Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

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Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
Courage: huworld.info
Minx: huworld.info
5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
Ze: huworld.info
Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

  • Botezlive is extremely attractive

    Mr GaspacksMr GaspacksPerce
  • 15:14 CouRageJD Snacking On Cereal ALSO Tubbo is so innocent and he will be betrayed and still trust them!

    ItzAolani LopezItzAolani Lopez5 perccel
  • 3:58 just something about the way he says ‘ no no ‘

    the answer is nothe answer is no6 perccel
  • Corpse is messed up lmao walked up and killed the guy and starts laughing

    julian Robinsonjulian Robinson7 perccel
  • When Corpse betrayed Tubbo, the kill animation was literally a backstab.

    Sopiha GraceSopiha Grace10 perccel
  • Bro, I love these people. Especially I their rawest form 😂😂

    BeezkneezBeezkneez15 perccel
  • Tubbo

    milorritomilorrito21 perce
  • Tubbo: so where are we going? Corpse: straight to hell buddy I laughed so hard 😆

    Akshiti PatilAkshiti Patil25 perccel
  • Tubbo: hey corpse I'm haunting you

    GhostyGhosty34 perccel
  • Tubbo gives out such an "annoying little brother" energy towards corpse hahahaa I absolutely love their interactions

    Luiza IzabelLuiza Izabel39 perccel
  • Corpse should do this same think when he’s playing with sykkuno, Rae, Lilly, and more :)

    TravisTravis41 perce
  • is it that everyone crushes on your voice??

    FluffyBear PlayzFluffyBear Playz44 perccel
  • That was absolutely hilarious! XD

    UntitledSpyUntitledSpy44 perccel
  • “Where we headin big man?” “Uh... STRAIGHT TO HELL”

    Snowflake ShadowSnowflake Shadow47 perccel
  • God your voice is so deep and so nice... It’s so soothing!

    Jack Stailers OfficialJack Stailers Official49 perccel
  • I just subbed on mobile to u and ur 11 friends. Luv u all so much. I will be happy if u ever see my comment.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💖

    Elene BeridzeElene Beridze50 perccel
  • A cool name for botez for among us could be.... Botezctive

    iiTz_ePiC__iiTz_ePiC__55 perccel
  • I shall sub

    Noob BoiNoob BoiÓrája
  • But I like ha vids

    Noob BoiNoob BoiÓrája
  • Hi I'm new to the channel, and ur voice is terrifying

    Noob BoiNoob BoiÓrája
  • I’m so confused on how proximity chat works

  • 5:13 so funny they say Tubbo: So where we headin ? Corpse: STRAIGHT TO HELL ! Tubbo:

    Yowyow BunsolaloyYowyow BunsolaloyÓrája
  • Wait is botez the voice actor of Bonnie from family guy????? listen to her!

    Mico LaurilaMico Laurila2 órája
  • I like how 5up just kills in the middle of responding to the guy, without his voice changing

    ZakruZakru2 órája
  • Ur in love!

    Raging Ryan 101Raging Ryan 1012 órája
  • “Where are we going?” “Straight to hell, buddy.” *The fact that it was a backstab as well made that even funnier.*

    Tim2004 GamerTim2004 Gamer2 órája
  • 4:47 the evil laughter

    Harley Quinn McGrathHarley Quinn McGrath2 órája
  • 7:41 Anita flips off Tubbo lmao

    Quinton ScrogginsQuinton Scroggins2 órája
    • @Andy • 13 years ago thanks for what

      Quinton ScrogginsQuinton Scroggins2 órája
    • ty

      Andy • 13 years agoAndy • 13 years ago2 órája
  • his voice-

    Harley Quinn McGrathHarley Quinn McGrath2 órája
  • Why does botezlive sound like jojo siwa?

    Addison McDonoughAddison McDonough3 órája
  • Am i the only one who think botezlive sounds like jojo siwa

    Stan KpopStan Kpop3 órája
    • yes ur the only ine

      Andy • 13 years agoAndy • 13 years ago2 órája
  • Legit just saw the thumbnail on ze's channel as he followed corpse as a ghost

    Miranda HelmichMiranda Helmich3 órája
  • "Lie,deceive,murder." Corpse (probably)

    ShiftyVolcano98ShiftyVolcano983 órája
  • Okay but corpse's laugh

    KetchuqKetchuq3 órája
  • Most epic last kill words ever Tubbo: “where we going?” Corpse: “straight to hell buddy” murders him instantly winning

    Freda MartinFreda Martin3 órája
  • Where are we going corpse: to hell buddy

    Nikolas ValvikNikolas Valvik3 órája
  • anyone

    mikin liroumikin lirou4 órája
  • 5up: If you know you know

    Ben Wrycraft-JaneBen Wrycraft-Jane4 órája
  • holy crap, corpse was a crewmate for once

    Shadow WolfShadow Wolf4 órája
  • Do you have a hole in your throat after 30 years of smoking that you cover up to talk and that's why your voice is so ugly

    VLone-_-VLone-_-4 órája
    • this channel are one of the rare channel to hit a million sub a month

      mikin liroumikin lirou4 órája
  • I love corpse

    Su MarlieSu Marlie4 órája
  • This "straight to hell line" 😂

    Juli HJuli H5 órája
  • Hi

    GEOGEO5 órája
  • **The game wants corpse to be impostor**

    Daniel Gian F. GubatDaniel Gian F. Gubat5 órája
  • Not Gonna lie your voice would sound scary to hear at late at night.

    Mason HallMason Hall5 órája
  • Honestly bro I used to watch his videos ALOT like he was my favorite HUworldr, now I can’t even watch him with out being associated with his weird new fans

    P MP M5 órája
  • Everyone: proximity chat so cool ! Me: did corpse just saw the imp kill and didn’t say anything????

    CookieCookie5 órája
  • Why did tubbo just not care about the fact he saw 2 people dance on a body on cams 4:51

    Blinx.Blinx.5 órája
  • Twitter notification? no! Anita.

    Landon HuntLandon Hunt6 órája
  • CouRageJD... In polish slang JD means "Fuck Diss"

    MorskiszczurMorskiszczur6 órája

    MimamooMimamoo6 órája
  • ”enjoy me killing my new friends again”

    Sam RawlesSam Rawles6 órája
  • Nobody: Minx’s cam at 18:27 : *C H A I R*

    SansAsriel 50SansAsriel 507 órája
  • 11:56 - 12:14 Some Kinky Suff ;)

    Olimar831Olimar8317 órája
  • this channel are one of the rare channel to hit a million sub a month

    Common BeeCommon Bee7 órája
  • Corpse sounds like the perfect person to tell horror stories

    Joe SwansonJoe Swanson7 órája
  • Hmmmmm is corpse simping

    NateDog 0907NateDog 09077 órája
  • Corpse giving Tubbo the go-ahead to murder in front of him has to be my favorite bit LOL

    darthcarrotsdarthcarrots7 órája
  • Hey! Feel free to join my discord sever! Its random so make sure to be nice and follows the rules! discord.new/Tpq7wu6ZCBcG

    Jaslene Brickhouse-DelunaJaslene Brickhouse-Deluna7 órája
  • "Where we heading?" "Straight to hell buddy" my favorite line ever

    Jess AtkinsJess Atkins7 órája
  • How does Corpse always end up being the Impostor-

    LittleMissRoseLittleMissRose7 órája
  • How come no one is talking about this??? 10:34 CouRage: Is your name red, Botez? Botez: No, my cherry is..... on my green head............

    Natalie ThomisonNatalie Thomison7 órája
  • I feel bad for courage😔

    pokmon6 fanpokmon6 fan7 órája
  • I love CORPSE laugh❤️

    Gavin McCarthyGavin McCarthy8 órája

    Fernando AlfianFernando Alfian8 órája

    cereal boxcereal box8 órája
  • Corpse's voice when he killed Tubbo in round one, just so smooth yet dangerous.

    Tanaka PrideTanaka Pride8 órája
  • Is no going to talk about the sound of courage at 3:31 ? #hilarious 😂

    Priyanka ChuphalPriyanka Chuphal8 órája
  • Corpse is one of those people that almost never laughs but you can tell when he is excited and having fun while playing Edit: Jesus 63 likes thanks people

    bayla sosabayla sosa8 órája
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    Isaiah CastroIsaiah Castro8 órája
  • hey tubbo you looking like tommo and qackity hes easy to beat lookin so sweet

    Bangcok_ At11Bangcok_ At119 órája
  • where we going buddy to hell me i'm already there kid

    Bangcok_ At11Bangcok_ At119 órája
  • 2:11 you can hear a korok in the background.

    Joel HillsJoel Hills9 órája
  • 11:57

    Half-BlindHalf-Blind9 órája
  • Imagine youre doing a task and Corpse’s deep ass voice jumpscare you

    Salty SteambagsSalty Steambags9 órája
  • 5:02 What you came for.

    ImpostorImpostor10 órája
  • Anita muting herself after courage made fun of her tics is so upsetting :/

    6bugz6bugz10 órája
    • Courage wasn't talking about anita. He was talking about Tubbo's sub notification that's why he was calling out Tubbo

      Kiki LalaKiki Lala9 órája
  • Man...killing with style.

    Half-BlindHalf-Blind10 órája
  • “Straight to hell, buddy” who else went back to watch it on repeat? 4:52

    Half-BlindHalf-Blind10 órája
  • Subscribe corpse please

    Elisha RaiiElisha Raii10 órája
  • This man sounds exactly like death tbh

    Brass MonkeyBrass Monkey10 órája
  • 12:37 I love corpses laugh

    Allan PlantyAllan Planty10 órája
  • He has a crush ..

    kL kLkL kL10 órája
  • anitas bird tweeting is on point and i love it

    Tyler hollidayTyler holliday11 órája
  • Tubbo barley missed 5up killing on cams

    Stephanie MonacoStephanie Monaco11 órája
  • Corpse marinating and murdering his friends in a monotone voice gives me life

    Katsuki-BakugōKatsuki-Bakugō11 órája
  • 16:47 Anita And Tubbo looking AT each other

    Rainbow DeerRainbow Deer11 órája
  • Corpse: Le stabb Tubbo's back.

    Anime GirlAnime Girl11 órája
  • tubbo and corpse is the cross over we never knew we needed

    Chicory GreeneChicory Greene11 órája
  • Hey corpse I hope all is well I heard that your voice is so deep because you might have acid reflux which might make you lose your voice one day if I could help you I would love to get in contact and maybe help you I am not one of your simps or looking for clout just worried about you and I understand you have anxiety so I understand if you don’t wanna talk my Twitter is TotemicClaw4228 my discord is TotemicClaw4228(pc)#0670

    FireBurns GamingFireBurns Gaming11 órája
  • Damn the editing 👌

    BluffziBluffzi11 órája
  • good video

    Ari LesterAri Lester11 órája
  • Can someone explain to me what tourette syndrome is...thanks

    TofuGamingTofuGaming11 órája
  • Toob

    Lean176Lean17611 órája
  • Is anyone else thinking "Joker's kitchen" right now?

    Nate GNate G11 órája
  • 4:49 Tubbo: where the hell did CORPSE go?? Oh there's CORPSE!! Hey CORPSE!! Where are we heading?? CORPSE: uhhhhhh Straight to hell dude Tubbo: What Also Tubbo: OH WOW WOW WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Kimberly WilsonKimberly Wilson11 órája
  • No one: Absolutely No one: Tubbo: 5cup

    Micah BarosMicah Baros11 órája
  • i did this with my friends i spoke the whole of yoshikage kiras theme at the end while my 2 other alive friends wegre screaming with reactor on

    ElixirElixir12 órája
  • -turn lights off in your room -wait till corpse gets imposter -play hide and seek with proximity chat -shit yourself

    ValkValk12 órája
  • I know Anita has Tourette’s but like, “I’m in love with a fish” has me dying

    TippyyTippyy12 órája