Stewie shoots Brian

2020.nov. 8.
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From the Family Guy episode La Famiglia Guy
Yes, this was indeed just 2 episodes after Boys & Squirrels, that same episode where viewers [of that episode] (generally speaking) hated Brian for what he did in that episode and wanted him dead.

  • averyone in family guy be like: kill brian When brian Realy dead : everyone cry

    Aziz AriadillaAziz Ariadilla2 napja
  • 0:33 cartoon characters always have glowing eyes.

    Mr XMr X5 napja
  • Is this ace attorney reference ?

    Raihan Al ameerRaihan Al ameer6 napja
  • The Fat man is proud of stuwie

    Simelane WandileSimelane Wandile7 napja
  • Why does Brian always gets himself killed by eating someone else's food

    Comar CampbellComar Campbell11 napja
  • Family guy sponsored Godfather

    J.J.12 napja
  • He injured me. I killed my pet. I killed my wife's pet. I killed my children's pet.

    Tom PegorinnoTom Pegorinno19 napja
  • I’ve literally been getting multiple recommendations of the griffin family killing brian-

    Xpgamer JrXpgamer Jr19 napja
  • Lol I godfather part 2

    Dylan BushmireDylan Bushmire22 napja
  • Whats the episode?

    ValvivalValvival23 napja
  • I hate Brian so this is funny to me

    Year 2021Year 202125 napja
  • What episode is this?

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    Lana HallLana HallHónapja
  • Ace attorney.

    Codin FoxCodin FoxHónapja
  • I remember lois bring brian at the

    Sussana AmaliahSussana AmaliahHónapja
  • How much canon lives does Brian have Jesus

    Dumb AssDumb AssHónapja
  • This video let's send it to everyone on Easter today

    WaddleWrath PlaysWaddleWrath PlaysHónapja
  • Goodnight mooks 😭

  • Lmaoff

  • Why I find so many brian-murdering.

  • "Brian, You're nothing to me now. You're not a brother, you're not a friend, or my dog. I don't wanna know you or who you do. I don't want to see you at the hotels, I don't want you near my house. When see our family, I wanna know a day in advance so I won't be there..."

  • What did we learn? The Luger p08 is the best gun to use to kill Brian

  • Why does everyone hate brian

  • Brian tends to be shot a lot....

    Sebastian EllerbeeSebastian EllerbeeHónapja
  • Godfather reference

    Laughingman 13Laughingman 13Hónapja
  • Why does everybody wanna kill Brian in Godfather ways?

    Imperial BricksImperial BricksHónapja
  • Horton hears a yo lol

    jason grjason grHónapja
  • Whoever knows the movie reference, comment below

    Aquanator AQAquanator AQHónapja
  • He forgot to say a Hail Mary

  • "hail Mary full of grace the lord is with you..."

    christian racel taligatoschristian racel taligatosHónapja
  • I guess this runs in the family then

    Dawn Of MercDawn Of MercHónapja
  • ace attorney reference 😳

    Zain AzamZain AzamHónapja
  • Interesting video.

    Media PoolMedia PoolHónapja
  • Why the fuck is everyone killing Brian??

  • Stu kill biran

    Boba fettBoba fettHónapja
  • I hate Brian

    Robert A. Vazquez Ferrer,Robert A. Vazquez Ferrer,Hónapja
  • Why does brian always get killed

    Kieran RodriguezKieran RodriguezHónapja
  • Friendly reminder: these are the same people who cried when Brian was on his death bed

    United Jacket StatesUnited Jacket StatesHónapja
  • this scene is from the godfather haha 😂

  • My favorite Family Guy episodes are the ones with Stewie and Brian

    Leo CiresiLeo CiresiHónapja
  • Aye why whenever Brian eats someone else stuff and a remake of a godfather scene come up😂

  • Ah No problem Brian! Brian: oh no.....

    dum_ tarddum_ tardHónapja
  • Brian is fucking dead

    Dominator PlayzDominator PlayzHónapja
  • What about this one?

  • Where the wild things is lmao

  • I didn't know the Italian mob was so protective of their snacks.

  • Love Family Guy

    Nature DudeNature DudeHónapja
  • Brian Dies 2014: everybody complains Brian Dies in 2020: It’s free real estate

  • This is the scene from The Godfather 2 when Michael orders the killing of his brother Fredo

    [ MB ][ MB ]Hónapja
  • I love how they always do it without skipping a beat

  • Brian really needs to learn how to ask before eating someone else's food

    Jesse GuajardoJesse GuajardoHónapja
  • Oh my god you killed Brian you bastard

    its randomits randomHónapja
  • Still didn t watch godfather 3

    André MoermanAndré MoermanHónapja
  • If you dont get it it's from the godfather 2 you have to watch it to get it and I won't spoiler it "I know it was you fredo you broke my heart"

  • This is the third time today I’ve seen this nigga die

  • When someone says "its no problem at all" its Actaully a HUGE problem

    Andy RustandAndy RustandHónapja
  • I died for the 2ND TIME!!!!!

    Jim PickensJim PickensHónapja

    andres barreraandres barreraHónapja
  • To anyone who's currently working on Family Guy: STOP TRYING TO BE LIKE SOUTH PARK

    Lil Lord Akira 97Lil Lord Akira 97Hónapja
  • Honestly I despise Brian, seeing him in any type of pain makes me happy

    King KoldKing KoldHónapja
  • why am i seeing alot of brian death lately

  • Hey why didn’t Brian stay dead vinny was way beter

    Sugar gum , GamingSugar gum , GamingHónapja
  • How many times must he die

    mountain dew gamingmountain dew gamingHónapja
  • Who's here after quagmire shot brian

    Debjit ChowdhuryDebjit ChowdhuryHónapja
  • Was this 1 episode & what was the point of this?

    Mike RileyMike RileyHónapja
  • I wnjoy seeing brian suffer cuz he a bitch

    All mightAll mightHónapja
  • 0:37

    Jerzy JajecznikJerzy JajecznikHónapja
  • you wouldve thought brian would have learned his lesson after the first 2 times

  • Family Guy is so dark. I need a flash light to watch the series (no. no. not the fleshlight)

    Wiriya IntarasaengWiriya IntarasaengHónapja
  • Episode?

    Giosuè FolloniGiosuè FolloniHónapja
  • Based on The Godfather Part 2.

    Jared Zachary LaputJared Zachary LaputHónapja
  • Damn, Brian died more times than anyone on Dragon ball Z

  • Car detailing is cool!

    Alayna BarrientesAlayna BarrientesHónapja
    • Ikr!!

      Alayna BarrientesAlayna BarrientesHónapja
  • It was never meant to be

    Fox SonFox SonHónapja
  • So is Brian the New Kenny?

    Rico SuaveRico SuaveHónapja
  • I think when bryan was in the boat he knew deep down he was gonna get wacked.

  • The godfather 2

    top game dztop game dzHónapja
  • Yo what episode was this and why do they keep killing Brian 😂😭

  • Brian dies how many times?

    Anna aAnna aHónapja
  • I know how you feel Brian

    Adrianos DoelmanAdrianos DoelmanHónapja
  • Brian needs to stop eating peoples stuff

  • Look at the flowers Brian, look at the flowers.

    Kodie MKodie MHónapja
  • Looks like it’s about that time again to get recommended Brian getting killed.

  • this is what we feel like doing every time our dog messes up but can't bring ourselves to do it

    Where am IWhere am IHónapja
  • Clara referencia al padrino 2

    Henry BarceloHenry BarceloHónapja
  • broke my heart

    Alvin TostigAlvin TostigHónapja
  • Brian’s like the new Kenny from South Park I seen him die like 3 times

    Fan of TheBrand333Fan of TheBrand333Hónapja
  • I lost my shit at "Horton Hears a Yo"

    Jason LillyJason LillyHónapja
  • Despite how the scene itself parodies the Godfather Part II, I love how Peter has a Tony Soprano aesthetic.

  • Love the GodFather references

    Justin LeeJustin LeeHónapja
  • This episode is hilarious 😂

  • I didn't watch family guy but why they are killing him and how is he not dead

    you uwu?you uwu?Hónapja
  • stewie shoots brian my brain : shoots brain

    khang gamingkhang gamingHónapja
  • What the cinnamon fuck is the description

    mackinawey Emackinawey EHónapja
  • Brian be dyin

    Kaden ThorsonKaden ThorsonHónapja
  • Those Italian books sound hood af 😂

    Frank ProfaciFrank ProfaciHónapja
  • Brian dies a lot in this episode. He's Kenny from South Park now

    Epic SausageEpic SausageHónapja
  • Stewie didn’t do it. It was the boathouse guy

  • Bro how many times are they gonna kill Brian smh

  • The way Peter looks down at the end lmao

    7yb O9n7yb O9nHónapja