THAT'S CRINGE: Ajit Pai Edition

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CODY KO is an actor/comedian/HUworldr/podcaster/soundcloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on HUworld, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.
THAT'S CRINGE: Ajit Pai Edition
Cody Ko

  • Hey that's not nice!

    ajit paiajit pai2 órája
  • “Weird shapes like circles” 😭😭😭

    Ivan TorresIvan Torres5 órája
  • Mystery of the Indian head bob: Most people around the world convey binary messages with head, YES and NO. Indians can convey tertiary messages with their heads, YES, NO and ACKnowledged - the head bob. So most of the times Indians only acknowledge a message receipt without saying yes or no and it is the most politest response they can think of without offending the sender of the message. Also, most of the times acknowledgement also means a yes .. but sometimes it can mean a no. It is really upto you to figure that out and you need to be smart enough to decipher that, so good luck.

    Sandeep ChiluveruSandeep Chiluveru7 órája
  • 9:25

    The Cowlick ShowThe Cowlick Show12 órája
  • “I love a good nickel in my ass”

    Isabella CatherineIsabella Catherine18 órája
  • “Put a nickel in my ass, it’s all yours for 25 minutes”

    Isabella CatherineIsabella Catherine18 órája
  • This is so childish i love it

    Nuke HellNuke HellNapja
  • Daily reminder that we still don't have net neutrality back. Several states have independently taken action to restore it independent of federal repealment, such as California. Also, despite it very much being a state right to set an independent stance on this subject, the Federal Department of Justice is trying to fucking sue California for this, which shows that the Federal government sucks fat corporate dick

  • Love this but wish there weren't so many homophobic jokes :/

    Hannah KogaHannah KogaNapja
  • The fact that his responses are so scripted make it seem like this was a PR stunt to show that he could "laugh" at himself... so disingenuous

    Hannah KogaHannah KogaNapja
  • Ajit got them blow j*b lips

    Kaitlyn BaldwinKaitlyn Baldwin2 napja
  • Lmao I loved that they continued to sample Noel's Ajit Pai rap throughout the video

    Samwise GamgeeSamwise Gamgee2 napja
  • "Do you even Africa bro"

    Abhishek B.RAbhishek B.R2 napja
  • Why am i just finding this now ? this is the funniest shit ive ever seen Lmaooo

    Jt FlashJt Flash2 napja
  • Remember when Net Nuetrality got repealed and all that shit they told you to be scared of never happened...

    Joseph VegaJoseph Vega2 napja
  • Lol remember when this was a problem

    KryofFear 1337KryofFear 13373 napja
  • Kale chips are good tho 😔

    Emma HaleEmma Hale3 napja
  • I had a stroke watching this

    mekfi Ethiomekfi Ethio4 napja
  • The titty grab

    Lauren BromundLauren Bromund4 napja
  • Noel's Ajit impression cured my most recent school-induced mental breakdown

    Maddy CamMaddy Cam4 napja
  • Who even is this guy

  • Ajit talking reminds me of a bean from killer bean

    Fling LingsDumplingFling LingsDumpling4 napja
  • The Fbi after they see me clutch up in csgo 1 vs 5 9:11

    I Kilo II Kilo I4 napja
  • I saw my cousin Greg (always known as the whiny type) at a family reunion. Ajit Pai was his doppelganger. I needed this more than anyone would know and no one believed me...

    Krystal LionessKrystal Lioness5 napja
  • noel’s indian bobblehead is so good what the fuck

    ruhi bruhi b5 napja
  • 9:13 When there is a plot twist in a show

    GoozmanGoozman5 napja
  • dude noel do be spitting bars at 1:56

    Allan SuAllan Su6 napja
  • We need the Ajit Pai song

    FlosRamenNoodleShopFlosRamenNoodleShop6 napja
  • miss:(

    hey its kimhey its kim6 napja
  • Agitated Pai!

    Ryan CRyan C6 napja
  • I have the same hoodie as Cody

    Brian CraneyBrian Craney7 napja
  • Ajit laughing sounds like a Minecraft horse

    Caden ZiembaCaden Ziemba7 napja
  • They missed the callback to the Pai bobblehead at 7:40

    Josh SwartzJosh Swartz7 napja
  • Did he seriously just use the 'fake news' statement?

    Julia CortezJulia Cortez8 napja
  • Now I get the diesel patches reference.

    RagnarokWillGetYouRagnarokWillGetYou8 napja
  • Ajit Pai is the kind of person who puts fish in the microwave at work.

    Sonar The BatSonar The Bat8 napja
  • cody wearing the itchiest hoodie ever

    NuggyNuggy8 napja
  • I watch thats cringe once a week Been like that for years

    Maiah DawnMaiah Dawn9 napja
  • 1:58 💀💀

    Jake FenoffJake Fenoff9 napja
  • Ajit Pai more like legit pie

    Itz_gray_ 2020Itz_gray_ 20209 napja
  • Noel is such a brilliant reluctant genius

    CaptainPlanetCaptainPlanet9 napja
  • Ez game!!

    PaddaPadda9 napja
  • 2:26 I’m an Indian and that’s how I actually felt when I saw his head bobble

    shamiksha shanmugamshamiksha shanmugam9 napja
  • I just realized Ajit pai is a representation of redditors

    Sbren SbeveSbren Sbeve10 napja
  • He is r/fellowkids as a person

    Lorna MathewLorna Mathew10 napja
  • Anybody back on cody - noel quarantine binge?

    Where am I?Where am I?10 napja
  • who else pressed the button for "no i want more of Cody's shitty humor"

    M RZM RZ10 napja
  • bro this fucking video was released on my sobriety date... that makes my basement flood

    via lynnvia lynn11 napja
  • “Uh yeah I’m ajit pai I like penis in my mouth yuh” is the best thing I’ve ever heard

    CndCooch3 -CndCooch3 -11 napja

    Cameron TessierCameron Tessier11 napja
  • Definitely the most underrated Thats Cringe

    foleyfoley11 napja
  • 4:13 that’s literally how i laugh i’m sorr-

    Whym IreWhym Ire12 napja
  • d-danger will robinson

    captainfatecaptainfate12 napja
  • Cody: he is the kid whose mom cuts the crust of his sandwich, and has it in a weird shape. Like a circle, why is it a circle. Uncrustables: ok ok I see you

    Isabel OrellanaIsabel Orellana12 napja
  • Ajit Pai is the type of guy who would ask for a trick instead of a treat

    John ConradJohn Conrad13 napja
  • Excuse me, NOEL, I was the rolly backpack kid in middle school

    Serena TartagliaSerena Tartaglia14 napja
  • He's like the synthetics in aliens but instead of the liquid inside them it's just cum

    LeadedAsh71LeadedAsh7114 napja
  • Not gonna lie, most of these tweets were not that good

    Astro PhoenixAstro Phoenix14 napja
    • That's why they picked them......... They wouldn't dare pick the good ones because they'd just look bad on their own shit.

      A SparrowA Sparrow12 napja
  • Ajit pie is like a robot that they didn't finish building, he works but doesn't have a personality

    IDENTITY theft IS not A jokeIDENTITY theft IS not A joke14 napja
  • The fact that he's responding to hate tweets shows how hurt he is, then kody goes and makes more fun of him 😭😭💔💔💔

    mariam al saidmariam al said14 napja
  • Skinny jeans are the best they give me an ass

    Abion KarthalsAbion Karthals14 napja
  • 5:51 No context

    Retro BeastRBRetro BeastRB15 napja
  • 1:56 I love this part

    HaydenHayden15 napja
  • ajit Pai is more than loaded politicly i you know what I mean

    wafflewaffle16 napja
  • noel is definitely a cool uncle

    eat a brickeat a brick16 napja
  • how do i get that hoodie that noelle has bruh

    REKREK16 napja
  • Hi. I'm Ajit Pai BARS

    R520 J RR520 J R17 napja
  • Remember when this what the "death of the internet" lol

    RwpinkfloydfanRwpinkfloydfan17 napja
  • just listening to ajit makes me feel violated

    Nicole BierleinNicole Bierlein17 napja
  • give him a sec my boy noel lagging 0:06

    Autumn CaroAutumn Caro18 napja
  • Who else is watching this video

    Jake SchillJake Schill18 napja
  • he is the real life minecraft Villager

    muhammed _iqmuhammed _iq18 napja
  • Why do people hate this guy? he looks like a nice person

    jas fayjas fay18 napja
    • Justin look up his name on HUworld/google.

      Swaggy PeaSwaggy Pea11 napja
  • I don't like America just because of racism and HIM saying SKINNY JEANSSS

    hanan elrafiyhanan elrafiy19 napja
  • This is the funniest video on the Internet, hands down. *CHANGE MY MIND*

    John ShepardJohn Shepard19 napja
  • “YOU GOT HIM!” Will never not make me lose my shit

    Colorful ShadowsColorful Shadows20 napja
  • he peed on my rug

    sean lonergansean lonergan20 napja
  • As an indian.. HA! he's not our problem 😂

    Hyperlapse GuyHyperlapse Guy20 napja
  • Ajit pai is a failed attempt at creating a robotic Kumar.

    cicadacicada21 napja
  • "im ajit pai, i like penis in my mouth" is the funniest line i have ever heard

    GonkedUpGonkedUp21 napja
  • “Ah yes please, challenge me”.

    RomanSans 1RomanSans 122 napja
  • 7:20 you reminded me of that nerd that was in my class and ALWAYS asking for homework when he asks everybody just beats the Sh*t out of him

    HamoodAlQattanHamoodAlQattan22 napja
  • I don’t wan’t to be Indian anymore after knowing he’s part of my race.

    RahulRahul23 napja
  • I’ve closed my eyes and bares my teeth multiple times

    Donovan JohnsonDonovan Johnson23 napja
  • I love 1:56

    havvecerhavvecer25 napja
  • 9:18 dude why is Noel really attractive in this clip

    Julia SactaJulia Sacta26 napja
  • 9:15

    jared vaccarellajared vaccarella26 napja
  • One of the guys name was WokeCumBum

    Among us’s DadAmong us’s Dad27 napja
  • Still waiting for part 2 to this video but I’ll let it slide

    Nick NickkNick Nickk28 napja
  • I lost it at “well- as a conflicted alien”

    yk_ kelleyyk_ kelley28 napja
  • These guys must not have met many Indian Americans. Making fun of pai’s toothy grin and cheeks is pretty much the same as making fun of a Chinese person for slanted eyes. Look up pictures of smiling Indians.

    ZombieLicoriceZombieLicorice28 napja
  • noel can literally impersonate anything 😂

    Kelly NgoKelly Ngo28 napja
  • I know hes cringed but some of the things he said about why he hates America where lowkey fax

    The Cal ZoneThe Cal Zone29 napja
  • Ajit pai exists: Everyone: you posted cringe, now delete yourself

    Reap_stryfenReap_stryfen29 napja
  • He needs this trashcan to store all the jizz he could not swalow

    Till NuofferTill Nuoffer29 napja
  • 9:10 You got him!!! XD

    Yams AndyYams Andy29 napja
  • I will never stop coming back to this video

    DMV 2024DMV 202429 napja
  • This just sounds racist going on about his lips

  • Was kinda hoping the Ajit Pai song was going to be in the outro

    Jay PatelJay PatelHónapja
  • the put a nickel in my ass impersonation is hilarious

    Eric VEric VHónapja