THE BAY LEAF! - cooking basics part 2

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How to use the bay leaf. Explained by professional Boris.
Cutting boards, spatulas and cards here:
Basics part 1:
0:00 Intro
0:31 The bay leaf
1:40 Egg boiling and peeling
5:39 Frying egg
7:39 Adding mayonez
8:41 Dill form heavens
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  • In my country we use at least 5 tejpata/তেজপাতা/ Bay leaves in every kind of food And now I know it's a slav thing

    A AbdullahA Abdullah51 perce

  • So I know that this is kind of, dumb, in Legend master cheif man boris, But I take the bay leafs, Compact them, freeze them together, then shred them, You eat them, and its just kind of, good.

    - Caveria -- Caveria -4 napja
  • basics with boris

    Porg240Porg2406 napja
  • I can no longer use a bay leaf without saying it the way he does. It just doesn't seem right otherwise.

    Rusty KinksRusty Kinks7 napja
  • 6:25 I died 😂

    Prabha ShuklaPrabha Shukla9 napja
  • when I was young I ate a lasagna with a bay leaf inside it I tasted it then I swore I will never go near bay leaves again but then I tasted a soup with a bay leaf then I realized I made a mistake

    Noah Ezra FondevillaNoah Ezra Fondevilla9 napja
  • The point of putting an egg into cold water is to stop it from becoming hard boiled. Hard boiling is criminal.

    HydromaniacCatHydromaniacCat9 napja
  • Man Boris becareful with your mayonaise dose

    bushle Katilibushle Katili10 napja
  • "Just do boris blin 360, Its actually 180 but we dont speak of that"- Boris 2020. EX- NKVD/KGB member he was fired for putting mayonez with the plutonium and accidentaly made Chernobyl

    E BE B10 napja
  • I personally like the bay leaf taste

    Tyler KolaskeTyler Kolaske10 napja
  • Instructions unclear: Made pelmeni with bayleaf and 6 minute egg plus dill as topping.

    F HF H11 napja
  • me : "But Boris how much mayonez do you add ?" Boris : "Yes"

    Adrien LefrançoisAdrien Lefrançois12 napja
  • people who enjoy hardboiled eggs are just masochists that enjoy the experience of chewing the sahara desert.

    Hello. My Name Is ConnorHello. My Name Is Connor13 napja
  • 3:29 где взять эти карты блять???

    tyger 51tyger 5114 napja
  • your cooking borsch and somethings missing yh the FUCKING BEETROOT

    Artjoms KasumovsArtjoms Kasumovs14 napja
  • Filipinos call it "laurel"

    林 勇林 勇15 napja
  • As far as I know, shocking boiled eggs with cold water help even more naturally harder eggs to peel easily. This also helps out tons if you need to make none hardboiled eggs, a slight difference in how easy it is to peel makes a world if for some reason you need to full peel a soft boiled egg. Also good method in general to make your egg to your edible temperature quicker. Like, you can have an egg just out of boiling water and then 1min or 2 in cold water, egg fine to peel and eat without cooked finger. Cold water not exactly a myth. Also the colder water the better, ice water is best but if you don't live near the ocean or winter is not available and you lazy, it is definitely not required just normal tap water would do. Also if available (if not go cry to babushka) put in a little vinegar or lime/lemon juice, helps soften up the egg shell. Also, if you add acidic components, when eggs crack because they really just do that sometimes, as long as your water isn't as angry as German mustache Man your egg will not spew out everything(at least much less if barely any) and you can save a perfectly good egg. Reason is acid will also destroy the protein structure causing it to cramp and get hard. If you have the energy you can go try to put strong acid(like sulfuric acid) on raw egg to see a much quicker effect. Note: don't put strong acid in your egg boiling when you want to actually eat the egg. If you want to poison Vadim then use flourid acid, it will eat his bones out, just don't touch anything that came in contact with it ever. In this case a small amount will just help prevent leaking because small cracks gets filled up and if the crack grows larger it will continually help patching it up together with the heat which is normally not fast enough.

    Adam XueAdam Xue15 napja
    • @Adam Xue lol

      E BE B9 napja
    • I am a Pear, also I live rather close to y'all comrades... Yes, right under those white snows up in the north... *Mosinagan intensifies*

      Adam XueAdam Xue9 napja
    • thank you comrade... Pear? Apple? I dont know what kind of western fruit you are. in soviet russia, there is 2 fruit. The magical Kalashnikov tree and the babushka bush

      E BE B10 napja
  • Rules of the bay leaf 1. If it lacks something, its probably a bayleaf 2. Or maybe 2

    ForiarezForiarez17 napja
  • wonder who tried to make deep fried bay leaf

    Samuel Cw4Samuel Cw417 napja
  • WESLAV CUTTING BOARD?!?!?!? yes pls

    Doctor SexDoctor Sex17 napja
  • Huh I never reuse bay leaf... interesting

    Christine Xiaoji LiuChristine Xiaoji Liu18 napja
  • Not a true Russian of u don’t have fire stove

    Gabriele ChavezGabriele Chavez20 napja
    • its a fire stove, just a slavic fire stove. western fire stove has fancy buttons and dials. True slavic stove is made of a barrel and 5 gopniks making shashlik in a litteral dumpsterfire.

      E BE B10 napja
  • What's the music?

    Sunshine The HedgehogSunshine The Hedgehog22 napja
  • I read "bay leaf" as baby leaf by accident and was wondering if that's a new sort of bay leaf.

    darkdragondarkdragon22 napja
  • Usually I admire Boris' ability to turn simple things into an amazing meal but as an Englishman I'm almost genuinely offended that you can suggest an egg should be cooked for any more than four minutes. My record is 6 minutes from rear of chicken to eggcup.

    Matt Carding-WoodsMatt Carding-Woods22 napja

    OFF ONOFF ON24 napja
  • howtobasic: *insert michael no please god no meme*

    Bakugo ShounenBakugo Shounen24 napja
  • Runny fried egg on a medium rare bacon cheeseburger like western spy

    Timothy CreightonTimothy Creighton24 napja
  • Soft boil your eggs, wrap them in pork sausage, bread and fry

    Timothy CreightonTimothy Creighton24 napja
  • Just realized Russian food uses a lot of bay leaves like Puerto Rican food and most Spanish foods 😂

    I’m not a dunmer You areI’m not a dunmer You are25 napja
  • We want new part;

    Botond BaráthBotond Baráth27 napja
  • I'm sitting in my dorm room pretty hungry, haven't had an actual meal all day. I have rice, leftover egg rolls, sriracha, jalapeno chips, and of course, raman. I know what to do.

    John TetzlaffJohn Tetzlaff27 napja
  • How to make a Slav nut: *B A Y L E A F*

    some random person with internet accesssome random person with internet access28 napja
  • Here's a completely original rename idea for the series "Basics with Boris"

    PainPain28 napja
  • I'm twenty years old and finally I know how to cook eggs.

    ReadRoachReadRoach28 napja
  • Hey Boris what is better Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

    Ice SlushiIce Slushi29 napja
  • Thanks for the cooking ideas for breakfast! Now i know how to add mayonez on my boiled egg and bay leaf

    darkgameplay68darkgameplay6829 napja
  • I like my маыонез extra slavic too, I put it on my burgers to make it russian, sausages to make it russian, everything for good taste and to make it russian, also the bay leaf too!

    Don't BotherDon't BotherHónapja
  • Make a kapsalon boris

  • In my family the one who gets the bay leaf does the dishes!

    Alien EyesAlien EyesHónapja
  • 8 min egg only for ramen

    Duh VidsDuh VidsHónapja
  • Any addicts first excuse: Im in total control of the amount of Mayonaise ^^

    Leo MLeo MHónapja
  • 3:23 but what about of deck od slav

    Marko BosnicMarko BosnicHónapja
  • or maybe two

    Marko BosnicMarko BosnicHónapja
  • in sovient russia you dont control mayonez.... mayonez controlls you

  • Boris, make Slavic tea

    Aaron DaweAaron DaweHónapja
  • "Next Cooking Egg with Vodka"

    Fx NexFx NexHónapja
  • I'm from the UK, only recently found this chanel and it is hilarious 😅 we eat boiled 🥚 and soldiers (toast cut into strips) mostly for breakfast. The egg white is cooked but yoke is soft 😋 do this perfect every time -> • put 🥚 into saucepan with cold 💧 • put lid on pan and bring to a rolling boil • turn heat off and leave 🥚 in 💧 and the lid on for 3 mins for 🥚 that were at room 🌡 and 4 mins if your wierd and keep 🥚 in fridge • remove 🥚 from pan • smash humpty dumpty head in and enjoy

    bam bambam bamHónapja
  • i once boiled a egg for 5 goddam minutes, it fell apart in my hand

    Rainer mRainer mHónapja
  • Part 3 please

  • 6:26 "Do not S M A S H it at the pan like dat"

  • Hahaha, does Boris fear salmonella in a boiled egg? But doesn't bother salmonella in mayonase.

    Pamela IslamPamela IslamHónapja
  • Life of boris(chef)

  • Binging with Boris when?

    Blake 2002Blake 2002Hónapja
  • >let egg cool down for 20-30 minures Boris you borscht head! You do not cool the eggs in water you scare them! Throw in col water for 30-50 seconds, then immediately peel! (the eggshell shrinks in cold at a different temperature than the rest of the egg, making peeling easy)

  • "dried bay leaf? damn, where i can find that fancy stuff? that looks interesting and tasty" said me who can always get fresh bay leaf from my backyard just because i never translate it to my language

    wisnu ajiwisnu ajiHónapja
  • idk why but im always inspired after watching these cooking videos

  • well the truth is the cold water only helps if you want to peel it and eat it immediately after cooking, not after 25 minutes, because at that point it makes no difference.

    Alexandro DiazAlexandro DiazHónapja
  • Bay leaf salad recipe please!

    Artūrs KazāksArtūrs KazāksHónapja

  • Bay leaf soup

    Jason LiJason LiHónapja
  • O R M A Y B E T W O!

  • Blin nahui

    Adrian MalancaAdrian MalancaHónapja
  • Boiled egg successful!

    Anton SaikoAnton SaikoHónapja
  • I live in Death Valley, can you do a No Water Cooking Tutorial

    S KS KHónapja
  • so.. if I got this right, cooked eggs are so popular in russia because it isn't safe to eat them soft boiled there?

  • Me : hey boris why there more bay leaf left use for ? Boris :*is this simp*

    Dr. NoDr. NoHónapja
  • 1:24 I think all of us can relate to that

  • Putting salt in the water when its hit boiling point helps it peel easier, I've done numerous experiments that prove this

    Chris MorrisonChris MorrisonHónapja
  • Boris does not believe in yolks.

  • My eggs never peel that easily...

  • Blin it easier to MAKE a wooden spatula than to order one online!

    Emīls LubānsEmīls LubānsHónapja
  • "Do not be afraid to fail" Me at end of month with only 1 egg: ;-;

  • Um i did a challenge and put 100 bay leafs in a soup and lets say the flavor was too strong for a mortal stomach

    Pavle SavicPavle SavicHónapja
  • Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. Dill on pelmeni, yes. But where's the sour cream!?

    Jaak MaasaluJaak MaasaluHónapja
  • Giving boiled eggs a cold bath for 30 minutes defeats the purpose. Boiled eggs are given cold baths so you can peel them right after they're done cooking.

    Bappo JujubesBappo JujubesHónapja
  • lmao i havent had mayonaise for so long i forgot what it tastes like

    Strange Miscellaneous FruitStrange Miscellaneous FruitHónapja
  • Boris should check out japanese cooking when it comes to eggs. Those guys add runny and half cooked egg to everything

    Glen GlenGlen GlenHónapja
  • JD

    Piotr LisowskiPiotr LisowskiHónapja
  • You fucked those eggs

    sad wandering tradersad wandering traderHónapja
  • Wow! Before I watch this video I thought only us Vietnamese cook everything well done (no bleeding cow muscle, no liquidy boiled eggs, least traditionally), now I know the Slavs does too! Cheers for our healthy way of cooking, comrades!

    Hoang LeHoang LeHónapja
  • In Portugal it's called: folha de louro (Laurus nobilis).

    Francisco RamosFrancisco RamosHónapja
  • Anyone who likes to eat egg yolk raw is dead to me

    King of Sea cucumbersKing of Sea cucumbersHónapja
  • Runny yolks are worth the risk

    Timothy CreightonTimothy CreightonHónapja
  • How I know my boiled egg is ready: "Oh shit the egg"

    • Who boils just one egg?

      Angry CentrelinkRecipientAngry CentrelinkRecipientHónapja
  • 'the bay leaf' Me, a wiccan: *Interesting*

    Pebbles 2: eletric boogalooPebbles 2: eletric boogalooHónapja
  • 8:28 anyone else see a lion's face in the mayonez?

    Yva LYva LHónapja
  • You use as much mayo as an American.

    Ydah ShetYdah ShetHónapja
  • I always just shake the egg. Hard boiled wont slosh around.

    Glen GillilandGlen GillilandHónapja
  • Soft yolk is good if you are eating it just it alone but in anything else. Hard yolk all the way.

    Ben DoverBen DoverHónapja
  • Me: I hate the flavour of da bay leaf *boris would like to know your location*

    Liddle PuppiesLiddle PuppiesHónapja
  • Hey Boris, So in the US we refrigerate our eggs for the entire shipping process, and when you boil a chilled egg, sulfur can build up on the outside of the yolk, leading to an unpleasant green ring. The ice water bath trick came from the US, and it's done to prevent the buildup of sulfur so the yolk stays yellow and delicious-looking.

  • Dear Boris, how many times can this ulrod chef re use a bay leaf

    Geb MasturaGeb MasturaHónapja
  • I can't believe it. Boris talking about genetalia at 5:58

    John CenaJohn CenaHónapja
  • I love how satisfying it is when he cracks his egg

    Mr MilkywayMr MilkywayHónapja
  • Bliin that gold stuff from riga is tasty that’s why i like latvian food

    Lembergs LembisLembergs LembisHónapja
  • What is best mayonnaise? Tell me

  • boris does not know the pain of western eggs

  • I never fried eggs on the both sides... I like my yellow thing soft enough that you can dip bread in it.

    「Danat 」 The 「Iron Revenant」「Danat 」 The 「Iron Revenant」Hónapja
    • Raw baby chicken juice? Yikes