Super Mario Odyssey Speedrun w/JaidenAnimations & SomeThingElseYT

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Thank you Jaiden & Adam for spending 3 hours with me.
Jaiden Animations ➤
SomeThingElseYT ➤
Big thanks to Grand POOBear for giving me his extra capture card ➤
~~~~other things mentioned in the video~~~~
Double King ➤
The Pearl dude ➤

gladJonas ➤

  • My name is jorge

    Fine ResurfacingFine Resurfacing2 órája
  • You all are so kind, and seeing good you tubers play makes me happy

    Stellar PlayzStellar Playz4 órája
  • 21:12 Did Jaiden just say Mario was mexican?

    SqooshSqoosh4 órája
  • how can 4k people dislike this?

    Laura EdwardsLaura Edwards11 órája
  • The Subtitles Said, “nervous noises” 😂 and “James singing”, “James still singing” 🤣

    Flavorz -Flavorz -15 órája
  • I think the dragon is zekrom its blak has electric powers its just li zekrom

    muhamad Raki Arbyan Tsaqiifmuhamad Raki Arbyan Tsaqiif15 órája
  • James: it’s gonna be very interesting to see who watches it all the way through. Me:Oh... I watched all the way through like five times.

  • Me listening to this for the 15th time. Working on my Art Project

    Zoey Robertson-DeGraaffZoey Robertson-DeGraaff18 órája
  • # where your seat belt#stay hidrated

    Grayden VarellGrayden Varell19 órája
  • I'm- well- I wanna be lesbain-

    Miss cloudy gachaMiss cloudy gacha21 órája
  • Another title:Adam,James, and Jaiden screaming

    Karis The UnicornKaris The Unicorn21 órája
  • Did jaiden just say that zippers work for walls

    Letitia wyngaardLetitia wyngaard23 órája
  • this is my comfort youtube video.

    Mea LampinenMea LampinenNapja
  • i wacthed this 2 times

  • A speedrun where you have to wait a while is Twilight Princess low percent because to glitch through one thing you have to wait literal hours to get past one door and you have to do that glitch more than once

    Anime FanAnime FanNapja
  • nice i cant make it

    Dunk The MonkDunk The MonkNapja
  • My videomark 23:21

    Peter OchiesePeter OchieseNapja
  • D

    Azriel MendezAzriel MendezNapja
  • I wish we could see the web cam

    LA BellLA BellNapja
  • You All Played This On My Birthday lol

    Cyan SpiderNFCyan SpiderNFNapja
  • You can beat the game with 0 coins

  • i finished it yessssssssssssssss

    ImagamerImagamer2 napja
  • "I mean- zippers exsist, but what if they worked for walls? Like *instead of doors.*- Jaiden, 2018

    Reese Vande KrolReese Vande Krol2 napja
  • I was watching this to try and get my mind off getting a new pet later, (A birb), but its not working because Jaiden is mentioning the birds everytime she sees one-

    Reese Vande KrolReese Vande Krol2 napja
  • i wached the whole video and cringed but i wached it 3 times

    Jay AndersonJay Anderson2 napja
  • this is so bad it makes me angry and want to cry

    Harry the master of AllHarry the master of All2 napja
  • I think arys jealous of video game birds

    Josh EnnisJosh Ennis2 napja
  • What do ya now i watched it all

    Jose BernalJose Bernal2 napja
  • What do ya now i watched it all

    Jose BernalJose Bernal2 napja
  • It is one in the morning

    A HeuertzA Heuertz2 napja
  • I am 1min beter than james

    Dona RyanDona Ryan2 napja
  • the name is dorrie

    gabrielle donaldsongabrielle donaldson2 napja
  • I watched the hole thing

    Luke TraillLuke Traill2 napja
  • I can’t stop replaying the “Oh Nani!” At the end

    Grave GamingGrave Gaming2 napja
  • Good job but my pb was 1 hour and 8 minutes lmao

    Garrett ChudyGarrett Chudy2 napja
  • 1:45:00 Easter egg

    Totally not a spare accTotally not a spare acc2 napja
  • Raicola :)

    Taim R LagTaim R Lag3 napja
  • James: "This is our first let's play" Me: "Yeah, and the last"

    PercyKqvOwOPercyKqvOwO3 napja
  • I watched the whole video and now its 3:00 A.M and I have school at 8:00 A.M.

    Daymien AlvarezDaymien Alvarez3 napja
  • I watched the entire thing straight through.

    Adam MitchellAdam Mitchell3 napja
  • I beat mario oddesey in 3:39:48

    Autumn BlueAutumn Blue3 napja

    Cyan ManCyan Man3 napja
  • Them: If you're still watching this then good for you Me: Welp this is the 5th time I've heard that

    Derppotato17Derppotato173 napja
  • I made it to the end and I would agree Bowser is better than Mario.

    Savannah_Likes_PicturesSavannah_Likes_Pictures3 napja
  • Them at the start: 😃 Them at the end:🥲

    Crestie ClanCrestie Clan4 napja
  • 🥲

    BasicallyDeadBasicallyDead4 napja
  • I watched this all the way and I’m proud of myself

    Crestie ClanCrestie Clan4 napja
  • I bet that I was the only one who watched the hole video

    super dumb GAMINGsuper dumb GAMING4 napja

    LightningbepisLightningbepis4 napja
  • 30 mins is my brothers record he had his progress randomly wiped and just furiously played and got the 30 mins mine is 1 hr 10 mins

    Professor Shady SheepProfessor Shady Sheep4 napja
  • I watch this everytime I have a anxiety attack about death

    GramGram4 napja
  • 1:41:10 it's the best part XD

    Aurora BassaniAurora Bassani4 napja
  • adam SHARE SHARING IS CARING james the one who donest give enyone a turn jadin who beat the game when she dinddt know what to do or was forceed to lol

    Gaming Fun with MitchellGaming Fun with Mitchell4 napja
  • Adam and james: *doing cool mario stuff* Jaiden: woah these moons are so pretty!

    M I N O K UM I N O K U4 napja
  • R.I.P Top hat

    Alex ZarateAlex Zarate4 napja
  • *p o g*

    Baby YodaBaby Yoda4 napja
  • do more speed runs

    Braden SmithBraden Smith4 napja
  • James: Who's gonna watch this all the way through? Me: *Watching the full video 3 times in a day Im lonely

    Becky WadeBecky Wade4 napja
  • lol

    Jenna BijakJenna Bijak5 napja
  • Adam sounds like a drunk man 🤣🤣😂

    my avocados fammy avocados fam5 napja
  • i can beat mario in a day (super marrio od)

    Gaming Fun with MitchellGaming Fun with Mitchell5 napja
  • The bags under my eyes would stay lol

    TyoftheWildTyoftheWild5 napja
  • it wouldve been funny to see what they were doing too. this was fun to watch

    TheBeanLordTheBeanLord5 napja
  • 1:45:00 easter egg

    JackoJacko5 napja
  • yes I finally finesh it watching this speedrun

  • im so mad

    2B20_Vinit Kongkitisakul2B20_Vinit Kongkitisakul5 napja
  • We need the full uncut recording

    you should dieyou should die5 napja
  • 3:44 why do I find then laughing so weird it sounds forced

    Kevin DonosaKevin Donosa5 napja
  • Should we do an outtro Sure I'M HUNGRY

    Janet BrightJanet Bright5 napja
  • The moon skip

    Janet BrightJanet Bright5 napja
  • Hi

    B CB C5 napja
  • Apples? My fav is Envy apple, I think they come from New Zealand. They're crunchy and sweet

    Wenny LiWenny Li6 napja
  • I Beaded it’s super Mario odyssey And I realize something how does Mario breve on the moon until the speech how do they both believe on the moon

    Jonathan OrozcoJonathan Orozco6 napja
  • why does speedrun pain me to watch....

    not seoknot seok6 napja
  • James and Adam are like the older 2 brothers and jaidan is like the younger sister

    GalaxyGalaxy6 napja
  • I saw some of this video and so I was inspired to speed run it as well ( I already had the game) and my time was 04h:58m:46s

    Monkey MangoMonkey Mango6 napja
  • January 27 2018 is when this was recorded

    xraycrazyxraycrazy6 napja
  • This is faster than my first odyssey speedrun with my friend. Ours was approximately 5 hours lol. Don’t think this means your better than odyssey then I am, as my new pb is 2:27:41 by myself Also I like how Jaiden is Mario in the thumbnail

    ZombieSkittles the Non-ZombieZombieSkittles the Non-Zombie6 napja
  • is it wrong that in a month ive watched this 72 times

    Jaiden GulatiJaiden Gulati6 napja
  • nobody: jaiden:BIRDS WITH HATS

    Colt GamesColt Games6 napja
  • Jaiden: Hello Fellows... Me: Hello Fellow Midgets!

    MiniAussieMasterMiniAussieMaster6 napja
  • I beat the game in a day

    J and N GamesJ and N Games6 napja
  • Mario is not a plumber any mor

    FLeimer GEIMFLeimer GEIM7 napja
  • 1:27:34 this made me laugh so hard

    Zachary Player OneZachary Player One7 napja
  • Who else got this recommended to them 69 years later?

    PadadzPadadz7 napja
  • Day 4 of asking James, Jaiden, and Adam to speed run a 3D all star game.

    John ManaroJohn Manaro7 napja
  • I watched the whole thing before breakfast

    Megna gamez GagerMegna gamez Gager7 napja
  • This entire video is just jaiden and adam watching James play

    Michael AguilarMichael Aguilar7 napja
  • Imagine making it all the way through

    Kaitykait loves fluffKaitykait loves fluff7 napja
  • theodd1sout more like thenotodd1sout

    ohad oohad o7 napja
  • Q U E N C H A B L E

    Ponyrific PersonPonyrific Person7 napja
  • Hehe gg Adam you're good

    Yeeyee BoyYeeyee Boy7 napja
  • I managed to last the whole video hehe

    ya girl sireene who is a cabbageya girl sireene who is a cabbage7 napja
  • I took 1:56:38 When I played.

    DJ S2diosDJ S2dios7 napja
  • The deafening scene unquestionably colour because cardboard thermodynamically object atop a prickly coast. annoying, important alloy

    Helene Smothers HeleneHelene Smothers Helene7 napja
  • 7:30 how did she predict the time of the video-

    ya girl sireene who is a cabbageya girl sireene who is a cabbage8 napja
  • James keeps saying stars They are MMOOOOOONS

    Leonor NguyenLeonor Nguyen8 napja
  • Alternate title: HUworld animators scream for 1 hour and 50 minutes

    Cake Cat Gaming & AnimationsCake Cat Gaming & Animations8 napja
  • Yo my speed run is this 3.12.22

    Kaedon BlaggKaedon Blagg8 napja
  • yeah that video was awsome

    Jeremy SeacottJeremy Seacott8 napja