the BEST bad movie I've ever seen

2020.jún. 8.
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  • * Cody starts sniffing * “I hear something” Me: I don’t think that’s how that works

    Bud. EBud. E5 hónapja
    • @Gabriella Rivera but it isnt

      RadcoonRadcoon3 hónapja
    • but it is

      Gabriella RiveraGabriella Rivera3 hónapja
    • @Color Cloud nah would be to obscure of a reference

      RadcoonRadcoon4 hónapja
    • Lauren Petchar what’s a ghostbusters?

      SlashySlashy4 hónapja
    • Thanks Sherlock

      Sunny_boy 69Sunny_boy 694 hónapja
  • how many times this had me w h e e z i n g

    Lovey buggyLovey buggy2 órája
  • Director is full of shit, there's no way auto-correct would make a up a word without it already being used and added to the dictionary....if auto-correct just made up words it would be sorta useless.

    Richard BubbRichard Bubb4 napja
  • The movie is a banger

    Griffin VGriffin V4 napja
  • I remember watching this video, 6 years ago when Daniel Tosh did it on Tosh.O

    Victor ManriqueVictor Manrique5 napja
  • **wife runs towards papa priest and is just about to step on a mine** AD*SWITCH TO THE NEW CRIME BOOK NOW!* **wife explodes on husband**

    Wubaluba Dub dubWubaluba Dub dub9 napja
  • Review a movie called big freaking rat. Too good

    BtwItsJessBtwItsJess10 napja
  • Damn, the soldier friend is so cool he continues smoking his cigarette after getting shot in the heart.

    etwan401etwan40110 napja
  • The ending fight scene😂😂😭😭

  • you know what? mad respect to the person who wrote and directed this, they just wanted to have fun and fuck around EDIT: also why the fuck are there ninjas if ninjas are _japanese_

    Luisa FrugoliLuisa Frugoli14 napja
  • During the entire war flashback, you can see the "dead" friend breathing. Look at the puffs of smoke lol

    Skyler BirchSkyler Birch15 napja
  • Why the fuck i started laughing nonstop with the last parts of the movie

    Christian CruzChristian Cruz16 napja
  • The velociraptor costume legit looked like a giant potato lol

    Jenna PriestJenna Priest16 napja
  • To be fair, the concept of getting people hooked on cocaine in order to manipulate them into joining a cult isn't that far-fetched. Drugs aside, that's how a lot of cults work. They draw you in with something rewarding (promise of money, food, community etc) and then threaten to take it away if you don't conform. It's also how some Christian evangelists work. They go to starving communities to offer food, but you only get the food after attending the church service. I say this as a Christian, and it's bullshit.

    Zone DollZone Doll17 napja
  • I rly just sat down, watched the whole movie. Then came back to watch the review 😂

    Noah BeasleyNoah Beasley17 napja
  • He got cut lol

    Immortal OverdriveImmortal Overdrive18 napja
  • The part where the girlfriend blew up really made me sad

    lolo is cringelolo is cringe18 napja
    • Gave me this awful feeling

      lolo is cringelolo is cringe12 napja
    • Like it

      lolo is cringelolo is cringe12 napja

    TheFreshPrinceOfSaiyansTheFreshPrinceOfSaiyans19 napja
  • 11:30 he was literally breathing

    Meme TimeMeme Time19 napja
  • Damn Cody wears 917

    Nugget SlayerNugget Slayer21 napja
  • That’s what parents do... they die on you 😂😂😂 I shit myself 😂😂😂😂

    Pure Evil Entertainment.Pure Evil Entertainment.21 napja
  • I think this film was mean to be bad but the producer somehow make it seem like it was unintentional which made this movie actually entertaining.

    陈俊峰陈俊峰21 napja
  • Wait so they go back to the forest in China! That’s a plot hole

    sydney brodericksydney broderick23 napja
  • Yo okay Cody, you mentioned the movie being a weird shroom trip. And I have know idea about what you’ve done but if you’ve taken shrooms before, you should make a video explaining your craziest experiences on shrooms, or DMT, or other crazy shit that’d be hilarious

    Noah VenesileNoah Venesile24 napja
  • This movie sounds legendary

    Josh SpinksJosh Spinks25 napja
  • LMAO that fight scene is hilarious... why didn't they just try cgi

    Kiflemariam MelkuKiflemariam Melku26 napja
  • Wait wait wait. I missed a Cody video

    brieyoncebrieyonce28 napja
  • nooooo...the staaaaaache :(

    hodjo.playshodjo.plays29 napja
  • absolutely cannot believe they didn’t go with “veloci-rapture”

    Lizzy GLizzy G29 napja
  • i feel bad for doug

  • I watched this video while high and again while sober and it had me crying laughing both times!! 10/10, absolutely hysterical review! I really need to see this movie now 😂

    Danielle ReynoldsDanielle ReynoldsHónapja
  • Va 3:33

  • These feels like a HUworld shit-post and I love it

    Lance _0923Lance _0923Hónapja
  • Cody looks like a tik tok eboy

    Ferdousi KhanamFerdousi KhanamHónapja
  • "The perfect movie doesn't exi-" Velocipastor YES!!!!

    Galen StahlGalen StahlHónapja

    Mason DavieMason DavieHónapja
  • 10/10

    The snowy BrickThe snowy BrickHónapja
  • This movie is like something I would of wrote when I was in first grade lol.

    Taylor BransonTaylor BransonHónapja
  • hunchback t rex is my favorite dinosaur

    Audrey KaydreyAudrey KaydreyHónapja
  • my boyfriend and i watched this as a first date

    Tamia patinoTamia patinoHónapja

    June CoxJune CoxHónapja
  • there’s so much gore in this movie, and for why

    Ivebeeenthinkn tomuchIvebeeenthinkn tomuchHónapja

    Emma CookEmma CookHónapja
  • Ok but that papa priest backstory thing is just sad

  • Check out lumber VS jack that it the best worst movie for real

    Joseph FontaineJoseph FontaineHónapja
  • Cody: "this random asian guy is introduced who wants to kill him for some reason, they never explain it or anything" literally not even 5 minutes in: *asian lady dies, gives pastor the Dino tooth* asian lady: "destroy those or they will never stop trying to kill you"

    Alex ZimmermanAlex ZimmermanHónapja
  • Did your hot chick apron arrive yet? It should have been there on June 2

    Daniel RuizDaniel RuizHónapja
  • pristoric preisthod at its finest.

    Claire MannetClaire MannetHónapja
  • lol when i was on an airplane going to iceland my dad watched this ngl its a great bad movie

    Smolbean _Smolbean _Hónapja
  • troll 2...

    Anne LeathermanAnne LeathermanHónapja
  • This movie was written by Ross when he was high

    Anaina SabdullaAnaina SabdullaHónapja
  • I'm pretty sure they refer to them as sex workers not prostitutes anymore. Took you a long time to acknowledge her actual name as well lol.

  • Please review Cool World. I just watched it the other day and it is the best/worst movie I've ever seen

    Sara SmithSara SmithHónapja
  • They gotta get Dhar Mann on Velocipastor 2 just sayin

    Nolan MalloyNolan MalloyHónapja
  • i ducking love this movie

    Lame LiamLame LiamHónapja
  • did you know that china was the place that paleontologist found the first velociraptor fossil

    Boss HossBoss HossHónapja
  • paranormal activity was made for $15,000. this was more than twice that.

  • You should react to Sharknado Its the best-worst movie i have ever seen. You would love it!

    Emma KitsonEmma KitsonHónapja
  • one time i tried to type velociraptor but i said philosiraptor.. i stg if i knew being illiterate would get me a movie i would made a half dinosaur half philosopher

    Ave VaughanAve VaughanHónapja
  • Cody the the cinema cat

    Russell MayerRussell MayerHónapja
  • @codyko should react to milfs vs zombies, it’s top tier shit

    Lui KempLui KempHónapja
  • doug gets bit by a bone llllllllllloooooooooolllllllll

    Tycavax MDTycavax MDHónapja
  • Jokes on you I watched it two years ago

    Nathan ThompsonNathan ThompsonHónapja
  • Wthhh broo spoiler alert!!

  • maybe im just tired but im pretty sure that one guy's headband says little brother in mandarin

  • Bro you need to review Riki-OH

  • Ollie gets shot, and a magical joint appears in his mouth that he continues to smoke while he’s dead.

    Stephen HerringStephen HerringHónapja
  • Looks like a school project. The actors suck. I'm sorry you had to watch that cody

    Jessica FarmerJessica FarmerHónapja
  • His wife got Fuckin obliterated lmao 😂😂😂

    Rayquaza17 2737Rayquaza17 2737Hónapja
  • I Love this. Its so Goddamn awful that its brilliant

    Daniel RamseyDaniel RamseyHónapja
  • Lads Sofia was a banger

    markini curtinimarkini curtiniHónapja
  • I had to pause the video when the wife exploded clothes and all 🤣🤣

  • wait but we don't have ninja in China

    Gavin WuGavin WuHónapja
  • 30k is not a lot to make a movie, but its a lot of money to invest in this...

    Madison TMadison THónapja
  • 11:54 I could watch this all day lmao

    Moe-The -DogMoe-The -DogHónapja
  • Don’t forget to praise your God. -Velocipastor

    Moe-The -DogMoe-The -DogHónapja
  • I can't believe they made a movie about Tyranno Hassleberry

    Taurin WimberlyTaurin WimberlyHónapja

    Noah CrawfordNoah CrawfordHónapja
  • Did anyone notice in the fight scene that it’s a Tyrannosaurus rex not a velociraptor? Sorry I just noticed that

    Riley HernandezRiley HernandezHónapja
  • I watched the movie just cause you told me to, it was worth it to watch before watching this video. Even left out some other funny parts like when he gets his brothers sword with the powers of the force or Thor’s hammer.

    01Ethan Hiicks71001Ethan Hiicks710Hónapja
  • this is the most confusing movie ive ever watched. im so lost

  • i love how papa priests wife just turns into blood and drops on him

    simping is my hobbysimping is my hobbyHónapja
  • 7:03 *priest*oric glory im dissapointed of myself

    Elsuerpo QlElsuerpo Ql2 hónapja

    Liz KerrLiz Kerr2 hónapja
  • I love the fact this movie has a scene directly copying High School Musical

    TheDarkPyr0TheDarkPyr02 hónapja
  • I'm sorry but that velociraptor looked like a stuffed potato that was baked in cowdung

    cynicalcynical2 hónapja
  • The director really said all these morons fresh out of film school trying to stand out by making the most polished immaculate project...HA HA! jokes on them! I'm gonna do the exact opposite and stand out. And to think that that ACTUALLY worked out well for him too WOW GENIUS

    cynicalcynical2 hónapja
  • The plot of the next Onision book, lads.

    Katja SippolaKatja Sippola2 hónapja
  • Burglar was also thinking that park is where the money is.

    BalticManBalticMan2 hónapja
  • Cody!, I am pretty sure That velocipastor friend, the older pastor friend from war is barber Jeff. I swear.

    Bladimir EstrellaBladimir Estrella2 hónapja
  • i feel like this movie was trying to be a spin off of spider man, jurassic park, true romance and like every genre all at once

    keely testermankeely testerman2 hónapja
  • one piece fans? X drake lol

    MDATripleStarMDATripleStar2 hónapja
  • anyone else notice noel hasnt been in any videos in awhile 😢

    Spencer BaldwinSpencer Baldwin2 hónapja
  • Bruh at 15:37 just that view 💀

    Elisandro GramajoElisandro Gramajo2 hónapja
  • I have never been this excited to watch a comedy movie

    KoryKory2 hónapja
  • I remember I begged my mom to let me what this movie

    Beezy GBeezy G2 hónapja
  • His buddy in the battle since was so hot, i thought they are going to have sex in the woods any second 🌚

    Ali JoonAli Joon2 hónapja
  • Cody: "it's a bird? It's a plane?" Me: Yea yea yea yea...bring out the boss bitch

    Vesna ResanovicVesna Resanovic2 hónapja
  • 16:16 is this a mannequin head 😰

    AhmedAhmed2 hónapja
  • PRIESThoric powers ahaha

    Camila ReyesCamila Reyes2 hónapja