Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 31

2021.ápr. 3.
1 142 148 Megtekintés

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Niko is joined by Clint and Stuntwoman Amy Johnston to breakdown some of the best (and worst) stunts from your favorite Hollywood movies!
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  • 12:49 wren peaking in lol

    Antonio MessinaAntonio Messina9 perccel
  • Theoretically, when that woman hit the stair rail, she could have just had on a thick pad. Like, an actual feminine hygiene pad which would have been nearly invisible but would have offered at least some protection. Also, it really doesn't hurt quite as bad for a woman as it would a man.

    Gale ChristensenGale Christensen27 perccel
  • Daredevil hallway fight season 1 episode 2

    Krusty FingerzKrusty Fingerz46 perccel
  • She knows her butter.

    OwwmykneecapOwwmykneecap48 perccel
  • Look at stunts or effects in the movie desperado some great falls and wire work and wouldn't mind opinions on gun effects

    roger gosseroger gosseÓrája
  • Could you guys do the scene from Endgame where Captain America fights himself?

    Jimmy ChenJimmy ChenÓrája
  • Please react to fight scenes from Upgrade. Think it will be a great film for this series especially the last fight between cyborgs.

    1Life4Death1Life4Death3 órája
  • Idea for reaction. The "ASTARTES" series. The entire project was done by one guy. And the video effects are rally nice.

    Durla CosminDurla Cosmin4 órája
    • Also is like 20 minutes long in total

      Durla CosminDurla Cosmin4 órája
  • Stuntmen React Request: Kung Fu Hustle ~lots of great funny choreography ~directed by Stephen Chow

    Trent DenzelTrent Denzel5 órája
  • Once upon a time in Mexico (2003)

    Aleksander WärnAleksander Wärn5 órája
  • U should do stuntman react for ONG BAK series 😁

    Adarsh BhoiAdarsh Bhoi6 órája
  • Cradle 2 the grave

    Nicholas LamprillNicholas Lamprill6 órája
  • Please react to Jeeja Yanin fights (she's also been compared to Tony Ja). I recommend scenes from Chocolate (I think you guys saw a scene, but there are so many other good ones), Raging Phoenix, and The Kick (there's a fight scene that features other actors in different scenes, too. I think it's the zoo/kitchen scene near the end of the film)

    VincisomethingVincisomething6 órája
  • Does it bother anyone else when people call wind turbines wind mills

    Spencer TeolisSpencer Teolis7 órája
  • Yeah, we need Jackie on the channel.

    David RitchieDavid Ritchie8 órája
  • you guys should react to hardcore henry you could probably also do a vfx artists react because the effects are great and a lot of them are practical

    Not NotNot Not8 órája
  • The Spider-Man tray catch doesn’t look sticky. It looks MAGNETIC!! You can see the salad jump around like it’s a magnet in the bottom

    hen kohen ko9 órája
  • 12:51 A new challenger approach- He left, nevermind

    NikriinNikriin9 órája
  • it would be great if you guys react to Kung fu hustle

    Koro SenseiKoro Sensei10 órája
  • You guys got to check out this movie called Kiss of Death with Nicholas Cage where he pulls a truck driver out of a truck and the guy goes flying and hits a truck tire really really hard.

    Logan SavageLogan Savage11 órája
    • The fact that you have not had Cassandra Ebner and Trevor Addie guest as they are Married Stunt persons extraordinaire is a travesty. I know you have seen their creation Cro

      hen kohen ko9 órája
  • Do the Flonase flower monster commercial!

    Mason LehmkuhlMason Lehmkuhl12 órája
  • Please please please react to this bootleg mortal kombat adaptation from ghana. Its mad goofy but considering the budget its great and the choreography is pretty solid

    Matthew ForemanMatthew Foreman14 órája
  • Stuntmen React request "Cobra Kai" big school fight in season 2 finally

    Jacob StofmeelJacob Stofmeel14 órája
  • hey guys, check my new video & let me know what do u think:

    3Daviex3Daviex14 órája
  • I don't know if it was mentioned before, but in the Jean Paul Belmondo movie "The Burglars (Le Casse)" there is an impressive stunt by Belmondo himself falling down a quarry.

    David BlaschkeDavid Blaschke14 órája
  • i really want you todo hot rod

    ChristheBarkerChristheBarker14 órája
  • Could you pretty please breakdown Guyver: Dark Hero’s final fight scene?

    Shannon NelsonShannon Nelson17 órája
  • Have you guys herd of the robotic stuntmen that Disney created?? Like this video so that they can react to it. 👍

  • please react to the first boxing fight from creed 1!!!!!!

    Szymon J.Szymon J.17 órája
  • Somehow, after years of dedication, drive, practice, repetition, to not subscribe, I lost the battle today.

    Antondre SucksAntondre Sucks17 órája
  • The black mask starring jet li the final fight shows why you don’t wear capes 😂😂😂

    Rashad SnowRashad Snow19 órája
  • For the next great/bad stunt video add Jet Li's dojo scene from Kiss of the Dragon. I don't remember if this scene was already shown.

    Quinn BloodmoonQuinn Bloodmoon20 órája
  • Zatoichi?

    Zekelouch _Zekelouch _20 órája
  • React to the movie “maximum risk”

    kjlarrow127kjlarrow12721 órája
  • The fact that you have not had Cassandra Ebner and Trevor Addie guest as they are Married Stunt persons extraordinaire is a travesty. I know you have seen their creation Croft...

    Matthew CaryMatthew Cary21 órája
  • Howabout jackie chan blooper stunt fails?

    FrostFrost21 órája
  • Okay so Prank Encounters, my husband and I are watching the second season and some of the things the actors do are crazy

    Katherine BrenwellKatherine Brenwell21 órája
  • Talk about XXX. The first one.

    HampireHunterHampireHunter22 órája
  • Request: Hardcore Henry, especially the bridge chase scene

    Henry StephensonHenry Stephenson22 órája
  • You have to react to the train stunt from “Framed” (1975) it’s insane

    Andrew HukowAndrew HukowNapja
  • I would like to request the scene from Ready player one, the car chase part with Hannah John-Kamen.

  • React to thissss, this is so sketchy:

    Mario BarriosMario BarriosNapja
  • Daredevil 11 minute hospital scene... it's a masterpiece.

    Kenzie EltonKenzie EltonNapja
  • You guys ever thought of doing something like a stunt man/stunt women tribute? Where you go over their hardest hits? And if i may, how about Chin Kar Lok? (Its not my channel or video) Also some friends of mine describe how in Supercop Michelle Yeoh really did do her bike landing on the train stunt. (And they meant your channel)

    Jim SmithJim SmithNapja
  • think you’d guys have fun watching it ! Its on Netflix .

    niduoe streniduoe streNapja
  • You should definitely react to a bunch of arrow fight scenes they're really good

    Casey MarkovicCasey MarkovicNapja
  • React to the first restaurant fight in surf ninjas where Ernie reheys senior says AAA skateboard AAA then fights with a skateboard

  • I don't understand the Man of Steel hate. This is the 2nd time I'm seeing the Metropolis battle being indirectly criticized in their videos.

    Omkar KulkarniOmkar KulkarniNapja
    • but also how is this going to get into the Industry of Film making. Stuntronics.

      niduoe streniduoe streNapja
  • Can you guys review the stunts in the Disney+ show Falcon and the Winter Soldier? There's some amazing stunts in there, especially in Episode 3 during a fight between Sharon Carter and some mercs in a container yard. The stunt choreography is so good!

    Chris SmithChris SmithNapja
  • 12.51 someone beyond you guys

  • As a happy owner of Raycons, while it says 45 day return policy they also have a 1 year warranty. They did stop charging after 6 months and Raycon replaced them without issue.

    Seldin GardaneSeldin GardaneNapja
  • I suspect in the spiderman scene that the tray has a metal backing and the items have powerful magnets in them. That would explain the sudden stickiness and why the jello bowl suddenly snaps left and stops.

    Seldin GardaneSeldin GardaneNapja
  • You guys should really talk about Wrestling. The moves are done to not hurt the opponent, but it's basically stunt work. Full on Chairshots or KendoStick hits to the head, bleeding and a lot more!

  • You guys need to do a Stuntman reacts and vfx react to Jujitsu. There are sooo many amazingly bad cgi and even worse stunts. Then. The best.. bad cgi within bad stunts. This is your Mecca.

    Philip KeePhilip KeeNapja
  • 12:51 peaking tom

    Harrison TurnerHarrison TurnerNapja
  • I would love to see the reactions of the stuntmen/stuntwomen with scenes from Equilibrium (2002). I don't remember seeing any video on the channel

    Matte Ookam1Matte Ookam1Napja
  • Can we all agree that Niko has such effortless swagger? Yo peep the fit, the homie got a wife and child and still dress like a teenager in Santa Monica for work. Effortless flex 💪🏽 Flawless drip 💧👏🏽

    Kylar DiazKylar DiazNapja
  • When Clint said “love you” I was like “we need that emotional maturity”

    Kylar DiazKylar DiazNapja
  • Watch 300 Spartans from like 1958, has some intetesting stunts for that era of Holywood.

  • The bar fight scene in Airplane!

  • Kerrygold exists outside Ireland?

    Dyl CDyl CNapja
  • Cynthia is a classic kungfu movie star, she and norton made some bangers together. Norton was an awesome bad guy

    minij hooiminij hooiNapja
  • Make a video reacting to Stuntronics. I am very interested about what real Stuntman and VFX artist think about this. How Disney is going to use this Stuntronics in themed parks, but also how is this going to get into the Industry of Film making. Stuntronics.

  • Have to do Falcon and Winter Soldier fight scenes!

    Gerard CampbellGerard CampbellNapja
  • VFX react to Titan AE, if that counts maybe that animators react. Stunt react to cradle 2 the grave rip DMX

    guy H.guy H.Napja
    • interesting stories behind those fights!

      minij hooiminij hooiNapja
  • Look at Ninja Assassin. The FX don’t hold up super well but about 1-hr in there is a foot chase in traffic that has some interesting stunts.

    Daniel FalkenheimDaniel FalkenheimNapja
  • React to "Black Dynamite, Mister Roger's Revenge" or any of Black Dynamite Fight scenes

    Christian KirboChristian KirboNapja
  • I don't know where to put this, but yeah I just want to share this one I saw earlier;

  • Reaction request: any of the fencing/fight choreography from The Mask of Zorro.

    Shane KingsburyShane KingsburyNapja
  • Clint isn’t there

    Justin GJustin GNapja
  • corridor crew actually thinks the spiderman scene was real

  • Hey Corridor Crew! If you like creative fight scenes, I definitely recommend Jackie Chan's Armour of God 1 and 2 !

    Deviant RabbitsDeviant RabbitsNapja
  • Have you guys ever done the Roadhouse 2 fight between Ellen Hollman and Marisa Quinn? Brutal fight from a direct-to-video sequel.

  • Please do Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 - Rui vs Tanjiro

    Its DemonicIts Demonic2 napja
  • Reaction request: you need to see the stairwell scene from “The First Purge”

    Aaron KuziaAaron Kuzia2 napja
  • the subway fight in the trailer for Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk, he trained for two years and did his own fight scenes

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith2 napja
  • I want to see Jackie coming in, through the skylight, down the stairs, front flip, OVER the couch, and "Yo, wassup."

    NighthawkNighthawk2 napja
  • yeah, its cool if we leave comments but whats the point if you dont take them into consideration! but looking at how many comments each video has its understandable:)

    Mr TaffMr Taff2 napja
  • I can't believe you guys snuck a little Avatar the last Airbender clip in there and didn't talk about the fights in that show

    YafetYafet2 napja
  • If you're still taking requests, please make "Stuntmen react to Mortal Kombat"! The new movie is already out in some countries (mine included), and it feels like there's a TON of interesting stories behind those fights!

    SithoidSithoid2 napja
  • Can you react to Shanghai Noon or Shanghai Knights? The double action of Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson is too powerful

    Rinzy StarhartRinzy Starhart2 napja
  • Please react to Free Fire! An awesome low-budget action movie set in the 70s that is basically a giant shootout in a warehouse! It's funny and features some really cool stunts like a guy being set on fire and another guy having his face run over by a van!

    Jonathan TefftJonathan Tefft2 napja
  • Hey, you guys should definitely check out the great CGI in the Monsterverse because there are so many fantastic effects that I'm sure you guys would love to talk about. It would be a great video idea for you. Also Godzilla vs Kong just released and with that movie being as big as it is, it would get you guys a lot of views and would give godzilla vs kong a lot more recognition.

    Michael longMichael long2 napja
  • Yo check out the bamboo scaffolding fight near the start of Rush Hour 2

    Kevin HamKevin Ham2 napja
  • I'd like to see a reaction to "order of the black eagle," wherein a stuntman, steve winegard, gets his face run over by an ATV interview:

    byebyecitybyebyebyebyecitybyebye2 napja
  • Love from India give me heart

    jainus babbaljainus babbal2 napja
  • In righting wrong the pink person is a female, not he

  • AUTOBOTS TAG OUT *Contacts Jackie Chan*

    Erik CruzErik Cruz2 napja
  • Stuntmen reacts request "Nobody" when hutch mansell and doc from back to the future and Harry mansell kill those people in the factory

    FruitgummiesFruitgummies2 napja

  • Please do more matrix fights please

    Metal13 PandaMetal13 Panda2 napja
  • At 14:21 you can see the sticky stuff under the apple

    Clumsy WebheadClumsy Webhead2 napja
  • Do one of this about avatar: the last airbender.

    RogvorRogvor2 napja
  • Muay tai giant PLEASE it has some nice and silly fight work with VEGGIES!! Healthy stunt folks need veggies!]

    Joe DavenportJoe Davenport2 napja

    Astibump GringleAstibump Gringle2 napja
  • pencak silat is pronounced like pen as in pen cak as on chalk si as in see lat as in cut

    Jez HJez H2 napja
  • What about reacting to "order of the blak eagle"? Terrible movie but a stuntmans head got run over by a trike

    BarryOnionBarryOnion2 napja
  • Stuntmen react request: the night comes for us final fight with Joe taslim and iko uwais

    Miranda MillerMiranda Miller2 napja
  • Has the crew looked at Jet Lee's Fearless yet?? Some great scenes to look at for sure!

    SometimeClown 52SometimeClown 522 napja

    B TownB Town2 napja