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  • Happy birthday, Our Lovely Chittaphon! 🖤 Our Multi-talented King! 👑 You deserve nothing but the best because you always give your hundred and one percent in everything that you do. Your hard work, determination, devotion, wonderful character, and overflowing talent make you one of the most precious gems in the world. YOU ARE NO DOUBT AN ACE! A DIAMOND ONE! 💎 You're truly an excellent artist and an art embodiment. You are too surreal for the world! I still can't believe how can someone be this immensely amazing. Stay healthy and happy, our Tennie! Once again, happy birthday! We love you, always! 🖤

    Divina, Alliah NathalieDivina, Alliah Nathalie2 perccel
  • Both Ten and cats, are cutes 🥰🥰🥰

    Siti Masmu'ahSiti Masmu'ah3 perccel
  • Happy birthday my best boy 🎂🎂

    Conan DaoConan Dao7 perccel
  • Happy birthday to ten

    Jia WinaJia Wina42 perccel
  • hppy b'dy Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul 🇹🇭🐱💚 .

    WAWA WAWAWAWA WAWA47 perccel
  • Come back here..wkwk

    puspa indripuspa indri51 perce
  • Jangan makan terlalu banyak, nanti kamu jadi babi

    Firda SyarifaFirda SyarifaÓrája
  • Sorry Ten, i came back to this video just to watch louis and leon, hehe they are so cute

    Fatihatun NisaFatihatun Nisa2 órája
  • Leon and Louis already too cute to handle and then come the hooman 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • eternal dream •• eternal dream •2 órája
  • Ten’s bd is a few hours away, happy birthday to the loml

    Sheryl LSheryl L3 órája
  • Bebi:****

    Erlinda AmaliyahErlinda Amaliyah3 órája
  • I swear Ten thigh is brighter than my future 🥺✨

    Warkie Mark GOT7Warkie Mark GOT73 órája
  • hehe... my happy place

    radila wisnuputriradila wisnuputri4 órája
  • Ten is so cute.​ I​ love you😻😼

    210-09Kornkanya Ropru210-09Kornkanya Ropru4 órája
  • 8:41 wow the screaming

    Nurul Fatihah Ab RahimNurul Fatihah Ab Rahim4 órája
  • よく見たらピカチュウのバッグある

    !あすか!あすか4 órája
  • Ten isn't a catboy anymore, he's a real cat

    Bảo NguyễnBảo Nguyễn4 órája
  • i love you more ten

    Dian Agustiani X Ki 6Dian Agustiani X Ki 64 órája
  • Babies how have you been? 3 of you are loved♡♡♡

    神哥NP is SHIN神哥NP is SHIN4 órája
  • 《❤🐱❤》

    Юна КимЮна Ким6 órája
  • Кошки умнее людей😂 Какая милата🥰

    Юна КимЮна Ким7 órája
  • He looks like mama😂

    RzznnieRzznnie7 órája
  • Whos holding the cam?

    Nijj JinanNijj Jinan11 órája
  • I like men big fan of cats and dogs, that's why Ten is perfect to be my boyfriend, am I wrong?

    girl in kluvgirl in kluv13 órája
  • hbd ten

  • Ten thank you for staying with your NCT brothers. You are one of the pillars of NCT.

    Etaine TanEtaine Tan13 órája
  • 다니アンギ 다니アンギ TEN 🥰🥰🥰

    Naylah Ramadhani-anggiNaylah Ramadhani-anggi14 órája
  • 4:01 ok, I'm jealous

    FUJIKOFUJIKO15 órája
  • 2.8 M view for 23 minutes about ten with his cat. Damn.

    ordinary girl1705ordinary girl170516 órája
  • TEN: 😚😚😚😚😚 TO LION BUT ME: 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Aritza MoralesAritza Morales17 órája
  • My life is a video..

    i t s R a v i n 8 8i t s R a v i n 8 818 órája
  • Hihi 10velys, I'm starting a fan club for Ten's undereye mole. All members welcome

    no bano ba19 órája
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    Noor RoonNoor Roon20 órája
  • wanna try brush my teeth with Kai MMhh backsound hahahaa

    GAYUMIGAYUMI22 órája
  • the way he asked to his cat in a soft and gentle tone....... i cantt..

    Rahmatillah PutriRahmatillah Putri23 órája
  • 42

    10velys tyongf10velys tyongfNapja
  • Cuteeee boy!

    Narda AguilarNarda AguilarNapja
  • Definisi makin tua makin kiyowo anti badai ter terrr : Ten and taeyong

    Aera LeeAera LeeNapja
  • 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • ten every take a spoon of cake: "andwaee" "leon andwae" oh i always laugh in ten relay cam bcs of lolela behaviour kkk

    Karisa Dzikri Asy-SyifaKarisa Dzikri Asy-SyifaNapja
  • my cat didn't even know how to highfive *cry in pain*

    Khalissa Umaira AbdullahKhalissa Umaira AbdullahNapja
  • ten's cat is the smartest cat ever istg

    Khalissa Umaira AbdullahKhalissa Umaira AbdullahNapja
  • im here again

  • I love him

    Huong NguyenHuong NguyenNapja
  • lovely

    wonder plutowonder plutoNapja
  • Still

    wonki babieswonki babiesNapja
  • 텐 다정이 너무 심한거 같은데........

    km Kimkm KimNapja
  • @10:11 I know, no one can compromise your love for food with anyone

    Janet AbrahamJanet AbrahamNapja
  • i think i have pigs, not cats. hahaha

    nik rayyannik rayyanNapja
  • The hugs and kisses that Louis, Leon and Bella get in this video is infinity...how lucky they are 😭😭😭😭

    Pari JamatiaPari JamatiaNapja
  • Leon best cat

    White BirWhite BirNapja
  • I mean it's his cats' relay not his

  • When a cat is luckier than you.

    JeOgIyO nOoNa HoKsHi nAmJaChInGu iSsOyEo?JeOgIyO nOoNa HoKsHi nAmJaChInGu iSsOyEo?Napja
  • Hai chittaphon

    Alifa AzzahraAlifa AzzahraNapja
  • His cat is so cute

  • 23:11 thats the way i use my parfume 🤭🤭🤭


    Na AiraNa AiraNapja
  • ten my little cat😩✋🏻

    Bhavya VemulaBhavya VemulaNapja
  • los mejores 23 minutos con 44 segundos de mi vida

  • Lucu :(((

  • Ten aku banget,kalau aku sama Ten pasti rumah kita bakalan jadi rumah kucing hahah

  • It's 4:50 am and I'm here watching my favorite show, Ten and his cats.

  • ❤️

    Delin resyianaDelin resyianaNapja
  • omg he watches kai too😍😍😍

  • good morning ten lee

    sugaryplum ssugaryplum sNapja
  • ขอซับไทยบ้างเถอะค่ะ🙏😂

    Santaearth _fcSantaearth _fcNapja
  • half of the views are mine

    xingie ًxingie ًNapja
  • por favor nao toquem no cabelo desse homem FIQUE LONGE DA TESOURA

    Juliana SantosJuliana SantosNapja
  • Ten love cats and me toooo 😭😭😭 its my favorit relay cam 💕😻

    Derliyanti ReiDerliyanti ReiNapja
  • i miss ten

  • Ten!!!!💚💚💚

    Yajaira CarrilloYajaira Carrillo2 napja
  • This is very relaxing. I am not a cat person but I found this very relax to watch.

    Nam WanNam Wan2 napja
  • Ten ultah tanggal 27

    leeyoungheum wifeleeyoungheum wife2 napja
  • Cute boy.

    Narda AguilarNarda Aguilar2 napja
  • Wait, Do they have housekeeper?

    12 trsr12 trsr2 napja
    • @12 trsr its usually like that. Maybe after this comeback. They will promote in China. After that, they get better dorms

      N ThapaN ThapaNapja
    • @N Thapa I mean the 4+ years thingy. They could only get better dorms when they hit 4+ years..

      12 trsr12 trsrNapja
    • @12 trsr not rules but from what I have seen. Its like that. Most exo members live on own too. One or two lives in dorm and its literally looks like wayv dorm too much things in tiny dorm. Rv old dorm looks like dream new dorm according to some fans.

      N ThapaN ThapaNapja
    • @N Thapa oh I see, I didn't know SM has rules like that.

      12 trsr12 trsrNapja
    • @12 trsr yes but they are still in 3rd career. Sm is stingy. Only when they hit 4+ years ,they get better dorms. And after 6+ years, many sm idols live on their own too

      N ThapaN ThapaNapja
  • No wonder why this is the longest relay cam among everyone❤️

    Kyla Marie AloyonKyla Marie Aloyon2 napja
  • My heart popped out when he said: You want to see how I change?🥰🥰😆😆

    Barsha SunuwarBarsha Sunuwar2 napja
  • i really like cat

    fans stray kids and ikonfans stray kids and ikon2 napja
  • Omg 3 cats being cute 😍😁😆

    Barsha SunuwarBarsha Sunuwar2 napja
  • ❤️

    mons termons ter2 napja
  • Ten calling his cat.....Leonnn Me dead I love his tone 0:20

    Pari JamatiaPari Jamatia2 napja
  • I watch this almos everyday, woah~

    MarcelaAcostaMarcelaAcosta2 napja
    • me too

      Sheryl LSheryl L3 órája
  • 21:25 jangan heh jangan😳 Anda meresahkan T_T

    Barapus DaneaBarapus Danea2 napja
  • Go go 3M for cutie of the year TEN😽

    Jihan MeyllyJihan Meylly2 napja
  • Eat moreeee tennnnnnn

    Little PrincessLittle Princess2 napja
  • Let’s make it to 3M !

    April WangApril Wang2 napja
  • This relay cam is happy pills

    EisEis2 napja
  • Why I like ten so much like I like louis, bella and leon lol I miss my cats and dog TT

    가미가미2 napja
  • 어느숙소인가용

    유자유자2 napja
  • whaaa my cat cant do that

    I'mthebossI'mtheboss2 napja
  • wow smart cat

    I'mthebossI'mtheboss2 napja
  • My favorite relay cam

    Feby Kahtarina TurnipFeby Kahtarina Turnip2 napja
  • Lovely lovely lovely lovely

    Starry SkyStarry Sky2 napja
  • He is so kind

    Starry SkyStarry Sky2 napja
  • I love his relation with animals

    Starry SkyStarry Sky2 napja
  • I love him

    Starry SkyStarry Sky2 napja
  • Why is he so cuteeeeeeeee

    Starry SkyStarry Sky2 napja
  • Luvyu

    Glayseral FabioGlayseral Fabio2 napja
  • I love Ten eating cake he likes sweets.

    Rose with thornsRose with thorns2 napja
  • tem e seus gatos

    Mary GamerMary Gamer2 napja