Thank You, Martin | FNATIC Rekkles Farewell

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Martin "Rekkles" Larsson shares his thoughts on leaving FNATIC at the end of 2020 after 8 years in the Black and Orange.
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  • EU Faker

    JBRJBR7 órája
  • Dont hate the player.Hate the game son.

    Zezalize MLOZezalize MLO17 órája
  • This is beautiful 🥺❤️

    Kiana MarieKiana MarieNapja

    Flyser TvFlyser TvNapja

    Piotr JanasPiotr JanasNapja
  • When Broxah left, I accepted it. Now that Rekkles is leaving, i'm in aw.

  • 0:40 song plsssssssssssssssss

  • I love Rekkles, in my heart he will allways be FNC, once FNC allways FNC

    BlazingDragon1337BlazingDragon13372 napja
  • I remember first time seing rekkles this guy is a goat man we love and support you🖤

    Mobile GamesMobile Games2 napja
  • I love this

    ClumsyClumsy3 napja
  • When YellowStar Left, i saw what Fnatic makes. Legends... When Peke and Cyanide Left, i Learned what it means to cry! When Huni and Reignover Left, i knew perfect splits will become a myth in LoL, I learned that no Distance Between People can stop become from making Mythical runs. When Caps left I was surprised, When Broxah left I was sad, When Rekkles left, The Fnatic Hope for me, is lost, an era ended. Fnatic is Emotion. To all of the above and those in between- i will always be a fan of those that leave Fnatic Roots, and i swear down now that from the day of this comment, all my yearly Tshirts from 2013 onwards will never be worn, but to be used to remember.. That Fnatic is a Breeding machine for Learning emotions, Making the impossible possible, To Understand Shock and Confusion, to understand what it is like to feel Sadness, To understand Family and what makes people legends, and to understand that All things come to an end one way or another, and so from today, I am no longer a fan of Fnatic, but rather a Fan of the People it produces. This is the way This is the FNATIC way.

    daniel anderson234daniel anderson2344 napja
  • all i see in onions -.- it hurts me, i cried soo much too...GL on G2, and hope your up their with your old team-mates in the 5 game finals

    daniel anderson234daniel anderson2344 napja
  • Reckless- Yea I know her. "Is anyone here named Jessica" Anyhow Imma miss reckless on my favorite team. Best of luck in your future Reckless.

    John BatesJohn Bates4 napja
  • Fnatic is dead :c Rekkles is Fnaitc

    ExspektExspekt4 napja
  • F for krimz

    Davor FeherDavor Feher4 napja
  • I'm happy because of Martin decision, but to be honest this video is so sad, like I'm watching this 40th time and still have tears in my eyes. This is such a beatiful video and lot of smart words

    Gabi AGabi A4 napja
  • When I first found out I was furious, but now that I've understood it, it hurts even more, because I can't blame him for anything and I understand his decision. It hurts, I'm sad. But Rekkles deserves better--deserves the best. He's such a legend.

    Andre ArchwitzAndre Archwitz4 napja
  • gymshark op

    Greasy NipplesGreasy Nipples5 napja
  • Watching this, i can now admit that I'm not a FNC fan, rather I'm a fan of Rekkless. Seeing Huni, Broxah and Caps leave fnc didn't sway me away from fnc but now It's time to move on. G2 making moves to win internationally. They snatched N1ko from faze on CSGO as well. G2 making big moves and gonna be feared next year.

    ZeroirZeroir5 napja
  • where is the farewell Nemesis

    okeoke5 napja
  • I always loved this cool humble guy from the get go...i still dont realise that he is not with fnatic anymore; will miss him, ty had always a great time Watching you, always a big fan

    Hendrik St.Hendrik St.5 napja
  • Rekkles has been with Fnatic since I started playing league and I've followed Fnatic as much as I've been able to throughout that time.

    Sake RiftSake Rift5 napja
  • This has to be the most beautiful farewell video I've ever seen. Well said Rekkles always a fan of both you and Fnatic.

    VishpalaVishpala6 napja
  • Love g2 and love reckless, so this stuff its so great for me, Bad for FNC they Loss a hugggge one

    mikel bacaicoamikel bacaicoa6 napja
  • Aaaand im crying again T.T

    Michal MatejaMichal Mateja6 napja
  • Legend

    Robert MironRobert Miron6 napja
  • Fnc run by clowns?They first lose caps then now rekkles.Holly this management sucks.

    Camaro NelsonCamaro Nelson6 napja
  • Now nemesis left😞

    Mark pat Joe bill dinosaurMark pat Joe bill dinosaur7 napja
  • Rekkles y Bwipo son la única razón por la que sigo a FNC, ahora se va Rekkñes que sad htpa😭

    Jordy VerdezotoJordy Verdezoto7 napja
  • Ey guys why is nemisis leaving too I don’t get it WTF is happening at fnatic hub

    Berkay OrhanBerkay Orhan7 napja
  • If you wanna live it over and over again, why are you leaving ? Just get this fucking win at Worlds and then come back Martin, you are Fnatic, and it's just not the same without you ! So fucking SAD !

    Allan KrebsAllan Krebs7 napja

    Ivailo IvanovIvailo Ivanov7 napja
  • wherever rekkles goes, i go. Guess im cheering for G2 in the future!

    MisoNaLyMisoNaLy7 napja
  • fuckmylife. my idol, im also from sweden and rekkles was my fav, holyshit im crying.

    Wrede on highWrede on high7 napja
  • good luck for Rekkles in the future. But still when we meet FNC vs G2 I want us to show up and win against them even more now :D Even though it will be really hard

    Paul MutzelPaul Mutzel7 napja
  • Después de ver esto me nació esto.

    Mauricio PelaezMauricio Pelaez7 napja
  • ❤❤❤

    mao studiomao studio7 napja
  • Thank you for every moment, the good the bad, the pentas and the int flashes forward, my love for the game wouldn't be the same with you or Fnatic. We respect you for your hard and dedication to the ORG. Thank you Martin.

    jayden garrodjayden garrod7 napja
  • I'll support G2 at the world stage and I hope they'll bring Summoner's cup back to Europe. But in the LEC I'll be #alwaysFnatic I'm sorry Rekkles. But my heart belongs Fnatic

    Viktor ŠmídViktor Šmíd7 napja
  • oh my god....u are a legend true legend. I remember when Fnatic start to be my fav team of League of Legends 🥰 and Martin as favorite still its my fav adc and fav role of this game. Thanks you are amazing!

    Loya ALoya A7 napja
  • Legend Never Die Good Luck #Always Fnatic

    Jaouad HboubJaouad Hboub7 napja
  • Who is the next ad carry for FNC?

    花桜の花桜の8 napja
  • Pete you did it, I just worked up the courage to watch this and now I am crying but smiling and I hope Rekkles has a great future, wherever he goes (btw quite the opposite effect those G2 interviews had on me) thank you!

    Xxx YyyXxx Yyy8 napja
  • Loser and quitter, happy it happened now, the sooner, the better...

    Gil GoncalvesGil Goncalves8 napja
  • :(

    Rejz PlayRejz Play8 napja
  • From an NA citizen and fan since season 2, rekkles is a legend. This made me sad, made me feel like hes retiring. I wanted FNC to win that worlds finals literally only cause of rekkles and broxah

    arj.arj.8 napja
  • Put his League career aside for a moment. This man is just 24 years old and he's so mature it's unbelievable. So well spoken, has that natural leader charisma and talks like a true veteran of his craft. Don't worry, Fnatic fans. We'll take good care of Rekkles. It's a shame he couldn't end his career with Fnatic, but he wants to win Worlds and you can't blame him for that.

    Electrifying 3:16Electrifying 3:168 napja
  • Well Fnatic will be not Fnatic whe Rekkles are gone, Sadge but well u never know Fnatic can maybe suprise us.

    BeepsBeeps8 napja
  • Solo puedo poner atención a su frentosota

    LioLio8 napja
  • What about nemesis

    DavidDavid8 napja
  • Como institución se volvieron un asco sigan fichando jugadores de bajo presupuesto y dejando ir a los buenos, así vamos a volver a ganar algo de acá 25 años

  • fnatic losing his stronger member while the best team getting him, everyone expects G2 winning everything but lower competition usually means weaker internacional performance

    alex salex s8 napja
  • Some people play the game because of faker, but to me, Rekkless has always been my inspiration. Love you Rekkless

    MVProductionsMVProductions8 napja
  • Man it really hits me now that Rekkles is gone, it's funny how i kinda watched him grow up from that skinny kid to a grown man always playing for FNC and cheering for him, i will cheer for Rekkles on G2 but also for FNC even if the last piece of that charismatic s3 roster is gone, as Rekkles said there aren't many orgs that would do what FNC did for him and how they took him back after he left to join Alliance, they really are a great org and i hope they can build another roster that will reach new heights.

    대박대박8 napja
  • we will always love you rekkles, god damn legend

    RafipuffRafipuff8 napja
  • A part of me died with this day.. i will miss you...

    Gerda94xDGerda94xD8 napja
  • Shameful of this Management staff to let him Go! It's on you the lack of success in these past 2 years, and it is definitely on you that we are losing the Fnatic Spirit! We usually aimed for the win no matter what, and our captains will was always there. You do not represent Fnatic, and you are the ones to blame if G2 becomes the super powerful organization and starts dominating the LEC and international stages, as they already do! I remember the days where you didn't post disrespectful posts on social network mocking your own defeats. Yes, while you were making idiotic posts mocking yourselves, Rekkles was facing the ground, worried and sad. And now he's gone! Do the Math! Management OUT! We want our Fnatic back!

    Bernardo MartinsBernardo Martins8 napja
  • Respect on Fntic for such a nice farewell video :3

    William José VizcayaWilliam José Vizcaya8 napja
  • :'(

    Alvaro RomeroAlvaro Romero8 napja
  • I hope, one day, we see Rekkles and maybe also Capz reunited in Fnatic.

    Manuel MeyerManuel Meyer8 napja
  • the like/dislike ratio tho...

    SammixSammix8 napja
  • Im sad but understand the choice :)

    DTNY PokerjonnyDTNY Pokerjonny8 napja
  • Can someone explain me why he didn't play during some period at fnatic please

    Caetano BarbosaCaetano Barbosa8 napja
  • ❤❤

    Fly Wie peter PanFly Wie peter Pan8 napja
  • He moved because Fnatic has no leadership this has always been the problem the talent is there they jave the potential to be the best but there just is no leadership. Its going to be a hard year next year for us especially with mad lions also becoming a strong team I wonder who is going to take his place

    Gustav van der WesthuizenGustav van der Westhuizen9 napja
  • This was one of the hardest videos on youtube ive ever had to watch.

    LhH DraGazZ 04LhH DraGazZ 049 napja
  • It really hurts me alot 😭 the reason why i really love FNC because of him its sad thats hes gone in the team😭

    Clement Seth MoralesClement Seth Morales9 napja
  • rekkles the reason i started loving this team gonna miss you rekkles :( Sadge love you

    WodiWodi9 napja
  • Thank u Rekkles 🙇‍♀️

    Vanessa FerreiraVanessa Ferreira9 napja
  • im crying!

    Mad Bro?Mad Bro?9 napja
  • It will be weird to not have rekkles on fnatic, but he really deserves to get a good shot at winning worlds and new experinces

    Camilla HellwigCamilla Hellwig9 napja
  • Deffo not the happiest about this. I honestly wish that 2018 world's ended differently because he deserved that. I still wish him the best wherever he goes

    Ayo EmmanuelAyo Emmanuel9 napja
  • i support your decision man, go for it play next to caps again

    ahmed Darwishahmed Darwish9 napja
  • Stort beslut! Vi är med dig hela vägen broder! All kärlek hemifrån Sverige

    The Swedish ExplorersThe Swedish Explorers9 napja
  • I dunno i cant support this... Its not normal to go to your rival, and after caps left for g2 of all ... i was sure rekkles whouldnt do the same this i kinda disgusting in my opinion 🤷🏼‍♂️ i will be heading to korea, lec not looking fun... but i will be following fnc just not watch any games... No 🧢 this shit is sad...😪

    Konrad LöscheKonrad Lösche9 napja
  • 🥺🥺

    T3ooST3ooS9 napja
  • Farewell Rekless. You will be missed and good luck in life. Also I would like to apologize to Fnc as a fan for not supporting the org like I should have. I hope you guys too can step up in these difficult times and find a way to rebuild. I wish you guys not just to win but most importantly to play brave and with heart and commitment. So after the games - no matter as a winner or a loser - we as fans can say 'Wow! They definitelly played with heart!'' and you too to feel inner satisfaction. I too as a fan wil give my best to support you the best I can guys. Fnc for life!

    Totyo EnchevTotyo Enchev9 napja
  • Its a true pain to see him leave fnc. I understand an respect his decision,im still crying on the inside. i have and will allways be a rekkles fan. I really look forward to seeing you play next season. I hope you read my comment (tho you probably wont) and i wish you all the best carrying G2 to that worlds win that you deserve.

    mark de jongmark de jong9 napja
  • Hope someone gonna take the lead of this team because I hate to see my team losing to G2, there is a lack of chemistery in the team

    Gabriel nguyenGabriel nguyen9 napja
  • and go g2.... this is shit dude... not like this.

    mi6olinymi6oliny9 napja
  • Figo

    Diego RodríguezDiego Rodríguez9 napja
  • I started playing LOL in 2016 and keeping up with eports during that time and the image of FNATIC has always been Rekkless, for me, that entire time, and seeing the person that's been the image of the brand go to a different team feels weird. I can only hope for success in his future endeavors and for him to finally get the "the highest success of winning" that he's yearned for the entire time.

    CallmeJoelCallmeJoel9 napja
  • I thought G2 and FNC are the rivals in the LEC. After Caps, now also Rekkles moves to G2. GG WP.

    Zertog3000Zertog30009 napja
  • Farewell perkz was more interesting 🤔

    илья вычужанинилья вычужанин9 napja
  • so heartwarming !!!!

    Sadman SakibSadman Sakib9 napja
  • I don't really know why you guys are being that supportive with him, yeah it's true he built a legacy in this club, and as a player with high ambitions you can respect his move to another club, but that leaves FNC in a really bad spot, I mean, free traspass as contract expired and not winning anything last years, that's what is said to leave taking the backdoor (Spanish expression), besides going to the rival team. Idk I have mixed feelings (Sorry for my English is horrible)

    eric antoneric anton9 napja
  • im happy for him but that not helping to stop crying T_T

    consiliiconsilii9 napja
  • Yeah rekkles. You will never win lec if you are against caps. Whoever has caps wins lec 2021!

    TeamBlake ArellanoTeamBlake Arellano9 napja
  • This shows what money does to a person LMAO

    Pol AgustinaPol Agustina9 napja
    • What? If you're saying he left for money they you're probably wrong, he was the face of the FNC brand and the highest paid player, they even offered him a job once he decided to retire from league, no way G2 would pay him more when they also have a superstar player like Caps and a roster that got to worlds finals and semis.

      대박대박8 napja
  • aye bruh i stg i aint crying

    Colin CunninghamColin Cunningham9 napja
  • WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    Aldwin Christian SaringanAldwin Christian Saringan9 napja
  • what the hell was that clip of him in bed XD

    Michael IMichael I9 napja
  • we will always be with u and fnatic.ITS KINDA SAD THO BUT I AM STILL LOVE UR KENNEN ADC BUILDS

    ディンデニーディンデニー9 napja
  • Wena rusio chupapoto ahora si que vay a ganar un mundial de pana banana saludos desde el peru

    iNSIDEiNSIDE9 napja
  • Saddest goodbye for Fnatic fans!

    Tyler ZebTyler Zeb9 napja
  • 0:40 song plsss

    SaySay9 napja
  • i bet Pete had a hard time making this video

    MitchellMitchell9 napja
  • Now start dark times for Fnatic

    Martin HřebecMartin Hřebec9 napja
  • Now he can play in a good team lmao

    Mohammed MocroMohammed Mocro9 napja
  • you ARE the same guy... its just feel unusual seing you not in Black and Orange outfit ya know? **slowly flooding the room wit tears*

    Ameer HafiyAmeer Hafiy9 napja