but this one made me not do that anymore

    Nick ACNick AC4 órája
  • do people not know that the texas chainsaw massacre thing was real in texas?

    JosephJoseph5 órája
  • Hey im 16 and I thought of watching this im not really disturbed by a lot of things and i dont feel strong empathy to other humans just wanna watch it as an experiment, should i or just keep it until my 20s?

    Benedek TakácsBenedek Takács5 órája
    • Your brain is still developing, I really recommend you don't.

      GalahadGalahad5 órája
  • Wasn't Cabin Fever Elis Roth's first? Pretty sure that film like revitalized horror. It was bought at sundance for like 10 million, during a time horror wasn't being bought or commissioned. It was apparently like a perfect scenario behind, like a lot of luck played a part, but it created a spark with studios being like "wait is horror lucrative again" and i'm 99% sure this is what caught Tarantino's attention. And not only was he the Bear Jew, but Eli directed the segment in Inglorious Bastard with Zemo sniping dudes - The propaganda nazi movie called like "pride of the nation" or something. There are some interesting videos on how QT gave him like 3 days to shoot it.

    Robert DavisRobert Davis5 órája
  • Thanks Wendigoon you introduced me to von Trier films with this video.

    Chris BartekChris Bartek5 órája
  • So that's why people react weirdly whenever my mother emails them, her email username is animalfarm

    DoomerDoomer5 órája
  • Honestly, the scene in The House that Jack Built were he trips out and enters a house made of actual corpses that he made over the years is wayyyy more disturbing than the hunting scene. People just think the hunting scene is sad bc he shoots the kid which doesn’t happen very often in western films. That scene felt more dumb to me because she could’ve taken the hat off and ran away. There was a lot of easy cover.

    xredstar303xxredstar303x6 órája
  • For something as shit as the subject matter, A Serbian Film is a lot better made film than it deserves to be. Like on a film level, it’s very well made, it’s a shame that the director decided to screw that up with what happens.

    Joel BerryJoel Berry6 órája
  • “Shoujo Tsubaki is an anime that is banned in Japan” Considering the amount of depraved hentai etc that is out there, this genuinely surprises me

    xredstar303xxredstar303x6 órája
  • Hey dude Salo is not a true story FYI. (Thank gosh)

    The Big JuggalobowskiThe Big Juggalobowski6 órája
  • I considered myself a horror fan, till I realized the movies I watched are tier 3 max 😅 Edit: while researching the higher tiers, I realized they're all either porn or illegal so imma stick to the lower tiers. I'm sure this got me on some fbi list so imma watch some Dora to confuse the agent watching me rn 😭

    lalala landlalala land7 órája
  • his unkb description is feces and urine i believe

    Jackson McCrayJackson McCray8 órája
  • If you take a shot every time he says kith you’ll have an alcohol addiction by the end of the video also god bless this man for whit-standing some true degenerate garbage

    Glazed HamGlazed Ham8 órája
  • Tryna watch necro files now 💀💀💀

    Jackson McCrayJackson McCray8 órája
  • Funny as it sounds, I'd rather listen to you talk about this than actually watch it. Lol

    Rocky RamseyRocky Ramsey11 órája
  • Can someone explain what ‘kithing’ means?

    Connor WelshConnor Welsh11 órája
  • It bothers me so much how he says hostel

    GiirardoGiirardo11 órája
  • Can someone tell me what happens at the end of ostermontag

    John SchowJohn Schow15 órája
    • bump

      GalahadGalahad5 órája
  • Oh no I’m only on tier 3 and I’ve always heard that salo and cannibal Holocaust were two of the most disturbing films ever so I’m scared to dive into the deeper tiers

    Betty ButtercupBetty Buttercup15 órája
  • I have only recently discovered your channel and have enjoyed it immensely. Thank you. Your content is quite educational and your manner of delivery is excellent. And while youtube is a curated image of you, you seem to be a decent person. I like that.

    VonrigaVonriga15 órája
  • is this really the most perturbing shit we can think of? Or am I just fucked up?!

    KlaetoKlaeto16 órája
  • talk about dedication, you had to see and look up awful stuff to make this video, I am sorry you went and saw this awful stuff, yet you made this great video. My congratulations and apologies

    OrangepuffleOrangepuffle16 órája
  • Lmao 31:57 dad bit was great. Thank 😃

    NolanNolan16 órája
  • what does “kith” mean?

    Alvaro EspaillatAlvaro Espaillat16 órája
  • As a guy who has a strong stomach, I was thinking of taking up the challenge to watch a few of these just to see how far I could go. But since he mentioned how pretty much every movie beyond this point is illegal and you should not even search them up, I am thinking otherwise. It does beg the question how did you get all the research done on this without encountering the same problems you warn us about.

    Kirklechoake !Kirklechoake !17 órája
  • Is 120 days an actual real story about the war

    Naruto UzimakeNaruto Uzimake17 órája
    • No, but it's set during a historical time period.

      GalahadGalahad5 órája
  • My local video store had faces of death and it was available to rent to anyone as I did when I was like 12 🙃🤷‍♂️ I was obviously shocked at what I watched.... just like how felony fights and bum fights use to be available too. Strange times

    Dan HerbertDan Herbert17 órája
  • Oh my, I need to watch some happy videos after this

    K2 ØrbiTK2 ØrbiT18 órája
  • This list went from “wow I should watch these movies” to “what the Fuck Is wrong with people”

    I Do Stupid ThingsI Do Stupid Things19 órája
  • A new subscriber quickly becoming a huge fan!

    Peggy Winters-StevensPeggy Winters-Stevens19 órája
  • The fact that there’s so many results for unkb 002 scares me

    I Do Stupid ThingsI Do Stupid Things19 órája
  • Tobe Hooper did NOT make Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a freaking message against the meat industry! lol This is recent bullshit Film Theory rubbish that has no real, established proof.

    Van DavisVan Davis19 órája
  • Here’s something to consider.. There are people commenting on here who not only get off on tiers 4-8.. But most likely will participate or have participated in films of this nature..

    Free ThinkerFree Thinker20 órája
  • Damn my friends made me skip to tier 8 my freshman year because they wanted to be edgy.

    Justus FletcherJustus Fletcher20 órája
  • so what tier do the movies start to get illegal in america

    lol monkeylol monkey20 órája
  • Furuta's story is really sad, its horrible how people treat other people. Rest in peace Junko Furuta.

    Rebel_FoxRebel_Fox20 órája
  • What is cheese pizza?

    BSA bradybunchBSA bradybunch21 órája
  • TO MANY ADS !!!!!!!!!!! I've had a ad every 3 or so min. I've had 5 ads stops and I'm not even 20 min in .

    Jacob ClaypoolJacob Claypool21 órája
  • The best part is him trying not to get demonetized.

    Carlos Hen.Carlos Hen.22 órája
  • the fact that someone in the world somewhere actually thought that producing such horrific footage and releasing it was a good idea is messing me up

    hi lolhi lol22 órája
  • What does kith mean? I can only find the “kith and kin” definitions.

    Lydia SouthworthLydia Southworth22 órája
  • Why are Japanese men so prominent in creating "kith" and violent movies? Is it because their society is so extreme and some want to break free from it like a rebel teenager? I really wonder why...

    Bea PBea P23 órája
  • I remember one time, I sat down with my parents during dinner and we watched cannibal times

    RachelRachel23 órája
  • Do u have a discord server?

    Lom PykeLom Pyke23 órája
  • Dude, u know if u tell people not to research they will research. Maybe they wouldn’t have if u didn’t tell them not to but now they do XD

    Lom PykeLom Pyke23 órája
  • can we go play catch now dad? i need a break and some comfort

    blake fieriblake fieriNapja
  • Snuff R73 is pretty much a collection of terrible death and gore related things, not a movie in itself. It probably would have been better in like Tier 7.

    Meme Lord Of MemesMeme Lord Of MemesNapja
  • Where can i even watch those movies

  • just saying the last few tiers are just cp and snuff films

    Hasan MehdyHasan MehdyNapja
  • A few deaths from faces of death are actually on HUworld

  • Wheres hungry bitches

  • I Sae Shoujo Tsubaki And Couldnt Get Through It All, It Was To Gross

  • One of my favourite videos... Good job...👏🥵😍

    Cleo FidatiCleo FidatiNapja
  • What’s cheese pizza?

    • You really don't want to know.

      Meme Lord Of MemesMeme Lord Of Memes6 órája
    • Rhymes with wild topography

      Lord ManLord ManNapja
    • Basically a pizza with cheese on it

  • I’ve seen a lot of these already but at least now I’ve got some more movies to get to. Cool list. Btw, there’s six Guinea Pig films I believe.

    Lalala RoseLalala RoseNapja
  • What’s kith?

    • I think it’s a term for incest.

      Dr. Fifteen M.DDr. Fifteen M.D23 órája
  • Does searching this stuff put you on a FBI watch list

    Anthony TorralbaAnthony TorralbaNapja
  • i'm glad this video is pretty long, this is so entertaining to listen to while you're drawing or doing something productive

    Barack ObamaBarack ObamaNapja
  • “we are now half way through” WE ARE ONLY HALF WAY THROUGH

    andrea victoriaaandrea victoriaaNapja
  • Thanks to my curiousity I watched a couple of clips from Traces of Death. Why curiosity whyyyy

    Peter HallPeter HallNapja
  • Indeed, i asked someone abt some tier 8 films, he said he could tell abt all of them, but not r73... He said it was worse then death p**n and torture........

    Anthony KroonAnthony KroonNapja
  • what the hell does kith mean?

  • Bro I watched animal farm in high school😂 this ain’t good


    Tammy BearTammy BearNapja
    • @Lord Man thankinnnnn

      Tammy BearTammy BearNapja
    • Pornography

      Lord ManLord ManNapja
  • Forgot the bee movie

    Dennis Bendix DömerDennis Bendix DömerNapja
  • I'll never forget the case of Junko Furuta. It made me ashamed to be a human. I hope she's at peace.

  • Have I only watched the shining and that’s probably above tier 1? Yes. And I scared of everything? Yes. Am I still going to watch this? Yes

  • This dude said Hostelle lol

    David AfanasievDavid AfanasievNapja
  • For the people who have went and looked at the last two tiers of movies , how do you feel mentally.

    Brandan Sin-GravesBrandan Sin-GravesNapja
  • I like gore and extreme gratuitous violence. I want a hell of a lot more than Hostel gave me. The vomit and shit type of thing turns me off entirely though. I don't mind if it's as a natural reaction to the torture being inflicted on the victim, but no consumption of it. That just really grosses me out.

    Reese RhodesReese RhodesNapja
  • MDPOPE ilegal?

    edson austriaedson austriaNapja
  • salo already traumatized me why the hell am i watching this


    George SchippGeorge SchippNapja
  • I love how excited she talks about the two movies you let her do X)

  • 17:00 apparently the second human centipede was actually released in black and white because of just how gory it was, rather than to be artistic. Like there was so much blood they weren't allowed to release it in full colour. I remember seeing that in a yt video one time but i could be wrong

    • Meh, they probably used that as an excuse to generate attention. Horror movies are known for that, common trope. But likely they just did it to save money on the SFX.

      TrinidadTrinidad17 órája
  • As the video progresses your soul leaves your body lol

  • Whats kithing

    Rhys CookyRhys CookyNapja
  • I watched a video on the last tier. Like not watch it full skip through it some parts. It starts with S and ends with 73. And when you see what you see. I was in complete shock. I didnt know how to react I was staying and watching young humans suffering i didnt know if it was real or not. It got me into such a shock I didnt know how to react. And then complet disgusted but i couldn't express my feelings.

    • @Anthony Kroon i dont know but im guessing its CP or anything else thats exploiting children

      Sniper GamingSniper Gaming3 órája
    • What happened in it?

      Anthony KroonAnthony KroonNapja
    • Was that the 11 minute one?

      NBA Live BeasterNBA Live BeasterNapja
  • I’m glad you did this so I do not go down that rabbit hole

    Marcos RamosMarcos RamosNapja
  • When my dad saw hostel he didn’t sleep for weeks and he doesn’t rlly get affected by that shit so how fucking fucked up is that list oh my god

  • Anyone else have that one Iraq friend that would just show you fucked up shit like executions and torture during class and I’d be there thinking about it all month shit got me fucked still

    Ranga 1238Ranga 1238Napja
  • Bad idea to watch this while eating breakfast

  • JEEZUZ DUDE... It's "HOSTEL" NOT "HOSTELLE",!!! This is the first video of yours that I found while surfing and tuned into watch but if you're going to mispronounce simple words like HOSTEL then I'm out of here!!! I don't mean to be an asshole about this but it gets really irritating to listen to people who can't pronounce simple words like this...

    • @Cecilia Germanotta Maybe having someone mispronounce where you're from improperly doesn't bother you but it sure does bother me... Well then, if it's not a big deal to you then so be it...

      Nuniabizzness#2Nuniabizzness#219 órája
    • it’s not that serious

      Cecilia GermanottaCecilia GermanottaNapja
    • -🤓

      Ci JeyCi JeyNapja
  • felt like i'd gone off the deep end for recognizing where the dead go to die from before watching this video+then i realized we were only on tier four of eight x_x

    necwomancew :3cnecwomancew :3cNapja
  • For anyone who couldn't spell it Urophagia is drinking urine and Coprophagia is ingesting feces

    Kevin SundelinKevin SundelinNapja
  • Without even watching these movies, I am scared to leave my house. Even if they are fake (most at least) you never know what can happen

    Zoe ParkerZoe ParkerNapja
    • It's the fact that someone could think of it in order to make the film in the first place

      Malakai FolsomMalakai Folsom8 órája
  • Aids wasn't created in the 60s

    Chris LairChris LairNapja
  • Movies on tier 2 that I've seen were... something. After watching tusk I cant stand walruses I tried to watch house of 1000 corpses with my boyfriend when we first starting dating... We didn't finish it, he didn't wanna finish it

    Zoe ParkerZoe ParkerNapja
  • someone PLEASE give me extreme gore or horror films that do not involve rape, pedophilia, or animal death. or at least are just in one or two scenes that i can skip over. i love body horror, gore, really anything like that but i simply can’t in good conscience watch a movie that revolves around rape or sexual experimentation or something like that. i don’t care how intense the other stuff is just hhhhh. i feel like that’s too far.

    • Just dont..

      Anthony KroonAnthony KroonNapja
    • Maybe MDPOPE one but it does have a couple clips of what you dont want

      NBA Live BeasterNBA Live BeasterNapja
  • Some of the "extreme films" that have been used as "challenge videos" are actually just trailers for the films. 2 G 1 C is a trailer for Hungry Bit*hes and 5 Girls Fingerpaint is the trailer for Scat Swapping School Swallow. These 2 particular films are from the same director. The Gusomilk series is hysterical if you can manage to sit through it.

    Joey CaptanJoey CaptanNapja