Stefania - SUPERG!RL (Official Music Video)

2020.márc. 1.
6 432 445 Megtekintés

The official entry for Greece's public broadcaster ERT at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (which was cancelled).
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SUPERG!RL (single)
Composers: Dimitris Kontopoulos, Arcade
Lyricists: Dimitris Kontopoulos, Arcade, Sharon Vaughn
Producers: Dimitris Kontopoulos, Arcade
Recording: Aris Binis at Vox Studios Athens, Greece
Mixing: Andrei Konoplev at Cinelab studios Moscow, Russia
Mastering: Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound New York, USA
℗ & © 2020 K2ID Productions Ltd
SUPERG!RL (music video)
Written & directed by Kostas Karydas
Produced by Konstantinos Moutsinas & Kostas Karydas
Executive Producer: Ilias Kokotos
Cinematography: Marios Tsipopoulos
Art direction & styling: Evelyna Darzenta, Daphne Koliva
Assistant directors: Alex Megas, Konstantina Giannothanassi
Camera operator: Dionisis Moraitis
Gaffer: Giannis Tsinogos
First camera assistant: Dimitris Konstantinou
Editing & VFX: Kostas Karydas
Hair & make-up for Stefania: Paul Benjamin
Hair & make-up: Melina Glantzi
Casting: Kiriakos Kouroutsavouris
Making of: George Xanthinakis
Production assistants: Ilias Anastopoulos, Dimitris Tsekos, Panos Beretis
Starring: Stefania, Michael Tabakakis
Extras: Diakoula Panagiota, Marioli Christianna, Siainis Taxiarchis, Katerina Tsianta, Bessas Athanasios, Dimakopoulou Eleni, Harilaou Sylia Stavropoulou, Dimitra Gourouva, Polyxeni Deska, Barbara Moudreas, Nikolaos Darzentas, Georgios Gentekaki, Fratzeska Aspa Kotta, Veligkou Maria, Ntavos Georgios, Aikaterini Kranidi, Anna Maria Lekopoulou, Liapi Ioanna-Maria, Miliou Melinatimpalexi Dimitra, Hadjikonstantinou Vasilia, Michalis Manaras, Trianti Magda, Gourgoura Fae, Vasileiou Panagiota, Hatzbakur Lamaan, Nergouti Nikoletta, Vitoratou Sofia, Dimitris Bartsokas, Elena Tsetsou, Ntoullou Stella, Mero Christina, Karyaba Dimitra, Georgariou Ioli, Arvaniti Constantina, Apostolopoulou Angeliki, Kutoulogeni Athina, Maleza Georgina, Tsopela Marilia, Spiliopoulou Antonia, Dimopoulou Nota, Karadima Evi, Karachristou Iliana,Vasiliki Serdari, Houliara Maria, Georgina Ifanti, Kiriaki Vlachogianni, Evgenia Rachmanidou, Elina Kolleti
Stefania: BSB, Adidas
Michael: Blue Distribution, Brixton, Edwin, Pepe Jeans
Bags: Herschel
Glasses: Optic Culture
Dancing accessories: Vicky Zorba, Dancedreams
#Stefania #SUPERGIRL #Eurovision #Greece
SUPERG!RL (lyrics)
Keep the phone booth, don’t need a super car
No x-ray vision to show them who we are
I got the power, climb up the tower
Save all humanity on zero hour
Na-na-nothing can stop me, no-nobody can hold me down
Standing in the light, it’s a new world, let me be your supergirl
Na-na-nothing can stop me, no-nobody can hold us down
Fighting in the dark over true love, let me be your supergirl
I’m your supergirl
Fighting from the heart
I’m your supergirl, supergirl, unana
In this crazy world, crazy world, unana
I’m your supergirl, supergirl, unana
Fighting from the heart, from the heart, unana
There’s no wonder it takes a woman
To be a hero more than a human
To overflow your heart with electricity
Find through the shadows your true identity
Na-na-nothing can stop me, no-nobody can hold me down
Standing in the light, it’s a new world, let me be your supergirl
Na-na-nothing can stop me, no-nobody can hold us down
Fighting in the dark over true love, let me be your supergirl
I’m your supergirl
Fighting from the heart
I’m your supergirl, supergirl, unana
In this crazy world, crazy world, unana
I’m your supergirl, supergirl, unana
Fighting from the heart, from the heart, unana
Fly, give me a signal and I’ll fly
On a supersonic high
Like a hero in the sky
I will stand by your side
I’m your supergirl, supergirl, unana
In this crazy world, crazy world, unana
I’m your supergirl, supergirl, unana
Fighting from the heart
I’m your supergirl, supergirl, unana
In this crazy world, crazy world, unana
I’m your supergirl, supergirl, unana
Fighting from the heart
I’m your supergirl

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  • I have a friend too, named Stefania.She is really young, beautiful, cute and talented. She can sing like an angel and one of her dreams is the music. She is a supergirl and a dreamer. She is always in my head (thinking and dreams) and I always care about her... Stefania, Good Luck And Make Your Dreams Come True!!!💖💖💓💕 Support to the young Queen!!! 💘💘💘💝👑💙🤍💙🤍

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    • Σε αυτό το τραγούδι είναι 17. Φέτος που θα εκπροσωπήσει την Ελλάδα είναι 18

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  • Η Στεφανία είναι η τραγουδίστρια του ελληνικού HUworld

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    • No, I think that too! This song is in my top 20 for 2020. The new one for 2021 is my last place. But she said herself she didn't want ethnic sounds for this year :( I still wish Greece the best of luck!

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  • Stefania 2020: Na, na, nothing can stop me, no, nobody can hold me down COVID-19: I'm dancing around europe and you can't stop me girl Stefania 2021: This ain't our last dance

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