TANKROBATICS - War Thunder animation

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Tank Acrobatics - War Thunder animation
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Animated version of last War Thunder Boris video.
Animated by:
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Intro music:
Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
Outro music:
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem

  • Oho now this is something i really like! *approved by Professional Gopnik*

    Professional GopnikProfessional Gopnik2 évvel

      Frederik KukkFrederik Kukk2 napja
    • egsgwfhqgd1dhwgdqdhqhwhwgeqheggw9wgs0wgshqpwgdhqhdh1dhdgaxgqd

      annemarie ackermanannemarie ackermanHónapja
    • qvdbwdvwdiwvwpwvwvlqgdgqhgdggdgagqdgavgsgaxgaeshgazgwcspacskavslacm bwdgwsgshdhqsgxga5agsh0ahapl

      annemarie ackermanannemarie ackermanHónapja
    • @Amal *AGREED*

      Unknown AnomalyUnknown AnomalyÉvvel
    • T-50:size does not matter its how u use it

      Criz PainCriz PainÉvvel
  • "Ah let the bomb live he's not hurting anybody" I lost it there that was funny

    Ninja Noah GamingNinja Noah Gaming2 napja
  • the only thing germans cant perfect germans:slope armor? boris:tankrobatics

    Macoy Dela cruzMacoy Dela cruz7 napja
  • 1:30 The Panzer IV got Nae Nae'd

    NotaveragecrNotaveragecr9 napja
  • chto za pizdec?

    FPSHaterFPSHater11 napja
  • Gaijin nerf russian pls. Too op

    just some random weebjust some random weebHónapja
  • Хаха красава 👍

    Ravil IkharovRavil IkharovHónapja
  • ah blyat

    OH ZHI LIM MoeOH ZHI LIM MoeHónapja
  • Yes

    Cullen CarrickCullen CarrickHónapja

    ignacio veraignacio veraHónapja
  • Does the tank run on vodka or any other magical Russian substance

    Robert adamczykRobert adamczykHónapja
  • Just had a tankasm

    Medic WarfarinMedic Warfarin2 hónapja
  • im thinking, boris +harry101uk = epicness 100%

    eles keletittoeles keletitto2 hónapja
  • Ahh Yes these Old days i used T-50 in war Thunder

    USS EnterpriseUSS Enterprise2 hónapja
  • 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    Che Guevara - SIRIUSChe Guevara - SIRIUS2 hónapja
  • Americans train thier men to be strong but Russians Train thier tanks to do Acrobatics.... And that is 420X more Badass

    Nathaniel AntonioNathaniel Antonio2 hónapja
  • hahaha kako se pomjeri kuca

    Gordana RatkovicGordana Ratkovic2 hónapja
  • never under estimate the german ww2 war machine.

  • Ha you are no match for the boris t34 85 war machine

  • OOF

    FakhriAryaFakhriArya2 hónapja
  • Panzer III is to T-50 Panzer IV is to T-34 Tiger II is to Boris driving a potato truck

    NotaveragecrNotaveragecr2 hónapja
  • T-34 is best tank in game.

    NotaveragecrNotaveragecr2 hónapja
  • Abuse on panzers are not okie doki

    A literal breadstick Yes a breadstickA literal breadstick Yes a breadstick3 hónapja
  • The simple days of war thunder ah yes

    DilanDilan3 hónapja
  • In soviet Russia tanks are your family

    Secur TrebSecur Treb3 hónapja
  • Well wut would u think if a barn was driving across a battlefield

    DBpovDBpov3 hónapja

    Raihan RSRaihan RS3 hónapja
  • Every girls und panzer episode be like:

    ettenme barrientosettenme barrientos3 hónapja
  • Thank you. This made the day.

    ukuotusukuotus3 hónapja
  • 1:40-holy blyat

    leniel dela torreleniel dela torre3 hónapja
  • t34 moviein a nutshell

    Gayathri JagadeeshGayathri Jagadeesh3 hónapja
  • I agree about the bomb XD Not once a bomb killed me in a T-34 in War Thunder XD

    BradiMherzBradiMherz3 hónapja
  • Boris pet it's tank

    ussr_ roblox_engglishussr_ roblox_engglish3 hónapja
  • Tiger 1 vs T50 tiger would have won

    Simo Häyhä White deathSimo Häyhä White death3 hónapja
  • Tiger 1: *shoots T34 and bounces* T34: *shoots Tiger 1 at FRONT HULL in single shot and knocked out the Tiger* ah yes, stalinium armor and shells made out of lenintal

    Laksamana SuhendraLaksamana Suhendra3 hónapja
  • Am i the only one who watches one of his vids and then it ends then i get really sad?

    cheeki breeki the thirdcheeki breeki the third3 hónapja
  • I got a World of Tanks Ad *Interesting*

    AguyplaysgamesAguyplaysgames3 hónapja
  • Me: *doesn't pay my taxes in 4 years* The government: 0:49

    MafiaGuyMafiaGuy4 hónapja
  • loacher is waaay too fuken good blyat

    Patrick ChappellPatrick Chappell4 hónapja
  • The t 34 at the start is German! You can tell because of the entrance hatch

    RabbitRayRabbitRay4 hónapja
  • panzer IV go YEET

    first-off finallyfirst-off finally4 hónapja
  • So so blyatiful you should become animator

    Pacman pacman69Pacman pacman694 hónapja
  • Bro I really love your animations

    AbhiEncodedAbhiEncoded4 hónapja
  • Barn inquisition was fail

    Max MorganMax Morgan4 hónapja
  • eyy it's tax collector

    UVCHRUVCHR4 hónapja
  • this may have been a good commercial for war thunder

    HanzHanz4 hónapja
  • Ok he’s Boris now

    Jimmy da dragonJimmy da dragon4 hónapja
  • the landlord when you did'nt pay rent 0:49

    Jp the AnimatorJp the Animator4 hónapja
  • Buff the Tiger

    8E - 16 - Raditya Arya Nurfauzan8E - 16 - Raditya Arya Nurfauzan4 hónapja
  • 0:55 do you mean OUR kill?

    what what what? whatwhat what what? what4 hónapja
    • Da

      FR-Serbian Comrade69FR-Serbian Comrade694 hónapja
  • Let the bomb go he not hurtin anybody

    the donegal fermerthe donegal fermer5 hónapja
  • Unrealistischer misst

    Hans 19Hans 195 hónapja
  • un capo el que subtitulo esta obra de arte

    Ezequiel SosaEzequiel Sosa5 hónapja
  • A tank cant do a barrel roll its like 10 tones

    Colin McGuireColin McGuire5 hónapja
    • It depends a american or other tanks yes they are heavy the russian t-34 no

      FR-Serbian Comrade69FR-Serbian Comrade694 hónapja
    • More m1a2 abrams weigh 61

      the donegal fermerthe donegal fermer5 hónapja
  • Damn TİGER is better than T 34

    Николай Иванович КрачимскийНиколай Иванович Крачимский5 hónapja
  • War thunder,♥️♥️♥️

    eugen-ego susanjeugen-ego susanj5 hónapja
  • 2:04 *tank shoots at hardest part of tanks armor but instantly ammoracks tank anyway*...... GOPNIK SIENCE

    Ian the tornado guyIan the tornado guy5 hónapja
  • 2:09 boris don,t care 😂😂

    Devil GamerDevil Gamer5 hónapja
  • But Boris there is no tax collector in glorious ussr

    Fishy BottomsFishy Bottoms5 hónapja
  • I love that new Girls und Panzer episode

    HisThor2 ykHisThor2 yk5 hónapja
  • How is boris

    Vmm 2008Vmm 20086 hónapja
  • Boris, if you play the War Thunder, can you play with T-14 Armata? I like it

    Aldo JapriAldo Japri6 hónapja
  • Remember comrades stay cheeki breeki and always stay listening to hardbass BLYAT

    frost Westbrookfrost Westbrook6 hónapja
  • 0:44 OPA

    charles fanfarecharles fanfare6 hónapja
  • Hi

    charles fanfarecharles fanfare6 hónapja
  • Hey! That shot was bull shit! *REMATCH!!!*

    Pz.Kpfw. Tiger Ausf.EPz.Kpfw. Tiger Ausf.E6 hónapja
  • Lol the t-34 1941 model that steals kill is in an other video where this based off an m3 lee

    General squirrelGeneral squirrel6 hónapja
  • Tiger 1 -hits T-34- and round bounces off T-34 - hits frontal armour of Tiger 1 and destroys it *HMMMMM*

    sleep paralysis demonsleep paralysis demon6 hónapja
  • Nice effect and animation BOIII

    FakhriAryaFakhriArya6 hónapja
  • For the people that HAVE played War Thunder, these details about the Soviet tank being indestructible, it's TRUE. I warn you about charging head on against and Soviet tank.

    Blue HernandezBlue Hernandez6 hónapja
  • Im not rurissin but lm from polland

    Justyna GrobelnaJustyna Grobelna6 hónapja
  • actually T-50 rounds can’t destroy a Tiger I

    Lil Moee713Lil Moee7136 hónapja
  • two words combined: SUKA UROD

    Lil Moee713Lil Moee7136 hónapja
  • Shasklik king i want to challenge you to a tank duel realistic mode

    General squirrelGeneral squirrel6 hónapja
  • W H Y Y O U R U N N I N G

    Lil Moee713Lil Moee7136 hónapja
  • Awesome and so cool

    andreasy 73andreasy 737 hónapja
  • i really liked this animation, and specially this part 1:40

    Peter Henry the Latex FurryPeter Henry the Latex Furry7 hónapja
  • I love how he quietly confirms russian bias lol

    A Bit Of A PickelA Bit Of A Pickel7 hónapja
  • Germany gangsta until Boris saves Russia from Operation Barboassa... Welp. Kinda.

    Dylan CarlesDylan Carles7 hónapja
  • Boris why don't you Set up your discord server?

    Евгений ГурьяновЕвгений Гурьянов7 hónapja
  • 0:43 the best thing i have every seen is boris getting launched out of a tank by a bump

    ThatLaddThatLadd7 hónapja
  • Are You Drunk Too Much Mr?

    UnknownTarget Tank500meter!UnknownTarget Tank500meter!7 hónapja
  • Its It's impossible for a t34 to withstand a front armor puch from the big cat

    Penka LazarovaPenka Lazarova7 hónapja
  • Russian bias in war thunder isnt real its just bad players being bad

    Oakraiders 34Oakraiders 347 hónapja
  • Do more war thunder anamashon they’re really good Mabe planes next

    Random Videos Nathan!Random Videos Nathan!7 hónapja
  • Doing kick flips with my tank like

    the mind toustthe mind toust7 hónapja
  • "You need to go Sneeky breeki" *later* "KNOCK KNOCK THIS IS TAX COLLECTOR"

    Corinne MorrissetteCorinne Morrissette7 hónapja
  • 0:31 that entry😅

    Rajesh P RaghavanRajesh P Raghavan7 hónapja
  • if sasha from resident evil damnation was a true slav, he'd probably yell something like 'WHY YOU RUNNING?!' as he chases a super tyrant with his tank XD

    CasandraelfCasandraelf7 hónapja
  • I dins steal your kill I've killed our enime

    joão gabriel pecktor nevesjoão gabriel pecktor neves7 hónapja
  • 1:38 That loader has ultimate russian bais level crew skill.

    Mr CernobylMr Cernobyl7 hónapja
  • 1:30 Girls und Panzer intensifies

    MochvnMochvn7 hónapja
  • Boris: "You need to go sneeki breeki" Not even a second later: Boris: "KNOCK KNOCK IS TAX COLLECTOR!"

    Jana BosiljčićJana Bosiljčić7 hónapja
    • lmao

      JessieJamesPlaysJessieJamesPlays4 hónapja
  • "Who stole my kill? It was you! You have done this mistreatment. You have betrayed motherland. WHy you running? You cannot escape the judgment." So funny

    akapesicakapesic7 hónapja

    UwU AnimatesUwU Animates8 hónapja
  • 2:03 how ?!

    Erwin RommelErwin Rommel8 hónapja
  • Boris puts a smile on my face whenever I feel down XD

    МексикаМексика8 hónapja
  • Let the bomd live he isn't hurting anybody *blows up*

    that one Russian bean memethat one Russian bean meme8 hónapja
  • 1:40 I dont think how that is supposed to work but, according to capitalists, in Soviet Russia, physics obey you!

    TinyPug 06TinyPug 068 hónapja
  • Nobody expected the barn inquisition.

    SovereignElite58SovereignElite588 hónapja