SURVIVAL ROUND - How to survive 4 weeks on 50€ ($60)

2018.ápr. 6.
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This is cooking on a budget. How to survive on a very low income.
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Shopping list:
1 cucumber (big one)
7 apples (or other fruit that is cheap)
500g macaroni (NOT INSTANT NOODLES)
1 loaf of bread
1kg oat flakes
250g cheese (I suggest get more if you have enough money)
5 onions
5 carrots
500g doctor's sausage (or other similar bologna etc)
10 eggs
10 potatos
At start of next week, only buy things you ran out of. No point buying a warehouse of onions if you havent eaten them yet.
Proudly recorded on a phone in glorious 4K 60fps
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I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
Slav squatting with semechki in my hand.
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  • wtb is that makaron dish

    James JohnsonJames Johnson2 órája
  • Potato say IDI NAHUI :DDDDD i died

    NuMarkasNuMarkas9 órája
  • Boris: "And there you go, that's how you spend 50 euro in 4 weeks." Narra: "But I only have 40." Boris: *"I D I N A H U I I!"*

    Just aceJust ace14 órája
    • ...for three weeks.

  • Might try this out.

    FacelessFigureFacelessFigure16 órája
  • 10/100 Trying to find out how to survive 1 month with fifty Euros 90/100 Memes

    Worrick SoukaphonhWorrick Soukaphonh17 órája
  • If you're on some extreme end of month stuff, where you can't even afford oil, you can make noodles from scratch even cheaper than buying it, you can make dumplings with soup, also be sure to save any trimmings from veggies to use in making stock for the soup. Some potato on some bread (that you made of course. We have no money to buy bread) goes a very long way surprisingly. This is a great tutorial, but Boris is right, 50 euro for a month is the good life compared so some ways you have to live

    Viking SlothViking SlothNapja
  • This is actually how I budgeted the entire time I was in school! XD

  • Ever heard of Ramen? It’s about...... ¢50

    Dude that always highDude that always highNapja
  • Oh man I didn't know potatoes could be eaten with the skin on.

  • I was struggling in college so i searched this as a joke. Man you helped me for the plas year a lot thanks

  • this is literally my budget rn and I have never tried even a single of these things

  • 5€ a week .... Eeeezy.. pasta + garlik + salt = 3 meals / 7 days

    Don ChulioDon ChulioNapja
  • Holy shit the most Russian gopnik accent

    Erik PokydkoErik PokydkoNapja
  • in Russia, one doshik = 7rub or 0.09$, or on 60$ in Russia you can buy 652.2 of package's

    Кирилл РомановКирилл РомановNapja
  • I lost it at 11:28

    Felix GarciaFelix Garcia2 napja
  • Boris pls Budget living tutorial 2018 basic edition

    benseyes seyesnebbenseyes seyesneb2 napja
  • Vey good video! Cheeki Breeki

    davhuttondavhutton2 napja
  • 4:31 *reactor 4 goes critical* (BOOM)

    Daniel CorreiaDaniel Correia2 napja
  • Harasho comrade!!!

    woo-suk Choiwoo-suk Choi2 napja
  • I’ll pay someone 100000 potato’s to tell me what the background music is

    Riliator GamesRiliator Games3 napja
  • ....I found this man a month ago. I have found a treasure.

    Michael WestmorelandMichael Westmoreland3 napja
  • Boris🥰

    Amanda SilvaAmanda Silva3 napja
  • University student: they called me a madman Chefs every time Boris make new cooking tutorial: hippity hoppity your recipe is now my property

    Awab MeeriAwab Meeri3 napja
  • This is 700$ in canada. 60$ is one 10ml bottle of maple syurp

    Daemon BlackFyreDaemon BlackFyre4 napja
  • after the two weeks of only eating ramen just a different shaped pasta seems exotic. Moral is low .

    Jacob RobisonJacob Robison4 napja
  • western spy tip No.1 : -get rolled oats, put some in bowl, some water on top, put in micro wave (adjust everything yourself. trust me, it works) and when it comes out, put frozen fruit (like berries) on top. they'll add flavor _and_ cool it down, so you can scarf it down faster (and thus, sleep more in the morning) western spy tip No.2 : you can cook potatoes in the micro wave, as well. cook a few before going to bed and bring to school the next day and eat with the sauce of your choice (mayonez, ketchup for western spies who miss home...) western spy No.3 : onions are also cheap. chop up a whole bunch (cut with wet hands, wet onion... get water all over the place so you don't cry like a little girl western spy) and fry. boom! meal

    KlaevinKlaevin4 napja
  • No, you do not put the pasta before the water goes in

    Giovanni NoviGiovanni Novi4 napja
  • this is going to be so useful when I go onto collage

    Landon SwindleLandon Swindle4 napja
  • Thank you

    finnish letsplayfinnish letsplay4 napja
  • Meh.. Cheap frozen pizza here costs 0.50€ a bit better quality 1.50€ that Will

    finnish letsplayfinnish letsplay4 napja
  • 4:30 *REACTOR 4 GOES CRITICAL* or crazy Russian hacker does literally anything

    MattuBroMattuBro4 napja
  • r i c e

    Charlie's PlayStationCharlie's PlayStation4 napja
  • I bought small pumpkins at walmart for 25cents each weeks worth of food for like a few dollars.

    Lizard GeekLizard Geek4 napja
  • How about the RICE meow

    Yong Tian HoYong Tian Ho4 napja
  • Yes meow

    Yong Tian HoYong Tian Ho4 napja
  • Yes moow

    Yong Tian HoYong Tian Ho4 napja
  • I live in Philippines, I'll survived 5 - 6 weeks with that money. 3$ per day.

    MaCBaGie ;MaCBaGie ;4 napja
  • Dinner is for western spies, every day of my life i have only eaten breaskfast and lunch and ive been perfectly fine (ive done this for 11 years)

    AlzajirAlzajir5 napja
  • How anorexic would you become if you actually use this budget/recipe?

    Mark KrivorMark Krivor5 napja
  • Boris you have to make the water boil and then put pasta in it. Otherwise pasta will be like chewing gum 😂

    RobbieRobbie5 napja
  • my parents make this for dinner.

    Timber WolfTimber Wolf5 napja
  • I got a Gordon ramsey ad while watching this😂😂

    Leah kLeah k5 napja
  • In Canada the equivalent to doctor sosage is bologna we call it Newfie steak.(Не е лошо пържено с препечен хляб)

    Joshuah MitchellJoshuah Mitchell6 napja
  • Lan o parayla bir aile 1 ay boyunca geçiniyor bide show yapıyorsun. Bu işlerin meraklısıysan come TURKEY

  • MY guide on budget cooking: Just fly to India, exchange the money for the local currency (INR) & buy all the components needed & fly back to your home

    Crezy TCrezy T6 napja
  • Boris 2020 Slav edition cokking

    Sneeke BreekeSneeke Breeke6 napja
  • When I grow up I want to live in a like apartment and do dis every week

    Tyron TyronTyron Tyron6 napja
  • I survived for 9 months on 5 dollars a week for food. Cheapest dried beans, flour, lard, salt, and the cheapest hot sauce you can find. Beans and biscuits or beans and tortillas... breakfast, lunch and dinner... I probably have brain damage from doing that

    gatocles99gatocles997 napja
  • 11:29 potato

    倫希艾爾倫希艾爾7 napja
  • Rookie numbers

    ma nem nemma nem nem7 napja
  • He said succ

    SyphinSkiSyphinSki7 napja
  • not using colander and eating out of the pan reminds me home, is that a slav thing?

    Kitsuko- chanKitsuko- chan7 napja
  • Thx for the vid, you really help in this hard year

    Michael VirisatraMichael Virisatra8 napja
  • Another cheap good recipe Instead of making the mac and cheese you can take the macaroni and once bioled drain and add a tablespoon of butter stir until melted and enjoy and add salt and pepper to taste

    wyattwyatt8 napja
  • amateur stuff. Survive off 0 dollars for a month.

    sanjiluvsanjiluv8 napja
  • me when i notice i have the same stove as Boris :o

    CheeseCheese8 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️boris

    Karma CuisineKarma Cuisine8 napja
  • boris pls budget living tutorial 2020 basic edition + pro edition

    Agent #09Agent #098 napja
  • Доширак, 2 упаковки в день, 26 р, или 1/3,5 доллара

    Германская ЛолиГерманская Лоли8 napja
  • Boris predicted corona from 2018.

    OriginalFakeOriginalFake8 napja
  • "Liquid inside". Hmm.. I wonder what type of liquid is it..

    OriginalFakeOriginalFake8 napja
  • Apple: cut in 1cm slice's. Remove seeds and stem. Put oil in pan. Ad apple slices add salt and pepper (and honey if you have it) fry until golden.

    knutzzl Rampspoetnikovknutzzl Rampspoetnikov8 napja
    • 🙏💕👍

      Karma CuisineKarma Cuisine8 napja
  • So the main strategy is to mooch off poor babushka.

    ChristianChristian8 napja
  • 👍

    Gliche,2 GameingGliche,2 Gameing9 napja
  • Succ

    Gliche,2 GameingGliche,2 Gameing9 napja
  • 10 eggs for 1,39 lol

    Eddi DossEddi Doss10 napja
  • I can survive 4 weeks on 5€ by eating only buckwheat cuz it's like 1kg of it for 1€ in Russia :)

    RedlightRedlight11 napja
  • omelet sandwich with mayo instead of butter is good and a good way to use up food scraps too small to put in anything else. mix with egg, eat.

    CᴜʀsᴇᴅCᴜʀsᴇᴅ11 napja
  • it was my budget for 2 years of studying in poland. around 200-250zł which is around 50 euro. I had 100-150g of meat every day, a soup for 4 lunches (one soup a week). with meat always rice and frozen vegetables. I even had enough money for canned tuna at fridays because i don't eat meat. My only dessert was bread with white cheese and some honey on top. I'd usually eat the same breakfast (either sausage, scrambled eggs or an omlette with jam on top). The meals were filling and I didn't starve. I always had fresh fruits too. If you don't spend money on restaurants/ useless things like snacks, and you buy a lot of meat in bulk when it's on sale, you can have decent meals for that amount of money

    Eternal van SnowEternal van Snow11 napja
  • docktor sosage is from Sweden bdw, the name is falu korv

    Olov HolmströmOlov Holmström12 napja
  • everyone enjoy watching boris vids until we all found out that butterbrod is from german i still enjoys it though

    Samuel Cw4Samuel Cw413 napja
  • I am Russian but i cant hear his artificial russian accent, it so hurts😖

    Гоша СтручковГоша Стручков13 napja
  • wait 40 € is like 180 polish zlotych .... it's like a lot of money :o I could have 180 "kajzerka" for it, so that's 6 kajzerka per day ... not even because they really cost around 50groszy/piece (half a zloty), so I can add cheese and a slice of ham to each :D I study 8am-12pm, which is 16 hours what makes one kajzerka with a slice of ham and cheese every 2.6 hours ... This food is delicious (I don't know how long), but that's great ! And with each meal I can use a different type of cheese and ham :D but wait.. wait... I have only one hundret zlotych per month

    Krzysiek TannenbergKrzysiek Tannenberg13 napja
  • 3:34 « exactly this much » very precise 👍 Jokes aside this was actually useful 😯

    Boris PernichevBoris Pernichev13 napja
  • Before COVID-19: Hah, this is funny... During COVID-19: Write that down, Write that down now!

    Connor ClemmonsConnor Clemmons14 napja
    • @Shengud I was drunk, so thanks for the correction.

      Connor ClemmonsConnor Clemmons13 napja
    • I hate to be that guy, but *write.

      ShengudShengud13 napja
  • Boris Make an X many ways to use Potato video

    ste kraste kra14 napja

    Juan MachenaJuan Machena14 napja
  • i dont like cheese

    phantom gamingphantom gaming14 napja
  • im using this video for an econ budget project thank you

    NerdlantisNerdlantis14 napja
  • Boris did mara ever survive in the end?

    Roberto CamerlingoRoberto Camerlingo14 napja

    DziumbakDziumbak15 napja
  • 6:31

    Some PCSome PC15 napja
  • 'Colanders are an invention of capitalism' was when I completely lost it lmao

    mcgonagallerysmcgonagallerys16 napja
  • How are Russian people even surviving without garlic?

    OxyMoronOxyMoron16 napja
  • I would die of fullness if i eat this for a week

    Rheva AndiszaRheva Andisza17 napja
  • 5:46 you said you have to mix 3 things togeather you did 4!!!!!!!!!! XD

    Maiko -Maiko -17 napja
  • This is pretty much what I eat everyday even though I'm not short on money atm

    Katarina PostKatarina Post17 napja
  • Actually i dont know why your speaking with that fake russian accent because if your trying to be funny your not funny cause the russian memes are really old and not new anymore so now its converted into cringe

    Wim HoenWim Hoen17 napja
    • Humor are subjective and you cant just assume things like that 🤡

      Regular CommenterRegular Commenter8 napja
    • @Angelikah no it isnt i can recognize

      Wim HoenWim Hoen10 napja
    • @Matthew because i am big brain

      Wim HoenWim Hoen10 napja
    • thats just his voice luv

      AngelikahAngelikah10 napja
    • How do you know he is foreign?

      MatthewMatthew16 napja
  • i see you also need to buy, salt, pepper, sugar, oil, bay leafs

    Anonymous PhuckerAnonymous Phucker17 napja
  • I have a theory that he went to a university for culinary arts

    Jjjehhzy HhuznJjjehhzy Hhuzn17 napja
  • Me seeing this video *Laughs in third world person *

    Sr. gato uwuSr. gato uwu18 napja
  • Also, you can also buy rice instead of macaroni and oats. All you need for a week is egg and rice

    Its_Tony GamesIts_Tony Games18 napja
  • You can get bored of eating eggs?

    Its_Tony GamesIts_Tony Games18 napja
  • I've done this with 30 € per month I've lose like 7kg in 3 months

    Quelli Là Sul TuboQuelli Là Sul Tubo19 napja
  • 11:29

    Darlouf Le déstrucucteurDarlouf Le déstrucucteur19 napja
  • I've been needing to save money here lately. This was exactly the video I needed today! Edit: I'm definitely making macaroni like that tonight. Macaroni is a gift from the heavens.

    Hobo SullivanHobo Sullivan19 napja
  • Boris pls budget living tutorial 2018 basic edition [2020]

    NotTippNotTipp19 napja
  • Cries in Norwegian, these groceries cost at least 20 euros here

    Haiyue ChenHaiyue Chen19 napja
  • Я так всю жизнь питаюсь.

    Саша МалікСаша Малік19 napja
  • Ohhhh bread, butter and sugar was like the superior Grandma snack growing up in Spain

    Maria RMaria R20 napja