The Dhar Mann Experience

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The Dhar Mann Experience
Cody Ko

  • I've never seen a more Oscar worthy performance than "I'm so sorry man"

    jensenjensen39 perccel
  • idk how to explain this but.....ratatouille vibes

    Emily ChandlerEmily ChandlerÓrája
  • mans eye brows shEeeeeeeeeesh

    Jake CambpellJake CambpellÓrája
  • the way she grabbed you when you came out as the new chef omg so cute

    Marialle BalingitMarialle Balingit5 órája
  • This makes me so happy

    Hunter CrowHunter CrowNapja
  • After all the jokes and cringe, I'm very happy to see you two get along and create something beautiful together. This is the most wholesome thing I've seen all day. God bless you both. 💖

    Ranger RabbitRanger Rabbit3 napja
  • I wasn‘t even aware of it but this is the collab I’ve been waiting for

    Geht euch nichts an.Geht euch nichts an.3 napja
  • oh how the turned tables have turned muahahahahahaah

    zineb yassinizineb yassini3 napja
  • I stan carlos

  • Kelsey is an angel

    sixstringalchemistsixstringalchemist4 napja
  • wAw love this video

    diary of a lame ghostdiary of a lame ghost4 napja

    OzuOzu4 napja
  • Eggs are the only things they make. Does that mean i can be the headcheff too.

    new friendnew friend4 napja
  • Does he burn though? Lol loved this video man. Much love!

    Fernie GFernie G4 napja
  • wow I love kevin hahah

    Alicia SchrockAlicia Schrock5 napja
  • Get merch and put "Behind" on the back😭😵

    Lee McCullochLee McCulloch5 napja

  • Why is no one talking about how angry kelsey sounds at 7:50

    Nikolaj AndersenNikolaj Andersen5 napja
  • I gained a whole level of respect for DHAR MAAAAN

    elijahwashereelijahwashere5 napja
  • I love how there is not necessarily an antagonist but someone to learn the lesson alongside the viewer.

    GoozmanGoozman6 napja
  • The way the egg clapped on the ground literally sent me

    George FaourGeorge Faour6 napja
  • I fucking lost it at I'm so sorry man 🤣

    andt1994andt19946 napja
  • i did not know it was you

  • finally a behind the scenes


    SkySky6 napja
  • Kelsey just chilling on the couch dropping F A C T S on Cody

    Breanna WhiteBreanna White7 napja
  • It’s 2am and I made eggs because of this

    NoahShamNoahSham8 napja
  • Ngl these Dhar man videos are sus af lol

    I’m not sus lolI’m not sus lol8 napja
  • Dhar mann is a genuine dude

    str8 vibezstr8 vibez8 napja
  • I want to see Dhar Mann in a Cody Ko episode, responding to cringe shit.

    Saatvik AroraSaatvik Arora8 napja
  • wait the animation was so good wtf

    Amelia GilchAmelia Gilch8 napja
  • So he's the one that make that CHEF VIDEO!? AMAZING!!!! I'll GIVE U A QUIDA FO THAT!!

    Franz FriesFranz Fries8 napja
  • cody ko: repeatedly making friends with people he makes fun of.

    MadiMadi8 napja
  • Cody graduated from Duke but a 4 page paper was “hard” for him to write?? 😂 yeah right

    Gabrielle TyeGabrielle Tye8 napja

    Paige LaBrayPaige LaBray8 napja
  • *You can call me Kody Cook*

    Steve MatinSteve Matin8 napja
  • the ending of this video is like an ending of a disney channel movie (ie geek charming)

    Nabiha AsimNabiha Asim8 napja
  • Why did Dhar make such a big deal about using basic english, but then writes in a chef that says "I have to get this bread now" -- Probably pretty confusing for someone with minimal english knowledge. Like why does this chef need bread so badly? Couldn't he just bake some more bread? Is he out of yeast?

    silenc3xsilenc3x8 napja
    • Good point man.

      silenc3xsilenc3x8 napja
  • Not going to flex. But your looking at him.

    Jake JonesJake Jones8 napja
  • su chef

    corruptcorrupt9 napja

    Taylor JensenTaylor Jensen9 napja
  • Most his videos are cash grabs but I still enjoyed this video.

    flesh blobflesh blob9 napja
  • Dhar Man is a god.

    SleadheadmenSleadheadmen9 napja
  • I wish Dhar Mann would make a video in Cody's format. Then he'd see how hard tearing things down really is

    Joel OlsonJoel Olson9 napja
  • Crap, this video changed my life. I was acting like a Jake

    Mr. FusionMr. Fusion9 napja
  • Cody ko listens to lil peep? Jesus i love you more

    jar jar lewisjar jar lewis9 napja
  • If you went with the don't trust fake friends and changed the end to girls taking pictures pretending to be sad so they could get some clout and just leaving and never coming back

    Smiile Ind.Smiile Ind.10 napja
  • Just gotta say you didn’t spell sous chef right

    Yotsuyu YagiyamaYotsuyu Yagiyama10 napja
  • Cody’s brand is just making fun of people and then collabing with them

    Joshua SanchezJoshua Sanchez10 napja
  • The nice cook looked like Cody’s girlfriend (I forgot her name)

    King TreededeKing Treedede10 napja
  • Wholesome

    BagilBagil10 napja
  • 7:45-8:00 is my favorite part of this video bc it’s such real relationship shit and also just such an actual life lesson to everyone 😂😅

    Ashtyn TalleyAshtyn Talley10 napja
  • So much egg cooking

    not_ashernot_asher11 napja
  • 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm so sorry man

    not_ashernot_asher11 napja
  • Cuts the outro short because he's too impatient to announce his patience merch

    Mossimo AuvrayMossimo Auvray12 napja
  • I like how cody ko was in dhar mann but cod is roasting dhars videos lol

    Caleb DragonCaleb Dragon12 napja
  • This is so wholesome it makes me cry.

    Grace SavidesGrace Savides12 napja
  • I just about piss myself every video

    Wyatt ButlerWyatt Butler12 napja
  • The “behind” thing is wild funny because that’s really what you say when you a waiter lmaoooo

    milesmiles12 napja
  • So we all forget that Dhar Mann's videos are literal shit because he handled getting roasted? Dumb.

    Douglas DigginsDouglas Diggins12 napja
  • we now know that cody ko listens to peep

    heartbreakLUCYheartbreakLUCY13 napja
  • Been a month and it’s Dharrr mannnnn forever

    Da GooseDa Goose13 napja
  • Cody looking like he should be part of the "Life is good" video

    Raging CamelRaging Camel13 napja
  • The editing in this video is top notch

    Camille TorresCamille Torres13 napja
  • Reminds me of how I got promoted from server to cook at my restaurant. Not because a guy named Jake quit but because a guy named Demetrius stabbed another cook.

    Andrew SAndrew S14 napja
  • I just watched a full darr Mann video on my own and I hated the logic

    NathanDSNathanDS14 napja
  • This is dope

    Alexandra CorralesAlexandra Corrales14 napja
  • Kody Kook

    Ryland WilsonRyland Wilson14 napja
  • The chef is actually called Gordon

    Emma van de WouwEmma van de Wouw14 napja
  • i seen that video

    Ursula BryantUrsula Bryant14 napja
  • dhar mann is wholesome as frick guy. Sweet video

    Derek FletcherDerek Fletcher14 napja
  • the creativity required to swap between genres is crazy. you did good Cody ko

    O JO J14 napja
  • that yes theory intro lmao

    Evan PJEvan PJ14 napja
  • Cody talks on the phone in the whitest way. Dahr: Lemme just circle back to my te- Cody: Yup Dahr: my team and we'll see if we can work something ou Cody: YUp

    M DM D15 napja
  • Dhar is the Mann! I love that he has a sense of humour!

    Pranav BhattPranav Bhatt15 napja
  • I come back to this video just to watch Kelsey kiss Cody's head at 11:56 / 21:04 bc it's so damn cute

    Abbie MuellerAbbie Mueller16 napja
  • lol i want u

    BrieBrie16 napja
  • love the lil peep recommendations

    skinnybwoyskinnybwoy16 napja
  • Cute to see such a supportive girlfriend.

    elran123elran12316 napja
  • Your girlfriend seems like the kindest person ever. Good for you man.

    MKultra81MKultra8116 napja

    49erfaithful49erfaithful17 napja
  • Cody kos girl has such a great and funny personality. They are great together

    sirius black7sirius black717 napja
  • The fact Dharr Man tries to makes his skits as universally communicable as possible really changed my perspective on the skits. 🥺

    Jay BaeJay Bae17 napja
  • What a great experience, man. This is so cool. Looking at how Dhar Mann responded to Cody’s videos (compared to others, ahem)... he is an emotionally secure and happy individual with a healthy ego. What a good dude.

    Anna VictrixAnna Victrix17 napja
  • Why tf did they cast a 60 year old man to be the new chef?

    young student loan debtsyoung student loan debts17 napja
  • We copy cody ko I am drew ane I'm danney

    Ezzy From Among UsEzzy From Among Us17 napja
  • kelsey: i’m so happy 🤗

    Metro IggnMetro Iggn18 napja
  • Great job. This is emotional and reminds me of who I was and who I've become with patience. -Jake

    Idaho JakeIdaho Jake18 napja
  • That video actually inspired me

  • Kelsey is so supportive 🥺 I love you guys

    bREnDan RobbinsbREnDan Robbins18 napja
  • You should’ve reacted to this with Noel and not told him the background of it

    Josh QuintilianiJosh Quintiliani18 napja
  • Dhar Mann: Congrats on 5 mil Cody :) Cody: 5.11 mil now buddy

    Aayush VarmaAayush Varma18 napja
  • These videos are actually really good for people learning English

    The1920sChannelThe1920sChannel18 napja
  • Thank you. Your three-video Dhar Mann series is such a gift I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon. Incredible!

    No NameNo Name18 napja
  • hey cody in the future pls don't cover the captions like u do here !! they r v helpful for ur deaf / hard of hearing audience

    audrey lovingeraudrey lovinger18 napja
  • Cody: I wish I could say I was moving Also Cody: moves into $3 million mansion

    Er7282 2Er7282 219 napja
  • Spelt sous wrong

    Tom HiggittTom Higgitt19 napja

    Aleksa PecnikAleksa Pecnik19 napja
  • Holy crap! You wrote a script!

    peaceful Furypeaceful Fury19 napja
  • no one’s talking about how he literally named the chef GORDON

    Kara HollingsworthKara Hollingsworth19 napja