Stupidity At Its Best | FailArmy

2021.jan. 6.
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Not all of us were born smart. Not all of us were born with common sense either. Take these people, for instance.

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  • Half of them we have already seen and the rest of them are shit.

    Simo JovicSimo JovicÓrája
  • that first one if it was real was incredibly dangerous

    mam362mam36220 órája
  • fail army sucks

    Ike DoellIke Doell22 órája
  • That intro completely ruins my fps

    JKing LGPhoneJKing LGPhone23 órája
  • sick of seeing same videos over and over again. Unsubed. This channel is over

    cenk gurekencenk gurekenNapja
  • Is it just me or are people getting dumber and dumber?

  • These clips are the reason aliens dont want to talk to us cause we are collectivly as smart as some worms

    Charlie GoodallCharlie GoodallNapja
  • All you do is reuse the same fails over and over👎

    Luke WLuke WNapja
  • You really have to be a moron to laugh when you've just broken your windshield or tore the front bumper off of your car or damaged anything of value you paid for. I can't watch any more of these fools.

    get inget inNapja
  • We need to ELIMINATE this batch from the gene pool.

    get inget inNapja
  • The first one is german.

  • Yo, these clips are vintage af

    Lil YeetLil Yeet2 napja
  • You can’t fix STUPID.

    biggboi1967biggboi19672 napja
  • decisionmakingskills.exe has failed to respond.

    Omega40kOmega40k2 napja
  • Ok to the dude on the motorcycle...I'm sure it has a sticker somewhere that says open the door and walk it outside before operation. Failure to do so may cause damage to pride and IQ...glad you are ok though

    William LombardoWilliam Lombardo2 napja
  • The irony of the same comment being posted over and over again about the same videos being used over and over again.

    stinkydoggy98stinkydoggy982 napja
  • 0:33 that was the destiny talking don't use a cheap monitor in an apple product

    tecnogabtecnogab2 napja
  • Nexttttttttttttttttttttt

    Muhammad Awis abd ShahadanMuhammad Awis abd Shahadan2 napja
  • So stupid hahaha 5:45

    FailariousFailarious2 napja
  • This is hard to watch sometimes, hilarious other times.

    justin timejustin time3 napja
  • En estos tiempos! Que desperdicio de agua !!

    José AngelJosé Angel3 napja
  • The only thing worse than the fails themselves are the hyenas laughing in the background while operating the camera.

    Randall UlrichRandall Ulrich3 napja
  • Thanks to all these voluntary brain donators!

    Großer MedizinmannGroßer Medizinmann3 napja
  • 05:30 must be the brides father, lol

    Steffen S.Steffen S.4 napja
  • Oh. That's why Momma always said " Don't play ball in the house."

    Noone ImportantNoone Important4 napja
  • 0:59 *pop*

    Creeper GamingCreeper Gaming4 napja
  • It is distressing there are THAT many stupid people! No wonder we have the political leader like we have (had). Too many people are too stupid to vote OR make good choices and believe that idiot box!

    G. R.G. R.5 napja
  • I cringed so much at 4:18

  • Great videos from FailArmy... But in this video, on minute 6:33 the guy who dropped the phone he did it on purpose... in the las instant, he opened his hans -Who does that? if you want to catch your phone, you should close your hands. That phone was most surely broken.

    fernandezf80fernandezf805 napja
  • Jesus loves you

    Ben Henderson68Ben Henderson685 napja
  • Better title: Murica at its best

    Juventus BelkoJuventus Belko5 napja
  • I'm leaving Earth and not returning until people realize that phone cameras are supposed to be used in panoramic not portrait mode. Sheesh...

    pp312pp3125 napja
  • "Yeah, I don't even know" Yup, sounds about right.

    yasio boloyasio bolo5 napja
  • I like watching people fail..Do I enjoy failing..depends If I fail the covid test I'm perfectly fine with that outcome.

    Steven RosadoSteven Rosado5 napja
  • Do people somehow think this is funny? All it made me want to do is throw the grossest garbage I could find at them!

    LeoLeo5 napja
  • "never miss another fail" - that'd be impossible. We've already seen them all.

    Danny DannyDanny Danny6 napja
    • i seriously get mad watching these videos! why are people soooo dumb? lol

      yasio boloyasio bolo5 napja
  • First time I watch THESE VIDEOS AGAIN.

    mples mesmples mes6 napja
  • Idiot's

    Martti KilpiöMartti Kilpiö6 napja
  • The first clown did that on purpose

    Tangitehau ThomsonTangitehau Thomson6 napja
  • wait it isnt just karens because those are the real stupid ones

    My33TMy33T7 napja
  • 5:24 I think Dracula's laughing in the background

    oddly facelessoddly faceless7 napja
  • Who sits in the fridge?! My god.

    VaahteranlehtiVaahteranlehti7 napja
  • 3:26 A proper team😂😂

  • WTF Richard

    Mr Snowing otterMr Snowing otter7 napja
  • Thanks for no terrible music

    Nige De JesusNige De Jesus8 napja
  • Actually, these fail compilations are a bit redundant for me. You see, I'm an Atheist and I talk to "gods-believers" on a regular basis...

    Wilbert LekWilbert Lek8 napja
  • 1:04 Ya'll see what I see?

    HazulkarHazulkar8 napja
    • Evolution still has a long way to go😒

      Rock girlRock girl7 napja
  • samuel bkl CONFIRMED

    Blade is HereBlade is Here8 napja
    • Yes

      Blade is HereBlade is Here8 napja
  • Very Funny 😂

    Tejas MhatreTejas Mhatre8 napja
    • You're so great ??

      Rock girlRock girl7 napja
  • haha so funny

    Berke KirazBerke Kiraz8 napja
  • No IQ > 10

    Curry_MonsterCurry_Monster9 napja
  • i seriously get mad watching these videos! why are people soooo dumb? lol

    Moa WallerMoa Waller9 napja
  • Pitiful and very, very weak!

    Joseph StokesJoseph Stokes9 napja
  • 7:30 thank meeee

    Tag HeuerTag Heuer9 napja
  • Про дротик и монитор конечно фейк голимый, но с него я реально поржал.

    MrPumba85MrPumba859 napja
  • Some how we are still top of the food chain...

    Brian OlsonBrian Olson9 napja
  • Humans are a mistake of God

    RAFASRAFAS9 napja
  • Who the hell likes getting food thrown at them? These people laugh only because they think you are supposed too. Some of these people are so stupid it’s beyond funny, it borders on sympathy.

    Charles KellettCharles Kellett10 napja
  • Sometimes stupid is funny. Sometimes its just ducking stupid. How have these fools lived to adulthood?

    MeMyself andIMeMyself andI10 napja
    • @soiung toiue Pardon me?

      MeMyself andIMeMyself andI8 napja
    • Try not to REUSE the first clip 20 times before hand eh?

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue9 napja
  • 0:20 he is adorable!

    sabastion Paigesabastion Paige10 napja
  • Dohh!

    DohhDohh10 napja
    • Love ?? love ?? ?? the video

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue9 napja
  • 4:35 Van in the background: aight imma head out

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu10 napja
    • Literally took someones comment lol

      Chandyn RuotChandyn Ruot6 napja
    • Actually took me a while until I finally realized it...

  • The piquant blade postprandially spoil because cone ophthalmoscopically tour than a narrow spring. purring, distinct gliding

    Jeffrey MaglowskiJeffrey Maglowski11 napja
  • Evolution still has a long way to go😒

    Graham ParrGraham Parr11 napja
    • Loved

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu10 napja
  • Yup at its best 😂

    Rahul Narayan VRahul Narayan V11 napja
  • in this one literally everyone got what they deserved. these are the definition of play stupid games get stupid prizes.

    James MelchionnoJames Melchionno11 napja
  • It is proven. Covid spreads through current videos.

    Cassidy KeenCassidy Keen11 napja
  • how did they even think this would be physically possible??? 7:23

    Mr Kim JungMr Kim Jung11 napja
  • wow an idiot driving a motorbike in the house. tit

    Simply MelindaSimply Melinda11 napja
  • you can't win them all hasselhof

    justusdunn ,justusdunn ,11 napja
  • Fun fact: everyone has eyes but not everyone can see

    Rock girlRock girl11 napja
    • Why copy some other comment that was posted six days ago? Bad childhood?

      WDSCSWDSCS11 napja
  • Well you now what my dad says stupid is what stupid does and you can’t fix stupidity

    Cecil PantallCecil Pantall12 napja
  • Alter content... BORING

    Johannes HenriciJohannes Henrici12 napja
    • El primero lo hace totalmente a posta. Raro que no le diera al compañero.

      Rock girlRock girl11 napja
  • Most of these only go to prove what morons people are.

    CFC thegreatesttherecanbeCFC thegreatesttherecanbe12 napja
  • seriously... the clip at 1.45 has featured on most of your uploads for about 5 years now. Time for new content no? stop milking that cash cow, its killing your channel

    Pedro SweepePedro Sweepe12 napja
  • Survival of the fittest does not necessarily mean survival of the smartest. Someone needs to tell Darwin to tweak his thesis. 6:49 Ah, so this why my parents wanted recessed lighting when they had our house built, on the off chance my brother and I ever did something like this while they were gone.

    Alexander PerryAlexander Perry12 napja
  • Try not to REUSE the first clip 20 times before hand eh?

    Joshua McGuireJoshua McGuire12 napja
  • Wow, fresh videos from 2015th!

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue12 napja
  • nul germain((((((((

    HUVAN __GOHUVAN __GO13 napja
  • 2:23 that kid laughing like a seagull

    songs with camsongs with cam13 napja
    • This video make me forget what Bad day is

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue12 napja
  • 4:50 🙆🏾‍♂️ Oh shit Jeff Bezos is going to kill me

    Bonolo NtapuBonolo Ntapu13 napja
  • If I See Skateboard Coffee Guy Broken Tablet Kid Dart At Work Guy 1 Eyebrow Dude A Coke And Mentos Video Or Pete And Brandon 1 More Time.... *FAILARMY I AM DEAD SERIOUS I AM GONNA UNSUB*

    YeetTheVeate12YeetTheVeate1213 napja
  • I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jiya DesaiJiya Desai13 napja
  • 5:13 You'll never guess what happened to me today. I was having a nice woodland walk when, Bam! Flash flood.

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose13 napja
    • Why copy some other comment that was posted 6 days ago? Bad childhood?

      WDSCSWDSCS11 napja
  • Allt endurtekið. Leiðinlegt.

    Sigurdur HelgiSigurdur Helgi13 napja
  • Not much original material

    Matthew WMatthew W13 napja
  • the first one is my favourite

    Epic LifeEpic Life13 napja
  • Who tries to shove a full size sofa in their car's tiny trunk?!

    Harmony HallHarmony Hall14 napja
    • Recycling the funnies! I dig it

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose13 napja
  • El primero lo hace totalmente a posta. Raro que no le diera al compañero.

    ásdragon dranksásdragon dranks14 napja
  • 3:57 instant karma

    Andrew PavlovichAndrew Pavlovich14 napja
  • 1:20 Not the first time she's had a mess like that on her face. Sure I saw her somewhere mess up with eggnog.

    Michael HiltonMichael Hilton14 napja
  • Not only recycling stuff from 5 years ago, you should also look into other ways of hiding swearing that don't include those annoying beeps that make your ears bleed SMH

    Fernando MirandaFernando Miranda14 napja
  • What’s up with this stupid music you guys are playing over all the clips?

    Riley WelchRiley Welch14 napja
  • Just started, check me out!

    Crazy ShortsCrazy Shorts14 napja
  • 2:27 kid sounds like a pelican

    Victoria WolferVictoria Wolfer14 napja
  • This video make me forget what Bad day is

    Epic LifeEpic Life14 napja
  • Qué gente talentosa! El mundo sería aburrido sin sus tonterias tan naturales.

    Carlos RamosCarlos Ramos14 napja
  • I present to you, the human species.

    AuizyAuizy14 napja
  • 5:30 Santa Claus laghing

    seiom jvonyseiom jvony14 napja
  • 6:49 One of those videos where you already predict what's gonna happen..

    AnujAnuj15 napja