Stewie shoots Brian

2020.nov. 8.
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From the Family Guy episode La Famiglia Guy
Yes, this was indeed just 2 episodes after Boys & Squirrels, that same episode where viewers [of that episode] (generally speaking) hated Brian for what he did in that episode and wanted him dead.

  • Next itll be Quagmire's turn to kill Brian. Not cause he ate his food or anything, he just hates him

    Afrotaku 02Afrotaku 029 órája
  • Was this the episode when Lois killed Brian with that shredder I think?

    Tyler McbeanTyler Mcbean13 órája
  • I have never watched Family Guy, but I'm just going to assume based on all the videos that the entire point is Brian doing something unwanted and the other characters end up killing him brutally. Like getting shot, murdered, shredded, maybe even choked to death.

    Ethan ErfaniEthan ErfaniNapja
  • What type of cookies are those ?

    Riveriux PhenomRiveriux PhenomNapja
  • How many times is Brian gonna die this episode?

    Jake from state farmJake from state farm2 napja
  • God i love family guy funny moments

    Ian gamesIan games2 napja
  • Robot chicken already did this

    panzer Armypanzer Army3 napja
  • But there wasn’t one about Gabagool😑

    North StarrNorth Starr3 napja
  • Shooting Brian is a running gag on HUworld isn’t it?

    Napoleon I BonaparteNapoleon I Bonaparte4 napja
  • Fredooooo!

    Saladass 64Saladass 644 napja
  • What episode???

    Amun MunizAmun Muniz4 napja
  • What did Brian do I thought he would not let stewie have his KitKat

    xvp08 jerryxvp08 jerry4 napja
  • Bruh how many times has Brian died

    Tony AntonioTony Antonio4 napja
  • Wait a minute, very time brain's family say something about food and stuff he told them he ate them and he apologized to them and the next thing they kill him, what the f@#$ guys.

    Justin Davis-SmithJustin Davis-Smith4 napja
  • Stewie erases himself from time saving Brian. Only for another one to kill him of course.

    Ken KrumbachKen Krumbach5 napja
  • HUworld has recommended Brian being shot twice today in two separate occasions

    20 s20 s5 napja
    • wow, very interesting haha

      le Artle Art4 napja
  • Good work youtube recommends

    Thad JarvisThad Jarvis5 napja
  • Shot because of using a right hand retrieve spinning reel is justified.

    fernando Mazzonfernando Mazzon5 napja
  • Jesus dude

    DJ Beatz I.L.DJ Beatz I.L.5 napja
  • My recommendations are full if Brian dying

    PKORNI-Brawl StarsPKORNI-Brawl Stars6 napja
  • HUworld is recommending videos of Brian getting beat up and killed and I haven’t even watched anything remotely close to this lol. What are you trying to tell me HUworld? 🧐

    CIACIA6 napja
  • Fredo

    Smoke 11Smoke 116 napja
  • Death really has a lot of paper work to do with this one.

    Articus RamosArticus Ramos6 napja
  • 8/10 Brian didnt pray before trying to fish

    Ian TownshendIan Townshend6 napja
  • İs this fredo scene in godfather 2

    Emir DemirkolEmir Demirkol7 napja
  • Real talk Stella D’oro are the business.

    ジョジョジョジョ7 napja
  • This episode is kill me

    สุวิทย์ อรัญพฤกษ์พงษ์สุวิทย์ อรัญพฤกษ์พงษ์7 napja
  • L

    CheChe7 napja
  • Thanks, Stewie. Brian fucking sucks anyway.

    My Pingas ApprovesMy Pingas Approves7 napja
  • Worst character on the show deserves to die.

    Darkening DemiseDarkening Demise7 napja
  • I hate brian so this is acceptable

    Striker- ZQStriker- ZQ7 napja

    Hunter YTHunter YT8 napja
  • i thought seth hated godfather

    King SoKing So8 napja
  • Rip fredo

    Mattia MasellaMattia Masella8 napja
  • Fuck Brian I love seeing him die lmao

    amin Kourankiamin Kouranki8 napja
  • Oh, is this The Godfather ? I heard that all American love it. I'm glad to watch it.

    さかもとりょーまさかもとりょーま8 napja
  • Love watching that self righteous self centered a hole get shot. 🤗

    James McKaneJames McKane8 napja
  • Were is the movie reference from??

    SamuelSamuel8 napja
  • I just realized that stewie is the roger of Family guy

    KILLA KKILLA K8 napja
  • So apparently some of you may have noticed already but it looks like HUworld is recommending me Brian being shot multiple times in one day. Fascinating

    horm3l _ chILIhorm3l _ chILI8 napja
  • I hate Brian

    Joshua StoelkJoshua Stoelk8 napja
  • Brian, he’s got a good heart.... but he’s weak.... and stupid, and this is life and death.

    David SharmaDavid Sharma8 napja
  • Seth green did it first

    LazystoneLazystone8 napja
  • Why are there so much videos of brian getting killed in my recommendations

    aaronceeaaroncee8 napja
  • I don't know why but seeing Brian getting killed always makes my day. I. Hate. Brian

    Melih ÇelikMelih Çelik8 napja
  • This is the second time today that HUworld has recommended me a video of Brian's demise due to an incident involving Italians

    Apple PaloozerApple Paloozer8 napja
  • Anyone remember the Robot Chicken episode where they killed Hermy fishing. Look it up lol.

    Big G Lil ABig G Lil A8 napja
  • Congratulation on 10,000 subscribers.

    Tom Eye The SFM guyTom Eye The SFM guy8 napja
  • Name of this episode?

    Loris SantulliLoris Santulli9 napja
  • what episode of what season is?

    Miguel SanzMiguel Sanz9 napja
  • Bet there's a horse head reference. (To anyone who seen godfather)

    blueblaze 98blueblaze 989 napja
  • What episode is this

    chris buccinnachris buccinna9 napja
  • Stewie finally got his revange for his baby squriel

    Raul Sandoval 25Raul Sandoval 259 napja
  • Nigga ate all the mf fridge

    Glowie1's SpotlightGlowie1's Spotlight9 napja
  • No one takes a bullet quite like Brian.

    grubbs517grubbs5179 napja
  • Hey Bri-

    wannyyydilliamssswannyyydilliamsss9 napja
  • Lesson learned - *_ITALIANS DON'T SHARE FOOOOOOOD!_*

    ant wtoant wto9 napja
  • This was where we’ve all been waiting for.

    Ethan MorelEthan Morel9 napja
  • Don't get in the boat Fredo

    Mr. BlutarskyMr. Blutarsky9 napja
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Michael was never the same after

    barry worthybarry worthy9 napja
  • This was a lie all along The Dogs have 9 lives, not cats

    LavaEnderLavaEnder10 napja
  • OH my god, Stewie killed Brian...💀💀💀

    Simon RiateSimon Riate10 napja
  • They made this joke like 3 times in the same episode 😂 if im not mistaken this is season 19 episode 5

    ŁÌMBØツŁÌMBØツ10 napja
  • What season is this?? Someone tell me

    Kazem OtKazem Ot10 napja
  • Oh my god! They killed Brian! You bastards!

    StoicStoic10 napja
  • Why do they all kill Brian just because he eats?

    Diva ESCMolitvaDiva ESCMolitva10 napja
  • Horton heard a yo 😂😂😂😂😂

    mauriel mcintoshmauriel mcintosh10 napja
  • Brian getting killed is the Family Guy equivalent of Kenny getting killed in South Park.

    Dave DavisDave Davis10 napja
  • Actually, if you look at the angle that he's holding the gun, he would have shot the very top of Brian's head and probably fractured the top of his skull, but likely without much or any brain injuries.

    jmr1068204jmr106820410 napja
  • I like how stewie kills brian

    Stephen Gaming 2Stephen Gaming 211 napja
  • I guess youtube must think I like seeing Brian die.

    Pokemonman YouPokemonman You11 napja
  • I'm convinced Brian's stuck in a death loop

    Yoshikage KiraYoshikage Kira11 napja
  • Sorry, wat season is this?

    Subarashi SPNSSubarashi SPNS11 napja
  • HUworld recommendations getting weird nowadays... Someone just ate my food and I get this recommended to me? You kidding right?🥺🥺

    Kwabena Oduro Jnr.Kwabena Oduro Jnr.11 napja

    Kami-CauzeyKami-Cauzey11 napja
  • **Brian eats someone food** Reaper: Ah shit, here we go again.

    pizza gamingpizza gaming11 napja
  • One of the best episodes in a while

    BazooBazoo11 napja
  • What episode is this

    William ThomasWilliam Thomas11 napja
  • Where can I find the hole episode

    Ryoma HoshiRyoma Hoshi11 napja
  • What's up with Peter and Brian, this is the third time today I've seen Brian getting killed and Peter is present in both, wearing the same shirt

    Mohamed B. MansarayMohamed B. Mansaray11 napja
  • Michael Corleone played by Peter Griffin Fredo Corleone played by Brian Al Neri played by Stewie Griffin

    Nick VellNick Vell11 napja
  • Bruh Brian be eating everything

    Hdhdba DudennsHdhdba Dudenns11 napja
  • 2 rime

    DekusAxolotlRikuuDekusAxolotlRikuu11 napja
  • This is a godfather reference isn’t it

    Meme Memer MemestMeme Memer Memest11 napja
  • The gunshot is sounds amazing

    bus Laatbus Laat11 napja
  • That's right meg our dog brian griffin is dead

    Retroelite 101Retroelite 10111 napja
  • It’s relieving that Brian does so many times in this episode

    Brutal StuffBrutal Stuff11 napja
  • I am suddenly very curious about what Peter said just as the video cut out.

    white0thunder white0thunderwhite0thunder white0thunder11 napja
  • Why every time Brian getting bodied Peter dressed up like a wise guy 😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Savage LeelSavage Leel11 napja
  • “O sweet Mary mother of god!.. pray for us sinners....” ..”bang”

    Billy StevieBilly Stevie11 napja
  • I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full family guy episode, just a bunch of random clips from HUworld. And I mean a bunch of clips

    OakleyHasAFoot 787OakleyHasAFoot 78711 napja
  • I swear brian is the south park Kenny in family guy

    shockcharge 691shockcharge 69111 napja
  • Brian has been shot a few times. He can handle it.

    Cereal7890Cereal789011 napja
  • The Godfather reference 😂

    Arpith LokeshArpith Lokesh11 napja
  • Remember when Brian died and everyone was in uproar about..yeah me too

    Dallas KnightDallas Knight11 napja
  • What season is this and what episode ?

    Bjarni Berg LundBjarni Berg Lund11 napja
  • after watching “La Famiglia Guy”, I keep getting recommended all the times Brian gets Mafia Killed by everyone from the family 💀😂

    JhinJhin11 napja
  • They have been recommending this to me all week I have don’t know what it means

    Gerald BanksGerald Banks11 napja
  • Reference to the godfather 2!

    paulo felipe b bragapaulo felipe b braga11 napja
  • I know It was you Brian who ate the last cookies You broke my heart you broke oh heart

    Paul-François BossPaul-François Boss11 napja