TANKS DO NOT FLY! World of Tanks with commander Boris

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Come get in game, free to play, fun to play - tanks.ly/2Hie33y and use code TANKMANIA
World of Tanks is a tank battle game developed by Wargaming. It just recently celebrated their 10th anniversary since launch. Congratulations!
Click the link and get 7 days free premium account, a tank and free credits. Only for new registered members on the Wargaming site.
This video brought to you by support of Wargaming. They keep the kvass flowing and potato growing. Thanks. ..for the tanks.
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  • *tank blasting hardbaas approaches over hill* Vadim: BORIS BLYAT!!!

    uameeuamee2 hónapja
    • uamee what heck do you need rockets sup with gas

      Macrove_ GeneralMacrove_ GeneralHónapja
    • xD

    • Its not hardbaas but hardbass

      V- LOCKV- LOCKHónapja
    • cmon uamee let's go

      frost Westbrookfrost WestbrookHónapja
    • Yes, you got sponsorship :D

      Prime RoyalPrime RoyalHónapja
  • Me need help

    Luka NovakovićLuka Novaković22 órája
  • not gonna lie boris do has a point at the start of the video since the russians are crazy on tanks like the KV-2, S100Y, Objekt-279, Objekt-252u and many more blyatiful russian tanks

    Kommandant Fritz Schwarzenz MathiasKommandant Fritz Schwarzenz MathiasNapja
  • Actually Antonov do

    Arturo QuijanoArturo QuijanoNapja
  • Lol this game funding fighting in donbass

    Tyler The kremlin KrematorTyler The kremlin Kremator2 napja
  • When he was yelling, "VIKTOOOOOR." I thought he was yelling for me, my name is Viktor

    Vik VikVik Vik7 napja
  • Eh, I still like war thunder...

    Mr. CrampsMr. Cramps7 napja
  • Lol my father is playing that since 2012 lol

    Katarina StamenkovicKatarina Stamenkovic7 napja
  • German tanks are pretty good to, but RUSSIA TANK BEST

    Conrail FanConrail Fan7 napja
  • thx for the code to the tank thank u boris

    XXXTentacion lyricXXXTentacion lyric9 napja
  • I've watched so much life of Boris to the point I sound kind or russian

    Ohio is offlineOhio is offline9 napja
  • War Thunder is better imo. I've tried both. War Thunder is much better

    PhoenixUltraMotivePhoenixUltraMotive10 napja
  • You kill my little brother lol.

  • Choose you favorite U.S.S.R. I choose Communist style.

    KidzbopifiedKidzbopified16 napja
  • whats the music at the end

    Killer DomeKiller Dome17 napja
  • i like the fact that Boris knows what arta does to your social status.

    Russian BearRussian Bear17 napja
  • dont mind me just trying to boost his algorithmic standing

    Supreme OOF-erSupreme OOF-er17 napja
  • why do I always get the impression that Boris is actually german? the way he says "Deutschland", he is always connected to a German VPN when advertising nordvpn, etc.

    MrRedstone2GoMrRedstone2Go18 napja
  • sir mister boris: do you serve any interest towards the t70 light tank? are you into the modern mbt t14 armata? if so, a cheeki breeki to you!

    James SisttieJames Sisttie20 napja
  • Boris pls help me out with this code thing im having trouble right now

    Alder KaufAlder Kauf20 napja
  • 0:09 on OUR LAND!!

    a blin machine called IS-2a blin machine called IS-223 napja
  • Dear Boris, please enable native language of the crew voicelines. Next time, when u drive one true nation, u will hear the russian honey flow from ur speakers. Greetings from Poland, KURWA. :)

    Michał PaczoskaMichał Paczoska26 napja
  • 8:29 World of Tanks orbital strike

    Orbital PotatoOrbital Potato28 napja
  • Wait till he hears about World of Tank Blitz...

    Kumar AbhishekKumar Abhishek29 napja
  • Pls try all slav tanks (soviet, polish, Czechoslovak)

    Admiral AvocadoAdmiral AvocadoHónapja
  • Plz play with me

    dutchman gamingdutchman gamingHónapja
  • play world of warships

    Piano BrainsPiano BrainsHónapja
  • 7:11 As a Latin-American fan of Boris, and a shitposting lover, watching "juan." appearing almost made me jump out of my chair

    Shit postxdShit postxdHónapja
  • 7:11 ey thats me

  • Your tank had uk flag

    Oscar SanfilippoOscar SanfilippoHónapja
  • Italian tanks are more like a malfunction in a box

  • Boris, you should Play world of warships. Plenty of overpowered Soviet ships

    alexander Balexander BHónapja
  • boris you have not had fun in this game until you have sent some poor cyka to gulag with a single shot from the 152mm communism launcher on the KV-2

    Dylan MengDylan MengHónapja
  • BORIS I got a serios cvestion blyat hove you speak london and vana play platon to get time 5 stuf

    lord tacankalord tacankaHónapja
  • Greetings from Kurwa! I mean... Poland.

  • Idk

    jeffrey adrianjeffrey adrianHónapja
  • Wow boris you have a lot tanks unlocked wow

    jeffrey adrianjeffrey adrianHónapja


  • game : polen subtitles : KURWA

    that one guy with the facethat one guy with the faceHónapja
  • Boris the Slav never uploaded the ultimate slav game. csgo

    that one guy with the facethat one guy with the faceHónapja
  • 7:11 my name is juan : )

  • mayonese blyat

  • Soviet steel is called stalinium

    The Gaming CanadianThe Gaming CanadianHónapja
  • When he was telling the nations Poland was named kurwa. Yeah, its the second most Slovian country in the world.

    Eagle BoiEagle BoiHónapja
  • Where could Boris be from? The extensive research to find the truth... There are 13 Slavic nations: - Russia. - Ukraine - Poland - Czech Republic - Belarus - Serbia - Bulgaria - Slovakia - Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Macedonia - Slovenia - Montenegro Of these we can eliminate all that do not use the euro, as it appears in many of his videos. This leaves: - Estonia - Lithuania - Slovakia - Slovenia We can safely assume he would not do a “country review” of his own nation. This leaves ONLY SLOVENIA. Unless he has bamboozled us by doing a country review of his home nation, or using euros in his videos for no reason, after exchanging currency, Boris must be SLOVENIAN !! I hope we have found it comrades.

    Boarbot 78Boarbot 78Hónapja
  • He is the god of tanks

    Leo SwintekLeo SwintekHónapja
  • My friends call me a tank driver (but on serbian :tenkista)tenkista mean tank driver

    goran nasticgoran nasticHónapja
  • me still in tier 6: this is okay im not jealous at all my brain: friend him so u are friends with a famous youtuber Me:kurwa that is wrong i should hunt him

  • j play with you Boris

  • boris: :O SPIES ON MY LAND

    Skipper YTSkipper YTHónapja
  • Dear Boris, Please rank up to KV-2 and fire shells guided by the fist of Stalin himself. Rule the battlefield as god intended. A fangirl

  • Btw who want play wot with me Tovarisch im In RUSSIA server: My name comrade Ismailov /TOVARISCH ISMAILOV

    Comrade IsmailovComrade IsmailovHónapja
  • But can Panzer fly?!

    Goodbye GoodingtonGoodbye GoodingtonHónapja
  • I find the BT series of tanks really fun, mostly because enemies have zero confidence that early in the game. they simply don't believe in themselves enough to match my aggression with their own. ultimate advice is to do whatever you want, it's video game, who cares if you drive around like you own the place, you practically do.

  • Guess what boris we have flying tanks in America. The B17, B29, P47, A-10 and AC130

    tkcaingt Playztkcaingt PlayzHónapja
  • When a sponsor actually makes you wanna get the game

    logi0.9nD plzexplainlogi0.9nD plzexplainHónapja
  • As a beta tester top tip play russian tank st-ıı

    tsr Lithuaniatsr LithuaniaHónapja
  • I watched this video in Russian subtitles and now I hate myself

    Jade TanJade TanHónapja
    • really i did

      Jade TanJade TanHónapja
  • Really? Kurwa?

    M. Dzaky Putra AbiyyuM. Dzaky Putra AbiyyuHónapja
  • time to take the tank boost and blast some bois

  • What if I choose Germany instead?

    Antics CorpAntics CorpHónapja

    Melanie BostonMelanie BostonHónapja

    Melanie BostonMelanie BostonHónapja

    Melanie BostonMelanie BostonHónapja
  • please play "stayout"!!! its a great game! check it out!!

    Noctina TatakaiNoctina TatakaiHónapja
  • Soviet is best country and of course! T3485 motherland is here!

    BattlestalleBFRE RPGFEVY_BF2BattlestalleBFRE RPGFEVY_BF2Hónapja
  • “Never Fear Borris is here” Globally fear levels drop down to 0

  • War thunder: u betray me

    Mauricio Abad JimenezMauricio Abad JimenezHónapja
  • One of my two fav Eastern Europeans and a game ive been sunk into for years, o7 WoT player name; "hellaD" NA though.

    J WoodyJ WoodyHónapja
  • More war thunder?

    I only got 2 hours of sleepI only got 2 hours of sleepHónapja
  • Hay thats the Canadian war time x mas song .. Ww1. Lol

    gerald willcoxgerald willcoxHónapja
  • I wait for the most Slavic country in this and War Thunder Yugoslavia

    Skul D/BIHSkul D/BIHHónapja
  • I have played Russian heavies up to obj 257 so far and I nearly have IS-7 all Russian tanks have such a small amount of armor and weak guns, I gotta be honest, the German tanks are better.

    Dj MysteryDj MysteryHónapja
  • 4:43 :)

    Hubert KiełbasaHubert KiełbasaHónapja
  • Boris blyat my account was 3 years old (since yesterday 4 years old) i got alot of free exp i went strait to the mighty t-34

    General squirrelGeneral squirrelHónapja
  • Boris knows how to advertise and sponsor

    Apollo 69Apollo 69Hónapja
  • Im starting to like this guy...

    JD ButalidJD ButalidHónapja
  • glad you discovered this game, hope you post another adventure in t38 made of glorious stalinium.

    Christopher D. YanceyChristopher D. YanceyHónapja
  • Wait.. wasn’t Atanov A-40 a flying tank comrade?


    alaa marwaalaa marwaHónapja
  • Hey Boris, could you team up with the Johnson Boris and Rugby tackle everyone who is not wearing a mask with a KV-2 with an IS-7 engine

    Mohul Vidyasagar Ghosh BiswasMohul Vidyasagar Ghosh BiswasHónapja
  • Even tho he is Russian the free items if you download from description has a Exelcoire or whatever it’s name is is actually British

    Lolestic GamingLolestic GamingHónapja
  • they did fly in grand theft auto

  • Until boris realises what the AT2 is really like

    Launce Dominic PaduaLaunce Dominic PaduaHónapja
  • tank

  • Idk why but war thunder has an absolutely horrificly terrible interface on console

    U Cannot Defeat My ShmeetU Cannot Defeat My ShmeetHónapja
  • ussr is best for the best of the motherland... i have kv-1s but the tank was no penetration soooooo i was thinking was best idea to say that is soviet era of the TDS tech tree is best... i always say to my comrades Soyuz: Charge comrades! for the motheland!

    BattlestalleBFRE RPGFEVY_BF2BattlestalleBFRE RPGFEVY_BF2Hónapja
  • Давай поиграем в брата

    Marcin RugiełłoMarcin RugiełłoHónapja
    • Ура я нашёл тебя :)

  • when i tried to use code it just said "Cannot redeem WG code due to technical issues." please help

    Heinz 420Heinz 420Hónapja
  • Thn for the boost

    nasko mitrov 19nasko mitrov 19Hónapja
  • 1:45 "It was at this moment he knew; he messed up." The "Oh no" was so perfect XD.

    Joy DavisJoy DavisHónapja
  • Make more world of tanks videos boris. I enjoy these videos as much as I do watching the mighty jingles.

    Mike JkMike JkHónapja
  • Even Boris promotion is funny than others

    RaaGaming 210RaaGaming 210Hónapja
  • Boris is so strong he can shoot in 2020 and have the bullet kill a man in 2021

    Just some necromorph with internet accessJust some necromorph with internet accessHónapja
  • 5:57 - 6:00 WAS HE FUCKING SINGING A CAPITALIST SONG?! by the way the song that he was singing is called "Country roads" a west virgin-ian song in the "States of United America".

    Ari Barbaro CZAri Barbaro CZHónapja
  • Tanks SHALL FLY *puts wings and rocket engine on tank* That’ll do

  • 5:57

    cyka in tracksuit but its the alt accountcyka in tracksuit but its the alt accountHónapja
  • Blitz is so much better

    Sunjay RamamoothySunjay RamamoothyHónapja
    • -blitz map is small -no wheeled vehicle -no arty -and the prems vehicle is so broken (annihilator, smasher, gravedigger,etc)

      Sate Ayyam3Sate Ayyam3Hónapja
  • 4:43 poland XD lolol

    Chess BaeChess BaeHónapja