Taking things literally CHALLENGE - Relatable musical by La La Life

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What if people were taking everything literally? Literally everything literally! =)
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00:00 Watch out!
00:26 Geometry class
01:00 The study for the science project
2:21 The exposure
3:00 Funny selfies
3:35 The driving lessons
4:05 Starbucks cups
4:58 The garage sale
5:21 The launch break
6:09 Money cold and sponge cake
6:45 The principle's office
7:35 The science project
8:10 It was a challenge
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  • Hi good night comments I love your video

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  • I laughed when Nora hugged the curb and i laughed and laughed when it was my birth day when i was holding my birth day cake and just dropped my cake and my mom was so disappointed 😂😂😂😂

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  • Good video

  • I laughed so hard when nora shine her face is so funny

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  • I laughed so hard while doing the dishes that I got water on my laptop nad bought a new one

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  • Nora is so dumb

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  • I think Nora because she doesn’t really understand cause I don’t really understand things so I’m doing a trick it’s where are you it’s kind of messy by the way how

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  • 6:18 did anyone see the sponge before they said it's sponge cake 🍰😄

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    • Yeah i see the sponge before they said its a sponge cake

      W3MPIRE xDW3MPIRE xD3 órája
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