Ted Cruz's Favorite President Could Face Jail Time For Tax Fraud

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Today's ruling by the Supreme Court will allow state investigators access to the former president's tax returns, potentially setting up felony charges against the former leader and his family. #Colbert #Impeachment #Monologue
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  • Don't know how I'd get through this without Colbert😊!

    LADLAD13 perccel
  • Trump has 50 attorneys watching his back. Very doubtful he did anything illegal

  • Colbert just can’t stop talking about President Trump. Biden is Colberts worse nightmare. He is boring old and Liberal. Hopefully now Colberts ratings drop so far he now will be canceled

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    William GrayWilliam GrayÓrája
  • Okay, don't joke about his Third impeachment..or your word can come True...

    Ravinder YadavRavinder Yadav2 órája
  • Still talking about trump? Just tried watching this and its horrible, who watches this stuff? Your are horrible Colbert no wonder I haven't watched this in years. Truly awful

    Pete P.Pete P.2 órája
  • It's MWh not MW/h. MWh is a Mega Watt (A million Watts) multiplied by 1 hour. MW/h is a Mega Watt (A Million Watts) divided by 1 hour. Since Watt is a unit of power (energy per time) you need to multiply it by time to get energy.

    rutger5000rutger50002 órája
  • and also lock your best Chinese friends joe Biden up. Maybe u should lock up as well as being a friend of a person who take money from China and still suppport him

    Cast LoudCast Loud2 órája
  • When 70 million voters refuse to take a knee what are you going to do????

    bruce bakerbruce baker2 órája
  • Donald is getting the slipperiest bar of soap in the entire cell block. Or "The Queen's Den" as it's also called.

    Electric GigoloElectric Gigolo2 órája
  • Intrigued girl: "Wow, Daddy, a giant O fell into our back yard! Let's keep it!"

    Hello Kitty Lover Man!Hello Kitty Lover Man!2 órája
  • Hey, there's an easier way to say 2011: it has fewer syllables when you say "TWENTY-eleven." Try it today!

    Hello Kitty Lover Man!Hello Kitty Lover Man!2 órája
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    hellman favereuahellman favereua2 órája
  • All states have to deal with winter. Every place in the world has winter.

    Hello Kitty Lover Man!Hello Kitty Lover Man!2 órája
  • The pandemic's 1st anniversary was already on New Year's Eve last year.

    Hello Kitty Lover Man!Hello Kitty Lover Man!2 órája
  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Heart 2020Heart 20203 órája
  • Why does "Teflon Trump" get away with every crime he wants to in America -- at the people's expense? Most patriotic Americans are not brainwashed by Trump, the republicans, and the right wing media, so how does he do it time after time? When will most Americans -- the ones that have not become drunk on Trump's Kool Aid -- see him put away and out from the danger zone for the nation? Trump is the worse train wreck of a president in our history -- a serious con man and a pathological liar. He is an extreme embarrassment. Is the nation simply incapable to deal with a psycho in high places?

    Millennial SeekerMillennial Seeker3 órája
  • The Eric shit straight killed me

    Luc DLuc D3 órája
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    Andrew ZeitlerAndrew Zeitler4 órája
  • I would never leave my Doggo behind in a freezing house. I might leave my husband. 🤷🏻

    Velvet ThunderVelvet Thunder4 órája
  • What is justice? It doesn't exist here on Earth, but Jesus knows justice.

    NN4 órája
  • You at least could of done what @TrevorNoah did last week. A 'what happened this week'. Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah are my top choices for Comical REAL NEWS. I understand the difference between comedy and it's funny because it's true!

    Angel AyalaAngel Ayala4 órája
  • I want to thank Jimmy Kimmel and the other talk shows that didn't take a week off a during the week of the 2nd impeachment. Everyone else. A week old burn doesn't have the same sting. Even if it's still true.

    Angel AyalaAngel Ayala4 órája
  • Colbert is such a puppet bought and paid for by the left... Ppl really need to wake up in America. Or come to Russia. We'd never give a prissy punk like Colbert a platform. #Dagestan

    Ivan DragoIvan Drago4 órája
  • 66 is super low in texas homes! Lol

    Bianca HansonBianca Hanson5 órája
  • I love me some outdated memes

    Layne ClarkLayne Clark5 órája
  • Yo Ted , how much are you getting to bull shit about Presidnet Trump ??? Does is pay the bills well and does it put enough bread on table ? HAHAHAHA ........ Jerk

    Geda Ali CholaghGeda Ali Cholagh5 órája
  • The guy in the background helps make you laugh, but not as much as the people in the back of Bert Kreischer's podcast. The OG's

    SocratitsSocratits5 órája
  • Let this guy get out of Politics

    Merle KimbalMerle Kimbal5 órája
  • I have zero doubt Biden will pardon trumpet

    Richard FlanaganRichard Flanagan6 órája
  • DOLT 45! I am fucking dead! XD

    Melody ConteMelody Conte6 órája

    Manuel RodriguezManuel Rodriguez6 órája
  • What rubbish, Trump just like any other billionaire pays taxes and re invests profits into the company. Yes after decades of doing business, investigate now...what a joke.

    Ram JamRam Jam6 órája
  • Haha the obsession is real. Look at that face. LMAO

    Dudley BurlesonDudley Burleson6 órája
  • Cumos sex assault allegations. No coverage on, abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, msnbc

    Dudley BurlesonDudley Burleson6 órája
  • 🤞🤞🤞🤞

    Renee HunterRenee Hunter6 órája
  • Capone quote:- "Taxes are for suckers" [well we all know what happened to Al] Trump quote:- "Not paying tax makes me smart" [well we will see how smart he is]

    BeeZ NeeZBeeZ NeeZ6 órája
  • Ted Cruz? Haha no Cumo news to cover? You know him right?

    Dudley BurlesonDudley Burleson7 órája
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    spencer chengspencer cheng7 órája
  • I personally, found this segment rather repulsive, Just my Opinion.

    DelekhamDelekham7 órája
  • Trump is secretly investigated by FBI for many years for non-exist russiagate; He is cleaner than you

    Thinking Out LoudThinking Out Loud7 órája
  • Let me know when you start being funny.

    Jorge CaballeroJorge Caballero7 órája
  • "now which box has the head"

    Todd TurnidgeTodd Turnidge7 órája
  • Is USA population about 500 million ppl? 170 million per every 100 days... Then add the 21day period wait between 1st dosis and 2nd dosis... So...nop.. Not by April 2021 Just do the math Most likely 1st dosis for all, and 2nd dosis for about 70% by October 2021...maybe November 2021... So by those numbers,I believe POTUS

    Loren RaynesLoren Raynes7 órája
  • LOL you wish Stephen Colbert

    CM FanCM Fan7 órája
  • Forget turning on the lights. Might as well get a gas-powered generator!

    Gerald ShieldsGerald Shields7 órája
  • Just Tax Fraud??? hahaha

    Thunder unit00Thunder unit008 órája
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    Lisa ChoLisa Cho8 órája
  • i gotta get outta here!

    Angelo AvantiAngelo Avanti8 órája
  • Remember when Colbert was funny?Yeah, me neither.

    Eric FordEric Ford8 órája
  • I lose it every time Stephen does his Eric Trump impression! And his wife is freaking awesome!!! This is my favorite episode from A Late Show hands down!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Teresa LaingTeresa Laing8 órája
  • Fled cruz

    Marie PierceMarie Pierce8 órája
  • This show sucks, let’s bring Alex Jones back!

    Rochelle RendonRochelle Rendon8 órája
  • In Alaska: my initial response to the cold in the Lower 48 might be laughter, but then I heard how EFFED UP the Texas grid is and was, and how many people's pipes broke, infected water, people cold, sick, dying---all because of greed in not building out the infrastructure properly. Shaking my head and angry over so much unnecessary suffering. Got nothing polite AT ALL to say about Cruz, utilities, Governor.

    khamir49khamir498 órája
  • How he does the trump jr impression fkin hillllarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Orange man is definitely a tax fraud, we will see his behaviour told already. Not small fraud, it gonna be a huge one.

    Sebastien Z.JohnstonSebastien Z.Johnston8 órája
  • Trump's tax records: the only way they'd find nothing would be due to redactions or missing pages. Otherwise, why would Trump have imperilled his coveted presidential office in the last 4 years by hiding his records, and obstructing investigators? If there was no problem he could have put it behind him fast n'easy. SOMETHING'S in there. www.yahoo.com/news/manhattan-prosecutor-gets-trump-tax-155221522.html

    Rob Van GesselRob Van Gessel8 órája
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    etothengxdetothengxd8 órája
  • Can I just ask, who are all these people flying all over the place? To Hawaii, to Cancun (except for the accursed Flyin' Ted & fam), hanging out in airports? THERE'S A GLOBAL PANDEMIC out there. Who's flying for leisure at the moment??

    KaritKtanaKaritKtana9 órája
  • Opinion on WSJ opinion = garbage

    Celtic BatmanCeltic Batman9 órája
  • Stephen Colbert= Fake news!

    Gandalf the man /Gandalf the man /9 órája
  • This just shows you the GOP doesn't have any foresight anybody who wanted to be a dick head would have looked at the 7-day forecast seen there was bad weather coming and skipped town before the shit hit the fan.

    Qui-Gon JinnQui-Gon Jinn9 órája
  • Hey, if OJ can get away with it......

    Andreas MaceyraAndreas Maceyra9 órája
  • Stephen missed the opportunity to further mock real human Ted Cruz, by not bringing up how AOC raised $5 million for Texans, while he fled the state. Then she went and volunteered at a food pantry while he stood around going "well gosh, there's nothing I could do!"

    ashesofempires04ashesofempires049 órája
  • do you remember conservatives saying the virus would disappear after Biden got elected? I wish we lived in the world they thought we live in.

    Joey AckleyJoey Ackley9 órája
  • If those involved in the Jan 6th events, including the former President, are not prosecuted and actually serve time, the citizenry will not trust our elected officials again - Not that most do at this time - But trust is all the Congress and the White House has - Without that trust, our Democracy will fail, which is what our adversaries have always hoped for.

    Rowland LarkhamRowland Larkham9 órája
  • Yet no checks, no $15 an hour, no health care improvements... what was it? “$2000 immediately!”

    Marian MauelMarian Mauel9 órája
  • Wake me when could becomes will.

    Mountain ScribblerMountain Scribbler9 órája
  • So what you're saying is Texas energy companies made a year of profit in just two days by producing a mere fraction of the normal amount of power? And this is why I hate capitalism. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk (we may have to rename those so it doesn't sound like Ted Cruz is involved)

    bballboy2002bballboy20029 órája
  • With everything going on with him I doubt it because billionaires aren’t like everyone else

    Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg9 órája
  • Texas usually has price caps and they changed that during the winter storm. Not really related to capitalism at all as price caps are the same thing as regulations set by the feds. Meaning it isn't exactly a free market as Texas government is acting as its central regulator. I believe the goal was to limit energy waste by lifting the price cap instead of picking areas to turn on or off electricity. Usually Texas energy is highly regulated just like anywhere else so claiming they are "super capitalistic" is pretty stupid. Especially using utilities as an example as utilities are always regulated as to prevent the monopolistic nature of them.

    Beau BroBeau Bro9 órája
  • wtf is Stephen doing here. I think hes drunk :P

    KainthemainKainthemain9 órája
  • Really stupid style.

    Si MonSi Mon9 órája
  • Yeah speaking from Europe, I am glad you Americans took all vaccines off the market so we can die in silence. Thanks Biden! Great leader of the free world

    Federico GiorgiFederico Giorgi10 órája
  • Texas is lucky. They could be Puerto Rico, and have to rely on Trump to help them in any year that's not an election...

    Chris MChris M10 órája
  • Lock up all Trumpers including cops and pretty much 100% of ICE

    PuffinPuffin10 órája
  • Laughed so much....

    Philip IngramPhilip Ingram10 órája
  • It was a lie before this.....as soon as you saw he had luggage it was obvious he wasn't going on a day trip with daughters to drop them off somewhere

    Jason NielsenJason Nielsen10 órája
  • Do you truly believe that yourself? He got away with inciting January 6th. He will get away with the ta, fraud.

    Susse ThraneSusse Thrane10 órája
  • herd immunity by april 2022, not 2021. pretty sure april this year is too soon.

    Koopa LibraryKoopa Library10 órája
  • 'Tarred and pubed' xD

    Tom MeyerTom Meyer11 órája
  • Who is chaperoning his daughters in Mexico? Isn't that a pretty serious problem?

    Grammie NonaGrammie Nona11 órája
  • Just so you know, today, yes TODAY, February 26, less than 1 hour ago, I received another robocall from Donald Trump's campaign to make America great again, soliciting money from me. If you think the Donald has stopped his shenanigans, think again! Want proof? Glad to send you a copy of my phone record. Can somebody please turn him off. Where's the switch?

    Julie GorhamJulie Gorham11 órája
  • I'm in the UK and Stephen has kept me sane during this pandemic. Love him!

    Hail SaganHail Sagan11 órája
  • Wow a Texan crossing the border to avoid terrible conditions in their state... was wondering when that hypocrisy would finally show itself..

    Justin OxtonJustin Oxton11 órája
  • Colbert's impression of Eric Trump cracked me up!! 😂😂😭😂😂

    T JT J11 órája
  • Oh my gosh. The GENERAL PUBLIC knows Trump committed fraud on his taxes by undervaluing his properties. He only paid $750 in taxes. That is criminal. Even I paid more than that. Why is there still an investigation. LOCK HIM UP!!

    T JT J11 órája
  • This was such a good segmant

    DaleDale11 órája
  • Colbert is a leech who preys on the difficulties, hardships and fake news to remain relevant. There is nothing honest about him and his show, think about it people he has no original material, he is a pure leech that loves being able to put people down and gets away with it. His day is coming.. there's nothing interesting, funny or otherwise making fun of others.

    Deborah NealDeborah Neal11 órája
  • how's that covfefe taste?

    Katie GreeneKatie Greene11 órája
  • Trump had 400,00 died under his watch in 8 months. Biden had 100,000 died in mouth

    aaron douglasaaron douglas12 órája
  • The late show were there is no talent or comedy

    Kurt LarsenKurt Larsen12 órája
  • Stephen is having fun! Love it

    KardaschowKardaschow12 órája
  • I probably like Ted Cruz more than anyone in the Senate, and I hate Ted Cruz..#AlFranken #CanCruz

    Joan HickeyJoan Hickey12 órája
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    Tate OhTate Oh12 órája
  • Perry,Cruz,wtf is wrong with Texas?why do they keep electing complete morons to govern them,no wonder things are so screwed up there.

    Robert MichalscheckRobert Michalscheck12 órája
  • Wag the Dog.

    David HammondDavid Hammond12 órája
  • Trump in Jail ? - we could never be that fuc*ing lucky !

    d. g.d. g.13 órája
  • such rush get the shot yet no medicare for all a UBI and stimulus check. we get the shot then we get nothing just take the shot and get back to work hi at least you wont die or spread it yet. so when shot kick in society go back to the grinding wheel yay a year misery yet nothing new beside growing backup debt and rent yeah thanks for nothing.

    Esteban ThaddeusEsteban Thaddeus13 órája
  • Stephen is crazy 🤣🤣

    Melody SarMelody Sar13 órája