The Citroen CX Is an Amazingly Quirky and Weird French Luxury Car

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The Citroen CX is a crazy car with amazing quirks. Today I’m reviewing the Citroen CX and I’ll show you all the weird quirks of this unusual French luxury car. I’m also driving the Citroen CX, and I’ll show you what it’s like behind the wheel of a weird 1980s Citroën!
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  • where jaw

    ruv with dementia or something gamingruv with dementia or something gaming7 órája
  • Doug is so cool!

    AJ GAJ G9 órája
  • Citroen DS Review

    Ахмед ГаджимагомедовАхмед Гаджимагомедов9 órája
  • The car is unique rather than strange, quirky, weird. Citroen was always ready to think out of pattern set by US and germany. I would never understand why americans are always make fun of cars different than theirs.

    Mirza ImsirovicMirza Imsirovic11 órája
  • in 1986 it was a space shuttle

    Tom C.Tom C.17 órája
  • The Prestige was a long wheelbase version of the CX which used the floorpan and rear doors from the estate version. The rear roof was also higher which ruined the styling somewhat. The concave rear window was designed to keep itself clear without the aid of a wiper. I suspect from the way Doug's head is bobbing around makes me think the suspension spheres are knackered and need replacing. Despite his verdict, the steering is extremely accurate and quick as well as being very easy to drive at high speed with a feeling of immense stability. An extra benefit of the suspension is that it can safely be driven on three wheels and will remain stable in case of a tyre blowing out.

    Mark McMarkfaceMark McMarkfaceNapja
  • Hi Doug, I am French and thank you for reviewing this car ! You have already reviewed french cars with the Peugeot 3008 and of course some Bugattis. 😉

  • You can drive that Citroen on 3 wheels!

    Simpkins TimothySimpkins TimothyNapja
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    Doris KellyDoris KellyNapja
  • That thang looks like the Family Truckster from that Vacation movie LOL.

    Russell SolomonRussell SolomonNapja
  • Dude, ever since I discovered your channel years ago, I’ve been waiting for this video! My first car was a C4 Citroën!

  • Good luck opening that door if police will stop you

    tomse dantomse danNapja
  • From experience I can report, it's the best car reading a broadsheet in the rear seats. And its from an era when broadsheets still were worth reading.

    Christian van NeuvesChristian van NeuvesNapja
  • The spare tire in engine might be a clever places to have a warm tire in the winter, then they could go safari by putting it on the hoods instead. It look like a better Prius car yet better spec all around. Why more cars aren't backseat as this?! It as close as Futurama! 1920 event car design you can get, but everything need to be race car.

  • The way americans pronounce cars made by non-american or british manufacturers.

  • Didn’t this model have the “steerable” headlights?

    Eric LeportEric LeportNapja
  • Citroen is ahead of its time in many many ways and they are seriously overlooked despite that

    Leo De CrescenzoLeo De CrescenzoNapja
  • Terrible French Monstrosity of a car, my god!

    Adnan AminAdnan Amin2 napja
  • You should check out a classic DS, a SM and Xantia V6 Activa, such quirky and awesome cars

    Storm FiireStorm Fiire2 napja
  • Long distance mile munchers with incredible comfort no matter how crap the roads were.

    David LockyerDavid Lockyer2 napja
  • The CX is a great car, I have had two of them. The diesel engine are sturdy and reliable, the car is fantastic to drive. There are no other anything near its comfort on long touring. You can load it with 5-600 kg without any dramatic effect on the car. I've driven them for over 500 000 km with only oilchange and filter, and valveadjustment. Very reliable

    Agnostura ElwarAgnostura Elwar2 napja
  • dog dejewwwwwww

    Genio TorresGenio Torres2 napja
  • I'll take it.

    BalithazzarrBalithazzarr2 napja
  • lol sit-roan

    Kaitlyn LKaitlyn L2 napja
    • It’s certainly not as beautiful as the DS, but it’s got its own charm. Citroën really cared about aero way earlier than most - that was born out of French postwar fuel rationing. The drag factor of the DS has only been surpassed in recent years, it was identical to many 90s aero jello cars, whilst looking way nicer. But didn’t a bunch of American cars from the 60s have covered rear wheels too?

      Kaitlyn LKaitlyn L2 napja
    • To be fair, you did get closer some of the later times you said it :p

      Kaitlyn LKaitlyn L2 napja
  • Wiorst part of the video is the inability of Doug to say the word Citroen, he just says Citrone all the time.

    N.O.R.M.AL. BSNN.O.R.M.AL. BSN3 napja
  • Hi, Doug! What about a peugeot 406 coupe pininfarina ? It is a cool France 🇫🇷 car with design like a Ferrari!

    Wildog _Wildog _3 napja
  • I had a Citroen BX & XM before, the riding comfort made you enjoy driving; luxurious fittings, many room for passengers always neglected by buyers that days. The past Citroen were the best

    賓州長過水喉.賓州長過水喉.3 napja
  • Me looking for Jawed Comment 🤗

    Sharia Kabir ✔︎Sharia Kabir ✔︎3 napja
  • When Citroën made good cars.

    Imanol MorataImanol Morata3 napja
  • You've absolutely got to love Citroen vehicles from their own era. I borrowed a Citroen for 3 months from this era and it was such wonderful quirky fun. It always left me smiling. Mind you, I never had to service it. That could be a problem. Citroen was a hugely innovative company though. Several of the modern auto design components we take for granted these days were either invented or developed by Citroen. They were just years ahead of their time. Doug didn't mention it, but I bet this car had steering following headlights. First seen a decade or so earlier - on an earlier Citroen. BTW, panel gaps. Impressive distance, eh? Who cares.

    Rambler AndyRambler Andy3 napja
  • Isälläni oli tällainen taksina Rovaniemellä 1985-87. kahden litran bensa ja manuaali. Koska suomeen tuli vain muutama auto ja isäni halusi mustan, niin kummassakin oli kattoluukku. Se oli ehkä ainoa lisävaruste. Itse en ehtinyt ajaa sillä taksia, mutta muuten kyllä. Ja olipa se vaan mahtava auto ajaa! Ajattelin, että kylläpä käy sääliksi kaikkia muita autoilijoita, kun eivät saa ajaa "taikamatolla"!

    Jan RaiskioJan Raiskio4 napja
  • My mother had a CX. I remember it was super comfortable and had some innovative features at the time.

    siraryxsiraryx4 napja
  • Hii there!

    jawed ✔jawed ✔4 napja
    • 😐

      COLD misteryCOLD mistery4 napja
  • door lockers are safely engineered, not to be opened occasionaly

    Paul ZavadskiPaul Zavadski4 napja
  • Now if Doug had chosen to test a Citroen SM that would have really blown his mind !

    Bob LawBob Law4 napja
  • Its all cool and smooth until you puncture your rear tire.

    Darvin BlackDarvin Black4 napja
    • The cover of the covered wheel well is removable

      Ssss SsssSsss Ssss4 napja
  • By the way the horn is like on a Lambo Diablo

    Евгений ПермяковЕвгений Пермяков4 napja
  • Old Citroen is the car of Doug who is a quirks-lover ))

    Евгений ПермяковЕвгений Пермяков4 napja
  • So many misconceptions and misleading statements presented as facts. Fifteen minutes in, I can't take any more. Good job you didn't have the Mk1to play with, because they were even madder! They had steel bumpers, which were more of an issue regarding ride height. Mentioning the steering alone, all steering is self-centering on the move, the difference with the CX is that it uses the same system as the suspension to run the power steering, and it self-centres when stationary. And it does that because when parked, the car will sink on the suspension and the front wheels - if turned - will jam in the wheel arches. The suspension has two ride settings: regular and a long travel for a smoother ride. You do not drive at anything more than a walking pace in either of the two service settings - fully up, which is to speed wheel removal (raise it up on the suspension, fit the jack under the relevant jacking point, lower the suspension and the wheel lifts clear of the ground) or to ford shallow streams; and fully down, which is to look cool, when parked ... and which prevents parking attendants fitting a wheel clamp, which I'm sure is coincidental. The reason why the rear wheel arch doesn't intrude on the rear door is because the wheel is so close to the back of the car, which has some specific benefits in terms of straight line stability, and you don't mention that the rear track is narrower than the front ... and uses different tyres to the front. And the reason why yours has so much space in the rear is because it is the long wheelbase version, as it clearly says in the description on your own auction site. Can't take anymore, so going to have to hope that you mentioned the concave rear screen that successfully prevents rain water settling on it without needing a rear wiper, thanks to aerodynamic effects. And pointed out that it's got a small trunk for something that looks like a 5 door. Please try harder in future. You haven't done these ground-breaking cars the justice they deserve. (A former owner of five CXs: two mk1 estates and three mk2 saloons, before moving on to an XM)

    American-V UKAmerican-V UK4 napja
  • My dad worked at a dealership and they got a couple of these. He got to drive one for the weekend and we took it to my grandparents. I vividly remember those door handles and door locks. My dad made a big deal about the suspension and said the car could supposedly drive on three wheels. We were told to be on our very best behavior, as the car was very valuable. I thought it was cool. The covered wheel seemed very futuristic to me.

    badbirdkcbadbirdkc4 napja
  • Everyone knows what it is Doug.

    Kenneth PattersonKenneth Patterson4 napja
  • vive le Quirk

    Dis CountDis Count4 napja
  • Thing went from slammed to monster truck

    WeaselWeasel4 napja
  • Maybe foot rests are lumbar support.. would make more sense

    Brian SharpBrian Sharp4 napja
  • More fender skirts please

    Brian SharpBrian Sharp4 napja
  • I've got that old matchbox car

    ChristianpreachingChristianpreaching5 napja
  • You are wird!

    Bruno MarquesBruno Marques5 napja
  • Please do a Citroen AX GTI

    George AltezzaGeorge Altezza5 napja
  • This car was also delivered to the communist East-Germany and served some higher ranks in the regime. They were painted in dark blue. After the reunification a friend of mine had one in this color and we made a trip to Czechoslovakia via eastern Germany. We arrived the border in the middle of the night and the german border guard found it somehow a bit strange. So they controlled us very intensively. Half a year later we had a barrel of beer in the trunk and we lost it underway. It rolled down into a valley in the midst of a forest and we did not find it again. Since then we transported beer barrels on the front passenger seat with seat belts on.

    Markus OberndörferMarkus Oberndörfer5 napja
  • Doug doesn't seem to know much about Citroens. Firstly, the "Prestige" label is there for a reason - it's 25cm longer than an ordinary CX. Also, he acts like self centering is a bug rather than a feature. Most importantly, he should take it up to around 140 kp/h and THEN talk about drive comfort, especially compared to other cars of that era. This thing was light years ahead of the competition in that regard. Light years. There are only two cars that drive as comfortably as this one - Citroen XM and Citroen C6. Oh, yeah, and one of the Rolls Royce models that bought the Citroen pneumatic suspension license. No other car comes close to the smoothness of this thing.

    Ales KrajncAles Krajnc5 napja
  • Curse those Allemans for bringing out a five-cylinder engine !

    phil merlotphil merlot5 napja
  • These definately looked a bit old fashioned in the mid to late 80s. Of course Citroen were odd, that was part of the charm!

    Andy LundAndy Lund5 napja
  • 4:318:

    FlamebxFlamebx5 napja
  • 16:41 it looks like it would smell like stale cigarette smoke in a 70s office

    MatMat5 napja
  • as if it was glued together from parts from 5 different cars.

    TevLeXTevLeX6 napja
  • Try the ds 1970....,

    MrCesarcamilo76MrCesarcamilo766 napja
  • hey can you make a video about the Citroen 2CV6 Club well you can think whatsoever you want anyway i like your video make more!

    BloominqGuitarsBloominqGuitars6 napja
  • Sorry Doug! Your comments about Citroen are quirky. The CX was ahead of its time and so are many French cars that opened new frontiers in the automotive industry besides the hydrolastic suspension. Front drive was also a major advance, as the four wheel independent suspension massively applied in France since 2CV. At the time CX was perhaps the safest car on the road. Citroen went bankrupt not because of luck of innovations but because exploring new possibilities and experimenting is so expensive. Please watch the "Citroen XM story" and see what went wrong with this car.

    Panagiotis SparisPanagiotis Sparis6 napja
  • Doug, you are a strange and arrogant American... I bet you voted for Biden...

    John P. DenverJohn P. Denver6 napja
  • Back when you knew it was a Citroën or Ford that passed you... Today cars all look alike.

    John P. DenverJohn P. Denver6 napja
  • Doug looks at it from an american's perspective.. and then it's really weird indeed... 😁

    j biertjej biertje6 napja
  • THIIIIIIS is Quirk Douglas.....!!!

    Coco PopsCoco Pops6 napja
  • The outer driver-side door handle orientation isn't super weird for the 80s. The bullnose F-150 had it the same way, just not with a super-flush button that matched the handle.

    TheFavoristaTheFavorista6 napja
  • "Big number for a European car of this period" - well compared to an American V8 of the same era it is a pretty big number full stop ..

    Ian ShippenIan Shippen6 napja
  • 0 to 60 in ten min.s!!

    Richard KelleyRichard Kelley6 napja
  • I suspect that’s a real joy to get parts for in the the American Midwest.

    Dana WDana W6 napja
  • These Citroen cars were used by movie industry in Czechoslovakia to shoot riding scenes thanks to its greatest hydro pneumatic suspension that these cars have. Cameraman love them. Nowadays cinematographer have gyroscopes that minimizes any shaking.

    Jan DvorakJan Dvorak6 napja
  • All comments be like "Wheres jawed?"

    Tec BladeTec Blade6 napja
  • That door latch is made for Americans

    BelivedBelived6 napja
  • Nice, we used to have one up to when I was like 5 yrs old. Obviously not this prestige model but CX nonetheless. The upgrade for us was of course XM :)

    Henrix98Henrix986 napja
  • Nice

    Warley .SWarley .S7 napja
  • @Doug DeMuro The rear window shape has the purpose to keep the window dry when it's raining. Above certain speeds, the rain doesn't hit the rear window. :)

    Barnabas NanayBarnabas Nanay7 napja
  • For Citroën lovers this CX is way to normal dude :) You should have taken the 1982 model with the first ever "digital" dash :D. And btw : you say Citroën like "sit"+ "tro" + "N" not "sithrone" Doug.... /faceslap :D

    john leonjohn leon7 napja
  • The concav shape of the rear window creates a area of low pressure, so that dirt gets carried away and rearview sight doesn't gets bad.

    Der OettelDer Oettel7 napja
    • You wouldn’t expect Doug to be able to work that out, would you if it wasn’t written in the handbook he would have no idea !

      Bob LawBob Law4 napja
  • What does practicality mean?

    Danial Motamedi sedeDanial Motamedi sede7 napja
  • I always open the driver door with my left hand before I enter, otherwise I would block myself.

    Gummans GubbeGummans Gubbe7 napja
  • This thing makes a SAAB 900 seem unimaginative

    Jesse DinningJesse Dinning7 napja
  • Citroen was sold in Canada at a much higher quantity than in the US. I'd think you could get parts there, possibly. Easier than having to have parts shipped all the way from Europe, at least. But, yeah, getting parts is definitely more difficult than for most other old cars, I'm sure.

    LMacNeillLMacNeill7 napja
  • Technically speaking the Citroen XM was the last "weird" Citroen.

    BonuxCouleurBonuxCouleur7 napja
  • My dad had a CX estate (wagon) and it was the smoothest car I've ever rode in. Coin holder - many toll roads in France. Saves trying to empty your pockets all the time at the toll booths. Self centering steering - designed to drive at high speeds with the least amount of stress. High beam and horn on the opposite ends of the controls allowed my dad to use horn and headlights at the same time, in emergency situations, while still holding the steering wheel with both hands. Safer. We could load up the back of the car and tow a caravan and the car would remain level, and therefore more stable and safer. Amazing vehicle.

    Philip DonelanPhilip Donelan7 napja
  • Its a four door honda insight

    CreationsVibrationCreationsVibration7 napja
  • Doug stop, i can only have so many dream cars.

    Arias HuntleyArias Huntley7 napja
  • Sorry but the Citroën is not cool

    lockjockjrlockjockjr7 napja
  • By far one of the most difficult front door glasses to fit, very frustrating , I fingered out the best way after many hours , if you need to know reply and I'll give you the heads up..

    michel huskmichel husk7 napja
  • My grandparents had the "station wagon" version. Tailgate was as wide as a volvo. Suspension issues killed it.

    jack warrenjack warren7 napja
  • This video is trash , you don't know anything about the cx, learn the citroen cx history before you talk 👎

    gonçalo filipegonçalo filipe7 napja
  • My brother had a black one with tan leather when I was 6 (1986). I remember traveling to karate lessons listening to a ‘tape’ of the Ghostbusters soundtrack! It was/is very cool and quirky. Thanks Doug 👌

    Douglas FaichnieDouglas Faichnie7 napja
  • french tip don't buy a french car it's garbage

  • Do the succesors Citroen XM and C6 next

    glorf1234glorf12348 napja
  • I miss my cx , the earlier models had an even more quirky dash. My 81 cx had twin horns for town and country.. the rear window stays clear at all times . The steering has variable centring forces so as you go faster it centres with more power.

    Bill ToddBill Todd8 napja
  • For the French these cars are nothing extraordinary, they were common at the time. In terms of manufacture, the best French cars are Peugeot, followed by Citroëns and finally Renault, the biggest problem that we encounter on our cars is rust, then, especially for Renault, plastic everywhere and low quality Manufacturing. If you want a nice French car, buy the very high end models, but they are very expensive.

    Desalpages GatorDesalpages Gator8 napja
  • U forgot to mention, that handbrake works on the front wheels :-D

    weigyzz666weigyzz6668 napja
  • One of the most innovative designs in the 80s, Honda Clarity took some inspiration from it I can see.

    Turf SurfTurf Surf8 napja
  • mechanical sunshades are infinitely better than electric ones though, as they're not a point of failure and are exceedingly cheap to repair even in the unlikely event that they do break.

    Gunnar KonigGunnar Konig8 napja
  • Quirky and weird is the most I can gather from this video - but the weirdness here is, that this is a very American centric viewpoint. These cars were common on European streets, and not only in France. Yes, Citroen was different and that was their selling point. But at the time it was a sophisticated car that would compete with Mercedes and BMW on their own terrain. Nice one!

    Marcus LudwigMarcus Ludwig8 napja
  • No power seats?

    Goldenrod636Goldenrod6368 napja
  • My grandfather had one when I was a kid in the late 1980’s. I’ve never been in a more comfortable car ever since. It was although the thing levitated over the road.

    John HewisonJohn Hewison8 napja
  • I'm surprised there's no cheese holder.

    CheesyTVCheesyTV8 napja
  • I had and still have a 2011 Citroen C5 and it's amazing other than just the spare parts to find in my I've driven and basically owned most of Citroen cars due to my father was working in the dealership company ☺️☺️

    amro abduamro abdu8 napja
  • Of course Doug loves this car

    16-Bit Bernie16-Bit Bernie8 napja