Sylvanas' Choice Cinematic - Shadowlands

2021.jan. 2.
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Sylvanas' Choice Cinematic - Shadowlands
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  • I'm pretty sure that Anduine is gonna be alright. Wasn't there a comic about how he's very old or something?

    Mr'SejdMr'Sejd8 órája
  • Anduin uses Psychology... It was effective Sylvanas is confused...

    Ghosteondoge DogeGhosteondoge Doge12 órája
  • Does that mean that she can be happy again ? That there's always another way to solve things ? There's still a Light inside of her ? Sylvanas come back !

    Flor RosaFlor Rosa20 órája
  • Poor sylvanas, lets make her victim ! :D

  • Got to love a good bit of passion between enemies 💘💘

  • so does Blizzard have a plan for Sylvanas or are they just making it up as they go?

    Dj ToothDj ToothNapja
  • Lets be real. Sylvanas has a really fked up life we all can agree on that. After she died from Frostmourne her fate binded to the Maw. Now where is here freedom, she never had freedom she dont even know what freedom is. And Azeroth is a prison, after shattering the Helm of Domination we all saw that Azeroth is much bigger then we thought. And the reason why we (players) can always get ressurected by those Kyrians is because we are bind to Azeroth. If we look from another perspective, the Arbiter does the thing with the Souls i cant imagine how powerful that thing is and somehow i think thats the avatar of azeroth. Sylvanas she wants her deserved death, she fought bravely she fought so good that Arthas made her a Banshee. What a fate is that, she cant love she cant make children she rotts away. Is this the fate of her? I dont think so she is a mastermind, i think she is going to die this expansion for real with her deserved good warrior death, because she deserves it. She will plot against the Jailer, in fact she is doing it since we got into shadowlands. Why does she want that Anduin accept his fate and get Shalomorne? Anduin is a lightbringer, while the weapon is the deathbringer. This guy called the light out even in the Shadowlands, that says everything. And in the storyline there is told that Anduin has a great future with shadow and light. Anduin if she accepts this he will be cool as hell. He surely will loose his mind but im so sure that he is the only one who can be LichKing, if not then Sylvanas would have put the helm on her. But Anduin has a great fate infront of him, and a broken highelv who got slaved. Even after Sylvanas did he is not trying directly to kill her but more talk her out of it or try to understand why. In my eyes that is so great because that shows that Anduin is a greater King then every other before him. So about Sylvanas she will betray the Jailor in fact she is doing it she try to speak with Anduin to resolve the problems. Now that we all can see that our lifespan is truly forever, then we can understand that Azeroth was a prison. Why does Sylvanas want to tear all apart, always my first question. It cant be because oh she is a bad guy now. Lol story doesnt work like that. Im Sure Sylvanas didnt choose Anduin for no Reason, like i said Anduin called the Light into the Maw. This guy is overpowered and now he gets even more overpowered. I mean if they want to change the way Anduin is acting, thats the perfect situation now. Make Anduin LichKing because i think this guy can survive the mindcontroll. And if he is Lich King and he can call the Light, lets say there will be no more undeath, im sure of it Sylvanas is trying to get him to be Lich King, because with that power he can even ressurect souls that are long death. He could controll Azeroth and the Shadowlands, that would be a true king in my eyes someone who is not getting dominated by shalomorne. Im pretty sure this guy if he accepts he can hold it out in fact i think he will have more power then the Jailor himself.

    Huski HossHuski HossNapja
    • Sounds like some inflamed bullshit inspired by a desperate need for validation of your waifu’s genocidal tendencies.

      VladTutushkinVladTutushkin21 órája
  • I think Sylvanas has the hots for Anduin. He is afterall the only living being that ever managed to beat her fairly. Respect? I wonder

  • Yay finally a villain that is VERY evil, and stays very evil all along.... nnnnnnnnnope. God damn it. I HATE this, as a trend in everything from anime to movies to videogames, especially if it happens so abruptly. All the videos and stuff I saw so far about Sylvanas shown her lack of remorse, and now boom, oh she is so vulnerable to simple words because of her past blablabla.... after burning civilians and commiting so much bad, now she cannot simply stab that stupid sword into the Alliance leader, probably also because if she did the Alliance players would be mad...but Vol'jin died and that is fine.

    Richárd KutseraRichárd Kutsera2 napja
    • @VladTutushkin Yeah well, than Blizzard made an even worse decision. My point was it is stupid storytellingwise, Sylvanas showing such remorse and emotions after all she did before with cold blood.

      Richárd KutseraRichárd Kutsera13 órája
    • @Richárd Kutsera you said that Alliance players would be mad if he dies and its plainly false.

      VladTutushkinVladTutushkin13 órája
    • @VladTutushkin That does not mean Blizzard hates Anduin.

      Richárd KutseraRichárd Kutsera16 órája
    • Lol. Alliance players HATE Anduin. If she kills him we would thank her for that because he is the worst ruler we had in ages. Peace loving weakling who forgives the horde! He is downright traitor of Alliance.

      VladTutushkinVladTutushkin21 órája
  • Shalamourne.

    SkovranSkovran4 napja
  • Damn that sword is a mix of Frostmourne and Varians. Nice design😎. Next time Alliance blames Horde for attrocities just remember what Alliance members did🤣

    Abdullah GökhanAbdullah Gökhan4 napja
  • Ask The Gods.

    Profeta degli DeiProfeta degli Dei5 napja
  • Is it just me, or is 1:08 the moment Anduin sees the sword? ^^ As if there is a flicker of sadness followed by an almost instant "okay, this is it". The facial expressions are so cool, though!

    Brianna K. WealderBrianna K. Wealder5 napja
  • We could have this skin for Sylvanas in HotS, Blizzard. Just sayin'...

    BoschkoBoschko5 napja
  • Anduin and Sylvanas are similar to Uncle Iroh and Zuko. :o

    Project: Code-XProject: Code-X6 napja
  • I wish wow was a decent rpg, cause the lore and cinematic are gold

    Jonathan RosaJonathan Rosa6 napja
  • Press 1 for Denathrius

    Rikki MaruuRikki Maruu6 napja
  • thats sass is what i love

    RedSkullRedSkull6 napja
  • Who would have thought that Anduin would win Sylvanas' heart. So I convinced him. And in the end, he convinced her.

    Фрідріх РоббенФрідріх Роббен7 napja
  • bs plot this game blows fk u blizzard fix legion raid scaing

    123 clerk123 clerk7 napja
  • I'm so glad I stopped playing before burning crusade. lol this is trash.

    Tribal BeatTribal Beat7 napja
  • where tyrande at tho

    GlarcierGlarcier7 napja
  • funny how she has the same pose as arthas had when he was using frostmourne.

    Doos SantosDoos Santos7 napja
  • Anduin goes WOLOLO!

    Αλέξανδρος ΑναγνώστουΑλέξανδρος Αναγνώστου7 napja
  • Sylvanas be like "LET THE PAST DIE, KILL IT IF YOU HAVE TO"

    Thelema TherionThelema Therion8 napja
  • As a kid, anduin was abit of a detective

    Must Nerd NOWMust Nerd NOW8 napja
  • this cutscne dont work in game fior me :(

    Msieur FrodonMsieur Frodon8 napja
  • I love how at 1:08, you can see Anduin look down, recognize Shalamane and then see him look a little sad, then look back up

    PyreflyPyrefly8 napja
  • they did it! Sylvanas is at least slightly relatable again!

    TGACalamityTGACalamity8 napja
  • Oop. Touched a sensitive subject there pal.

    IhazbestplanIhazbestplan8 napja
  • Ah if it isn’t my least favorite undead

  • Anduin learnt Talk-no-jutsu

    Mahdi DidouMahdi Didou9 napja
  • Sylvanas tries to play Anduin forgetting the Little Lion's bestie is a literal black dragon, son of Deathwing, a master manipulator. They were playing friendly mindgames while Anduin was just a teen.

    Dr. ObviousDr. Obvious9 napja
    • Somewhere wrathion wants to smile smuggled and doesn’t no why.

      BeejBeej4 napja
  • Am I the only one who has Arthas and Frostmourne flashbacks in 1:56?

    wiej007wiej0079 napja
  • Oh hey look Two interesting characters doing interesting things in WoW. That's pretty damn rare

    Zzulu2Zzulu29 napja
    • Especially in this expansion.

      Mark Zero GamingMark Zero GamingNapja
  • We play World of Warcraft Anduin plays *World of Speechcraft*

    SyberwulfSyberwulf9 napja
  • tiddy

    Ash KAsh K10 napja
  • Sylvanasa is thousands year old, died many times, but has only 1 scar on her face, because 1 cinematic

    தீ ஐரோண்தீ ஐரோண்10 napja
  • Sylvana Swingrunner?

    The BoyThe Boy10 napja
  • Sylvanas looks AMAZING in these new cinematics. The movements on her mouth... she looks so real, so wonderful. I am crying tears of joy.

    AtomiClowAtomiClow10 napja
  • Every leaders seems to have lost power after being in the Maw but Anduin just became stronger

    El BiEl Bi10 napja
  • ahhhh so this is what maxed charisma looks like

    NubRustyNubRusty11 napja
  • That shalamayne is very awesome, it is like frostmourne and shalamayne had a child

    Cloud StrifeCloud Strife11 napja
  • Sylvanas: "Submit, you are only making this harder on yourself..." Anduin CC Subtitles: "Not Cardo and me!"

    Dana LylaDana Lyla11 napja
  • That character development for Sylvanas though, HOLY CRAP!!! Bet Sylvanas returns to the side of the players near the end of the expansion

    The WarlockThe Warlock11 napja
    • I don't think night elves players would like that. Or worgen. Or tauren. Or anyone sensible, really

      Elena BElena B7 napja
  • Uuuuuuu uhuhuhu,this will be good!!!

    Slava SerbieSlava Serbie11 napja
  • Bro, anduin is a real manduin

    Gespacho yoGespacho yo11 napja
  • Ya know... Funny thing is, for all we know, the Old Gods REALLY fu-Messed with Andy's head so much I wouldn't be surprised this will end with a cutscene back to when Nefarion bopped his forehead with his finger and all that shown up.

    stoagy mahalostoagy mahalo11 napja
  • ... Jeez, Andy and Nefarion must have been bitten by the radio active marvel bugs. Seriously.

    stoagy mahalostoagy mahalo11 napja
  • I need Rule 34 Anduin + Sylvanas now.

    jfrd072891jfrd07289111 napja
  • I tell you all, Sylvanas gonna be the hero anyway, destroying death itself? Based. Clear her name and save everyone? Well.. she kinda did a lot of damage along the way but it could be epic see her as a goody character along side Anduin Jaina Thrall and others

    Theodore RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt11 napja
    • nah no amount of story will get blizzard out of the mess of a character they've made sylvanas the past few years

      dip.Cdip.C8 napja
  • This is so cheap and cheesy. How can you guys still play this game?

    Kazimierz OstrowskiKazimierz Ostrowski11 napja
    • @Dániel Ragó To find out if WoW is any good these days. I'm dissapointed, and I haven't played retail since 2020.

      Kazimierz OstrowskiKazimierz Ostrowski10 napja
    • If you are here, that means you can't break free of WoW's influence. So the better question is, why are YOU here?

      Dániel RagóDániel Ragó10 napja
  • Official Spoiler Alert. Anduin gets stabbed by Shalamourne and turns into a Champion of the Jailer by merging with Sylvannas(they become one). Anduin and everyone else officially dies in Shadowlands because its the very last Expansion of World of Warcraft. Not through the Story but through the many Bugs :P

    Dee_the_BeeDee_the_Bee11 napja
    • Foolish assumption 😂

      Shankar PandeyShankar Pandey10 napja
  • Factions next xpac should switch from Alli vs Horde to Life vs Death or something, so we can get over the "Alli and Horde work together to save the day and then get back to hating each other" trope.

    NotjustGreyNotjustGrey11 napja
  • The great Sylvanas paradox is that she revolved her undead ''life'' around defeating the Lich King, the entity which caused her suffering. After she found out it was actually the Jailer pulling strings, she joined him? Lmao.

    Blaz _Blaz _12 napja
    • @NotjustGrey Ye but ultimately it was jailer's will inside the helmet. If Runecarver is the Primus then it means he's the father of necromancy among other things. He was used by the Jailer to create items which would bring necromancy to Azeroth, but it was the Jailer who commanded it.

      Blaz _Blaz _11 napja
    • It's the Runecarver (cough cough* The Primus) who created the first Mourneblade, no? Jailer had to get the details from Runecarver.

      NotjustGreyNotjustGrey11 napja
  • Jailer is the good guy. Alliance & Horde will just fight for all eternity while Jailer will unify them under his deserved reign.

    SorenSoren12 napja
  • Santa Barbara sh*t. What happens with game universe ? Why it's so lame ?

    19Evangelion9619Evangelion9612 napja
  • Why does blizzard do this? We already know that Anduin is not going to be corrupted, blizzard no longer risks anything, surely this will end in a generic way and cliche, remember this, also quite disappointed that they have not done anything with Garrosh, I guess it is too much "different" to enter a plot of superheroes saving the day against the villain on duty, as is the current lore.

    DarloakDarloak12 napja
    • @Dániel Ragó The truth is, no, I'm not surprised, it already leaves a lot to be desired blizzard with his lore of "superheroes"

      DarloakDarloak10 napja
    • Blizzard said, that Son of the Wolf is one of the possible futures of WoW, but they don't actually know which one are they going to go with (they said this back in Legion). So if Anduin dies, or become the next Lich King (god no) then don't be surprised.

      Dániel RagóDániel Ragó10 napja
  • i knew blizzard had no intention of killing off Sylvanas. i mean this is blizzard so they can do a 180 turn in a blink off an eye but if they keep killing off important characters they will have no one interesting.

    LordGunsLordGuns12 napja
  • Ah, yes. Talk no Jutsu

    Alberto Barraza TelloAlberto Barraza Tello13 napja
  • Part of me loves that she still has part of her mortality, but the other part of me wants her to die. The writers have beaten this wonderful characters lore into dust. She goes from being honorable and fighting for her people to going full on game of thrones then she has regrets for it? Someone that goes so far as to destroy the afterlife shouldn’t be having second thoughts and doesn’t need a redemption arc. Like wtf?

    Bloated FishBloated Fish13 napja
  • New blade - Anduinmourn.

    Disgusting OozelingDisgusting Oozeling13 napja
  • is that varian sword?

    AYAY13 napja
  • why so much cringe

    Gorshock Is AliveGorshock Is Alive13 napja
  • why so much cringe

    Gorshock Is AliveGorshock Is Alive13 napja
  • Alternate version: *Sylvanas explains from start to finish exactly what's going on* Anduin: Goddamn woman! Why didn't you tell me this after the Legionfall Campaign?

    WarphornWarphorn13 napja
  • Aldawin first mistake hellscream was still noble warrior and could be redeemed like he kill a general who basically nuked civilians off a cliff but as for the Banshee Queen she did it out of Lol evil then kill her own men multiple times she way way way past redemption

    Jare 345Jare 34513 napja
  • Now I see why they killed off a good chunk of male lore characters in legion, to make room for the obligatory strong female characters to shine!

    Richard BurkeRichard Burke13 napja
  • She killed thousands of elves, her own people too, she massacrated them all why NOW she care

    HohoHoho14 napja
  • Why is she so damn sexy?

    GranitWallGranitWall14 napja
  • She's going in the Org breeding pens for sure

    Patrick CollinsPatrick Collins14 napja
  • There is still good in her.! Let go of your hate Sylvannas 🙏

    Buried AlienBuried Alien14 napja
  • lmao this writing. Childrens game.

    dimkacrackerdimkacracker14 napja
  • I need the music of this cinematic! So good especially when it starts building up while Anduin makes his shrink talk and when it escalates to where Sylvanas cutting it off!

    irethcoisssirethcoisss14 napja
  • Just say it sylvanas, say it! Say you want his PEPE!

    Haris RoncevicHaris Roncevic14 napja
  • If you think about it... starting from Warcraft 3, the entirety of Warcraft story line... is about Sylvanas's life.

    Mike SeoMike Seo14 napja
  • It turns out the real Sylvanas was inside of us all along.

    Danklord1986Danklord198614 napja
  • If there is anyone who thinks Sylvanas will free Anduin they are right out of their mind. She will stab him for sure

    Oğuzhan KofOğuzhan Kof14 napja
  • Anduin will die!

    Fabrice Van de VeldeFabrice Van de Velde14 napja
  • 0:52

    Ben Micho CanapeBen Micho Canape14 napja
  • many thanks for the video, for some reason it was skipped and i couldn't watch it in game

    FtoOoMFtoOoM14 napja
  • Sylvanas is hot.

    Elvijs MeiersElvijs Meiers14 napja
  • That sword looks amazing! Imagine if Anduin becomes the new Arthas. That would be awesome.

    LightOfDawn🎆LightOfDawn🎆14 napja
  • That b could never break Anduin's resolve. And neither would she mine.

    Count SeductulaCount Seductula14 napja
  • So...the same banshee that burned Teldrasil and killed who knows how many innocents , now has doubts over "making Anduin serve"?

    Adrian RomaniucAdrian Romaniuc14 napja
    • It's the old Lich King thing. That's got to leave a massive scar after all the stuff she spoke about the Undead being free to make their own choice long before. If she becomes the very thing she still hates, it'll break her. Into what? I can only speculate. The elf is still lurking within Sylvanas. Either she kills her past off, or she kills off the plans of The Jailer. Time will decide.

      Sean CarrollSean Carroll13 napja
  • Sylvanas: hates Arthas Also Sylvanas: 2:25 *quick gotta pose like Arthas*

    Klod PraisorKlod Praisor14 napja
  • S: Submit, you're only making this harder on yourself A: Not harder on me, right now i'm harder for you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    AnotherCrazyClownAnotherCrazyClown14 napja
  • Its weird see a cinematic in game have so much views

    José GregorioJosé Gregorio14 napja
  • Poor Anduins sword, made into a shitty looking mournblade.

    LunkwowLunkwow14 napja
  • this is why humans get a diplomacy trait

    Pro LiberatasPro Liberatas14 napja
  • First group of blizard to do anduin to be a lich king ! I smell this

    Георги ГеоргиевГеорги Георгиев15 napja
  • it'll be interesting to fight a being of titanic power at it's fullest without artifact weapons

    Luis GiordanoLuis Giordano15 napja
  • Guys Sylvanas dont kill, nobody play with Legion? Watch The Fate of Anduin comic :D

    VertancVertanc15 napja
  • Even if she goes back to be "good" because of Anduin Mind Control Card, I will never be fan of Sylvanas. Right now I'm waiting for Tyranda to kill her and become the next raid boss because she will lose her mind for sure

    Sanlyn JynSanlyn Jyn15 napja
    • @Moonrazor keep waiting then. Because it will either never happen or happen in ten expansions later.

      VladTutushkinVladTutushkin21 órája
    • cant wait to kill tyrande

      MoonrazorMoonrazor13 napja
  • Is that Imlerith from the Witcher 3 hammering the crystal into the sword? 0:38

    DeMishMIshDeMishMIsh15 napja
  • I believe that this cinematic will become the one most influential and revealing of all shadowland's cinematics.

    Jan MuchnaJan Muchna15 napja
  • Sounds like the more souls come to the Maw, the more overboosted Jailer's voice gets

    RundurRundur15 napja
    • Good one. I watched that on a phone and I couldnt understand a word he said.

      JosipJosip5 napja
    • soon it will be all bass and completely unintelligible, like a deep fried meme

      HydromancerHydromancer10 napja
  • this might be the best cinematic (done in-engine) in the history of WoW from the animation to the voice acting -- really top shelf. So many little touches like Anduin glacing down at Shalamourne before looking back up to face Sylvanas. All the cinematics since the prepatch have been stellar, but this is the best one yet in my view.

    TheDeekinsTheDeekins15 napja
  • Anduin has such thick plot armour he's literally telling Sylvanas "do it bitch" *in front of her* and he can't die. The real reason Anduin let Sylvanas take him to the maw is because he wants to die and be free of plot armour.

    Alon AlperovichAlon Alperovich15 napja
  • The players will be pissed off if she doesn't go through with it. Saving Anduin and redeeming herself is too cliche. I think he'll get through this though, even if it does mean becoming a temporary Lich King.

    0besity FC0besity FC15 napja