Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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  • Goosebumps..! That's all I can say now!

    Janardhana PrasadJanardhana Prasad8 perccel
  • *And haters still saying you are a r*acist*

    KetcapGamingKetcapGaming21 perce
  • How is this free.

    Ian SisonIan SisonÓrája
  • 10 years and she's still enjoying every performance. ❤️

    AteAkiAteAki3 órája
  • 05:22 me after finally admitting to all my indie-friends how much I loved Taylor Swift

    LeonaLeona3 órája
  • The fact that she wrote her own hits... wow!

    Dung NguyễnDung Nguyễn3 órája
  • She's a Gift!

    KirtiKirti4 órája
  • Let’s take a moment to appreciate Taylor’s outfit Much better 😌

    Illicit WolfieIllicit Wolfie5 órája
  • How could people hate this woman😭

    Eva Angelica VillasEva Angelica Villas5 órája
  • This amazing

    Rian OkRian Ok5 órája
  • When I see Taylor's stage performance, I just feel like I want to put all the BTS members into a bore well.

    Filmy mediaFilmy media6 órája

    Megan AuzatMegan Auzat6 órája
  • I cant believe other famous singers are in their

    zєяσ тωσツzєяσ тωσツ6 órája
  • We don't deserve this. It's just too much of her, her talent, voice, storytelling and connectivity. 😭💖

    Sarina LopesSarina Lopes6 órája
  • legendary !

    Palak SinghaniaPalak Singhania7 órája
  • Nobody can do best performance than Taylor.

    yenley mercadoyenley mercado8 órája
  • ❤💕

    Pia RaiPia Rai9 órája

    Hania Al'asHania Al'as9 órája
  • taylor mi mujer

    janis123janis1239 órája
  • I miss her pop music

    Jayce Js VlogsJayce Js Vlogs10 órája
  • pink

    Samantha TraubSamantha Traub11 órája
  • Would think someone so dependent on appearance would not get so off her "best" ... maybe ya just get tired after becoming rich.

    BigCooter.comBigCooter.com12 órája
  • Whenever i dont know what to listen, i just play this, works EVERY TIME

    Romina ZegarraRomina Zegarra14 órája
  • taylena hehe

    ForsytheForsythe14 órája
  • How is she on point for every single beat?!? That's crazzzyyyy!

    Katie JeongKatie Jeong16 órája
    • @Elegant Oprah the obsession 💀

      tequila m.tequila m.11 órája
    • The delusion.💀

      Elegant OprahElegant Oprah16 órája
  • I wish I was there 😉😉😉

    Stephani MortonStephani Morton17 órája
  • Eu amo essa apresentação de todo o meu coração

    Eugis MendesEugis Mendes19 órája
  • no one gonna talk how the poor girl got smacked at 0:24? I'm ..

    FrozenSun23FrozenSun2319 órája
  • Imagine getting a heart from taylor swift

    Hua Ze LeeHua Ze Lee20 órája
  • Taylor swift is trash she should give up music

    ahmad razaahmad raza21 órája
  • Wow this hit different on mute

    ahmad razaahmad raza21 órája
  • Taylor swift is the reason a handicapped person would stand up - just to turn off her music

    ahmad razaahmad raza21 órája
  • The clammy select regularly shock because grade classically suspect over a enchanting crush. light, crowded slip

    Allegretta CadricaAllegretta Cadrica21 órája
  • I've never seen a girl such fierce like Taylor 👀🔥♥️

    artsy vibesartsy vibes22 órája
  • artist of the decade definetly deserves to go to taylor

    waiting for *blackpink* to be in my areawaiting for *blackpink* to be in my area22 órája
  • i watch this video at least twice a month. i'll never get bored of it

    tegan jadetegan jade23 órája
  • Watching this again before I go to bed.

    Just Simply Math VMPekitJust Simply Math VMPekitNapja
  • Reputation ?

    Aishwarya BhatAishwarya BhatNapja
  • Don't mind me. Just doing Taylor marathon here

    Corpsey JikookCorpsey JikookNapja
  • Like here who comes for LOVESTORY

    MiRthi RogueMiRthi RogueNapja
  • They are all enjoying Taylor Swift's performance. She's the music industry. Taylor is the world.

  • Imagine, we'll see this kind of performance again on Grammy's this year 🔥

  • 05:23 Billie😂

    Xavier CommentorXavier CommentorNapja
  • For the sake of my metal state, I HAVE to watch this once a day!

    chiken snakechiken snakeNapja
  • Nice

    Farzana AkterFarzana AkterNapja
  • Selena was proud of tay

    Diego RamirezDiego RamirezNapja
  • i saw billie elish

    Chris TanChris TanNapja
  • Did U saw Billie eilish???

    • And selena gomeZ

  • Billie was there.Haha!

    Maria CanoMaria CanoNapja
  • Queen👑

    Jewell Ivy MagdangalJewell Ivy MagdangalNapja
  • Goooooo Taylor😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • I am not haters 👍👍 But i am fans Taylor Swift ❤️❤️❤️

    Tra OfficialTra OfficialNapja

    Imani RaeImani RaeNapja
  • 0:22 She literally just hit the little girl in the face- I know it was an accident but be more aware

    Pizza KingPizza KingNapja
  • Insuperável

    Eduardo RodriguesEduardo RodriguesNapja
  • amo esta presentación, vuelvo todos los días

  • 7:39 just Camilla's face

    Se7en KouroshSe7en KouroshNapja
  • Esoooooo

    tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • Can we just acknowledge how everyone was completely captivated by her the whole time. Everyone knew the lyrics, everyone was dancing. She turned this performance into a concert that nobody could look away from and I just think that's really magical and what sets her apart from other artists. Ok that was my sentimental rant for the day, I'll see myself out.

    Kelsey WatsonKelsey WatsonNapja
  • Does anyone know the name of the ballet couple?

    Romina EntweinRomina EntweinNapja
    • I obviously mean the name of each person :o

      Romina EntweinRomina EntweinNapja
  • I'm I the only one who saw the little girl was hit by her co-dancer? Time 24 seconds

    Vinz_roi AquinoVinz_roi AquinoNapja
  • 3:24 who is she?

  • 5:23 Billie Eilish and Her Friend chillin.

    Taylor Swift WorldTaylor Swift WorldNapja
    • @prachi arora Kk.

      Taylor Swift WorldTaylor Swift World19 órája
    • Thats her brother Phineas...he's s music producer...

      prachi aroraprachi aroraNapja
  • The way how this performance might surpass the man music video views I can't 😭😭

    Dlruks NshnthDlruks NshnthNapja
  • The best part is when Billie sings love story along with Taylor 😂😂

    Pavan GPavan GNapja
  • she is amazing i love herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Is this a mini-concert?

    blue majestyblue majestyNapja
    • Yes it is

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • her choreographies are limited energy, yasss give us that

    • Well she isnt focused on dancing because her song is more calm

      No NoNo NoNapja
  • The first song is i have no idea what song that was

    zєяσ тωσツzєяσ тωσツNapja
    • @tayy Ramírez oh ok thanks

      zєяσ тωσツzєяσ тωσツ6 órája
    • The man- taylor swift

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • 0:23 this gurl got wacked in the face by another dancer on the right hand side!

    Undiscovered FlameUndiscovered Flame2 napja
  • You is my best singer in the world 🙂

    אלדד בדניאלדד בדני2 napja
    • She sing very beautiful

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • 02:07what is this song

    Deepika VinodaniDeepika Vinodani2 napja
    • @No No thank you

      Deepika VinodaniDeepika VinodaniNapja
    • I knew you were trouble

      No NoNo NoNapja
  • She made the award show her concert That's the power of artist like Taylor Swift. 🤯

    Nang Aditi MannowNang Aditi Mannow2 napja
    • Yes, she is TAYLOR SWIFT

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • Here for my weekly regeneration

    llll2 napja
  • I watch this performance once a month.

    evanevan2 napja
  • The fact that you can leave a comment and it will likes shows people still and will come here

    raccoonraccoon2 napja
  • I would choose you over the Beatles. That's how much I love you 😘

    Edward StadnickiEdward Stadnicki2 napja
  • Came here after watching celine dion

    Cara MellsCara Mells2 napja
  • Tiktok : There can't be two pretty best friends Taylor and Selena : Then what are we potatoes??

  • selena and billie's reaction....PRICELESS

  • Goosebumps..Swiefties💛💛

    John lloyd Vitor lariosaJohn lloyd Vitor lariosa2 napja
  • Life is too short to pretend you don't like Taylor Swift

    Timeles MusicTimeles Music2 napja
  • Class is forever 💙🥂

    Timeles MusicTimeles Music2 napja
  • Taylor swift is the best

    asim suwalasim suwal2 napja
    • Mmmm,i think that the part when sing taylor swift is better

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • Whoa this video surpassed ME! (Live from Billboard Music Awards) 😱

    Jekrispard DichosJekrispard Dichos2 napja
    • Yes there are aweaome

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • this is how she turned a award show into her own concert!! QUEEN

    bimal swainbimal swain2 napja
  • Imagine a singer like Taylor ...

    Tan GençayTan Gençay2 napja
    • I can't

      Jyothi DevaJyothi DevaNapja
    • I would love it

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • I love Taylor Swift!!! She is a dream woman!!

    ComedyR2ComedyR22 napja
    • She is

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • im sobbing hysterically there aren't enough words to describe how much I love her

    Tia FayedTia Fayed2 napja
  • I want this playing at my wedding

    SamayaSamaya2 napja
  • Ojalá algún día venga a México 😍😎

    Ana MirandaAna Miranda2 napja
    • Sería asombroso que tay tay vinieraa

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • November 26th ... 26.. fearless...she’s wearing gold...love story..re recordings🤩

    KarleeKarlee2 napja
  • The way she had fearless on the back of that jacket and when it's taken off she starts singing love story... we are fools for not getting it sooner

    Katelyn KempkesKatelyn Kempkes2 napja
  • 2:56 I'm a new Swifty, name of this song?

    heghdysyhsheghdysyhs2 napja
    • @Ezekiel Ortiz thanks

    • I knew you were trouble

      Ezekiel OrtizEzekiel Ortiz2 napja
  • The zany security acromegaly preserve because passbook startlingly grin save a tight lan. voiceless, changeable direction

    Emma FragEmma Frag2 napja
  • Iam Spiderman. Go brake it

    Baleed AliBaleed Ali2 napja
  • I wonder why she didn’t sing from reputation🤔

    Joel GomezJoel Gomez2 napja
    • So sad, she can sing reputation on 2022

      tayy Ramíreztayy RamírezNapja
  • Its FEARLESS and LOVE STORY 2020 AND WE'RE NOT FALLING DOWN 🌹🐾🐾🐾❤❤💛just💍us💛❤❤🐾🐾🌹

  • who else was smiling the whole time 💗💗

    Emily ChenEmily Chen2 napja