Teleporting Tea - Slovakia country review

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Boris returns to Slovakia through the power of teleportation tea.
Bratislava bring many tourist attractions like.. A castle. Traffic. A man with a saw trying to get a bike from the street.
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  • Thank you to travel to slovakia

    Magdaléna KovačičováMagdaléna KovačičováNapja
  • Pozsony (Bratislava) is beautiful. I just know it was the Hungarian capital city for a thausands year. Pls visit Budapest too .

    Dániel PintérDániel Pintér2 napja
  • Now I don't feel bad for making butter brot with mayonnaise...

    AK ThunderAK Thunder4 napja
  • vysočina is actually czech

    David ŠťastnýDavid Šťastný5 napja
  • Go to Africa: do a colab with @PPPETER from Slovakia. He is a nice dude and is quite funny.

    Operation MayhemOperation Mayhem5 napja
  • I was hoping that he will taste borovička on video😂😂

    RobMan TVRobMan TV5 napja
  • ~ Own a fork in a hotel/apartment ~ Still use a knife, to put out szproty or hot paprika from jar. Good old Boris

    Sebastian RożkiewiczSebastian Rożkiewicz6 napja
  • 9:17 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Blyat

  • boris! 1.5 mill people have watched this!!! 15:00 you meantioned your sub count at 15 min btw lol

    E RainE Rain7 napja
  • Som rad že sa ti zapačila naša vlasť

    Peter BodnárPeter Bodnár7 napja
  • 13:35 that doesnt belong on bread 😂

    MartinesMartines8 napja
  • Did he walk into a supermarket with no shoes on? lol :D

    Mick BMick B8 napja
  • 13:54 On lid it says "Smetana ke šlehání", which means "Whipping cream". That's not Sour cream, that's for cooking! :D Next time look for "Zakysaná smetana". That's the one you want c:

    Nightmare FlameNightmare Flame8 napja
  • Im from sk

    Games HereGames Here8 napja
  • Slovak people are crying now >_

    Pavol KorenPavol Koren8 napja
  • swizerland would be nice

    Smarty_SimonSmarty_Simon9 napja
  • ахахах сметана суп ска... ))

    Andy MidoryAndy Midory10 napja
  • Boris v Blave sajba

    Western SlavWestern Slav10 napja
  • i almost think he is dutch sometimes.

    Remy SeijenRemy Seijen11 napja
  • Did he say "Boris is *BACK* " Does that mean............

    Ranjan BiswasRanjan Biswas11 napja
  • ah yes im slovakian

    gimme the beesgimme the bees13 napja
  • WTF Vysočina in slovakia? Bljat ;-) Vysočina, eto cast' chexii ;-)

    dim0n ******dim0n ******13 napja
    • a poslednija kolbasa eto bljat Jánosova kalbasa :D :D

      dim0n ******dim0n ******13 napja
  • Boris: Is a good thing Babushka is not here right now. Babushka: FBI OPEN UP!!! 12:10

    How to BlinHow to Blin13 napja
  • Super Cream, ingrediance: Super and Cream hahahaha i lost it xD

    PuMaXPuMaX18 napja
  • u should come to Baden-Baden in germany... Katharina II and Turgenev where here and now it´s u turn ;-)

    Patrick Adam FlahautPatrick Adam Flahaut19 napja
  • Smetana is cream sour cream is zakysaná smetana

    LeomeodeoLeomeodeo23 napja
  • can you go to Ukraiane?

    Merf MerfMerf Merf25 napja
  • Boris, if you like chili come to Arizona, America. You may not like our mayonez, but you will love proper southwestern cooking

    kenyon wellskenyon wells26 napja
  • me: should make a blyat compilation.

    FrankthecutecatFrankthecutecat26 napja
  • That security guard with the bike stealer was as arogant as vadim blyat!

    Mr XxfakegamerlolxXMr XxfakegamerlolxX26 napja
  • Im slovak

    MEREFMEREF26 napja

    ben smithben smith28 napja
  • dude 52% tatra tea? next time buy the purple one

    Pali33Pali3328 napja
  • Heh, Bratislava as one of the five richest regions in the EU is depicted as a city full of old cars, bike thieves, and low quality groceries, where only tourists look colorful. Funny, stupid and prejudiced at the same time. A review done by some Belorussian previously living in zemlyanka :-). But yeah, one would do anything just to look interesting.

    Dan McHawkDan McHawk29 napja
  • Kaufland in Bratislava?

    Dantube HDSDantube HDSHónapja
  • 5:45 you can hear "everybody was kung fu fighting" and I was laughing so hard.

    Jerico SalamanteJerico SalamanteHónapja
  • im pretty sure that wasnt his bike

    Sullivan WilliamsSullivan WilliamsHónapja
  • most of my family is from Slovakia but I am born in sweden, can i still call myself slavic? My grandma always says that I am slovak lol

    Teo R B HallströmTeo R B HallströmHónapja
  • 1:17 he should of put the dark souls location font saying Bratislava

    • @Harpyboi48 "should of put" = pizdec "should have put" = mayonez

      AnvilshockAnvilshock14 napja
    • @Anvilshock ? I don't understand what you're saying

      Harpyboi48Harpyboi4814 napja
    • How braindead does one need to be to be still breathing but spell "would of" instead of "would have"?

      AnvilshockAnvilshock14 napja
  • the guy literally stealing a bike

    General jagmonkeyGeneral jagmonkeyHónapja
  • Travel to germany

  • You should travel to the United States of America

    Kyle SmithKyle SmithHónapja
  • 13:42 when u was on incognito for too long

    igLoo XDigLoo XDHónapja
  • 3:38 me: ......

  • 4:08 barefoot? wtf

  • Super

  • New york

    James RamirezJames RamirezHónapja
  • Is Boris walking around without shoes on? Hahaha

    Richard VelasquezRichard VelasquezHónapja
  • WAIT,he has no shoes lol

    MegaPixel 466MegaPixel 466Hónapja
    • Or am i blind

      MegaPixel 466MegaPixel 466Hónapja
  • 13:41- 13:42 I hope this helpful :)

    Lee RuanLee RuanHónapja
  • Greetings from germany.

  • Ah my homeland

    Patrik BezdekPatrik BezdekHónapja
  • All you need is a dollar and eighty three cents to stay at a five star hotel in Bratislava.

  • 굉장히 아름다운 나라군요 저도 한번 가서 살아보고 싶네요 :)

  • I am frim slovakia

    Dana OrthováDana OrthováHónapja
  • 4:29 dj blyatman--duga

    DESPACITO452 _DESPACITO452 _Hónapja
  • you know... i really like that boris wanna try out the local stuff, most people would just buy shit that they know of from home country like the western spies they are

    smiley satansonsmiley satansonHónapja
  • I love Bratoslava very beatifull city!!

  • “Babushkas jam shelf” buhahahahahahaha

    In Motion AutomotiveIn Motion AutomotiveHónapja
  • go to czech

    gagyy yygagyy yyHónapja
  • Opa... 💯

    arjun sajeevarjun sajeevHónapja
  • italy here

    A MA MHónapja
  • Makes me proud to be from Slovakia! Nech žie Slovakia!

  • Hungary*

    Bálint SzalaiBálint SzalaiHónapja
  • I love tge background music

    Jonathan BunnerJonathan BunnerHónapja
  • Petition for Boris to go to India so we can see his ass chased by random street doggos ps ples come to Bangalore

  • Boris feet are brighter than my future

    ina yuriina yuriHónapja
  • Only 52% pffft *laughs in Tatra tea 72%*

    daniel fidrmucdaniel fidrmucHónapja
  • Ah, Podhajska.

    Hamstrung HarryHamstrung HarryHónapja
  • 12:29 South Korea: *Let me introduce myself*

    John DoeJohn DoeHónapja
  • I had a friend from Slovakia

    Geo-Pop-Boy F R I E N D SGeo-Pop-Boy F R I E N D SHónapja
  • 13:56 deer boris smetana is not a sour cream smetana is heavy cream :>

  • 8:23 Это что такое? У нас такие пепси вымерли ещё в прошлом десятилетии

  • Who live in slovakia but speak hungari?

    • Ja nerozprávam po maďarsky ale, otec rozpráva a ja niekedy po anglicky 🌼🤟🏻

      Zara MuszungZara MuszungHónapja
  • im from slovakia

    Šimon ImrichŠimon ImrichHónapja
  • 7:22 oštiepok is the best thing in Slovakia

    Adam MarkoAdam MarkoHónapja
  • Worst thing about shopping in CZ/SK is that smetana/smotana can refer to sour cream, a half and half cream stuff, or something in between.

    Rusty HuskyRusty HuskyHónapja
  • Bald (and bankrupt) explained that Kofola was the soviet era substitute for Coca-cola. It's just still around...

    Backroad JunkieBackroad JunkieHónapja
  • him: doesn't know that you can eat the foreskin of capitalist sausage I guess Boris has been using babushka's doctor's sausage instead

    Addicting Video Game HubAddicting Video Game HubHónapja
  • Next time visit COOP Jednota, other groceries are western spies .)

  • Go to the záhorská Ves is small village

    trol trolingtrol trolingHónapja
  • Mayonaise is nasty

    Andrew BuenoAndrew BuenoHónapja
  • Czech

    darth alexdarth alexHónapja
  • I live in Slovakia. (Slovensko) IT IS best .

    Martomat PlayMartomat Play2 hónapja
  • I am so proud that my country birthplace and home of DJ Blyatman.

    Government of ArstotzkaGovernment of Arstotzka2 hónapja
  • Go to Indonesia because people squat and play cards, squat and hangout, squat and uhhh, squat and sleep, etc.

    Raisa K. Z.Raisa K. Z.2 hónapja
  • Next time visit Serbia, we have Rakija and Senf.

    Ognjen LalićOgnjen Lalić2 hónapja
  • Mate...go to Romania! It will be Slavic, but also....very pizdec different

    Vlad VargaVlad Varga2 hónapja
  • Fun fact: Vysočina is Czech salam :)

    KrychličKrychlič2 hónapja
  • i live in slovakia

    cs Strike_cs Strike_2 hónapja
  • Smetana/Smotana First is in Czech, second in Slovak

    Mini MozzieMini Mozzie2 hónapja
  • I am from Slovakia

    Standof2 kStandof2 k2 hónapja
  • Ahojte Ja som zo slovenska :D (hello,iam from slovakia)

    Andrej LukáčAndrej Lukáč2 hónapja
  • Just boris can take from anjelik BIG BOSS xD

    night Knightnight Knight2 hónapja
  • Ťesko xdd

    night Knightnight Knight2 hónapja
  • "I've done nothing but teleport *tea* for the past three days"

    Dedicated RandomDedicated Random2 hónapja
  • I from Slovakia ❤️❤️

    Anton MičenecAnton Mičenec2 hónapja
  • 3:41 he is literally stealing the bike

    Giannis ApostolopoulosGiannis Apostolopoulos2 hónapja
    • You are literally abusing the word literally.

      AnvilshockAnvilshock14 napja
  • Smotana is Slovak word, and Smetana is Czech word.

    Štefan HorňákŠtefan Horňák2 hónapja
  • Konecne zem kterou znam.....

    HoralkaTVHoralkaTV2 hónapja