Superhero Wannabe | SCP-2241 Cameron The Crusader (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-2241 Animation.
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SCP 2241, also known as Cameron The Crusader, is a seven-year-old, brown-haired male humanoid which has a minor telekinetic ability and is showing signs of a latent reality bending ability.
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  • I love sheld

    Wayne NewcomerWayne Newcomer6 órája
  • Thats not a power is a stand

    Gabored13Gabored137 órája
  • The scarlet witch

    dog girl lushdog girl lush8 órája
  • Cameron maximof

    A GA G14 órája
  • post SCP-5167 PLLSS?!

    leefamilyfashionleefamilyfashion18 órája
  • I get that morality and ethics are secondary concerns for SCPF to put it mildly, but treating this innocent child like some object to exploit is just evil.

    Michael RodriguezMichael Rodriguez20 órája
  • Soooo He's Wanda But A Boy

    Cuevas TristanCuevas TristanNapja
  • Bro if I saw him I would give him my switch

    Bruh ManBruh ManNapja
  • Cool power

  • I fiel bad for him

  • i wish i have powers like that

    Thia ApostolThia ApostolNapja
  • He is basickly Wanda Maximoff

  • It's all fun untill the SCP foundation revel they are real

    Dark Lazzes • 11 years agoDark Lazzes • 11 years agoNapja
  • its like spiderman, just different.

  • History says are wise

    peekpeek2 napja
  • Is he like scarlet witch

    TaghanTaghan2 napja
  • Suprise! Another child of Dr. Clef. Lol!

    kawaiirenzokunkawaiirenzokun2 napja
  • B n h a

    Madara - sanMadara - san2 napja
  • Cameron is such a bean xD

    Lúk DeathrageLúk Deathrage2 napja
  • Why don't you train him to be his own task force directly under the 05

    Nobilis VagaNobilis Vaga2 napja
  • 5:34 whats dat face it's so funny

    Yohan RellamaYohan Rellama2 napja
  • yooo this cameron legit looks like my nephue cameron ngl

    Jarvo KaddieJarvo Kaddie3 napja
  • Homelander 2.0

    DaveDave3 napja
  • Why all scps are girls?

    Naruto Uzumaki vs gacha ytNaruto Uzumaki vs gacha yt3 napja
  • Cameron's Parent Is Realtable Here

    Igo's StudiosIgo's Studios3 napja
  • I like the Valdez interview felt like he was talking to a child and being like thats cool

    red flarered flare3 napja
  • 0:32 SHARINGAN

    「ShadowX」「ShadowX」3 napja
  • So he is basicly a male Scarlet Witch from wandavision

    nikos nikosnikos nikos3 napja
  • Some guys all the things

    Joaquin TamposJoaquin Tampos3 napja
  • i think the reason he stole is because his rebellious stage

    Matthew RogersMatthew Rogers3 napja
  • 8:40 why they want to neutralize good scps but a lot of times they keep Alive bad scp that can easly be neutralized?

    claudio Givoneclaudio Givone3 napja
  • Kinda Cringy

    querty 98querty 983 napja
  • Cap foundation Is just area51

    Aschsteion JohnsonAschsteion Johnson4 napja
  • so basically like 11's power from stranger things

    Jalani HarrisJalani Harris4 napja
  • or maybe the police were distracted eating donuts

    ader93 .-.ader93 .-.4 napja
  • This SCP is so wholesome

    Indominus AnimsIndominus Anims4 napja
  • Why is a kid... Euclid?

    sean puniisean punii4 napja
  • Poverty

    Napthaly C. DansalanNapthaly C. Dansalan4 napja

    Inferno KTInferno KT4 napja
  • So we have a male anime "Scarlet Witch" interesting.

    Marvel MahadewaMarvel Mahadewa4 napja
  • If you had telekinesis, couldn’t you just fly whenever?

    Darthcoiny And stufDarthcoiny And stuf4 napja
  • He bended reality

    SenpaiSenpai4 napja
  • *So he's basically a badass anime boy*

    AurenAuren4 napja
  • umm the date wen the vido it says march 24 2021 but thares no march 24?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Raven NicholsRaven Nichols4 napja
  • I feel bad for your oc TwT

    Eliot DeckerEliot Decker4 napja
  • i wish cameron was my frend that will be cool

    Timothy Cayden Sumana 1302039Timothy Cayden Sumana 13020394 napja

    Duy CrazyDuy Crazy4 napja
  • One time I have experience to go me and my big brother were watching SpongeBob well my parents are outside on my front porch and then we saw a bag full down so I ran outside to ask my parents if I can stay out for you they said okay then my brother saw the ghost he said and then he got to stay outside and we stayed outside for pretty long time and then we went to bed but it was hard for me to sleep

    kristen D.kristen D.5 napja
  • Telekinesis

    Fishy's FriendsFishy's Friends5 napja
  • Why not make yourself an SCP?

    Distrust games NutshellDistrust games Nutshell5 napja
  • 5:52 6 year olds who dont know what kinetic and potential energy is: ooooooooooooooo I wanna be kinetic

    Stephan BrewStephan Brew5 napja
  • So Scarlett Witch, but like in a 7 year old boy.

    August BrownAugust Brown5 napja
  • the fact he says ‘believes’ shows that it’s probably not true

    GamingLight Theater 1 - Theater AnimationsGamingLight Theater 1 - Theater Animations5 napja
  • Scarlet Warlock

    Rory NooksRory Nooks5 napja
  • Wandavisoion powers What the hell

    Melissa WeemaelsMelissa Weemaels5 napja
  • TheRubber Is Funny Video

    ImNotLucasXDDImNotLucasXDD5 napja
  • Does someone know if he's related to SCP 343 "God"? Because of the whole "Type Green" Dr.Cleff was talking about on that video.

    EunWolEunWol6 napja
  • Euclid?! He caught a damn mortar shell and threw it 1.4 times the speed of sound

    Danger CloseDanger Close6 napja
  • Honest I'm waiting for 4051

    Dannan CarrDannan Carr6 napja
  • I do not like how Valdez is weaponizing a child. If he does, Cameron will turn evil. It is a cliche, that simple.

    Nicholas LaudanNicholas Laudan6 napja
  • Kid should’ve called himself Xavier because he is basically kid professor x

    Death SeekrDeath Seekr6 napja
    • New scp comic: “Cameron the crusader vs the plague doctor of site 45”

      Death SeekrDeath Seekr6 napja
  • SCP 2241 was watching you/the rubber SCP 2761 video!

    Dash MurphyDash Murphy6 napja
  • Is it real?

    Roger FailsRoger Fails6 napja
  • *you will be safe here Cameron* scp 096: hold my bear

    Zachary OakleyZachary Oakley6 napja
  • :o o

    Reine YumnamReine Yumnam6 napja
  • Can you make a video SCP 5094

    DJ J5 :DJ J5 :6 napja
  • nice, he can use the Kamui ability

    mm7 napja
  • Avatar:all elemental bender Cameron:reality bender

    HUNTER 234 kv-2HUNTER 234 kv-27 napja
  • Now I wonder how a fight between Sans and Cameron would end up like...

    manman5866 plays YTmanman5866 plays YT7 napja
  • *EthIc CoMmItY???????????????????*

    Gun cattoGun catto7 napja
  • When he grows up he’s gonna join the avengers

    J h KJ h K7 napja
  • wannabe is a beautiful name

    nida NATICHOnida NATICHO7 napja
  • He kinda cute😳

    RoseRitschelle ParbaRoseRitschelle Parba7 napja
    • That's a fucking kid

      bush manbush man7 napja
  • Wow😮

  • This sounds like brightburn

    GhanouPro HeroGhanouPro Hero8 napja
  • I wonder what God would tell him.

    Mark NachMark Nach8 napja
    • God told him: here you can now move stuff and turn them into other stuff

      Axtr0Axtr06 napja
  • what every child wants to be at 5 wants to be:

    Edrian Thomas TomEdrian Thomas Tom8 napja
  • Like scarlet witch

    Drift_gamingDrift_gaming8 napja
  • thats what I look like? and reality bending the power I have always wanted? I just have a different name... ;)

    Leo SLeo S8 napja
  • Kinda looks like a furry

    mr furrymr furry8 napja
  • if his powers have a limited range, why doesn't he reality bend to improve it?

    Diogo CoelhoDiogo Coelho8 napja
  • Hes a legend i love how he watches rubber too.

    Mxowz -_-Mxowz -_-8 napja
  • Sus

    XEROXXEROX8 napja
  • i like how the rubber is a rubber figure

    TheShadowed PumpkinTheShadowed Pumpkin8 napja
  • help me

    Nicolette De BeerNicolette De Beer8 napja
  • When are you going to make a video about Apollyon class scps?

    Everything That existsEverything That exists8 napja
  • His dad is the infamous crusader with shotgun

    Sans.Sans.8 napja
  • hmmm that remind me of a movie named bright burn

    Muhammad Aidan MulyanaMuhammad Aidan Mulyana8 napja
  • scp sus

    Ratana KarusasRatana Karusas8 napja
  • SCP means scientist avengers

    Desmond FriendDesmond Friend8 napja
  • Gg

    Among us DkAmong us Dk8 napja
  • Scp 4051 and scp 2241 should team up and form their own justice league.

    CanuckEhhCanuckEhh8 napja
  • Grown up jack jack 5:39

    DusTTale plus SansDusTTale plus Sans9 napja
  • main protagonist backstory

    ho leho le9 napja
  • Cameron the cruth - crusader CAMERON THE CRUTHADER

  • Hmm is he for sale? Jk

    Jesse AguiarJesse Aguiar9 napja
  • TheRubber just admitted to being a object 0:51

    bobjwolfbobjwolf9 napja
  • "That's right Camreon. Like the Avengers." Meanwhile: "We will let these D-class die for science." ... "We didn't have to do that-"

    Kat Cat wolfKat Cat wolf9 napja
  • Cameron *yeets bomb 1.4 times of sound* The rubber *ah sh gets blown up*

    tiewnfantiewnfan9 napja
  • Yeet

    Daniel Duntavs SaundersDaniel Duntavs Saunders9 napja