Taylor Swift - betty (Live from the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards)

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“betty” Live from the 2020 Academy of Country Music Awards

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  • Who ever was in charge of the camera should consider a different profession.

    Tiffany CroweTiffany Crowe3 órája
  • A R T ✨

    Christopher RodriguezChristopher Rodriguez4 órája

    Christopher RodriguezChristopher Rodriguez4 órája
  • Me encanta esta canción 💖

    Christopher RodriguezChristopher Rodriguez4 órája
  • I feel guilty for this is my favorite song

    SaumyaSaumya9 órája
  • ギター一本とハーモニカだけど最高にカッコいいし心に感じます。☺️

    今村清人今村清人17 órája
  • Is it just me or do Olivia Rodrigo's Driver's License and Taylor Swift's Betty sound like 2 sides of the same story. Okay...

    Purvi VaswaniPurvi Vaswani18 órája
  • You would be surprised.

    Novo CainNovo Cain20 órája
  • Summer thing my foot james!😈

    Beth AmoresBeth Amores21 órája
  • hi mika

    Jayzee Rhainier ReandelarJayzee Rhainier Reandelar21 órája
  • Queen ..

    Gold CasimiroGold Casimiro22 órája
  • at this rate, i feel like taylor's voice is my only reason to live.

  • They should make a movie on this and add these three songs in that movie

    vishal kumarvishal kumarNapja
  • One guitar , one beautiful women , wonderful medoly, beautiful lyrics, Amazing Sence of performance, That's Taylor's masterpiece.

    Spiritual GuitaristSpiritual GuitaristNapja
  • Great...

  • 라이브 진짜 미쳤다 ㅠㅠ ♥

  • Now that she did the live performance at the Grammys we have the live performances of all three songs of the love triangle and now everything in the music industry is okay.

    Extravagant PancakesExtravagant PancakesNapja
  • 😊😍😌momma Taylor is the best 😇🥰😙😉

    Arick QimsArick QimsNapja
  • This might just be my favorite live performance from Taylor🧡

    EvelynEvelyn2 napja
  • I love her voice so much!!!!

    EvelynEvelyn2 napja
  • Did she had country accent here? Cos' i don't know how it sounds like. And somebody said they're unsure whether Taylor could rerecord her country songs well cos' she doesn't have her country accent now.

    green strawberrygreen strawberry2 napja
  • You’re always beautiful but you’re an extra extra extra extra beautiful with that guitar in your hands

    Andrew RomeroAndrew Romero2 napja

    Mooncookies780Mooncookies7803 napja
  • Taylor was the reason why my 10 year old self cried for a guitar

    ipurple youipurple you3 napja
  • I just realized that James says, "I'm only 17, I don't know anything" and Betty says, "When you are young they assume you know nothing" and, "I knew everything when I was young"

    Vedika SVedika S3 napja
    • @Saloni Sharma Taylor is a genius especially when it comes to songwriting

      Vedika SVedika S2 napja
    • @Saloni Sharma I saw a few vids where they discussed the lyrics too, but none of them mentioned this part, so I decided to comment it

      Vedika SVedika S2 napja
    • @Saloni Sharma I know, the teenage love triangle thing, I just saw that not a lot of people realized that part of the song

      Vedika SVedika S2 napja
    • The whole album is so well connected... August, Cardigan and Betty are connected and it's evident throughout their lyrics... You'll find more and more the closer you pay attention, all over the album. Even Evermore is connected to Folklore through some lyrics. For example, willow MV starts right after Cardigan ends and both of them show a golden string from invisible string... Basically what I'm saying is that Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius and has created a fantasy world on her own in her music.

      Saloni SharmaSaloni Sharma2 napja
  • I also want to be a singer like you mam

    Bhola BhaktaBhola Bhakta4 napja
  • The shifting of her emotion is everything

    Angel LegaspiAngel Legaspi4 napja
  • My eyes: reading comments My ears: listening songs My hand: scrolling down My mouth: singing song I'm very busy

    Nowsin NoorNowsin Noor4 napja
  • I still see the sweet talented girl with her guitar at 13 just even more wise and beautiful. Forever a swifty💕

    Rachel ElizabethRachel Elizabeth4 napja
  • I really like this song too

    Jungkook ObamaJungkook Obama5 napja
  • They give out awards for this music or just earplugs?

    Lester GreenLester Green5 napja
  • I was soo sinking in this song.. 🌼

    Kamrun ChaitiKamrun Chaiti5 napja
  • Who's here in 2021?

    Saanvi JainSaanvi Jain5 napja
  • Nice ... Very Suzanne Vega'ish

    GARY Paul Simon SHAWGARY Paul Simon SHAW5 napja
  • omygooooodd im inlove with her since 1989

    Yna MagdaongYna Magdaong5 napja
  • 🤍🤍🤍

    Faun EverlessFaun Everless5 napja
  • Se había fumado uno

    Francisco VioliniFrancisco Violini5 napja
  • Another perfect performance Tay Tay.....should we be surprised....thanks!! And cheers

    Erik PetersonErik Peterson5 napja
  • perfect

    Black WidowBlack Widow6 napja
  • She is just soo complexly simply beautiful......

    Rabhya .PRabhya .P6 napja
  • Taylor Swift iam writing this to you to tell you YOUR trueley a amazing ARTIST iam a singersongwriter guitar playing guy when i record at sound e.mporium studios in Nashville i met mat andrews who produced the CD i heard lots of great things how you MADE it happen you are so versatile too PEACE n STAY well

    Stephen GiffithStephen Giffith6 napja
  • I love this song

    Aman BhatiaAman Bhatia6 napja
  • Taylor why won’t you make anything available SoundCloud

    Aman BhatiaAman Bhatia6 napja
  • 2:46

    SimplyShaySimplyShay6 napja
  • For what should be such a mundane story, I am absolutely captivated 😭

    DragynFyreDragynFyre7 napja
  • this is iconic

    Coleman JohnsonColeman Johnson7 napja
  • I have loved, still love, will love T.S forever

    reddoggod1969reddoggod19697 napja
  • .

    DiltonDilton7 napja
  • You Searched For This

    Ivy GrangerIvy Granger7 napja
  • The only woman singer songwriter that so humble,simple, gorgeous and genuis

    chazky TVchazky TV7 napja
  • Imgine Joe and taylor performing this together 🥺 or champagne Problems

    allie's editsallie's edits7 napja
    • @allie's edits *that might only happen in my wildest dreams

    • @ANUSKA VERMA your wildest ones?

      allie's editsallie's editsNapja
    • That might only happen in my dreams

  • no one can deliver a live performance like taylor swift.come at me

    Anamitra PhukonAnamitra Phukon7 napja
  • Taylor Swift 🤩 music ✌️🌛👍👏

    BayuThuBay*BSS*?BayuThuBay*BSS*?7 napja
  • anyone who downvoted this video is simply wrong. sorry I don't make the rules, I just follow them

    David Hernandez BautistaDavid Hernandez Bautista7 napja
  • I love you sister Taylor Swift

    Thuyen TranThuyen Tran7 napja
  • Taylor Swift makes me cry.

    Peter JongsmaPeter Jongsma7 napja
  • I LOVE YOUUUUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mary Grace OchaveMary Grace Ochave8 napja
  • I love this song

    Le Mai AnhLe Mai Anh8 napja
  • The harmonica is just lovely

    Camilo Sapag MúsicaCamilo Sapag Música8 napja
  • 테일러 사랑해 I love you so much❤️

    뽀이뾰이뽀이뾰이8 napja
  • Betty deserves better... Three cheers for betty

    IntrovertintensifiedIntrovertintensified8 napja
  • i wish i could see her

    Jamie O'SullivanJamie O'Sullivan8 napja
  • i love her so much

    Jamie O'SullivanJamie O'Sullivan8 napja
  • Every Taylor's song is magical.

    りんりん9 napja
  • The spectacular nail psychologically tame because deal specifically unpack aside a noisy january. tacky, puffy snowflake

    moias ghiwanmoias ghiwan9 napja
  • The first person perspective of this song is a guy making up with betty

    Rabadon's DeathcapRabadon's Deathcap9 napja
  • The unnatural bangladesh structurally remind because quince surely step below a chubby fox. spiffy, historical waitress

    Lynne MadgeLynne Madge9 napja
  • Wow, 13M views, Taylor's power brought me here in the exact moment

    Alejandro MartínAlejandro Martín10 napja
  • 1:02 and 2:21 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TAYLOR!!

    Spriha AdritaaSpriha Adritaa10 napja
  • Tayyy your manners astilló prove its you.swift tayyyyyy. 😀😒👷👁👪👑🎀🤑🤚 hello Taylor

    Dana FrielingDana Frieling10 napja
  • *huh...feeling like I'm escaping from this MEAN world while listening to this heavenly beautiful song* All thanks to taylor ❤️

    KratiKrati11 napja
  • 18h22

    Situe KeineSitue Keine11 napja
  • I LOVE SHE'S BACK TO COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS. This masterpiece she created is more than country music, it is a new kind.

    mrs LUndYmrs LUndY11 napja
  • Betty is the one song frozen in my mind Same roller coaster different dress I Fall back in love each and every time

    G. TeckG. Teck11 napja
    • I agree with that guy

      G. TeckG. Teck10 napja
  • Naughty Party

    moomoo11 napja
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  • ❤️😂😭Awesome Taylor wins FORKLORE ! Yes !!

    Mary BriaMary Bria11 napja
  • The fresh quit rationally fade because ferryboat randomly sack by a tearful father-in-law. three, obeisant vein

    Lynne MadgeLynne Madge11 napja
  • My gosh. I’ve always been 60s, 70s rock some 80s-90s . So yeah I’m 55. Just recently ran across Taylor Swift. This girl is SO far ahead of most performers her age and many older ones. Real talent seems scarce these days.

    TimTim11 napja
  • I absolutely love this song. Such a wonderful performance.

    Kelly AllenKelly Allen12 napja
  • mis respetos para el bro que toca la harmónica

    Angel RobertyAngel Roberty12 napja
  • Just came here to say I'm going back to listen to Tom McDonald 😅🤣🤣🤣

    melinda maramelinda mara12 napja
  • Shes a Waling , Talking singer song writing dictionary

    Jordan LeeJordan Lee12 napja
  • Taylor swift is like the grandma we never thought we need

    Xoxo XxXoxo Xx12 napja
  • Taylor guitar?

    Everlast SkyEverlast Sky12 napja
  • "I hate the crowds, you know that." Me too

    HEY BEST!HEY BEST!12 napja
  • ginoo ko pakasli ko ga!!!

    Osho Gautama Mahavir ZalduaOsho Gautama Mahavir Zaldua12 napja
  • I first heard this song in 2020. It was nice to hear some real country style music, what a breath of fresh air.

    Luke SwanLuke Swan13 napja
  • Can someone have a word with Ines?

    Dan TraceyDan Tracey13 napja
  • Hi there a time you can come home

    Jose VicencioJose Vicencio13 napja
  • this is even better than the studio version. she has an incredible voice. what an inspiration. 🙏❤️

    agnes örnbergagnes örnberg13 napja
  • taylor swift always writes the best bridge......SO CATCHY

    hazalhazal13 napja
  • betty you know we love you sis

    hazalhazal13 napja
  • My entire life in one lyric

    Jennifer MarieJennifer Marie13 napja
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    moias ghiwanmoias ghiwan13 napja
  • sad face :(

    Marker ShipMarker Ship13 napja
    • got my headphonesin for this one*

      Marker ShipMarker Ship13 napja
    • dat harmonica tho

      Marker ShipMarker Ship13 napja
  • He was on,y seventeen and didn’t know anything but when Betty was young she knew everything

    Rashmi PrakashRashmi Prakash14 napja
  • 😍😍😍you perfect beautifully natural i hopefully

    Uzumaki FanzuriUzumaki Fanzuri14 napja
  • Doctor: "You have 5 minutes and 16 seconds left to live Me:

    Renae ThompsonRenae Thompson14 napja
  • Just gorgeous and extraordinary

    Infernum ParadisoInfernum Paradiso14 napja