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  • Are you waiting on people to send in things for the new episode or is everything finished and you're just getting everything in order for release? Knowing this is just as good as a release date seeing it'll tell everyone where you're at with the new episode.

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  • Me rewatxhing thia 24 times* My school wondering if i died : :0

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  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  • Hazbinhotles is better

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  • Vai ter o EP 1 de hazbin hotel?

  • 💐💐💐💐💐💐

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  • epic :)

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  • who does brandon play

    `` The Arabian Warrior ```` The Arabian Warrior ``16 órája
  • Where can I see more of these guys?

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  • Can u pin my comment pls

  • ok

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  • Los amo L love

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  • Hope u have a crossover of hazbin hotel and helluva boss

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  • What happend to the marchandise viedos? Is it bacause there's no longer anything?

    שר הביטחון של אורי ורדשר הביטחון של אורי ורד19 órája
  • Hello, I really like your projects! 💖My zavut Masha I'm from Moscow, I wanted to ask you how did you find your style of drawing and how much did you learn to draw? (Sorry, I don't know English well) 💖💖💖💖💖

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  • 𓀿𓃟𓅿𓀐𓂻

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  • you can translate the pilot into Italian

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  • 666 peaple watching

  • 12/3/20 666k views for a show about Hell. "Perfect" - Perfect Cell

  • 666k likes... I mean... It is *Hell*

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  • It's at 666k views 👁️👄👁️

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  • I’m a simple man...... I see Brandon, I click

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  • 666k bruuuuh

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  • OmG its the iconic Oven 👁

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  • Who else just notice its 666,029 Views December 2 2020

    • Yes

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  • If you look at the views of the video it is 666k. Well it is right now while I'm makeing this comment

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  • éxito y suerte desde mx puro Sinaloa.

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  • The devil number 666k

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  • At the time of this comment, their is 666k views. Just letting you know


  • Wait I am going crazy or wasn’t there a video on the merch and a helluva boss update?

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    • can you tell me what the update was please?


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  • i want more ZooPhobia Shirts Hoodies [=

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  • i did not know that was brandon untell i read the comments

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  • I don’t mean to offend anybody and this is just my opinion, but he kinda looks like Freddie Mercury when his AIDS was at its climax

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  • hey i think angle dust should have a daughter named angline dust :)

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  • Dammit I thought the markers were birds

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  • Are we going to get another teaser for episode 2 this week. With many people saying it's not going to come out this week and we didn't get anything since last week there has to be something coming up soon. At least keep us posted. I really want to see this episode!

    Jillian CodellaJillian CodellaNapja
  • BOSS ?

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  • когда будет 1 серия отель хазбин? и кто русский лайк

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  • Damn, I've been watching Brandon for many years and never realized that he's playing in the HELLUVA. Mind blow.

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  • I want a episodes 😭

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  • "you know where to put those flowers... asshole..."

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  • Say shit

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  • When are u making ep 1 of hazbin hotel

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  • J

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  • Gosh, you two look so fabulous!!!!!

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  • uha quốc chiếm vào??

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  • I love Brandon and hissss hairrrrrr

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  • Plz make episodio 2

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  • Damn I missed a chance to ask Brandon and Viv a single question. Edit, am I the only one that would love Zoophobia as a series similar to Hazbin, like we saw with Bad Luck Jack, and have Brandon as a Character?

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  • Kan you pleas do part 2 hanibzan hotel

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  • Евлен ответь на мой вопрос

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  • Скоро 2 серия отель хазбин

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  • The video that was posted yesterday on the sale is missing. Could be because it's not needed anymore. Or something's up....

    Jillian CodellaJillian Codella2 napja
    • @Hilary Somethings up

      Joshua BrattoniJoshua Brattoni2 napja
    • I noticed that too! 🤔

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  • Por lo menos pongan versiones en español de sus series

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  • Poor me french fan ... 😂 I'm lost in this conversation .

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  • W8 that area is from brondon making pancake

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  • Brandon is the best

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  • Need more episodes!!! I need to know what happens with Charlie!!!

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  • What were they streaming on? Twitch/instagram/youtube

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  • Brandon is very calm without that comedy side inside him

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  • Pls Moor hazbin hotel epizod pls

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  • I RASSE . 2 episot helov boss i fonet

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  • Brandon?

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  • You said that you drew a whole season,but only one episode was released.

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  • Please make hazbin hotel EP 1

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  • Plzz cen you meke nother epizod of hazbin hotel

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  • When is the 2nd episode of Hazbin Hotel? If I can ask if Angel Dast or Alastor can be Charla's boyfriend, I would prefer it to be ANGEL

    Crusty KlaunCrusty Klaun4 napja
    • @Pikachu568 I know, but they can break up with her for him, and he feels mutual and they'll be a couple

      Crusty KlaunCrusty Klaun3 napja
    • You realise Charlie has a girlfriend right ?

      Pikachu568Pikachu5683 napja
  • There was a post on a character's instagram saying "2 days" on Saturday. Because of this a lot of people are saying episode 2 is coming out today (Monday) since it's a full moon. Hope their right and the episode does come out today.

    Jillian CodellaJillian Codella4 napja
  • уляяяя

    Chip chirip channelChip chirip channel4 napja
  • Have u guys had any luck yet trying to get hazbin hotel published?

  • I knew Brandon played Blitz!!!

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  • La verdad yo no hablo inglés, pero la serie de helluva boss está muy, muy buena. Deberías sacar un doblaje al español latino para gente que no sabe inglés. De verdad admiro tu trabajo y espero que sigas así.

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  • Is that Brandon Rogers

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  • I can't believe that episode 2 is coming out on my birthday

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  • Ya like yugioh ??

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  • The King of Comedy and the Queen of Art in one room. Love you guys so much.

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  • Hi im teh men on among us

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  • How is Brandon's hundreds of clones

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  • Why do Russians write in Russian?! And in general I thought that there are Russian fans of Helluva Boss, BUT HALF OF THEM, KARL!!!!!!!!!

    Фёдор ЗахаровФёдор Захаров4 napja
    • @Человек Из Человеков Ок) Кста посмотри мой коммент (другой). За то что там я написал (если это будет) тоже можно выпить)

      Фёдор ЗахаровФёдор Захаров2 napja
    • @Фёдор Захаров вообщем

      Человек Из ЧеловековЧеловек Из Человеков2 napja
    • @Человек Из Человеков Ты о чём? О том что скоро эпизод, ИЛИ ТО ЧТО РОССИЯ ЗАХВАТИТ МИР!!!!!!!!!)))))))

      Фёдор ЗахаровФёдор Захаров2 napja
    • здарова , бухать принес?

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  • And what if the second episode starts with Millie and Moxie in bed and doing something!!!!!!!!))) Oh My !!!!!))))))))

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  • Here a lot of RUSSIANS!!!!!!!! Захватим же америку!!!!!!

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  • This isn't about Helluva Boss but- is Hazbin still on or did you cancel it?

    Haruki - GachaHaruki - Gacha4 napja
    • It just got picked up by a tv service so there will be longer times between episodes but it is still happening

      Pikachu568Pikachu5683 napja
  • Hey Vivzepop you made a-lot of merchandise with all the T-Shirts, pins, dolls, and etc. But can you make Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss Blankets? Also if you thought of a crossover, which TV show character would you like to make a appearance on Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss?

    Anthony DigironimoAnthony Digironimo4 napja
  • I hope they do this again i miss this one😭😭😭😭😂

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  • Brandon grew de hair /o/ |o| \o\

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  • beautiful

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  • Oooh,ooh... I'm your Rus fan. I have question... will ever story about Loona or not? Thank you for your work😁

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  • Alv no se ingles >:,c

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  • Make more hazbin hotel it is very funny

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  • omg

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  • me

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