The Among Us "Movie"

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  • JjJjJjjJ

    Chuck LudwigChuck Ludwig17 perccel
  • A good

    Vesna MarkovskaVesna Markovska18 perccel
  • OMOGUS 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

    USSRUSSR3 órája
  • How dare you blue hacked

    Karim RahmanKarim Rahman3 órája
  • I love how you make your own version of among us.....I love this it's so unique and one of a kind.....😊

    Starlight_meowxStarlight_meowx4 órája

    חופית חגיחופית חגי4 órája
  • Hahaha! This was great! It’s even better cause I have HUworld premium! But this is a good story. I’m only 14 minutes in but I have to stop now cause of class. Anyway, thanks for this hilarious movie! 😂

    Lunamoon 23Lunamoon 235 órája
  • when Mr grits was the impostor hacker when he was about to get voted he's like NOOOOOOO! it sounded like dantdm

    Neetu BhavnaniNeetu Bhavnani7 órája
  • it was red ohmygod

    Fidel LeeFidel Lee11 órája
  • Me: **sees ads about among us when clicking this video** Me again: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Ulla NoonanUlla Noonan15 órája
  • is there even a pepperoni pizza hat -.-

    Ulla NoonanUlla Noonan15 órája
  • I’m not trying to be mean but, this is like a love story more than a movie?


    Maryam MohiuddinMaryam Mohiuddin18 órája
  • Blue is definitely fynpire

    liam3061 liam3061liam3061 liam306119 órája
  • I like you video

    mimi lilomimi lilo21 órája
  • I love among us I was inpstr

    Isela CarmonaIsela Carmona21 órája
  • sus

    lambdalambda22 órája
  • okay I’m pretty sure I’m not the only that thinks that this movie is underrated. I mean the characters are spot on, the animation is perfect, and the whole thing is hilarious. I can’t think of anything that’s wrong with this. Keep up the good work!

    moonwhite aestheticmoonwhite aesthetic22 órája
  • nice my bro say its really funny on the ''bodyguard'' bit

    Kirsty TumwineKirsty TumwineNapja
  • Many wrong first when brown find the body it call a meeting and green click it I see in screen but green was report and when purp died white call a report and yellow shown in there SUS

    Simon MalagaSimon MalagaNapja
  • The asteroid are candycane 😂🤣

  • This i's unrealistic and. The mods are unrealistic

    Nazmur RahmanNazmur RahmanNapja
  • im happy

    Xander KellerXander KellerNapja
  • Mmmmmm um will how did sandy was pink then purple plus they all look the same so how do you get a crash

    Caleb NoberCaleb NoberNapja
  • How they loose with no Santa was funny

    Reggie CoombesReggie CoombesNapja
  • Cool!!!!!!!

    Fairy PhoebeFairy PhoebeNapja
  • woooooooooo

    Lumi InegbedionLumi InegbedionNapja
  • Such a good crew is jeff

    phenom gamingphenom gamingNapja

  • D fun=tteshe rhcukj

    Carla SalinasCarla SalinasNapja
  • where ia baclk

    Khadijah PayneKhadijah PayneNapja
  • Amongusmevideoiyull❤️😂❤️😂

    Chelmie SanchezChelmie SanchezNapja
    • charyiyull 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😱😱😱😱😱😱 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Chelmie SanchezChelmie SanchezNapja
  • Is it among us logic or among us logic or among us movie

    Leah CuraLeah CuraNapja
    • Red looks like player

      Leah CuraLeah CuraNapja
  • I have a question for you and you and your family are you going with me to the hospital

    Ur Boi UnknownUr Boi UnknownNapja
    • Ops

      Ur Boi UnknownUr Boi UnknownNapja
  • Yellow and white and black or sus

    Ur Boi UnknownUr Boi UnknownNapja
  • Lol when they first have it so violent, then it just goes to music with crew-mates and among us imposters with music playing

    Dragon LoverDragon LoverNapja
    • Ookببببب 🤗😇

      mohd Alhamedmohd Alhamed8 órája
  • 31:29 Chester: But I don't Understand I swear I saw green Blue: Come on guys

    Kye MackenzieKye MackenzieNapja
  • jeff does look like player

    wanee ahnalwanee ahnalNapja
  • 24:40 i think brown died lol

    Henry stickmin CollectionHenry stickmin CollectionNapja
  • If I was the killers I would run for my life

    Diana BarnerDiana BarnerNapja
  • Or Mabey the imposter dose not want to kill or the host did not pick a imposter

    Kaya and Girik Fun!Kaya and Girik Fun!Napja
  • Its really funny its a really good movie i like it

    Angela MaudeAngela MaudeNapja
  • i love among us ehhhhhhhh

    Mom and Dad RowenMom and Dad RowenNapja
  • COOL😎

    Roblox YouTuber 999Roblox YouTuber 999Napja
  • Tytuuyy yyrrrwwee4556666$#w####

    Elizabeth HugginsElizabeth HugginsNapja
  • How where you in the same lobby my real name is Bailee

    Natasha Billups HowardNatasha Billups Howard2 napja
  • I love y’all so much I love y’all 😍🥰

    Natasha Billups HowardNatasha Billups Howard2 napja
  • 😂🤣💖💖💕👍🏻

    Malia BartoloMalia Bartolo2 napja
  • 💕💖💗👍🏻😵😣😰

    Malia BartoloMalia Bartolo2 napja
  • Is it poop 💩

    Ol RyOl Ry2 napja
  • 10:09 Ok so red called a meeting but the list of players says Snowball called it, then Mr Pepperoni Man said he called the meeting! WTF is going on?! 😆

    idkidk2 napja
  • Snow ball&sandy are a good couple

    Beth MartinezBeth Martinez2 napja

    Kizzy SolomonKizzy Solomon2 napja
  • mr.pepperroni man : but i can kill killer yes said that

    Nguyễn Thế VinhNguyễn Thế Vinh2 napja
  • White reported pink,s body but it came yellow?????

    रुपयारुपया2 napja
  • Aww❤️

    Natasha Okole2Natasha Okole22 napja
  • Hello

    Kye MackenzieKye Mackenzie2 napja
  • One time

    Shikha SinghShikha Singh2 napja
  • 😂😂

    Gapuz NebiramGapuz Nebiram2 napja
  • Mr chees is not dead

    Bharathi aBharathi a2 napja
  • Make more videos pls

    Jessa Mae EspirituJessa Mae Espiritu2 napja
  • I like Santa

    Jessa Mae EspirituJessa Mae Espiritu2 napja
  • this features among us online dating *WHY*

    Kirby Fan98 [Master of TRAW] [TTBA]Kirby Fan98 [Master of TRAW] [TTBA]2 napja
  • Tanga

    Gumana GasparGumana Gaspar2 napja
  • Yards I can be happy 😃 you can I can you can I nowhere

    Hla Sa DaHla Sa Da2 napja
  • i love you among us

    Jaskirat BasraJaskirat Basra2 napja
  • 💜💜💜💜

    Connie RevelsConnie Revels2 napja
  • umm

    Layla-Alice CofferLayla-Alice Coffer2 napja
  • Chester is spying on grits even tho he just did card swipe right in front of him XD

    Kaiden WestKaiden West2 napja
    • @Kaiden West the funny part is when Chester said but I don't understand I swear I saw Green

      Kye MackenzieKye MackenzieNapja
    • @Kye Mackenzie LOL im saying

      Kaiden WestKaiden WestNapja
    • He had tricks on his sleeve

      Kye MackenzieKye MackenzieNapja
  • sus!

    stxvenstxven2 napja
  • It’s great

    Kitty KKitty K2 napja
  • Nooooooooop

    courtneydeutschcourtneydeutsch3 napja
  • Too many fight clouds

    Kijobal Animations 2021Kijobal Animations 20213 napja

    Joseph MakauJoseph Makau3 napja
  • Perfect thiming When the red meter fills up and an ad pop up

    Magic of Lyrics LandMagic of Lyrics Land3 napja
    • Sameee!

      Codie GamingCodie Gaming10 órája
    • Sameee!

      Aadi GuitarAadi Guitar11 órája
    • Ikr

  • Snowball: I-I-I got a crush? Poop: Yes it’s quite obvious 🤣🤣🤣

    Oscar WardOscar Ward3 napja
  • I thought white like purple( or pink)

    Petra nababanPetra nababan3 napja
    • But he voted for them

      Petra nababanPetra nababan3 napja
  • Mr pepperoni man

    Jedeann MereeJedeann Meree3 napja
  • Hello guys who is the imposter

    Pujisriyani PrawotoPujisriyani Prawoto3 napja
  • What other sees: snowball and poo fighting What I see: a milk and chocolate fighting😂

    Jaynah Lizette MasilunganJaynah Lizette Masilungan3 napja
  • Red was the real Santa

    Bethaliss SmithBethaliss Smith3 napja
  • Yeah I kind of have a crush on sandy

    Lincoln BrehautLincoln Brehaut3 napja
  • The dynamic veil generically sprout because comic climatologically boil opposite a sudden man. utopian, witty pocket

    Allena CatherineAllena Catherine3 napja
  • i like mr peporoneiman

    Mohd Rizal SamsudinMohd Rizal Samsudin3 napja
  • Player cameo at 0:15

    Deriq TenerifeDeriq Tenerife3 napja
  • Snowball and sandy are in love each other 💗 love birds 💖🤣.

    Louis HuntoonLouis Huntoon3 napja
  • No

    Jordi RemlapJordi Remlap3 napja
  • The funniest part to me in the first part is when chester thought mr peperoni man was talking about his mom when he as talking about pink LOL

    James Isaac DayritJames Isaac Dayrit3 napja
  • This guy deserves way for subs

    Snowman ScoutSnowman Scout3 napja
  • I love these movies there funny and sad

    Jason StrekoJason Streko3 napja
  • Why does Jeff look like player

    LettuceLettuce3 napja
  • im subed

    eben.eben.3 napja
  • Lol

    Esther LUAN DIMEsther LUAN DIM3 napja
  • Snowing

    Esther LUAN DIMEsther LUAN DIM3 napja
  • Wait Santa is?

    bwlarnellbwlarnell3 napja
  • Oh wait I Lied She's not impostor Then who is the impstor

    bwlarnellbwlarnell3 napja
  • Hey wait A minute Sandy is the impotstor

    bwlarnellbwlarnell3 napja
  • He fell in love in the end I'm sure he did

    bwlarnellbwlarnell3 napja
    • Absolutely

      Zayden AlarillaZayden AlarillaNapja
  • I knew it jeef is m the real santa

    Salut CavaSalut Cava3 napja
  • Wow

    the beastthe beast3 napja