Surprising My Dad With The Van Conversion We Built Together !! *he had no idea* EP: 3/3

2021.febr. 7.
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Surprising my dad and gifting him the van conversion we built together !!
If you have been watching since Friday thank you so much for tuning in. This series was so much work but it was so rewarding I really hope you all enjoyed! Love you all! :)
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  • Hey everyone!! Loving reading through all your amazing comments, you all are so sweet! I have been seeing a few concerned comments about the stove being close to the bed, totally understand your concerns and appreciate your feedback! I can assure you guys we’ve thought about the safety measures that will need to be taken because they are so close, 1 being never leave the stove unaccompanied, make sure to tuck the bedding under the mattress, and also there is a mini fire extinguisher within arms reach of the stove at all times! (Also my dad just texted me he looked into getting a mini firewall barrier, and he just ordered one! So that should solve the problem!) If we could go back in time we would move the stove over a couple inches, that’s just one of MANY things we learned during this van build! But I can assure everyone we will be extra carful! Thanks for the concerns ❤️

    Mia MaplesMia Maples18 napja
    • You are the best Mia ..I enjoyed these videos a lot and I am glad so many people mentioned the madras/stove is the sweetest thing and love to see how much you all did make yourself👍🏻I am sure your parent’s will have many days to enjoy along the roads...many greetings from Croatia..!😃👋

      Ingrid CarmakIngrid Carmak7 napja
    • @Yutee Solanki oh wow haha I didnt even realize I had that many likes 😅 Thanks 💕

      Ashley RoseAshley Rose11 napja
    • @Ashley Rose I m ur 100th one to liek ur comment ❤

      Yutee SolankiYutee Solanki11 napja
    • Yeah I noticed that too. Glad you found a solution

      Kathy TurmanKathy Turman12 napja
    • Mia I thank you for what you do for people and not yourself so you're putting others before yourself I enjoy you starting and redoing your grandma and grandpa's home and how your mom them did your room God bless you and may God keep you your blessing to many Jesus Love Mia Amen

      Yolunda RiversYolunda Rivers12 napja
  • the stove that close to the bbed makes me nervous but this is so cute awwww🥺

    Amari CeleniaAmari Celenia18 perccel
  • I loved the way you edited! It all tied in together so nicely it felt like I was watching a tv show!!! Your family is the cutest ever!! I love the relationship you have with your parents it’s so sweet and inspiring I wish I had that ❤️❤️ love all your videos but these big projects and reveals are my fave😍

    Diana GavrilchikDiana GavrilchikÓrája
  • Awe, so cute. Your dads surprise look. Yay for them, your a good daughter. Loved the series format. Fun and exciting.

    Amy gonzalezAmy gonzalezÓrája
  • 114 thumbs down ? Really ? This was literally such an amazing series idk why haters didn’t like it

    Nicole GonzalezNicole Gonzalez6 órája
  • Will you send them on a road trip and pleeaaaassssseeee make them vlog it?? THAT is the content we need💛

    Maddy WolffMaddy Wolff14 órája
  • 😭😭are you kidding me?? This is the best!!

    Maddy WolffMaddy Wolff14 órája
  • I love it. It was the cutest idea. We all support you

    Desiree HurdDesiree Hurd16 órája
  • Mia, I have tears rolling down my cheeks. I was so excited for your dad. wow Mia, fantastic.

    Deb GrimesDeb GrimesNapja
  • I love the van fit where do you use the restroom

    Mina BarrettsmithMina BarrettsmithNapja
  • MIA this was so emotional in the BEST way! I'm soooooo glad you were able to do this for your dad, his reaction was priceless! I love you and your family and I hope you continue to make banging content just like this ❤ your fan -Tori

    Tori ElbrechtTori ElbrechtNapja
  • Would love an update on any trips or outings in the van.

    Angie SinghAngie SinghNapja
  • I love the way he starts looking through the Sprinter as though it's the first time he's ever seen it and how cool it is. When it's yours it's just different. Luv, luv, luv seeing his little boy come out.

  • I would like this vid 100000 times if I could

    shari krellshari krellNapja
  • Love love loved the series ❤

    Shilpa DShilpa DNapja
  • Oh god i’m crying mia you’re amazing

    تبارك عادل عبد الحسنتبارك عادل عبد الحسنNapja
  • Mia! I got super emotional when you revealed to your Dad! You are so generous & kind. Your family must be so proud of you ♥️

    Mrs MMrs M2 napja
  • i literally cried watching this omg Mia your dad 🥺😭

    Dani BeaDani Bea2 napja
  • You are such a wonderful daughter (and granddaughter) - a tribute to how your family raised you. 🥰

    ellen dicksellen dicks2 napja
  • Never mind

    Mariah BerkeyMariah Berkey2 napja
  • Were is the toilet?

    Mariah BerkeyMariah Berkey2 napja
  • Mia you are the sweetest! Loved everything you did here. Your fam is amazing & supportive. Your folks will need to start their own channel with all the adventures!!! They are just the cutest.

    Megan MetcalfeMegan Metcalfe2 napja
  • You really need to get the mattress any from the stove, otherwise you will burn down the van. Also I think you need to get new camera equipment for your renovation videos as they are often very unfocused. Please get advise from Eamon and Bec, Tylor and Todd or Trent and Allie. By the way I really love what you are doing.. :)

    Annie AndersenAnnie Andersen2 napja
  • Beautiful! You are a wonderful daughter! Wishing your folks/family many happy travels!

    Paula VerbitPaula Verbit2 napja
  • The 114 people who disliked the video are those that wanted to buy the van!😅😅 So heartwarming🥰🥰 and inspiring to watch you mia!

    Tall tagTall tag2 napja
  • You are the sweetest little soul hun!! Much love from New Zelaand

    Melissa KateMelissa Kate3 napja
  • Just amazing.

    KrisKris3 napja
  • I'm cryyying

    Little Beans Reborn NurseryLittle Beans Reborn Nursery3 napja
  • My dad died before i had a job and i never bought or given him anything and that will forever break my heart ... But i was soo happy for ur dad u're realy the best Mia ❤❤

    Ranin LRanin L3 napja
  • Love the format! Love the video! Love the concept! Love EVERYTHING! I swear you're one of the most authentic & genuine people on YT. I adore you & your family so much. As always I was a hot mess during the reveal. My bf was laughing at me the whole time. Always appreciate the hard work you put into your content. Really wish YT had given me my notif when it was posted cause I am LATE TO THE PARTY once again. 😫😂💋

    Katrina KellyKatrina Kelly3 napja
  • My brain: seat’s peach My mouth: peat’s seach

    Sydney WachtlerSydney Wachtler3 napja
  • I love it so much but the bed is so close to the stove and it causes me so much anxiety😂

    laurel peabodylaurel peabody3 napja
  • It makes me nervous is how close the stove is to the bed! Turned out great though, super cool

    Summer MoonSummer Moon3 napja
  • Crying my eyes out this is so pure 😭 The BEST family ever

    Ebba ErikssonEbba Eriksson3 napja
  • I was smiling like a goon all way THRU andi cried MIAAAAAA YA BUGGER ! HOW WONDERFUL X

  • Omg! It was over cuteee😍😍😍😍😍😩❤️❤️👌👌👌Amazing job done and I am very happy when we are can take care of our parents and make them happy, same they was doing for us the entire life 🙏Only one thing, I must say- I think cooking panel tooo close to the matrass 😂It was bothering me since I saw it))) please, if you really want to cook something on it, just move it more from the bed if possible)))))

    Nadia FNadia F3 napja
  • Miaaaaaaaa adopt me plsss Like for real that's my dream family

    I Purple YouI Purple You3 napja
  • Dont think its a good idea to put the stove so near to the bed . ( esp when there is fabric around )

    chocolato COCOchocolato COCO3 napja
  • Such an amazing job!

    Tammy C CurtisTammy C Curtis3 napja
  • Your mums laugh is the best!

    kerajade brewerkerajade brewer4 napja
  • I love how you spoil your parents with everything nice and made of love 🤗❤

    Jayselle Dela PeñaJayselle Dela Peña4 napja
  • You make my quarantine better🥰

    Sophia FleischmanSophia Fleischman4 napja
  • His reaction was literally so precious

    Kyrstin DuloresKyrstin Dulores4 napja
  • I watched the reveal so many times. I needed this wholesomeness today. ❤️

    Crystal JamesCrystal James4 napja
  • Is it just me or did anyone else see her moms shoes and remember the video she got them in Hahaha !

    Malaisha MillerMalaisha Miller4 napja
  • I think Mia is the sweetest person ever. She is so nice I'm watching this again because it's just so nice. I was crying both times as I watched it. She's the best!

    Maya VukelicMaya Vukelic4 napja
  • Omg...sobbing... y'all are so cute!!!!

    Grety FriesenGrety Friesen4 napja
  • I watched all 3 back to back. Great format with a beautiful result and great surprise for your dad.

    Alegna DrawAlegna Draw4 napja
  • I feel like yall should put some bunjee cables behind the bed to prevent the pillows from falling off when u open the back doors! Otherwise it turned out so amazing!!! and Mia's family is the sweetest!

    GrungophoneGrungophone4 napja
  • The amount of love you have amongst your family is the most wholesome thing I've seen. Your joy brings me joy. I'm so happy for your dad. The reveal brought me to tears.

    Barbara HaggertyBarbara Haggerty4 napja
  • Y’all need the Beddys... will change your life

    Nikki DiArmandoNikki DiArmando4 napja
  • Did you or are you doing to put up a piece of wood by the stove that’s sooooo close to the bed.

    Ambie BernsAmbie Berns4 napja
    • @ulCHARLIE same! That looked super dangerous.

      Ambie BernsAmbie Berns4 napja
    • I’m hoping they’ll put plexiglass or something to catch any flames or splatter.

      ulCHARLIEulCHARLIE4 napja
  • I nearly cried, this was awesome! PLEASE MAKE HIM VLOG THE TRIP WHEN IT HAPPENS!

    Pinhead ArmyPinhead Army4 napja
  • Almost cried... Omg, this is too good Thank you mia for this beautiful act

    Limeka AssumiLimeka Assumi4 napja
  • Mia is literally an angel.

    Limeka AssumiLimeka Assumi4 napja
  • This is so adorable!

    Alivia BrownAlivia Brown5 napja
  • I’m so happy for your dad

    Shailyn KrommShailyn Kromm5 napja
  • I just came back to watch the very end again. It makes me happy!

    Katie MayflowerKatie Mayflower5 napja
  • mama maples better start a blog channel when they go on their van trips hahahah

    Megan RoyallMegan Royall5 napja
  • That was so beautiful.. it brought tears to my eyes!! 😿What a lovely thing ♥️♥️

    Grace TerryGrace Terry5 napja
  • Sweetest little family ever !!!!! You guys never fail to make me happy 🥺🥺

    Bri !Bri !5 napja
  • Best video ever!! Your dads reaction is amazing 😁 so grateful. What a wonderful thing to do for someone! 🙏🏼

    Lucyanne_XLucyanne_X5 napja
  • I love your relationship with your parents. You'll have these videos forever and the memories are so incredible to have documented. Your parents did a great job with you 😍

    May LonggoneMay Longgone5 napja
  • It's sooo nice when you can give back to your partners... Nice 👍

    Bret WilliamsBret Williams5 napja
  • Loved this!!

    Jacqueline RuizJacqueline Ruiz5 napja
  • i'm crying and it's not even MY van

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  • The way he reacted was so pure

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  • I am concerned about the bed being so close to the stovetop

    Maya NoerrelundMaya Noerrelund5 napja
  • This is so awesome!

    Total Life HackerTotal Life Hacker5 napja
  • Beautiful. Isn't the stove too close to the bed?

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  • I love this so much

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  • This literally made me cry i love you so much Mia ♥

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  • Can you do a “trying SHEIN wigs” haul video?

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  • The amount of serotonin this video gave me 🥲🥰

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  • Mia is the best daughter in the whole world.. seriously, you have such an amazing family!! #familygoals ❤️❤️

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  • I love this. Please make more series

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  • Peep mama maples wearing the DIY Wish glitter shoes lol. You guys are amazing.💕

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  • Awe how cool. His reaction is the best

    Tash ATash A6 napja
  • You are so beautiful inside and out Mia.And I absolutely adore your whole family.What a great surprise for your Dad.Cant wait to hear were they go first.

    Naomi LopezNaomi Lopez6 napja
  • Plz! Can your parents vlog their trips🙏🏻can they have their own vlogging channel? Can they? Mia.. Pllllzzzzz.....

    viizel buviizel bu6 napja
  • Beautiful work i love love love it

    Miss AdorableMiss Adorable6 napja
  • Omg I cried!!! 🥺🥺🥺 You and your family are the absolute sweetest I can’t deal! ❤️❤️❤️

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  • So talented Mia!

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  • That is absolutely fantastic

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  • I cried lol I love your family so much it’s such a dream family straight goals

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  • kinda worried the matras is very close to the stove... other than that its amazing. The outdoor shower is really handy to rinse off dirty boots.

    rebelsbeautycornerrebelsbeautycorner6 napja
  • does that mean she finished it in 3 days ? and also u should be a designer

    Armond EdeArmond Ede6 napja
  • Mia, here's a video with a new paint and makeover technique for furniture I think you'll drool over the technique. :)

    mala3isitymala3isity6 napja
  • It's so good to see a happy family. Your parents are literally blessings. Not everyone gets that kind of gems in life. You are so lucky to have them. And so they are lucky to have you as well. You people are good example of what a family can be. Being humans what's more important is bond between our loved ones. Money, fame and other things come and go but, what stays with you is Love!

    sami's lovesami's love6 napja
  • Travel vlog in a sprinter!!

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  • How is the stove supposed to work when the bed is right there? Looks like a fire hazard from this angle.

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  • ok this is the best video u have posted. loved it. such a nice daughter!! good job ;-)

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  • ily

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  • I love these videos❤❤ but be careful the stove is right beside the bed it my cause fire 😰😱

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  • Loved this series Mia!! You’re so sweet for always taking care of your parents and doing sweet things for them. I can’t wait to hear about their trips later on!!! 🥺💕

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  • this was my most favorite series ever🥺💕

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