THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)

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First trailer for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson

  • My favorite thing is that when he says “I’m Vengeance” he doesn’t do so in an ultra forced deep voice. For that, I am thankful.

    Tote TateTote Tate31 másodperc
  • Can't wait for this movie, Patterson looks awesome

    Gilby SlashGilby Slash22 perccel
  • man that music this trailer is one of the bests i have seen

    Muhammad RazaMuhammad RazaÓrája
  • WOW.. cannot wait

    Erny WidiastutiErny WidiastutiÓrája
  • i just hope destroying the synder verse for ANOTHER origin story of batman was worth it...

  • i love the soundtrack....

    Jerome RubillaJerome Rubilla3 órája
  • awesome trailer but uh, where’s alfred?

    SapuSapu3 órája
  • Paul Dano

    Mike FrancisMike Francis3 órája
  • Paul Dano

    Mike FrancisMike Francis3 órája
  • Now 2022😭😭😭😭

    mainak mukherjeemainak mukherjee3 órája
  • That’s one way to fuck up the franchise

    Valas VegaValas Vega3 órája
  • Marvelous

    Shaifful Azli NasabShaifful Azli Nasab4 órája
  • The movie isn’t out yet because the bats perfecting his eyeliner, might wanna wait a few years

    Stop_The_Gæs _Stop_The_Gæs _4 órája
  • I laugh every time I see this, the eyeliner reminds me of a Cullen

    M MM M4 órája
  • Thug: Who are you? Beats him into a coma Batman: okay start talking!

    crypto gripcrypto grip4 órája

    FrostbiteZ688FrostbiteZ6885 órája
  • Who are you ? Batman : I'm Vengeance.

    Harsh Vardhan SonwalHarsh Vardhan Sonwal5 órája
  • That’s red hood ma guy

    STAR 6STAR 65 órája
  • year 3021

    Keen VailKeen Vail5 órája
  • This shit's have been out for like 7 months and Im watching it now!!

    Shobit AgarwalShobit Agarwal5 órája
  • Soo, Batman is `goth` now?

    MorpheusΩneMorpheusΩne6 órája
  • I want to see joker

    Kael RiveraKael Rivera6 órája
  • yooo anyone else skeptical rn?

    PlaYCaLPlaYCaL6 órája
  • Can we consider it like a young Bale Batman and forget Affleck please?

    LeLe6 órája
  • Wayyyyy better than Affleck

    LeLe6 órája
  • if this uses jared leto as joker and he sucks like in suicide squad ill be pissed. pattinson may have to once again carry a movie on his back

    P. B.P. B.6 órája
  • I thought it was Hush for a second

    Derek TorresDerek Torres7 órája
  • excellent song choice

    SoraSora8 órája
  • Just like what Robin in injustice 2 said “So killing criminals is not okay but giving them traumatic brain injuries is fine?”

    Grin - EyamaGrin - Eyama8 órája
  • Christian bale will always be my favourite. But I’m excited to see the way he plays it.

    Breanna DavlutBreanna Davlut9 órája
  • Where is Christian bale?

    JuanJuan9 órája
  • Batman: I don't kill people. 10 seconds later: 1:38

    Ian YangIan Yang9 órája
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    Hoang Phuc SinhHoang Phuc Sinh10 órája
  • I’m calling that the antagonist of this film is going to be either Hush, The Court of Owls, Riddler, or Black mask. Hush and Black mask seem like the most realistic choices because of how the thugs are dressed (black attire and face paint) and that points to Black Mask, but the way those murdered people were tied up, with their faces obstructed by gauze or duct tape, points to Thomas Elliot being the primary foe. Regardless, I have high hopes for this film, although I’m saddened it’s not Ben affleck under the cowl

    X_HolyTemplar_ XX_HolyTemplar_ X10 órája
  • Another dead ass batman movie...

    TahmidTahmid10 órája
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    Trieu Tu DongTrieu Tu Dong10 órája
    • Stfu

      Lil BobaLil Boba9 órája
  • Honestly, after seeing him in Tenet and him being the only redeeming feature of High Life I am feeling pretty positive about out newest Caped Crusader.

    TerminalVerbosityTerminalVerbosity11 órája
  • I am vengeance ❤️

    Miz ShaniaMiz Shania11 órája
  • The people for love a good batman 31m views

    Jaydon BroadbeltJaydon Broadbelt11 órája
  • Nao me surpreendeu muito... na vdd nem um pouco sei la kkkk

    GorditoGordito11 órája
  • I'm soooooo tired of grim 'n' gritty comic book movies...

    Sab 1Sab 111 órája
    • @Sab 1 or you can just look at it as a different universe like every adaptation is? A different earth. It makes sense and I don’t mind it. I appreciate the Snyder films the more time goes by, There’s layers to them. There’s a universe where the justice league is in the golden and another where they have completely different names. You can’t be spoiled to not have the universe you wish on the big screen. If you want that fun you’re looking for and not serious, then the CW arrow verse is for you. The flash is phenomenal in the first and second season.

      Lil BobaLil Boba3 órája
    • @Lil Boba so why does DC have to be so dour? Shazam was a step in the right direction. I remember how much fun the 2000's Justice League show was...

      Sab 1Sab 17 órája
    • That’s why there’s options lol. Aka marvel

      Lil BobaLil Boba9 órája
  • No.

    wintercounter2wintercounter212 órája
  • One trailer guys, ONE TRAILER and is WAY batter than all the new content of the MCU.

    goatlordgoatlord12 órája
  • I dont know why but I think he will be the best batman ever...

    eazy14eazy1412 órája
  • “Who the hell are you supposed to be” Batman : “And I took that personally”

    Talha RizwanTalha Rizwan12 órája
    • Ok Boomer

      Shobit AgarwalShobit Agarwal5 órája
  • black warden for real? its like white black panther or woman jams pond oh u did XD

    Demon FoxDemon Fox12 órája
  • Me gusto mas este trailer a otros que eh visto de Batman espero y este buena la pelicula. Se parece un poco a robin eso me gusto jaja

    laLizz ELFlaLizz ELF13 órája
  • I might actually go see this one

    Ayla ErkanAyla Erkan13 órája
  • 3031 😔

    GüneyGüney14 órája
  • He might be good but no one will ever beat Christian bale Batman

    Paul McLaughlinPaul McLaughlin14 órája
    • Well, atleast he won't have throat cancer.

      Abhinav BaruahAbhinav Baruah6 órája
    • Ben Affleck.

      Armadillo HamsterArmadillo Hamster13 órája
  • People: We hate Ben Affleck as batman DC: (gives Robert Pattinson) Affleck: Haha jokes on you People: Affleck wasn't bad afterall

    Akshat TamrakarAkshat Tamrakar14 órája
  • "the Crow" crossover.

    Kim WardKim Ward15 órája
  • Daredevil the movie??

  • how many times must they reinvent this guy?!

    Deconverted ManDeconverted Man16 órája
    • Only a year ago between Robert Pattinson's Batman and Ben Affleck's Batman.

      Armadillo HamsterArmadillo Hamster13 órája
  • one of my favorite songs but it doesnt fit in this movie. worked better in jarhead

    MelodicsRareMusicVidMelodicsRareMusicVid16 órája
  • POV: Batman had been trying to contact the thug about his car's extended warranty.

    VonTherodereVonTherodere16 órája
  • Imagine if jaoquin Phoenix played a joker who was written more like the joker in TDK

    SlashGSlashG16 órája
  • He’s the Toby Maguire of DC 😂💩

    John CosicoJohn Cosico16 órája
  • I bet the cat will be black again!! Isn't black Gordon not enough for them?

    Классики Ужасов TVКлассики Ужасов TV16 órája
  • He looks gay

    Kavanpreet AroraKavanpreet Arora17 órája
  • "I am vengeance, I am the knight, I am batman!" reminded me of the 90s animated series when he said I'm vengeance

    CarlosinfiniteCarlosinfinite18 órája
  • esse batman ta parecendo o cara do jogo the evil within 2

    Sly CooperSly Cooper18 órája
  • I need joker dude

    Arya TeguhArya Teguh18 órája
  • Anybody else think the best part of the movie will be Colin Farrel as the Penguin?

    Pawnstormtrooper OWPawnstormtrooper OW18 órája
  • Damn they really made batman look like a 15 year old who listened to Billie Eilish (The movie still about to be fire tho )

    TankBallerTankBaller19 órája
  • ... Bucky?

    Karday_ CKarday_ C19 órája
  • The dark tone reminds us of the Tim Burton's batman, great~

    Rc4558 Ne5532Rc4558 Ne553219 órája
  • The whole trailer is like riddler talking.if you listen closely.

    Eddy WaraichEddy Waraich19 órája
  • its either the Riddler or the joker

    Valkyrie HeroValkyrie Hero20 órája
    • It’s riddler

      Death DefenderDeath Defender17 órája
  • Christian bale is the best batman and no one could change that

    Javed HusainJaved Husain20 órája
  • This is gonna be good

    Tn3Tn320 órája
  • This will be up there as one of THE worst Batman movies

    Coach ThomCoach Thom20 órája
  • Who else was thinking Edward Scissorhands?

    Coach ThomCoach Thom20 órája
    • Me.

      Armadillo HamsterArmadillo Hamster13 órája
  • "The Batman", by Tim Burton

    Ernesto PozzoniErnesto Pozzoni20 órája
  • edward Scissorhands is batman...

    Mumen RiderMumen Rider20 órája
  • I don't know why dc make their movies so much dark and black .... That one can't even se properly either way I will just increase the brightest so there is no help from it

  • High reputation level fears to his enemy so cool

    Tommy Haryadi SaputraTommy Haryadi Saputra21 órája
  • He lacks the physicality for the role, but so does Jon bernthal as the punisher, and he delivered just fine. I'm optimistic about Robert.

    Devin WoodsDevin Woods21 órája
    • I heard that this Batman is gonna have Punk Rock type vibe.

      Armadillo HamsterArmadillo Hamster13 órája
  • Once playing a sparkly vampire, Robert Pattinson makes his debut as Batman. Once playing the Joker, Jared Leto becomes a vampire Man Bat in “Mobius.” Once playing as Batman, Michael Keaton makes a cameo in “Mobius” passing by former Joker actor Jared Leto, who is playing as a Vampire Man-Bat, named Mobius. It’s like fan fiction written and made real by movie producers.

    Reba S. JerseyReba S. Jersey22 órája
  • I can’t wait to see the detective side of Batman, it’s long overdue.

    Cathal MageeCathal Magee22 órája
  • Nobody what 8 year old me thought I looked liked in school when teachers and kids complimented my Batman costume

    DFSEmpireDFSEmpire23 órája
  • “He who controls the spice controls the universe.”

    Venkat SubramaniamVenkat Subramaniam23 órája
  • The worst actor I've ever seen.

    Son of NyxSon of Nyx23 órája
  • this batman has mentality health problems. rehabilitation is preferred...

    DiO CloverDiO Clover23 órája
  • I have high hopes that this is the hero Gotham deserves.

    Tommy PattonTommy Patton23 órája
  • emo batman

    DiO CloverDiO Clover23 órája
  • Finally he got black makeup around his eyes when he takes off the mask. Unlike all the other films

  • Robert Pattinson is fucking Batman, wtf

    Just ClickJust ClickNapja
  • Its funny cause batman doesnt kill he just sends you to the hospital where you might die from organ failure

  • Can't wait to watch Martha's pearl necklace getting a cinematic slo mo shot again 😂

    Pisupo OdinsonPisupo OdinsonNapja
  • Robert is amazing

    Joban GharekhanJoban GharekhanNapja
  • Everybody: Leto Joker is a joke and the sparkly vampire kid will make a perfect Batman!! Everybody after watching Snyder cut: ...... nevermind. Bring back Batfleck, Leto and the Snyderverse!!!!!

    Luke WorthingtonLuke WorthingtonNapja
  • So boring...

    D. A.D. A.Napja
  • "If you are justice,please do not lie. What is the price for your blind eye?" Idk what about that line I like but its cool

    Will BurkowskiWill BurkowskiNapja
  • The first batman with a sweet voice.

  • Holy sh** is that Bernard from westworld??

    Mike PMike PNapja
  • if only his voice was deeper

  • Geralt

    Duy ĐinhDuy ĐinhNapja
  • Can't stop watching this true dark Batman that we know.

    Silver ChariotSilver ChariotNapja
  • Pattinson looks like THE CROW with all that black make-up around his eyes.....copy-cats! That's pretty shallow, dudes. Bruce Wayne had a lot of class and style......dignity and charisma. This rendition SUCKS. Too dark and miserable. The original movies were great.*

    Fatima IslamFatima IslamNapja