the circle of villagers

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how to break your pc

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  • whats a circle?

  • Me at 3 am watching Stevee

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  • Wow 0,1 FpS

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  • lol

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  • :v

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  • LAG xD

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  • intresting

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  • wait..... thats illegal....

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  • 0:48 wha-

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  • Ah,yes a circle of slaves

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  • this whole video is cursed

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  • Pete

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  • Wall maria wall rose wall sina aot

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  • When one villager suddenly starts sendung messages in chat:

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  • Yaya Yaya Wu Wu hubba hubba wu wu

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  • The circle of life!

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  • EBIRCSBUS FI OUY NAC DAER SIHT 100 likes to reveal the real word

  • snake of villager

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  • Вы нашли русский комент

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  • “See there ARE forms of circles in minecraft”

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  • Me with my Netherite Sword : ITS KILLING TIME!

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  • Fun fact: Some cats are tabby’s.

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  • There sacrificing the one in the middle

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  • Stop putting this freaking music on people stop watching ur vids cz of the music it gives people a head ake

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  • siema jestem z polski . I'm from Poland

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  • Imma head out- FPS

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  • Such a cute villager!

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  • Op

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  • A circle of apples

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  • Hahaha shape laughs

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  • This is a real circle of life

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  • What is the code for it???

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  • Let’s appreciate how stevee actually killed his pc to show us cricles exist in minecraft

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  • Its no longer the circle of life

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  • Qqq

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  • dont worry hes just doing his lil dancy dance

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  • Perfection

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  • What the- A PERFECT CIRCLE do it again show your process

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  • Is it me or the subs went down

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  • lagaso

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  • It's the circle of life!!!!!

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  • Aa

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  • Bruh

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  • Is this a meme or can u do it

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  • When ur game crashes because u did the impossible

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  • This man has no limits

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  • thank you for ✨breaking my brain✨

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  • This video is satisfying but also cursed

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  • Im steveee this is my alt

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  • 0:47 That one villager facing outwards 🤣

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  • What ???

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  • I-

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  • This is too satisfying to watch!

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  • Un círculo en minecraft? Imposible :0

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  • guys steveee didn’t show his face at the end is his computer alright?

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  • told my friend to try this he got mad cuz his pc crashed lmao O.o

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  • The circle of life

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  • this is a how to make round in Minecraft

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  • Manco😂🚜

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  • Now make a Venn diagram

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  • Lol it is like "who said a circle in minecraft doesn't exist?"

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  • パーフェクトゾーンプレス

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  • فلماذا تترجم؟

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  • wait a minute................. A PERFECT CIRCLE IN MINECRAFT????? ;=================;

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  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Umm

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  • is this how Wall Maria was made

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  • The Pc Is About to E X P L O D E (sorry for the bad english)

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  • Cccc

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  • 0:50 reminds me of Attack on Titan

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  • Memes never and

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  • Can this really be done in Minecraft without mods? /srs

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  • whats the command?

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  • Bam damn

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  • descrpition: how to break your pc me: how to die

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  • Literally all the villages: "FBI, FBI, OPEN UP" That one person watching: ......(👁👄👁)🤳

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  • poggers

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  • Steveee's computer go bye-bye

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  • mobbing circle

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  • Mojang: There's no circles in minecraft steveee:

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  • [*] computer

  • 0:52 The rebel

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  • You earned yourself a subscriber 😉

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  • This is How NINJA HATTORI Do his techniq of multiple HATTORI

  • animals are my silent servants they are silent for cruelty now but they will speak on the day of reckoning Allah

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  • HAHA

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  • That was oddly satisfying-

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  • THAT'S Illegal

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  • busco la miniatura por?

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  • This is unsettling

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  • هرتهغاغعخححجناتنتالعاغ غثيدلبببدد

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  • "Minecraft is a game made of cubes and squares" Minecraft:

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  • ''Oh, But Im nothing like the Villager-367. Some might even say, Im the reverse.''

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  • villager at the begining of the video : huh villager at the end of the video: HUUUUUHHHHH???

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  • Me 😐 my brain 🕺💃🕺💃

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  • what

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