Still alive! Status update

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Still alive! Status update
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Been away few weeks. Was busy fixing up the store. New year is here, new ideas are here. Check video for upcoming stuff.
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Metro: Last Light Redux
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Welcome to the official Life of Boris HUworld channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Gaming, Cooking, Reviews, Animation and Tutorials content, including Slav games, GTA gameplay, Live gaming, On a Budget recipes, Slav cooking, How to Make guides, Country Reviews, Car Reviews and animated content.
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Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in Tracksuits
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Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem

  • as they say "heroes never die!"

    Professional GopnikProfessional GopnikÉvvel
    • Blyat as mercy says when I play Genji

      Tonycristohawk TVTonycristohawk TVÉvvel
    • True heros never really die !

      Diego the snake boiDiego the snake boiÉvvel
    • Mercy main?

    • 0:12 i love that intro. Never change it

      Смерть ОМОНа в БеларусиСмерть ОМОНа в БеларусиÉvvel
    • Борька, когда ты добавишь рубли в свой магазин?(ну, как валюту)

      Aldani MaredWarAldani MaredWarÉvvel
  • you probably will never see this comment, but my cat did the 6 am meowing thing before... well i think you can peace together what happened

    Richard the engineerRichard the engineer3 hónapja
  • Damn stop giving me the feels You are awesome stay cheeki breeki Our man our sashlik King

    legendary chimchimlegendary chimchim4 hónapja
  • Allmost 3mil

    Dumb boiDumb boi6 hónapja
  • Blyat when i first heard comrade Boris got busy i thought of Boris Jr

    Koustubh JainKoustubh Jain8 hónapja
  • If I had the money I would buy two sets of Everything on weslav

    Age RestrictionsAge Restrictions10 hónapja
  • Love you xx xx from CANADA Montreal. Olivia Topolnisky

    Olivia-mai SevignyOlivia-mai Sevigny11 hónapja
  • You know, despite being an Eastern European channel, Anatoli and Boris have never Played CS:GO together

    The TurdinatorThe Turdinator11 hónapja
  • I’m from the future. The Ushanka turned out great.

    ThatOne GamerThatOne GamerÉvvel
  • Your game has English language. Russian language on everything is a happy Slav

    Just Some Bird With Internet AccessJust Some Bird With Internet AccessÉvvel
  • Nice 🅱️lyatro gameplay :)))

    kenopsia systemkenopsia systemÉvvel
  • you and anatoli should play the far cry 3 co-op campaign. it’s hilariously unfinished, and a ton of fun to mess around with

    Andrew NewmanAndrew NewmanÉvvel
  • the one-handed vodka drinking challenge!

    Philosopher Stones Minerals and JewelryPhilosopher Stones Minerals and JewelryÉvvel
  • Oi, you really need vaccines for ГАМБУРГЕР so that you will be resistant to those ГАМБУРГЕР

  • Laughs in capitalist

  • Cyka Blyat

    Ethan WrightEthan WrightÉvvel
  • When bandits surrender I knock them down because they're part of the Russian population as well the world and when I see those little monsters i just run

  • 6:37

    Emir OstrvicaEmir OstrvicaÉvvel
  • Just went to the store and was wondering if there will be any more gopnik award stickers available again?

    grant petersongrant petersonÉvvel
  • CHeeeeekkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyy brrrrrrreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Make a song and call it Бабушкина Блиы

  • Jesus has resurrected!

  • This is not number 2 lmao 😂😂😂

    Shanti YuliastitiShanti YuliastitiÉvvel
  • This is not no 2 in the upper right corner killed me :D

    Totally ImmersedTotally ImmersedÉvvel
  • I would buy a "NOT A WESTERN SPY" t-shirt.

  • How about another Russian language video? I've learned more from those than I have from other HUworld channels.

  • You should challenge who can Squat the longest ^_v

  • I dont have much but want the sweet merch when i move to my new place so hoping to get but not haveing luck getting a roommate anyways cheers

  • I looked at all of Boris’s videos and it seems he lives in a place that uses Euros as their currency and he must live in Eastern Europe, So he must live in Slovakia,Slovenia or the Baltic States.

    Name NameName NameÉvvel
  • In Latvia chiki briki in slang means to have sex.. just saying :))))

  • I grow sad that slav kings hoodie cannot be gotten

    josiah kibbeyjosiah kibbeyÉvvel
  • I love your voice

    Alex DurstAlex DurstÉvvel
  • i love the way anatoli says blyat “blya-a-a-t

    sandy nutellasandy nutellaÉvvel
  • About time for another episode of Chef Boris.

  • Do a GoFundMe page for dream car 2 million will be able to make it happen

    Age RestrictionsAge RestrictionsÉvvel
  • (‘: (‘:

  • I thought you got arrested by KGB for walking around public wearing balaclava. *...*

    The Slavic BearThe Slavic BearÉvvel
  • You should open the PO box again

    Logan SteffenLogan SteffenÉvvel
  • Good. So no Western Spy sniped boris in the head.

  • oiiiii bmw e34 m5.... absolute dream car bljat!!

  • Boris, glad to hear you're doing well. Stay cheeky breeky.

  • Life of boris exodus

  • Oh and Boris, if you don't do a walkthrough of Metro exodus I would be greatly disapointed.

    Nicholas EatonNicholas EatonÉvvel
  • Hey Boris, what will you do when you reach 3 million subscribers?

    Nicholas EatonNicholas EatonÉvvel
  • Apparently blin means pancake to Google translate. So "what the pancake is anatoli doing?"

  • 3 лимона в этом году? Да ваще изи

    Body и Призрачный воякаBody и Призрачный воякаÉvvel
  • Tsuga blauet Slav king aka niko Bellek aka bioris is back we want more life of ayertom

    GLaDOS 079GLaDOS 079Évvel
  • Boris Please create a boris version of BITCH LASAGNA

    yato craigeyato craigeÉvvel

    Liam StevensLiam StevensÉvvel
  • what does cheek breeki mean

    Tristan BakerTristan BakerÉvvel
  • Visit Cumbria blyat

    Harrowmaster GuynatHarrowmaster GuynatÉvvel
  • boris is hot

  • Раскрыть лицо!

    Carolus RexCarolus RexÉvvel
  • YOGA CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆

    CD GolsonCD GolsonÉvvel
  • Long live slav king BORISSSSS

    David seemanDavid seemanÉvvel
  • Gopnik bags bjat boris take my groszny

  • Good to see you back friend!

    Radin ClawRadin ClawÉvvel
  • 2:29 dream car m5 e34, nice choice, it is good for drift and it has a good engine

  • when you try to slav but you shout сука блять all over the house (sh*t)

  • good to know slav king has not died

    the ridiculous gamerthe ridiculous gamerÉvvel
  • BMW e34 M5?, hmm I Hev one of dat, now is very much money, so consider bmw e34 525/535 , eds body kit , hsv suspension system and poly bushinks, will be very strong car

  • Мммм. Кто это тут в Metro2034 играет, а?))0)

    Yola ,0Yola ,0Évvel
  • It Was My Birthday =)

    Erik BaskinErik BaskinÉvvel
  • Boris, please! I hope you include Chernoblite Gameplay This year Pozhaluysta! Spasibo Tovarisch!!!!!

    Whale GodWhale GodÉvvel
  • Boris, my brothers loved their belated Christmas gifts, all thanks to you! I ordered an apron, which I was going to give my sister but you were sold out. Maybe next time.

    Eve SokolskyEve SokolskyÉvvel
  • Boris, I got a "gopfather" shirt a while ago. And it's one of my favorite shirts to wear.

  • i remember when he still had 400k subscribers then suddenly it grew to 1m. now it's at 2m

    Mike OxmaulMike OxmaulÉvvel
  • "I make the videos alone" what about Sergei?

    Provisional IRA MemberProvisional IRA MemberÉvvel
  • Привет тебе от Сидора

    Люсьен ЛашансЛюсьен ЛашансÉvvel
  • hi Boris i am a new fan in america not a spy

    Isiah OliverIsiah OliverÉvvel
  • I ordered one of your Ushankas back in November and it was well worth the wait :) I'm thinking of getting another and some more stuff...

  • what game did u play ??

    Muhammad IrfaniMuhammad IrfaniÉvvel
    • Metro redux

      I suck at siegeI suck at siegeÉvvel
  • Metro2033 is in a America not in a russa

    Epic SovietEpic SovietÉvvel
  • happy two mil boris road to 5 mil

    Lily FurleyLily FurleyÉvvel
  • Do reactions

    Malik ChaMalik ChaÉvvel
  • I am from america. But I don't wish to abduct you and force feed you gamburgers. I am one of the good guys. I just want to be friends with all of you, and be a slav.

  • Dead? Him? Bah! Mayonez is the cure of all pain. Just like babushka does Boris too.

  • @Life of Boris 9 year old army need you!

    Piotr Gonia PhotographyPiotr Gonia PhotographyÉvvel
  • Heads up, is the most positive channel on youtube. Wish u best, Boris. : ]

  • Sjekirom cjepa sir, slav kralj

    Luka PobeLuka PobeÉvvel
  • 230 dislikes were western spies

    The Gaming SlavThe Gaming SlavÉvvel
  • My Ushanka finally arrived from your company, and blin it is good.

    Benjamin CoakleyBenjamin CoakleyÉvvel
  • You must armwerstal loser of round DRINKS 5 shots of vodka and try to eat American candy like sweedish fish

    Silver tankist 149Silver tankist 149Évvel
  • Love from Polish Gopniks :)

  • I thought you will be sing that song STILL ALIVE from Portal

    Tommy VercettiTommy VercettiÉvvel
  • why you using a bastard

    • throwing knives for every one you see

    • what else?

      Life of BorisLife of BorisÉvvel
  • U may lose subscribes but u will never lose our Hope in u

    Konstantin MileusnicKonstantin MileusnicÉvvel
  • BETHESDA should take notes on how to fix problems. Slav way is only way. Thank you Boris

    Sasha PopovicSasha PopovicÉvvel
  • No warries Komrade Boris as long as you are not dead ckya Keep up good slav work Man stay Cheeki Breeki!

    Generic UnicornGeneric UnicornÉvvel
  • I can smell western spies in the comment section blyat

    Shiro SuzutsukiShiro SuzutsukiÉvvel

    criminal gangstercriminal gangsterÉvvel
  • if u dont like life of boris then go to internet explorer and go watch some jake paul

    Thunder Eagle 6Thunder Eagle 6Évvel
  • im srry for u

    Thunder Eagle 6Thunder Eagle 6Évvel
  • cant remember da name for da game enyone

    Augustas MikAugustas MikÉvvel
  • “Heh no no no”

    David PalacioDavid PalacioÉvvel
  • Boris: make weslav squat suit with Cyrillic lettering stripe, thank me later when you are billionare

    Marshall PayneMarshall PayneÉvvel
  • I want to see the Slav driving instructor and advanced Gopnik workout!

  • I love your cat and your pronunciation of Hamburger. Reminds me of my dad when he used to say Mucka-dun-aldese Hum-bugga

  • Rip metro exudes vids unless he pre ordered

  • Has he ever done face reveal? (l'm new to channel)🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    • Nope, and probably never will.

      Pöndi PöndiPöndi PöndiÉvvel