Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

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Music video by Taylor Swift performing You Belong With Me. (C) 2009 Big Machine Records, LLC

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  • Crush:- Accidentally touches hand Me daydreaming:- You belong with meeeeeee

    Introvert guyIntrovert guy22 perccel
  • Hoje que eu fui perceber que a garota má é a Taylor😂 ela fez dois papéis

    Nathaly SousaNathaly Sousa36 perccel
  • I think I prefer TS as a brunette - just saying.

    Joe GonzalezJoe GonzalezÓrája
  • Ok but why is no one talking about how this video literally has 1.1 BILLION views rn?!!!!???

  • What is havok doing in a prom

    haydee jimcashaydee jimcasÓrája
  • 💖

    Ong'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalphOng'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalph2 órája
  • isnt he some actor

    Ryan AadoucheRyan Aadouche3 órája
    • Yes

      Big HandBig Hand2 órája
  • Me dancing around the house like Taylor at 2 o clock My neighbours and parents : who is this person thats sounds like a dying walrus

    Asmi JawrewalAsmi Jawrewal3 órája
  • Lol this is funny

    Paige CorbettPaige Corbett3 órája
  • Childhood memories 🔥💓 with this song

    Minj Max VlogMinj Max Vlog3 órája
  • Lucas Till. What a heart throb

    Reshaylin PillayReshaylin Pillay3 órája
  • who is still watching in 2021 during the pandemic

    Kristen RampersadKristen Rampersad3 órája
    • Mee

      Ong'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalphOng'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalph2 órája
    • Me

      Big HandBig Hand2 órája
  • 1. When you get no likes on your comment so you have to like your own. 2. Who is not full screen scrolling through the comments? You

    Llama BeanLlama Bean4 órája
  • No you are not the only one who is here after 11 years 👍

    priya vermapriya verma4 órája
  • yo tambien soy una cantante yo soy de moves like jagger

    Sel G.Sel G.4 órája
  • May 2021 anyone? I can't stop listening to this wonderful masterpiece

    ghelo Villaverghelo Villaver4 órája
    • Yes me but may 12 🙄

      priya vermapriya verma4 órája

    Cyborgirl 10Cyborgirl 104 órája
  • 12 May,2021😚😏

    Samip AcharyaSamip Acharya4 órája
  • Hi

    Demun GodDemun God5 órája
    • Hey

      Ong'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalphOng'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalph2 órája
  • Just a doubt- Who is that Guy ?

    Shaun ThomasShaun Thomas5 órája
    • @ashley ben Thanks

      Shaun ThomasShaun Thomas5 órája
    • It's X-Men

      ashley benashley ben5 órája
  • 11yrs am here in 2021 still watching 💃💃💃💃💃😲😲

    Tricia NassangaTricia Nassanga5 órája
  • This is literally my life in a song except i havent got to the i love you bit 😂

    Charlotte PedrozCharlotte Pedroz5 órája
  • This whole music video is a disney movie and im here for it

    sarasara5 órája
  • I really love 💕💕💕 this video

    Roselyn LumandaRoselyn Lumanda5 órája
  • still watching 2021 thumbs uppp

    ZHIAG PlaysZHIAG Plays6 órája
  • Who is listening in 2021 ???

    MrProb GamingMrProb Gaming6 órája
    • Me

      Ong'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalphOng'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalphÓrája
  • Me when I LISTENED : 7 yrs Me now : 18 yrs Still same vibe 😍🥳

    Millie JessicaMillie Jessica7 órája
  • this aged like fine wine.

    v av a7 órája
  • After watching this I finally know why her name is Taylor "Swift"

    Lai XLai X8 órája
  • OMFG I LOVE THIS AWWWWW, i have 3 Kids in my basement

    Lucía AbuínLucía Abuín8 órája
  • So much

    Heart laurenHeart lauren8 órája
  • Taylor is beautiful

    Heart laurenHeart lauren8 órája
  • When I was a child this is my favorite song and I forget this song from my childhood and I see this to my mother's phone and I search it and this song never get old

    heayasent angela nicoleheayasent angela nicole8 órája
  • *happy twerking*

    Sinem Elban //Life of a Medic&TipsSinem Elban //Life of a Medic&Tips8 órája


    Gracelyn RobertsGracelyn Roberts9 órája
  • Classy

    elisa gonzalezelisa gonzalez9 órája
  • nothing nice to say.

    fuceyefuceye9 órája
  • My Macgyver

    Mibluk RahayuMibluk Rahayu10 órája
  • Oh!I'm gonna cry!

    thuy daothuy dao10 órája
  • Anyone in 2021???😊😊

    Adithi S prakashAdithi S prakash11 órája
    • @HYUNJIN THE GREAT hi stay :)

      Ong'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalphOng'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalphÓrája
    • yea

    • Yo.

  • whos listening this song on 2021? :)

    angy ratangy rat11 órája
    • me

  • The boy Taylor likes is the jack from hannah montana

    Pushti BhathaPushti Bhatha12 órája
  • To the people who are still listening in 2021 are legends!

    Create LogicCreate Logic12 órája
  • I'm gonna old but this song is never ever gonna old

    Dj RDj R12 órája
  • It took me 11 years to understand that this Queen was jealous of herself

    איתן יהודהאיתן יהודה12 órája
  • Every watching this as a single

    Nandana SNandana S13 órája
  • These songs will never get old

    Arnav SarkarArnav Sarkar13 órája
  • Thanks you for helped me dear friend hehehehe i very love her so princess fadzillah lubabul bolkiah daugther of sultan brunei hehehehhe thanks you love you sooo friend no more than thats heeeheh hug thanks you so much 💌🤳👸🤴🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🏋️🤫🤫

    steven MikaeLking63steven MikaeLking6313 órája
  • 😉😉😉😉😉😉

    zosangluaia jongtezosangluaia jongte13 órája
  • Q

    christina lurichristina luri14 órája
  • Who hear this song at 2021 😄😁🥰😁

    Mashungrin RimaisoyaoMashungrin Rimaisoyao14 órája
    • meeee

  • When your life is a lie because you just realize that taylor is also the brunette girl. Literally me after 11 years.

    Shania DrezaShania Dreza14 órája
  • remembering is living

    Jesus SalazarJesus Salazar15 órája
  • The thumbnail saying “you ok?” hit hard-

    crystal_editscrystal_edits15 órája
  • Ilang taon pero ngayon ko lang narealize na iisa lang pala sila HHAHAHAHHA

    Reyel AlonReyel Alon16 órája
    • 20

  • Hi sa bsf kong nag influence sa'kin kay Taylor

    Reyel AlonReyel Alon16 órája
  • Ilang years na rin huhu

    Reyel AlonReyel Alon16 órája
  • Savvy714Savvy71416 órája
  • I wonder if it's just a coincidence that her nodding syncs up with the beat at 1:25 or if they did that on purpose

    Justin W.Justin W.17 órája
  • Disney movie logic glasses = ugly. no glasses = pretty.

    Matt TelevisionMatt Television17 órája
  • I used to listen to this in Kindergarten with my mom all the time and I still love this song :)

    GabsyGabsy17 órája
  • Taylor’s Version 💛💛

    Ariam SoonAriam Soon17 órája
  • *sad twerking*

    xoxoxoxo17 órája
    • Same tho

      Madd-yee NoelleMadd-yee Noelle17 órája
  • Why does this remind me of barbie

    The Wierd FRIENDS!The Wierd FRIENDS!18 órája
  • white people type beat

    Apram OnaApram Ona18 órája
  • พระเอกหล่อกระชากไตมากก -//-

    Yellow SKYYellow SKY18 órája
  • 0:37 0:45

    HelennnHelennn18 órája
  • Love it

    Ziyana HothiZiyana Hothi19 órája
  • Nice song

    Ziyana HothiZiyana Hothi19 órája
  • House here the whole time

    Daniel RosarioDaniel Rosario19 órája
  • Don’t worry you’re not the only one listening in 2021

    Huzaifa SiddiquiHuzaifa Siddiqui19 órája
  • Taylor was hyped but then she found out he’s actually her cousin

    Myroslav MakartchukMyroslav Makartchuk19 órája
  • 11 years but still in my heart i must be a roduloph😀😀

    Lil Peotic!Lil Peotic!19 órája
  • 👀👅💋❤❤❤❤💙❤🙌😛😛😛😍😘⏰♈🚻

    Shanye SmokeShanye Smoke19 órája
  • I remember na. Your a phone and i set yoi. That you boyfriend. Pink i belong

  • 😀202q❓

    Maria Guzmán MuñozMaria Guzmán Muñoz20 órája
  • Never be afraid to be yourself

    Ambreya PilcavageAmbreya Pilcavage21 órája
  • i miss her country music days

    Dire ZyvidDire Zyvid23 órája
  • Puts eu amo esse clipe depois de 11 anos ainda está aqui no meu coração.

    Bianca MirianBianca Mirian23 órája
  • like si lo ves en 2021

    Erandi QuinteroErandi Quintero23 órája
  • Anyone watching in 2021🙋🏻

    Sastika SastikaSastika SastikaNapja
  • Yeet to ma feet what is dis-

    Gabriella GhannamGabriella GhannamNapja
  • Aqui esta el unico comentario que encontraras en español

    ian ramirezian ramirezNapja
    • Solo mire que aparece la parte de south park de cris y stwui

      Jader RamirezJader Ramirez22 órája
  • 😍

    Midhula SivanMidhula SivanNapja
  • I love it😘

    Armierose DavidArmierose DavidNapja
  • 11 years already, time flies by so fast!!

    Audrey ChuiAudrey ChuiNapja
  • Me in quarantine:

  • this is actually the best song

    Anna BrunoAnna BrunoNapja

  • i just realised it's lucas till

    Kashmeet's WorldKashmeet's WorldNapja
  • i rember listening to this when i was like 5 and now here i am years later still listening to it

  • It's been 11 years and I'm still here!!

    Marvin CarrilloMarvin CarrilloNapja
  • Hi

    Simply kattSimply kattNapja
    • Hey

      Ong'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalphOng'un Welosu #Yıldız #SaveRalphÓrája
  • I am listening to this in 2021! Yes, I am a legend. Thank you.

    Nandini SharmaNandini SharmaNapja
    • It just means we're old boomers. Lol 😂

      Dr. Shreyash LalDr. Shreyash LalNapja
  • i used to hate the other girl, but i never noticed that it was her (before)

  • Why is nobody talking about how this is Alex summers from x men

    Mia KilgoreMia KilgoreNapja
  • Who else is listening to this is quarantine?

    Delnia KhosraviDelnia KhosraviNapja
  • Eu sou muito cadelinha de romances clichês, me julguem 😔✊

    Bruna AlmeidaBruna AlmeidaNapja
  • But how much does he look like Joe Alwyn?!