Sylvanas Cinematic Shadowlands

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Sylvanas Cinematic Shadowlands

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  • I really do hope they turn Anduin into a death knight

    HelltakerHelltaker11 napja
  • 2:57 Shippers, CHARGE!

    Agvid LeafbeardAgvid Leafbeard11 napja
  • Sylvanas is attracted to Anduin because he reminds her of Arthas, whom she secretly adores, but can't accept.

    BEPrimAnimBEPrimAnim16 napja
  • I wish she had even one daughter

    Tapioka senseiTapioka sensei16 napja
  • how do you get this cinematic? i've done everything and not seen this in game

    fuqen gewglfuqen gewgl18 napja
  • shes gonna kill daddy jailer

    GhostGhost20 napja
  • Sylvanas has a good point: "From our first breath, to our last, every decision is made for us. Then the afterlife decides what eternity we must endure". Imagine being born without having ANY influence over your life. Every step you make, everyone you loved and hated. Everyone you killed or saved. All that is predetermined for you. And based on that life (which you did not choose yourself) you will spend the rest in the afterlife...

    Emile VineshEmile Vinesh21 napja
  • Imagine sylvanas building a machine designed to break the fourth wall.

    Michelle PavlikMichelle Pavlik21 napja
  • Sylvanas Windrunner

    Mauricio Salas SaldañaMauricio Salas Saldaña21 napja
    • Is like 2019

      Mauricio Salas SaldañaMauricio Salas Saldaña21 napja
    • Yes In 2021

      Mauricio Salas SaldañaMauricio Salas Saldaña21 napja
  • What quest is it from?

    DeopDeop21 napja
  • Heil Sylvanas

    Green AnonGreen Anon22 napja
  • Blizzard hates white men

    J TruthJ Truth22 napja
  • Voljin said that Sylvanas will be the one to save them all before he died. Maybe he was referring to this?

    SebastianSebastian27 napja
  • I love how expressive Sylvannas is in this cinematic. Finally, she shows more than like two emotions.

    Son GokuSon Goku27 napja
  • Jaina used to be angry then she got the orc dick from Thrall now she's chill. Tyrande and Sylvanas just need some good dick so they calm down.

    palientologistpalientologist29 napja
  • 2:15 Sylvanas the Communist.

    KleptoriskKleptorisk29 napja
    • The Alliance is more than likely communists

      RavagerbladeRavagerblade25 napja
  • Fucking blizzard changing her shoulders so we cant get them goddammit

    what whowhat who29 napja
  • Aaaaaah, many of commentators are so stupid🤦🏿‍♀️

  • I like her more with less armor

    Danny EledgeDanny EledgeHónapja
  • She so pwetty U w U Syvvanas best sugaww mommy xoxo

  • Sit back and watch the Sylvanas simps folks.

    The AnomalyThe AnomalyHónapja
  • Okey wtf, how can you simply not simp for her? Shes so badass!

  • Sylvanas is Daenerys 2.0 men, BRAKE THE WEEL SYLVANAS!!! =))) (NO)

    Robert CRobert CHónapja
  • Is that a new scar on her right eye?

  • Sylvanas is easily the worst part about Modern WoW... they really need to get rid of her and find a new story line.

    Cajun RabbitCajun RabbitHónapja
    • @Cajun Rabbit You're just a salty ass bitch that Sylvanas is getting a plotline, and you probably biased against her because of the "omg the Tree!"

      RavagerbladeRavagerblade25 napja
    • @Cajun Rabbit The real Lich King > Over Bum Ass Bolvar fake ass LK. She's suppose to be powered up, By the jailer, once he's gone so will the power etc... Doesn't take a genius to figure that out, and getting rid of a stable character, even more of them, is a fucking terrible idea.

      RavagerbladeRavagerblade25 napja
    • @Ravagerblade they've made her too much... too powerful. She can just walk up to the lich king and his army and single handedly kill his ENTIRE ARMY solo then just basically one shot the lich king and tear his crown in half like its some cardboard hat. its ridiculous even in the lore perspective. The Lich king should have put her down like the worthless dog she is.

      Cajun RabbitCajun Rabbit25 napja
    • False. They've done her wrong alot of the times. She gets shit going and interesting, the past characters are boring.

      RavagerbladeRavagerblade25 napja
  • they really need to kill that crazy bitch.

  • Bro can we just kill off this bitch already? Tired of seeing this bitch

    steven upthegrovesteven upthegroveHónapja
    • No. Hope she even haunts your dreams , Sylvanas forever

      RavagerbladeRavagerblade25 napja
  • I think that rotting elf wants her some "little lion".

    Jason SteeleJason SteeleHónapja
    • Nah.

      RavagerbladeRavagerblade25 napja
  • Cringe banshee

    Alice Bellflower MalfoyAlice Bellflower MalfoyHónapja
    • Your super cringe.

      RavagerbladeRavagerblade25 napja
    • you are cringe

  • Funny thing is she served jailer once broke free and now she is serving him again

  • when do we kill her?

    Fonando OzmandoFonando OzmandoHónapja
    • when we kill annoying bitches like tyrande and jaina, maybe then.

  • When does this cinematic even play in the game? I just watched it because I couldnt wait anymore

  • I love that she still calls him little lion

    Stefan WolfeStefan WolfeHónapja
  • Make TV series for god's sake .. so much content

    Patrik ČajavecPatrik ČajavecHónapja
  • Lmao that moment when Sylvanas started to low key make sense and have good points so the writers had to make her say "join us willingly or be made to serve" because lmao I mean you can't have a character be neither good nor evil I guess. Right? Right?

    runter gerutschtrunter gerutschtHónapja
    • I mean the whole part of "this whole world is a system set up for us to suffer in it, why do we have to live lime this" actually seemed reasonable to me, this system is kinda messed up and people being judged by these subjective judges where they spend their afterlives is kinda unfair and all But then she kinda reminds you she's supposed to be the villain

      runter gerutschtrunter gerutschtHónapja
    • She already makes no sense and no point by working with a dude who literally forges people into weapons or mind-breaks them to serve him as slaves while she wants to preach about free will and fairness.

  • waaaaaaa nothing's fair waaaaaaaa

    Andres MuAndres MuHónapja
  • "We can't even choose who we..." That was supposed to make me feel bad for her or something, but I stopped seeing Sylvannas as a character years ago. Whenever she speaks, I beg for someone to tell her "Are you done?". I literally do not care about her "suffering" one bit anymore. This "villain" isn't cool or scary or anything... Just tiresome. I've been hearing the same complaining over and over and over again since Wrath of the Lich King. At some point, this negativity and self-pity start burning out the people around her. Realistically, there shouldn't be anyone left in Azeroth to take her seriously.

    Heat SeekerHeat SeekerHónapja
    • and we should give a fuck about your opinion because?

    • As if anything in WoW is better.

  • Well, based on the Legion comic that revolves around Anduin, we all know that both the Jailer and Sylvanas are predestined to fail.

  • Even if Sylvanas has good intentions she still deserves to be burned alive.

    Monster QueenMonster QueenHónapja
  • I don't think she's saying "we" as in her and the jailer - her and someone else using the jailer to change the way death is kept in that realm. She needs the power of light to do do something to the jailer? She states "we can't even choose who we....." Pick? Is there a realm she wasn't worthy to be sent to in the shadowlands? It's still a personal vendetta she has but it has a bigger cause. She isn't the "bad guy" it's when she says she needs to convince Anduin to help her but he doesn't have the knowledge that she has.

  • Experiments and tortures innocent people, commits literal genocide and its all hand waved with "muh choices never mattered". The sad part is they are gonna kerrigan this bitch, the writers arent gonna have anyone call her out on her BS that she made her choices and she deserved to go to hell because of them.

  • Sylvannas Targaryen, first of her name, queen of the andals and the first men, mother of bullshit...

    Kelio GokenKelio GokenHónapja
  • How come she looks so cool in the game but then in the cinematics she is just a completely different looking ugly ass hoe? Like, almost all the characters match up perfectly to their cinematic counterparts then sylvanas looks nothing like herself.

  • Isn't Anduin supposed to be, like.. 19? Why the hell does he look 42???

  • You know, I have high hopes about Sylvanas and Anduin arc! I really hope that Varian’s words about trust and faith when Sylvanas shows up from the legion trailer actually foreshadow something big! Come on blizzard, it’s been 3 expacs, us forsaken want our Banshee Queen back in style already!

    • Not after a genocide and damning all those souls to the Maw. She cant even “fix” this because many of those souls are already “gone” , sucked dry and eradicated or broken and enslaved.

  • Finally she is becoming an interesting villain. There are a few things that caught my mind: 1. She wasn't phased at all by Anduins suggestion that she could just be the Jailers tool. That could just be her hubris, but I think it's more likely that she in some ways already dealt with that question. 2. Sylvanas once again calling Anduin "little lion" reminded me of something that first occured to me in the announcement cinematic: Sylvanas relationships are mostly to people that are in her eyes unworthy sucessors: Anduin (maybe to an extent even Greymane) succeeding Varian and Bolvar taking the mantle of Lich King from the most important man in Sylvanas' life: Arthas. I don't know if they'll do anything with this, but it's an interesting facet of her relationships. 3. She's circling back to her WC3 motivation of freeing the dead from their bounds. In different ways, but it's a return to the roots. And finally moving away from her" quest for immortality". Also, this is shipping fodder. Kinky shipping fodder.

    Beleg L.Beleg L.Hónapja
    • @Beleg L. also i must add - the way Blizz handled BfA is basically “Okay Alliance now BFFs with the Horde again because its all, ALL, ALL OF THE BAD THINGS are HER AND ONLY HER doing.” Aka they left the horde off the hook entirely on every point. So now if they redeem sylvanas they take away that “bone” they threw to Alliance - first they take away any meaningful retribution for continued humiliation and soft-guro that was inflicted on Alliance during BfA and forgive the horde entirely... and then also forgive the person they put all that blame on.

    • @VladTutushkin Oh of course there is still the possibility of Blizz fucking the story up. But during BfA she was a boring and confusing villain, now at least she seems to an interesting one, for the moment. There's still hope to more of Sargeras figure in her motivations and villainy (driven to inexcusable acts by the horror of the universe), but her becoming unjustly "redeemed" through pure retrospective is a disappointing possibility, yes.

      Beleg L.Beleg L.Hónapja
    • Problem is not her being a villain. Problem is Blizzard trying to make her a hero when they basically put a whole genocide on her. That will be distasteful to say they least.

  • Sylvanas killed the warcraft universe xdxd and she is so mad about Arthas controlling her that she will destroy the fate itself xd

    Ariel Martínez AcostaAriel Martínez AcostaHónapja
  • sylavanas is just like cao cao.

    Kadir YavasKadir YavasHónapja
  • I think Sylvanas is talking about ... us!!!!

    Wagner PereiraWagner PereiraHónapja
  • Please save us my beloved Banshee Queen

    • Taking villain lines for face value i see? I mean... Every second villain promises to “save us all” but how many of them actually meant that or had feasible means to do so?

  • Fun fact: you can control your faith by your previous life. In case of Sylvanas, she truly deserved Maw. BUT... because she do not like what she deserves, then she will start civil war of Azeroth, civil war of Shadowlands. Because little girl does not like her fate wich she actualy choosed.

    Pixel GunPixel GunHónapja
    • @Pixel Gun not always, BUT we learn that Undead are judged for their Life and Undeath both. So her actions in Undeath after Arthas (which were horrible and monstrous) “bought” her a place in the Maw. Also the fact that she never felt guilt over her actions which would have caused her to go to Revendreth.

    • And you always had free will... she must learn how to accept her fate.

      Pixel GunPixel GunHónapja
  • Sooo Seu is Just a pawn, and "his goals" are to nrung arthas back hahahha

    Glauco CastilhoGlauco CastilhoHónapja
  • Since she ends up betraying and then dominating whoever's out to ally with her. List including dreadlords, hell yeah valkyries, Hoard, Azeroth. Mr. Jailer release her at once and see the signs.

  • Sylvanas' armour looks amazing. Can we get that for Transmog, please?

    Connor HarisonConnor HarisonHónapja
  • Arthas should have said : ,, Nah Ima let you live " and spare us all this emo bullshit

    Roving GnomeRoving GnomeHónapja
  • Sylvanas has gone full retard nihilist. Her dialogue essentially boils down to "Boo hoo! I didn't get what I want I want! And everyone should be able to do whatever they want without suffering any negative consequences for their actions unless I say so. I'm only changing the rules because I don't want to face the consequences of my actions."

    • @SnappyCenter7 bitch please, you just angry for ass reasons

      RavagerbladeRavagerblade25 napja
    • @Anton chugah Licker Yep, angry that people still think Sylvanas has justifiable motivations and goals.

    • WTF someone is angry

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
  • Sylvanas face animation is so perfect

    First ElementFirst ElementHónapja
  • she is still so mad at arthas for making her what she is, so mad lol, love it

    Ooface ShamWowOoface ShamWowHónapja
  • Sylvanas has got to be the only character in the Warcraft universe with this many appearance changes. Her skin goes from purple, and then to blue.

    Rasmus Hansen Bülow-OlsenRasmus Hansen Bülow-OlsenHónapja
  • Danerys..GOT..

    Derick GannonDerick GannonHónapja
  • Silvanas the determinism- nihilist

  • "I, for one, do not trust her. Her heart is still elven. She will never side with [insert current ally]." That aside, I'm most curious about the "We can't even choose who we-" line. What are they hinting at?

    Daniel DonnertDaniel DonnertHónapja
    • ​@Anton chugah Licker I have ideas, but I'm mostly interested because they don't finish the sentence. It could be a big nothing and finish as "- endure it with" referencing Arthas being in the Maw as a fellow prisoner, which is info we already have. It could be an emotional play to manipulate Anduin, or it could be real mortal emotions leaking out from behind her Dark Lady mask. It could be "- who we serve" indicating that she feels that the covenants are just another form of slavery AND that she feels enslaved to the Jailer. Thus, an indicator of her eventual plan of betrayal that can't be spoken of openly. It could be "- who we become" indicating that's she's not doing any of this of her own free will. I can also interpret in a bunch of other ways that each reflect different ways that she feels enslaved, but most of them don't make sense to include the dramatic pause to regain composure.

      Daniel DonnertDaniel DonnertHónapja
    • Have any guess?

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
  • A person whom willingly genocided a population and drove millions of souls into a hell to be tortured to non-existence, had better not be given a redemption, otherwise what's the point of this whole story? The maw would be obsolete if folks like her can be "redeemed"

    Great BraeGreat BraeHónapja
  • Best non true cinematic animation yet. Sylvanus looks the best she ever has. I've watched this at least 10 times. Wish it wasn't so cryptic but Bravo! none the less

  • Kind of a fun parallel to War Crimes where, this time, Anduin is getting talked to from behind chains and irons.

    Mikaila TurklesonMikaila TurklesonHónapja
  • Little lion? he is more like chicken

    Black NBlack NHónapja
  • i love banshee queen. I knew her intentions were in a good place.

    • Can't wait for what's coming

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
    • Road to hell paved with good intentions and in her case literally. She is too far gone in her crazy scheming.

  • Free will available in the blizzard store

  • Ham acting and Artwork is not going to save this game.

    James RideoutJames RideoutHónapja
    • Yet you're here wasting your time

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
    • Shadowlands is amazing

      Miracle the nerdMiracle the nerdHónapja
  • She is a quasi-Lich King that used to be a Warchief, but has a her own version of a noble goal even though she was presented to us as a villain all the time. So basically she is just a rip off of Arthas, Garrosh, and Sargeras. >_>

    • you're just spewing bullshit, lots of characters have traits from other characters, morons like you are just obsessed with comparisons with her for literally no reason.

  • Pleasant surprise on story part, but game still suck balls

  • Little lion.... 🥺

    • @Anton chugah Licker Its more like a mother and son relationship

      Eric LefebvreEric Lefebvre28 napja
    • Is she in love?😵💓

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
  • only Sylvanas knows it was Jailer who added new customization options

    Mikhail SporyshevMikhail SporyshevHónapja
  • „No more secrets, no more lies.“ *starts to talk cryptic stuff about life, death and never mentions who the Jailer is and why it is so important to help him* I would’ve liked it more if she said „No more cryptic messages, no more confusion“ 😂

    Christian DülligenChristian DülligenHónapja
  • Lolll sylvanas is blizzard and the jailer is Activision

    Zaia NasrZaia NasrHónapja
  • I just want Warcraft 4

    Lorong GamingLorong GamingHónapja
  • Anduin: Who foretold the prophecy? Sylvanas: Salzman, he's in accounting.

    Marco HernándezMarco HernándezHónapja
  • warcraft 3 reforge

    Zaid MuhdZaid MuhdHónapja
  • From what quest is this cinematic wtf?

    lDooMl ™lDooMl ™Hónapja
  • People in real life have Sylvannas mindsets. Prove me wrong. Evil Af

    • @Anton chugah Licker she has a mindset of a juvenile nihilist-maximalist. It literally a phase that people go through at their edgiest, teenage years.

    • People in real are too simple minded to be like her

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
  • Scar VS Simba ☺

    • @Petar Glisic Bwahaha true! :')

      MoonkinMoonkin11 napja
    • More like Zira

      Petar GlisicPetar Glisic11 napja
  • Русская озвучка сильвахи конечно по круче

    Мак СимМак СимHónapja
  • Damm sylvanas is more beautiful ♥️♥️♥️🙌😜

    aleksandar kutićaleksandar kutićHónapja
    • Yeah😍

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
  • I've already gotten to 60 and I thought I finished everything in the campaign that has been unlocked, but I haven't seen this yet. Did I miss something or is this coming in a future week?

    NeverClever NorWittyNeverClever NorWittyHónapja
  • Cool motive. Still genocide.

  • I don't care about anything else, I just want her blood. I so pray Tyrande destroys her.

    EPloar DivEPloar DivHónapja
  • God i hate her. I HATE her.

    • @Anton chugah Licker ça en fait au moins un hahaha

    • I love her. I lOVE HER!!

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
  • Darth Sylvanas

    The black goat of the woodsThe black goat of the woodsHónapja
  • I mean, if the end goal is to make every soul into a god of their own universe...

    Lord TelperionLord TelperionHónapja
    • Sounds likes heaven

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
  • lol that moment where she look sad or show emotions. Did that should let us feel for her? I cant whait to chop her head off. To see her dead on the ground. She has done so many terrible things, only because she things she is on the right whay. Yeah sure. I hope at the end of Shadowlands, the is dead. And Blizzard dont make the move to turn her into the hero. But if i see how Blizzard lick Sylvanas feed, she will become the new Jailor.

    Rickodo MatazoRickodo MatazoHónapja
    • fucking cringelord dude, shut the fuck up lmao

  • She’s just tryna get back with Varian after their legion cinematic romance

    Hunter JLSHunter JLSHónapja
    • Where when?

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
  • She's getting boring and overused...

    Vloom PocketVloom PocketHónapja
  • i wanna know what she was about to say? we can't even choose who we...? any ideas?

    Nick Aaron YoungNick Aaron YoungHónapja
    • Love, become?

      Anton chugah LickerAnton chugah LickerHónapja
  • Even Sylvanas can not explain her actions. Hideo Kojima should have written this, then noone would care about the story which has no goal at this point.

    Belio TrednarBelio TrednarHónapja
  • we can't even choose...who will kill you? lol i think she thought about how she was turned into a banshee from frostmourne right, and if frostmourne and the helm of domination are of the creations of jailer, and now she serves for the jailer, this seems to be...sus

    Steve FanSteve FanHónapja
    • She has her own goals and the jailer is probably manipulating her.

      RavagerbladeRavagerblade25 napja
  • "Do you guys not have free will?" -Blizcon

  • Reminds me a lot of China tbh.

    Supreme GentlemanSupreme GentlemanHónapja
  • how do you get the second cinematic?

    Rodrigo LorcaRodrigo LorcaHónapja
  • When does this second animation play??????

    James HoltonJames HoltonHónapja