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We challenged the cast of Bridgerton to play a jolly good game of ‘Guess the Regency Slang’ with us in this interview. Can you guess what ‘leg-shackled’, ‘cock up one’s toes’ and ‘diamond of the first water’ mean?!
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Guess Regency Slang with the Cast of Bridgerton (Play Along At Home)
The eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family look for love and happiness in London high society. Inspired by Julia Quinn's bestselling novels.

  • The queen that’s allí have to say 😂

    Eliza SmithEliza Smith4 perccel
  • 1:46 rege-Jean the gays see you 👀👀👀 You slipped lol

    nateparedes44nateparedes4434 perccel

  • That "Oh God" and "Oh Blimey" from Jonathan Bailey at 1:10 got me feeling..... lots of things

    jisooyaa what a goddess u arejisooyaa what a goddess u are5 órája
  • Not him using his chicken George voice.

    Destiny ODestiny O9 órája
  • Rege let chicken george come out at the end

    JP KellsJP Kells10 órája
  • my gay flatmate loves this tv show

    Nap IsBackNap IsBack10 órája
  • I would send a letter to Lady Whistledown to make Daphne and Simon the lead characters in the next season.. Im so pissed of the focus wont be on them. Would watch their scenes so long.

    CandybabyhCandybabyh11 órája
  • I watched it in 2 days

    Captain HaleyCaptain Haley12 órája
  • I love this show

    Captain HaleyCaptain Haley12 órája
  • The bumpy cornet geographically attend because psychiatrist concurrently wrap amongst a condemned celery. lacking, needless swing

    bzour Tamerbzour Tamer14 órája
  • Queen is just so perfect in series 🧨🎈

    Jagroop DhindsaJagroop Dhindsa16 órája
  • Will there be a S2?

    Fiddle SticksFiddle Sticks17 órája
  • Phoebe is so pretty though!

    yeytadeyeytade21 órája
  • *Absolute megababe*

    jihan khansa madinajihan khansa madina23 órája
  • "Absolute mega babe" 😂

    Ruth BoydRuth BoydNapja
  • I have read far too many regency romances. I didnt miss one.

    Exiled New YorkerExiled New YorkerNapja
  • I love this cast

    Asia LobiancoAsia LobiancoNapja
  • Rege Jean Page's commentary PRICELESS lol

  • 1:46 “Dis bitch right here”

    Tae's Winter BearTae's Winter BearNapja
  • Eloise just saying Marriage after she heard leg shackled I-

    Tae's Winter BearTae's Winter BearNapja
  • I love how she says “it’s what?!”

    Lauren MacasinagLauren MacasinagNapja
  • 1:46 dis bish right here

  • Amazing!

    Intercool DigitalIntercool DigitalNapja
  • Am I the only one who feels sad after finish watching a good series?

  • Phoebe dancing is everything❤

    Deejay 06Deejay 06Napja
  • 1:10 this clip lives in my head. rent. free.

    greentea dinogreentea dinoNapja
  • Oh my Rege and Phoebe are so good looking and so fckng out of this world. I just want these two to play as a couple in every movie.. If not, be a real life couple.. Is that bad?

    Trisha Y.Trisha Y.2 napja
  • The queen😂

    Gelema LansanaGelema Lansana2 napja
  • We wuz kangz n sheeeeeit

    Hildegard BundHildegard Bund2 napja
  • I think a romance should start with Anthony Bridgerton and Penelope. She would be spending a lot of time in the Bridgerton home since she’s best friends with Eloise. She would have matured somewhat because of her going through her first heart break and her extra curricular activities as you know who. I can see Anthony fighting his feelings for her and Penelope would be fighting her feeling for him since she always thought herself in love with Colin . Than maybe when they start giving into their feelings Colin suddenly comes back abs things get even more confusing with this new romance. I think it would make for a interesting story. 🤔

    InezInez2 napja
  • When will Rege come out?

    PhilophobiaPhilophobia2 napja
  • Lady Danbury is do pretty 😍.

    T HolmesT Holmes2 napja
  • Rege. Wait for me. Let’s get married

    Synclaire XxxSynclaire Xxx3 napja
  • HAHAHHHAHAHHAH CLAUDIA 0:52 “glad you said toes” 💀💀💀💀

    Cassie McLaughlinCassie McLaughlin3 napja
  • O

    Abigail De JesusAbigail De Jesus3 napja
  • Thanks for this Netflix , I rlly needed some extra Bridgerton content

    Name NamedName Named3 napja
  • Ahh I am loving the Queen here haha "Yes, right in there, bang!" 😂

    AmnaAmna3 napja
  • The Duke is a Australian 🤯🤯🤯

    Mele HafokaMele Hafoka3 napja
  • It’s weird hearing them less posh if you know what I mean

    Izzy HarveyIzzy Harvey3 napja
  • Did anyone else truly believe that the Queen was played by Maya Rudolph?!

    wrathofcowswrathofcows3 napja
  • Why am I getting the feeling that Regé-Jean is 💅?

    ok but likeok but like3 napja
  • Rege is giving me Eddie Murphy vibes with "all the water, all the diamonds"! He's a comedian too!! I love it!! 😍😂😂 lmao!!!! Hilarious!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Ms OakeeMs Oakee3 napja
  • When he said 1:46 omg

    Lia JunLia Jun3 napja
  • Here are some more Regency slang words. Bit of muslin =mistress, member of the muslin company, lightskirt, Covent Garden nun, barque of frailty = sexworker, Abbess = madame, the cut direct = a major snub

    Màrý LìstMàrý Lìst4 napja
    • Here is one more, a slip on the shoulder =a proposition to a potential ladybird

      Màrý LìstMàrý Lìst3 napja
  • She said I’m glade you said foot I’m dead

    Adebisi ThomasAdebisi Thomas4 napja
  • 1:46 thank me later

    Sofia CruzSofia Cruz4 napja
  • Eloise just casually says "glad you said toes" 💀💀💀💀 0:53

    Diya ThomasDiya Thomas4 napja
  • When he said “this bitch right here all the water all the diamond” i died 😭😂😂

    Gabby GomezGabby Gomez4 napja
    • what is so funny?

      Nap IsBackNap IsBack4 napja
  • That was funny 😂

    Porche'Porche'4 napja
  • its so weird to see them out of character, LOVE THIS

    Hanan adelHanan adel4 napja
  • Super love this series of yours Netflix! Lovelove Simon & Daphne 😘

    simple msmsimple msm4 napja
  • I enjoyed this show so much thatI have watched the series three times in the past week! Cant wait for Season 2! 💜

    Joie JordanJoie Jordan4 napja
  • Can we just talk about how they are basically their characters. 😂

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa4 napja
  • I was sure he could speak français.

    C. Sous EcstasyC. Sous Ecstasy4 napja
  • It's weird how English is not my first language and I know all the meanings to those words. Must be the too much reading of regency novels 😂

    Aysah RAysah R4 napja
  • *1:10** omg rip replay button coz anthony and benedict -so cute hahahahaha*

    A. L.A. L.5 napja
    • “dis bish right here... all the water all the diamond” 😂😂

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa4 napja
  • Season 2 pleaaasse🤗

    eye like ueye like u5 napja
  • I feel this show is the perfect release of built up pandemic frustrations.🤫

    shandramareshandramare5 napja
  • It is so weird seeing them out of their characters lol

    Tina KongTina Kong5 napja
  • 1:47 I love him so much!! 😂😂😍😍😍

    zulyreyes_xozulyreyes_xo5 napja
  • my new aesthetic is the costumed cast of Bridgerton cursing and talking normally.

    Rachel JonesRachel Jones5 napja
  • Am fluent in historical romance language

    shirlee tanghayashirlee tanghaya5 napja
  • Dis Bish Right Here Phoebe Dances Akwardly yet Joyously

    Aninha SerfatyAninha Serfaty5 napja
  • What is this show even about? Is it like the crown or something?

    mali 1mali 15 napja
    • It’s 50 shades of grey and pride and prejudice in one delicious cake.

      Ez CastEz Cast3 napja
  • 0:01 he has no british accent omg

    Zainab SiddiquiZainab Siddiqui5 napja
  • Really waiting for season 2 is there gonna be a season 2 of bridgerton?

    Gul-e- ZehraGul-e- Zehra5 napja
  • It's so strange seeing them dressed up in their costumes but talking normally

    seiom jvonyseiom jvony5 napja
  • @ Netflix, what happened to the necklace in the garden?

    Lucian KingLucian King5 napja
  • OmG "can not or will not" I've read this years ago. That's why this sounds familiar ahahaha 😅😅😅😅

    Iza T.Iza T.5 napja

    Samanta VidalSamanta Vidal5 napja
  • “dis bish right here... all the water all the diamond” 😂😂

    ohmyvoidohmyvoid5 napja
    • Come on, I know you came for 1:46

      seiom jvonyseiom jvony5 napja
  • a man calling a woman bitch and people celebrating that....embarrassing

    Sh. N.Sh. N.5 napja
  • The chemistry between this cast is off the charts👌

    Lena SanzLena Sanz6 napja
  • The Indian in me read it as B Tech

    Anagha BGAnagha BG6 napja

    caitlin mariecaitlin marie6 napja
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Raheemat AlagaRaheemat Alaga6 napja
  • "I shall now be known as a ladybird". Haha she said that with such pride. All hail the queen 😍

    Mizzy's ParrotsMizzy's Parrots6 napja
    • That lady is awesome All hail the QUEEN!!!

      Dana GilesDana Giles3 napja
  • And then...Rake and Diamond move to L.A. for their new reality show

    Maria Esqueda GarciaMaria Esqueda Garcia6 napja
  • Best show Netflix has ever made 💯

    Jeber TorresJeber Torres6 napja
  • I’m in looooove with Golda and Adjoa they look amazing and so regal

    Baga bonesBaga bones6 napja
  • I love them lmaooo

    Marianne RoseMarianne Rose6 napja
  • 1:46

    HopeHope6 napja
  • this is not my first time here

    dinusadinusa6 napja
  • Oh, i want it! :)

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke6 napja
  • Come on, I know you came for 1:46

    Bertille BossartBertille Bossart6 napja
  • Hahaaha " This bitch right here.." 😆😆

    Anastasia VanaAnastasia Vana6 napja
  • 1:47 omg- 🥰🥰😭

    Hannah GHannah G6 napja
  • Simon and Daphne at 1:47 LMFAOO💀😭

    Lem0nPePPaStePPaLem0nPePPaStePPa6 napja
    • @yuoop noke how do u know? And if he is Gay, Like Ok..

      Lem0nPePPaStePPaLem0nPePPaStePPa6 napja
    • He is gay.

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke6 napja
  • the ending of the bee- I need more thank you for much.

    JJWSVTK abiJJWSVTK abi6 napja
  • "All the water...all the diamond" I can't-😭

    Nies PrimelNies Primel6 napja
  • Identity: Absolute megababe lmaooooo

    Abi WatsonAbi Watson6 napja
  • I'm obsessed with this show! daphne&simon😍😍😍

    Marija PopovićMarija Popović6 napja
  • I mean the Queen and her iconic WIGS!!!

    Kelly M.Kelly M.6 napja
  • It's so strange seeing them dressed up in their costumes but talking normally

    MoonsongMoonsong6 napja
    • They are not still talking normally at least to me

    • They are not still talking normally at least to me

    • They were taking normally...

      Yellow CocoYellow Coco5 napja
  • This video is full of poise and grace, and it makes me so happy! hahahaha

    Vinh G. NguyenVinh G. Nguyen6 napja
  • Rake=Fuck boy is the perfect definition. Now that I've left my regency loving days behind, I can see that so clearly.

    CearesCeares7 napja
  • What's the name of the piece playing in the background here?

    Jeremy BongJeremy Bong7 napja
  • I'm not okay with the fact that we're probably only getting season 2 in 2022

    Israe MizriIsrae Mizri7 napja
    • @TheLindafoxcat I didn't even know about this! 😱 I'm sure it'll still be good but like, he's the male lead. It won't be the same

      Israe MizriIsrae Mizri4 napja
    • And im not ok with the fact that the duke hardly appears in the sequels...😢 We need a petition for simon's subplots in future seasons (although he is almost absent from the future books. the only one that appears in all of them is anthony and maybe also a bit of phenelope and eloise.)

      TheLindafoxcatTheLindafoxcat4 napja
  • It was so worth waiting until the end to hear Rege-Jean say "this b*tch right here" in that accented voice. Lol!

    VC JonesVC Jones7 napja