Temptation Island is mental

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I recently watched Temptation island season 1 and it's insane.
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  • It’s the perfect reality TV show because it captures real peoples emotions And it’s meant to be hard on them

    It’s Cesar btchIt’s Cesar btchNapja
  • Insignificant thought but it's way too obvious that the show dressed the cast up for the first time meeting each other. There's no way that each woman decided they were going to wear a knee-length solid bright color dress and not match colors at all

    Jerry the Magical LlamaJerry the Magical Llama2 napja
  • This chick talking "alphas" and "betas" is so outdated. We call them Virgins and Chads now.

    Andrew VanhorneAndrew Vanhorne5 napja
  • The editing on noel's Videos are hilarious

    S25S256 napja
  • I got am ad for a dating show on this video lmaooo "Match me if you can"

    Zoe MarshallZoe Marshall8 napja
  • tiktok raised all of us lowkey lol

    KijagoldKijagold9 napja
  • I'd love to see someday in this show that someone turns out to be gay... dude that would be gOLD HAHAHA

    CamilaCamila10 napja
  • John deserves better

    Mickey_ MessMickey_ Mess11 napja
  • like maybe 2 of the women and were guy were good looking, i know that ain't all love is but this show isn't about "love" ya'know.

    comyusecomyuse11 napja
  • Noel wants a show that is basically the movie Legend recreated.

    Ryan RichRyan Rich12 napja
  • Glad I'm not the only one who noticed the host looks like he came off a cocaine bender every time he is on the screen

    Marsonis2yaMarsonis2ya12 napja
  • Can you make a video on season 3? It just finished!

    Cierra BarnesCierra Barnes13 napja
  • They literally went to applebees and picked up the most attractive people they could find.

    Agent MigsAgent Migs13 napja
  • To be fair I agree with Noel on the girls looking like 4's, as a group they look a lot better than they actually are, when you look at them individually and objectively they are 5's and 6's on a good day.

    ramzzrulezzramzzrulezz13 napja
  • Very true on the tik tok teaching kids , its taught me so much , the earth is flat , Michelle Obama is a man and what I need to be able to grow shrooms in my cupboard using wood chips !!!!

    T SLAox80T SLAox8013 napja
  • 6:05 she was definitely like, “Oh my god, them niggas dress like shit.”

    Ndumiso MagubaneNdumiso Magubane14 napja

    Ilovey0uIhatey0uIlovey0uIhatey0u14 napja
  • i want a lesbian love story in one of these shows LETS GO LESBIANS

    sunny side upsunny side up14 napja
  • This is easily the best video on the internet rn

    Khaka MajengeKhaka Majenge14 napja
  • Is it weird that I pronounce “Noel” as “Nole”

    Nate BurrowsNate Burrows14 napja
  • tbh the singles and couples are all the same level of attractiveness.

    Wrath the FuriousWrath the Furious14 napja
  • Noel, your video sent me on a spiral binge of this show and the AFTERMATH, MY GUY. Everyone needs to youtube the follow up videos about Evan by Kaci and by Morgan. This dude is RIDICULOUS with the sociopathy.

    Joe EstradaJoe Estrada14 napja
  • Noel: "the most average people" me, finding each and every single person there hot: 👁👄👁

    qualified armchair criticqualified armchair critic16 napja
  • 10:08 this is so fucked up. Free this man

    blank blankblank blank16 napja
  • Watching you for the first time with this video while tidying my room... 😅 I had to whip back ahahah so funny

    laylo xxxlaylo xxx16 napja
  • John 3:16-21!

    Tony SalvatelliTony Salvatelli16 napja
  • Noel's out of touch with reality if he thinks those people are average

    AkalionAkalion17 napja
  • This beast got 2M views when he’s only got 2.3M subs.

    Human RattelerHuman Ratteler18 napja
  • why does carl look like jason derulo

    AvAv18 napja
  • if danganronpa was a dating show-

    Risk MilkRisk Milk19 napja
  • Stumbled into this show for its first episode and your description is spot on lol It hits you like a brick hahaha. Best reality show that no one is watching.

    jesse sjesse s19 napja
  • Man, that murdered blonde cheating dad was a True Crime Daily show, saw it a while back

    CC19 napja
  • Make more

    Justin 2ndJustin 2nd19 napja
  • ayahuasca hahahahahaha

    Rysha ShopRysha Shop19 napja
  • As someone who has watched the show, the second I saw Evan and Casey it all came flooding back

    Bobby CaseyBobby Casey19 napja
  • Nah the singles are attractive they’re just “ Hallmark movie attractive” like they’re good looking just a little plain

    Keira F.Keira F.19 napja
  • Why do people care if Noel called them unattractive?? Like everyone has different standards, no need to compare who’s hot and who’s not lol

    Daisyseung wooDaisyseung woo20 napja
    • @Akalion how?? When I said no need to compare, I was talking about the people in the comments that were saying Noel would be the ugly one if he was there.

      Daisyseung wooDaisyseung woo17 napja
    • Wait you just completely contradicted yourself

      AkalionAkalion17 napja
  • Wtf kind of impossible standards does Noel have? Okay maybe the men aint shit but those girls are fucking gorgeous

    Maru LynnMaru Lynn20 napja
    • @Maru Lynn Yeah they are that's exactly what I'm saying lmao

      AkalionAkalion17 napja
    • @Akalion They’re still way above average, c’mon.

      Maru LynnMaru Lynn17 napja
    • He's attractive and wealthy and he's around other wealthy and attractive people in fucking Los Angeles. There's your answer.

      AkalionAkalion17 napja
  • I am a white lady, and I totally agree with you Noel. You are my new favorite.

    Kelly McGowanKelly McGowan20 napja
  • 10:17 you high? you’re sober now.

    Maria SatoMaria Sato21 napja
  • Please check out the challenge

    Evie LovellEvie Lovell21 napja
  • I can't believe they actually rebooted this.

    Matt CollazoMatt Collazo22 napja
  • Bring back fear factor

    Walker XYWalker XY22 napja
  • These people seem so default... everyone is a 4? I think you're blind... or just not into white ppl.

    leelee23 napja
  • Every shot the couples take one memory goes away (Noel said something like this as he passed his over his hair) the memories turn into Noel's hair

    Rekyrro 96Rekyrro 9623 napja
  • Noel has lived in LA to long and forgot what regular people look like

    Hansel MoseleyHansel Moseley23 napja
    • True

      AkalionAkalion17 napja
  • the like/dislike ratio is iconic

    Hannah VHannah V23 napja
  • the amount of cringe I felt was immeasurable

    zboyzistzboyzist24 napja
  • Honestly i dont give a shit about chery but i feel bad for those snakes, their just chillin then same lady comes flying from the sky probly crushing a couple along the way

    bjarki thor sævarsonbjarki thor sævarson25 napja
  • Not me binging Temptation Island just cause Noel made a video about it.

    TyraTyra25 napja
  • Thank you for introducing me to this show, I just binge watched it and loved it 😂

    ClisareClisare25 napja
    • Almost watched all of it with my fiancé but we got turned off by them cheating in the end... And we just stopped .. We were hopeful that they'd stay together through all those singles. Lol

      Nosipho DywiliNosipho Dywili14 napja
  • Bro the earthbound oddshot 🤣🤣🤣

    Finn MurtonsFinn Murtons25 napja
  • I don't understand why these men date such horrible women. The most masculine man there is called a beta by his own trash woman. lol Dump her.

    Johan WJohan W25 napja
  • For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8-9, Jesus Christ is the only way, KJV..

    Eagle775Eagle77526 napja
  • "Man's not alpha enough" Meanwhile the dude is looking like he is a canadian lumberjack crossbred with an ox Holy shit I guess I m a baby princess

    Alarios711Alarios71126 napja
  • BRAH?! Did you said Default people?! 😂😂😂😂

    Tron Life on the GridTron Life on the Grid26 napja
  • is it me or Noel has gotten Cody's expressions and now looks remarkably like Cody

    AdvetAdvet26 napja
  • if those people are a 4 im fucked

    Sean JenkinsSean Jenkins26 napja
  • subbed for ayahuasca

    BREAKoceanBREAKocean27 napja
  • I stopped to laugh at 6:13 n the dude pauses the video exactly after 2s n laughs

    Jeremy BellefoisJeremy Bellefois27 napja
  • Tik tok will be raising your kids. yes truth omg got me dying.

    Col StoxfieldCol Stoxfield27 napja
  • God, why do they all spell their names in the most annoying way?

    Aaron BradshawAaron Bradshaw27 napja
  • This video is funny and all yeah yeah, but...wtfff was that nightmare fuel at 10:17 ?!?

    SamiSami27 napja
  • its cool how you can create comedy out of basically thin air. Very amazing bro love ya

    CoolGameBroCoolGameBro27 napja
  • How come when I watch ur videos I get ads for my depression

    Caedmon ArguelloCaedmon Arguello27 napja
  • I dont think those women are really regular. They are pretty hot

    VanDamnSonVanDamnSon28 napja
  • you either get the white women crying shows or the black women fighting shows

    DooDoo 55DooDoo 5528 napja
  • You are too funny man 😂

    PurrpleramenPurrpleramen28 napja
  • What does that bottle blond mean by "not an alpha"? How exactly does she measure it? As far as I know, it's more of a mindset.

    Rachel T.Rachel T.28 napja
  • We have this show in Belgium and we're past season 12 by now. The singles consist of mostly bimbos and really buff guys.

    DoterDesignDoterDesign28 napja
  • Brittney was pretty bad, tho.

    A3A328 napja

    theconnor89theconnor8928 napja
  • omf men talking just annoys the hell out of me. like we need commentary, from a 20 something privileged male! LOL

    raven thomisraven thomis28 napja
  • I had no expectations when I clicked this video but damn you are funny man!

    TechWizzTechWizz28 napja
  • i went to high school with one of the girls on the show. shes an absolute idiot hahaha

    austin maustin m29 napja
  • and your show is deep, introspective and informative you WHITE LADY you

    Ruth BroderickRuth Broderick29 napja
  • Age gap? Bro. 10 years is an age gap

    RykerDavisRykerDavis29 napja
  • 6:35 the pose is so bad

    sno86sno8629 napja
  • good idea on a show, copyright that right the fuck now. its gonna be a hit

  • Great video, so funny! This is the 1 show where I'm questioning whether of not I'm a nice person :') It's really low in terms of morality.

    Sienna MaySienna May29 napja
  • LOL « regular ass people » I’m fucking crying laughing

  • Wtf the premise sounds like a bad adult novel

    Samuel PerezSamuel PerezHónapja
  • I wanna live where Noel lives if he thinks those singles are 4's.

    • I mean, without all the makeup and lighting they are probably closer to 4 than to 10. And that’s disregarding any plastic surgery they may have had.

      Don YatesDon Yates28 napja
  • LOL models for Kohls (BTW woulda been a great time to drop a sponsored by Kohls ad)

    Mack DliteMack DliteHónapja
  • are you and cody not friends anymore? ya'll are more funny together

  • 0:55 is that shaq with that kardashian woman? the porno girl?

    Christopher LongChristopher LongHónapja
  • The commentary so good I literally had to stop watching the video and go watch the show Arnold voice “I’ll be back”

  • When you sign into one of these shows, you basically agreeing to be emotionally tortured and your reputation tarnished. I mean even if you don't do anything significant, you can bet that editing team will do something. And any "relationship" you get from these shows is almost 100% sure to fail, or in this case your current relationship is going to fail :D

  • you're totes right about the reptilian eyes though LOLLL

    Natalia MirochnitchenkoNatalia MirochnitchenkoHónapja
  • OK....Those people are a 4? I would love to know how you would rank youself? Please do us the honour. Dude...you are in dire need of some introspection lol...you are funny, yes, but kind of out of touch lol so ya....how much on 10 do you give yourself?

    Natalia MirochnitchenkoNatalia MirochnitchenkoHónapja
  • That fucking show is a whole ass trigger warning for shitty relationships

    Isiaha AlejandroIsiaha AlejandroHónapja
  • 5:50 - these types of men no need any show - they swipe right 100 times, and they get 200 matches....

  • if these singles seems "standard" to you, you don't live in the real world

  • I love this guy...

    Osaruese OsatoOsaruese OsatoHónapja
  • yo this popped up in my recommendations and i gotta say your commentary is funny as fuck

    John CummingsJohn CummingsHónapja
  • 15 seconds in with misogyny jezusssss

    Ally WoodsAlly WoodsHónapja
  • These guys came jetskiing with my company last year

    Joe McCloskeyJoe McCloskeyHónapja
  • Bring back love island with Cody!

    Jim KipilaJim KipilaHónapja
  • i actually wanna see this show now...so painfull its act good

    Orcaryyy LiamOrcaryyy LiamHónapja
  • Listening to you talk into that clear mic with those eyes is in itself Temptation Island. Subscribed!

    Sophia CastanoSophia CastanoHónapja