Sydney driver's car bursts into flames during an attempted burnout | 7NEWS

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A young driver's been charged with dangerous driving after his high performance sports car burst into flames on a street in Chester Hill last weekend. He suggested a mechanical problem, but social media tells a different story with police saying the problem is with his right foot.
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    Thunder SmithThunder Smith5 napja
  • Lol, don't buy Mercedes.

    Wein BWein B8 napja
  • wow never thought that would happen from a burnout

    Andrew Attenborough sick ward nation paranormalAndrew Attenborough sick ward nation paranormal10 napja
  • I treat my cars how I treat my women. Like a gentleman! People need to value and appreciate what they have instead of blowing up and torturing your own car.

    RuskiRuski10 napja
  • Well at least the wedding got there burn out.

    The Night HobThe Night Hob11 napja
  • Trans overheated and blew,he thought he in UAE still!

    Willie PeterWillie Peter11 napja
  • Haaaaaaar 😂

    Chris HarrisonChris Harrison12 napja
  • Well he saved his life or someone else's by not knowing where the traction control switch was for a year's driving.

    Soul DrummerSoul Drummer12 napja
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    An ObserverAn Observer13 napja
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    Stephen CookStephen Cook14 napja
  • This makes me happy.

    level7level714 napja
  • Mercedes is a proud car. It burns rather than sell itself to such a douchebag.

    Razer MoonRazer Moon15 napja
  • That’s how a proper burnout is done.

    Matheus SilvaMatheus Silva15 napja
  • Mercedes are crap like the driver & his so called mates

    Peta DPeta D16 napja
  • At least he got the light it up in front of the crowd like he wanted

    clebmediaclebmedia16 napja
  • Why do the occupants always look the same??

    JustathoughtJustathought16 napja
  • $100,000 car that's only loose change to them 📷📷🥜🚿🚿

    Tony RobinsTony Robins16 napja
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  • Of course the f***wit gets to win a 150k AMG. Anyway, didn't deserve it in the slightest. And as for claiming mechanical issues... nah, just a brain issue.

    RustyGatesRustyGates18 napja
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    ILoveYeshuaILoveYeshua19 napja
  • Can’t fix stupid.

    MrStoneycool69MrStoneycool6919 napja
  • What a fool. Ruined a perfectly good car. Learn some humility, Mohad.

    R S2002R S200220 napja
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    Red Devil77Red Devil7720 napja
  • Ha ha another crap car off the road

    Eh HoldenEh Holden20 napja
  • This idiot should pay the man who handbuilt the engine lmao...wat a waste of a beautiful machine

    Nebez HajiNebez Haji21 napja
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    M. B.M. B.23 napja
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    Nazim UddinNazim Uddin23 napja
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    daskamudaskamu23 napja
  • Stupid Lebo . Should have stuck to a VL

    Jim MulhollandJim Mulholland24 napja
  • Did the plates DUM-LEB melt too?

    B CB C24 napja
  • He won it on R Kings 🇨🇮

    F CF C24 napja
  • Waste of a nice car to a bunch of fully sick morons

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    Chad DempseyChad Dempsey27 napja
  • It's not a real burn out if esp isn't engaged 😂

    Steven HarrisSteven Harris27 napja
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  • A worthy winner of the Darwin Award!!!!!

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  • He was literally burning the clutch.

    Albert OchoaAlbert OchoaHónapja
  • Lol idiot.

  • Such a waste of such a beautiful car. What a shame to see a hand built engine destroyed in a few seconds.

  • “I said do a burnout not burn the car out” 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Greg PattersonGreg PattersonHónapja
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    Tony StephensTony StephensHónapja
  • It is Not the traction Control the Problem is the lunch control. I work for AMG in germany Burnout with c63 Facelift Deactivate the lunch Control: 1. Go to Sport + or Race activate the manuel Modus with the Button M Not with the paddles than the lunch control Turn off and than you can make a burnout

    Dominik diDominik diHónapja
    • Its launch control, not lunch control lmfao. You sure you "work at AMG in Germany".

      RustyGatesRustyGates18 napja
  • Now this was a proper burn out!

  • very stupid to have a car like that

    bruno santosbruno santosHónapja
  • What an embarrassing moment.

    Dino's ShedDino's ShedHónapja
  • Wow he really did a real burnout! The car was on fire, this dude is no joking.

    Markus MachamutaMarkus MachamutaHónapja
    • The car burned out aight.

  • No Brain to Drive this car. Lunch control on and will make a Burnout. All was burning was the clutch and the turbo. What a stupit boy. Now he can wait for the bus.

    Andi KAndi KHónapja
  • Charged for bad driving!! The 3 of them should be charged for leaving there house with out there brains stick to riding camels

    peter jonespeter jonesHónapja
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  • I hope the insurance doesn’t pay out. Lollll

    Sam JamesSam JamesHónapja
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    The avengers 555The avengers 555Hónapja
  • The amg decided that they were not worthy to be his master.

  • Wankers that do burnouts on public streets should have their cars taken off them and crushed that day.

    Dion BrownDion BrownHónapja
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    Стас БеляевСтас БеляевHónapja
  • Reckless driving? Lmao he couldn't even get it to move

    Catioi CatCatioi CatHónapja
  • Lets all chip in and get this dope a Yugo or an AMC Pacer remember those. Cmon man he needs a car!

  • Ha Ha I just love the educational value of this video.

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  • Well, hope insurance doesn’t cover it for him...

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    Linda KLinda KHónapja
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    Maxim IvanovMaxim IvanovHónapja
  • mmm mmm, so good. However I feel like " dangerous driving" isn't fair because he didn't even spin the tires ahahha.

    Jimmy NahlousJimmy NahlousHónapja
  • What a twat xd

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    Al GriffinAl GriffinHónapja
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    Hi LuHi LuHónapja
  • Had the car for a year but couldn’t turn the traction control off.... it’s probably not registered either.

    Duane GodfreyDuane GodfreyHónapja
  • LMFAO Dumbarse! Serves him right.

    Elle MayElle MayHónapja
  • Burn out is lame

  • Don’t know how to turn off traction control and try to do a burnout😂 u don’t deserve a performance car